LOST ARCHIVES ‘back & better than ever.’ 

I’ve been quite busy lately and never really found the time to actually go on my Tumblr account and post photos. But I finally come to realize that there’s so much potential on this photography blog & I surely don’t want this to go to waste. Yeah that’s right, i’m back :-) 

*Testing waters right now, but I added the Envisual watermark to my photos. I may or may not include them in my future posts, but who knows some peeople may like it. 

“Flames eh? Well I guess it’s better than the Oliers”

OMg Phil shush that’s your mom’s sweater you don’t even like sports


Sorry for all the watermarks but some people in the phandom like to steal//

Thank you very much internetcultleader for deciding to do a Canadian!D&P fanfic (which is not up yet I don’t think??) but yes Canadian Dan and Phil are cuties

Amazing that I drew the Flames logo but not the Canucks lmao i’m lazy.


Woohooo!! She’s finished! Hope you’ll like her!! ^^ (I could have finished her better but I got bored of her…Time to move on! When I have time I might fix a bit Mushu, I’ve never painted any kind of dragons b4 )

btw yes my watermark is bigger and more obvious cz I noticed some people  are posting my paintings without giving any credit… >.> :(

Time: ehh took me more time than I thought (12 hours?) since I had to change the arm and hand from what they were b4
Layers: many layers once again. 76. was painting on “safe mode” again :’D
Program: Photoshop CS6
Tablet: Huion 580 <3

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Erugh! I’m so
Sorry for the
Of this edit😖
The filtering
and all so so
So so rushed😁
Also sorry for
not posting
Hopefully this
won’t look to
weird with theme✨
Also repost bc
forgot watermark🌚
So basically
their first child
had ice powers❄️
And she’s making a
Ice flower crown¿🌸
For her mommy🙈
Hans is watching from
Behind the bush🙊🌳
On the bright
Side, I SAW
QOTP: Favourite Plant(s) Emoji?🌺🌸
AOTP: 🌿🌱🍃🌺🌹🌷🌸 by tardis.stxrs https://instagram.com/p/2yG6HQJSyj/


Ben Feldman photographed by Smallz & Raskind for US Weekly. 

Every once in a while I think that I’ve seen every picture of Ben on the internet and then I find a little package of miracles. 

… well those sounds like the words of a stalker. Also sorry about the watermarks, I didn’t have time/am too photoshop inept to crop/edit.

A wild Kanaya has appeared! Yeah, so like, I just got a tablet and this is one of the first things I drew with it. Yeah. I really like Kanaya.
On the bottom right is my little signature thing. I should really make a better signature for myself. But yeah.

The Deterioration of my Handwriting

The Deterioration of My Handwriting

I got a D in handwriting in the third grade.
I’m an old man now.
That failure continues to haunt me.

I saved all the letters from girls who said they loved me.
As I look back on them, I can tell the ones I liked
by the handwriting alone.

When that girl from Princeton Junction drew hearts to dot her “i”s
I lost interest immediately.
I also hated her large loopy cursive.

I cared little about scent, sealing wax, color or watermark.
Tiny precise script in real ink on elegant paper
gave me deep pleasure.

As I became a man, I worked on improving my handwriting.
Its sloppiness infuriated me.
It was too revelatory.

I stopped writing letters on pilfered bank deposit slips.
I sprung for better pens.
I adjusted my thinking to maximize the purity of my hand.

The better my handwriting got, the straighter I stood.
I filled a thousand avid notebooks. I took a mistress.
My handwriting became my immaculate paramour.

But recently I’ve noticed I can no longer hold a pen with brash
panache. My journals have become slapdash
embarrassments. I open them to random

ugliness. I don’t have the solace of the integrity of the handwritten
alphabet. Sterile emails in obvious fonts assail me.
I don’t fall in love anymore.

I wish my hands could still carve the cuneiform of beauty
on the waxy emptiness of thought, but all that’s left me.
What is left me? The precise boredom of processing processed keys.

©Bill Yarrow is the author of Blasphemer (Lit Fest Press 2015), Pointed Sentences (BlazeVOX 2012) and four chapbooks. His poems have appeared in many print and online magazines including Poetry International, RHINO, Contrary, DIAGRAM, FRiGG, THRUSH, Gargoyle, and PANK. He is a Professor of English at Joliet Junior College where he teaches creative writing, Shakespeare, and film.

“The Deterioration of My Handwriting” was published in Angelic Dynamo as well as in the collection Pointed Sentences from BlazeVOX Books.

Forget me not

Here a little update to show you that I’m not dead! Life has just been taken over my time lately and the weather has been not that good and since I hate all of my photos when it rains I didn’t upload any of them here, haha xD

But today the sun shines, the sky is blue and I’m happy again and really enthusiastic to take more photos! So I just finished my dinner and now I’m heading out for a new photo tour, wish me luck :)

EDIT: Made some little changes on the edit, so here we go it’s no big difference but yeah I still like this one better, haha.
!!! I also made a new watermark, I’m pretty sure I could have done the Sarah Hazel a bit smaller but oh well… Maybe I change that tomorrow since it’s pretty late now and I probably should go to bed, haha.

anonymous asked:

do you or any of your followers know of a graphic designer who would be down to make me a watermark? i'm so illiterate when it comes to photoshop/gimp and none of the watermarks i've made look anywhere close to professional. i'm not sure what something like that would cost but i only have like $100 in the bank so if it could be less than that it'd be great haha. i just hate the watermark i've been using and i want something better and more professional.

YO danceondeadmen help this person out bc you’re great at those things

we love disney :) !!!!!

Hello Dreamers!🌠 Another very simple edit. It’s too simple for me to even bother with a watermark 😁 The square fit would look better black but oh well 🙈 - Here’s an edit inspired by Monsters Inc! I hope you like it! - #disney #disneyedit #disneymovie #movie #edit #disneyaccount #disneyinsta #disnerd #Instagram #account #lovedisney #gainpost #monstersinc #monster #door #monstersuniversity - QOTP: Monsters Inc or Monsters University? AOTQ: Monsters Inc, but I love them both so much!

please don’t get confused over the new name sarah-hazel-photography! 
I just changed it because I want to make it a bit more personal and also get a new watermark that a bit smaller or solid and also looks much better than this one, I still like the old one it’s just not what I want to put on my photos anymore, haha. 
Fun fact ist that Hazel actually is supposed to be the my last name, haha xD I just don’t want to use my real name because I think like I’m not that “professional” and I don’t want everyone to see my last name either, so I came up with a little something xD

So from now the site will get the new name Sarah Hazel :D