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garnet/jamie should stay platonic

absolutely. Although actually its not even platonic right now I don’t think they’ve ever met, so their relationship is currently non-existent.


parallels between the vikings opening credits and 3x09:

  • the flashes of lightning of a lone wanderer cut between the sinking drowning person in the credits vs the flashes of jesus and odin whilst ragnar is having his spiritual epiphany - ragnar searching for his direction and faith 
  • the hand of the drowning person vs ragnar reaching out to athelstan (extra points for travis’ name showing up on that particular shot in the credits)
  • the drowning person sinking vs ragnars baptism and being dropped down into the water ((i always thought that the drowning person in the credits symbolized death bc its such a recurring theme on the show but now it also has the double meaning of rebirth and life when ragnar does the same and rediscovers himself))  

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How many times have you fe watched greys?

I have seen every single episode at least 2x (with the exception of season 11 because I have only rewatched certain episodes of this season thus far, but I have seen all of them 1 time). Some episodes (mostly finales like season 6 and 8) I’ve seen way more than 2x.

I’ve always thought Star Wars was a bit overrated

Between the ‘Greg Universe is Greg from Over the Garden Wall’ and the ‘Dipper and Mabel are the children of either Greg or Wirt’ theories, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any crossovers/AUs between all three with Dipper and Mabel being Steven’s cousins. The naming might be a bit tricky to figure out, perhaps Greg renamed himself, or maybe Wirt took his wife’s last name and Grunkle Stan is related on their mom’s side, but while the paranormal between the two doesn’t seem to intersect, it doesn’t necessarily contradict, either. (Though if Gravity Falls ever does have different aliens, it would probably have to become an AU)

Star VS the Forces of Evil might be able to fit in as well. I’m not very familiar with it, but maybe the dimensional travel she uses could work in a similar way to the portal. It doesn’t appear to have come into contact with Earth very often, and considering the mug through the portal that ended up in Rick and Morty, the Pines/Universe family’s dimension could also be a different version of Earth.

On that note, though it did finish a while ago, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated could also join them. The series finale involved them entering a new timeline and mentioned other dimensions, too, and we don’t see anything about what the new world is like beyond Crystal Cove and the fact that there are more mysteries to be solved.

tl;dr, It seems to me that a lot of paranormal/adventure cartoons could crossover together without disrupting much of canon, and I think it could be a pretty fun idea.