fingertainting: Hey you! I really love those colours. It makes me happy to think I’m refreshing too! Thanks c:

z00l0gicallyimpr0bable: Wow, your answer is very similar to fingertainting’s! Maybe you two are thought twins! And I do like those colours very much, so thanks!

sleepysatyr: This is definitely the most interesting colour I’ve gotten! I like to think that we’re all a million colours too. Thanks <3

anonymous: Wow, anon, you wrote a whole poem here! I love the word “gloaming”, and your imagery is really beautiful. I love amethysts. Thank you!


Suzuya Juuzou, the adorable Investigator (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


I just wanted to say, I thought this was going to be a pretty unbearable week and it ended up being pretty great.


The world never gave you anything. All the world ever did was take.
So what do you do in return?

T a k e   i t   b a c k.

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~

kirishimatoukaa asked:

Hey!! Sorry for the bother but if you don't mind me asking, how'd you color Burdge's drawing? It looks really beautiful, and I've been trying to color my own sketches digitally, it would be great help!! Thank you in advance!!!!

I’m working on a proper colouring tutorial with brushes and how to pick colour and all that boring theory stuff because how I do stuff in photoshop is really simple and I’m afraid it will be pretty useless but I’m going to do it anyway

You open the file in photoshop

And open that thing down there and choose Color Balance and this is going to open

You need to play around until you get the colour you want. I usually go for warm browns but anything works. Also to make that little arrow on the layer appear you need to right-click over he text part and select create clipping mask

if you don’t to this the Color Balance is going to affect all the layers you put underneath (you’re going to put the colour there and you don’t want to mess it up before even starting)

The last step until you decide this is useless. You set the sketch layer to multiply and create a new layer underneath

easy peasy right?

THen you paint there is no magic or anything. Lots of colour theory, practise and shit but no computer program trick

most people work on different layers but I always paint on the wrong one and end up merging them anyway

I usually put background first, then put on colours on characters with a giant soft brush and then go over it with a harder one because there are no lines or limits for soft brushes

if something is not dark enough sometimes I create a new layer in multiply mode and darken the thing but I merge it down immediately

same with overlays for light parts

I also abuse the tool picker a lot and pretend I know about reflected light by putting colours of stuff close to the thing on the thing wow I’m really good at english

I know I’m useless I’m doing a long ass tutorial soon haha soon it’s going to take years explaining this part better because this is shit sorry

then I abuse adjustment layers since I didn’t like how the scarves colours looked I created new Color Balance layers to fix it

also the little black or white square on the right is a masking layer. Which means that if you paint something black in there it will hide that part of the layer so you can paint white only what you want to adjust and you’ll only edit that part

and I know you can just select and do it from the controls up there but this way you can double click the balance symbol on the layer and readjust the settings and just generally play around more easily with stuff without messing up what you’ve already done

It’s also a good idea to then add at the top layers of Curves and Color Balance to fix the whole drawing

this took literally 20 seconds and you can change the whole lighting and mood really fast and it’s really cool (you can do this only in a part of the drawing using the masking layers)

So yeah, I don’t know if I helped much but here it goes


also if you’re not wondering on how to colour in the sense of techniques but in the sense of choosing and using colour in general check this awesome tutorial because it’s literally my Bible it covers everything and it covers it really well

This is a place where hands are supposed to be intimate things
but ours are tied together like tongues
while civil wars are eating up the dining room.
Even the wolves have stopped their moon calls
when they hear me howling at what others call the aftermath
to the rhythm of breaking dishes and  short dial tones.
For months, I heard them say ‘take up love like art.’
And here I am, measuring twice and yet
getting to the heart of the matter still only means
hollowing out these insides like pumpkins
with spoons coated in your fingerprints.
My music teacher always told me it’s difficult to be quiet and
only now do I understand how hard it is to stay soft
when I’m still pretending that the
empty chair across me holds more than just a ghost.
You know, there’s this theory that
no two people see something in the same way
and for us, maybe love was always a different colour.
—  astagesetforcatastrophe, love was a different colour 

There is nothing I can do.
Kissing me near the lips as you start to leave,
one brain cell screams tell her now-
tell her that you’ll never let her go. Or something.
I was seventeen. There were no rhymes back then.

I wasn’t even remotely sad;
call it fate if you like to assign control
to some far off corner of the universe,
or call it luck if you believe in second chances.
Never have I ever lied about this. Honest.

I don’t know, well, I thought I did then:
seemed to me then that nothing lasts forever,
apart from maybe two exceptions: colour, and 
you and me. Or you and I, as you’d correct me.
It’s easy painting pictures with vague words,

except these words are Ink Blot tests. Go on,
tell me what you see? I see hope, an escape,
her face, and the one day of sunshine in Winter
sliding gently beneath the curtains in a room,
where people are sleeping wall to wall.

And there is nothing I can do.


We Know What We Are…

By Ryan Havers

the yellow pillow situation is so gross like you know carm probably commandeered it just to poke at laura but then she started getting used to it and then even worse started to find she //liked// the smell of the tiny human and laura eventually gave up and stopped trying to get it back like whatever maybe vampires are way into the colour yellow like giant blood-sucking bees or something and then one day carm’s at class doodling and not paying attention at all and she catches a whiff of something familiar, sniff sniff, looks around, why does it smells like…….. subtly sniffs herself, recoils, god what the fUCK i SMELL LIKE A HUMAN

she’s mortified and busts out and takes like two showers back to back bc in the hallway back to the dorm she passes will and she //knows// he smelled it by the way he sneered that prissy little bootlicker she’s gonna punch that look off his face …………… she doesnt stop usin it tho

runsaber asked:

Maybe if you wanted to try palette 10 with your inquisitor interacting with their/your favorite DA:I critter? ouo

Ravens and hallas are cool but when you accidentally wipe your clan from existence, no animal is better for crying on than your giant battle-moose that you picked specifically because it matched your hair colour peeeerfectly

sorry this got angsty

anonymous asked:

I feel like Dramione is a dying fandom now. It's like we peaked early on from like 2004 - 2010 and died out when Coloured Grey and dmhgficexchange ended. It's like those two communities was the ones that held Dramione together. This makes me sad. I wish we were more like the Drarry fandom. It's so active and they have fests and exciting things all the time. I wish I could do something about it but I'm just one person :(

I wasn’t around the Coloured Grey period tbh but I think I still got to know the last (or maybe two) year(s) of dmhgficexchange. This makes me so sad, because this fandom has so many talents and I don’t think the problem is that people are not shipping it anymore or loosing interest in Dramione itself, but somehow along the way things have been neglected or stopped and nobody has really done anything against it because no one really thinks that, for instance, by that one fest ending the fandom will lose its spark because there are still other fests etc. around, but way too many things have ended or are slowly ending, and the fandom finally needs to do something against it… I have no clue what the Drarry fandom is like tbh but from your words, I gather there are maybe a thing or two we could “learn” from them? *sigh* 

We need to bring more life into the fandom and better organization instead of just stopping things, that’s the issue, I think; but I also understand that it’s difficult, everyone is busy with school, uni, work etc. (there are so many things I’ve wanted to start too for this fandom but right now, I’m just swamped with school work :/). 

I really want to talk about it

Openly one day, maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

But I’ve always hated myself for the colour of my skin and the religion I was born in. I never knew why. But growing in a post 9/11 society, my family had to pretend to be someone they’re not and therefore raised their two daughters outside of their culture.

I was made fun of, called a terrorist and much more simply because I dared to wear my grandfather’s necklace that had Allah written on it in public. I stopped wearing it but felt more ashamed than ever and felt like I failed my grandpa. My mom told me stories about how they started recording her phone calls and how she wasn’t allowed to talk Arabic. How she started hating herself and wearing revealing clothes just so that people would know that she’s like “them”.

I grew up without real knowledge of what Islam is, never got to learn Arabic because nothing was more important to my parents than for their daughters to fit it. I may believe it was a terrible idea today, turning me into a divided individual who feels like they never fit anywhere. Always too brown or not brown enough for my family back home. But I understand what they did and I can’t be mad at them for that. I just wish they stood up for their identity as much as I’m trying to learn what is mine today.

I started feeling so much hate inside of me for such a long time. Internalized racism and Islamophobia were real and I would judge women wearing the veil knowing that my loving aunt was wearing one. It wasn’t about them, it was all about me.

And today I feel ashamed, so ashamed! I feel like I deceived not only my community but also the god I’ve been running away from my whole life. I’m only learning. Everything is still new to me and I’ll continue sinning and making mistakes until I make it right but I need patience and support.

I’m trying to learn and I’m sorry.
So sorry.

Please forgive me.

i couldn’t be bothered fixing the colours and stuff of this but gyahh look how cute these three are !! i’d also like to take the time to ask someone to be my penpal to exchange animoo merch and send letters hhahaha ;;;;


I was tagged by unoriginalimagination and thathumanwiththecatears to do this thingy so yeah

Name: Anne-Marie

Nickname: I used to be called Amie but I ended up hating that. and people tried calling me Ammo but I hated that immediately lol

Birthday: 13th of June

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: you tell me

Height: about 5’6”

Favourite colour: black and blue

Time and date at the current moment: 23:33 20/02/2015

Average hours of sleep: between six and like 12 hours

Luck number: seven or eight??

Last thing I googled: haircuts 2015

First word that comes to mind: why

Place that makes me happy: being on-stage, and in town :)

How many blankets do you sleep under?: one, maybe two (my room is absolutely freezing during the winter)

Favourite fictional character: too many to choose lmao

Favourite book: I’ve always liked Stargirl by Gerry Spinelli, and stuff like How They Met by David Levithan, and Harry Potter is obvious lol

Favourite drink: tea probably lol

Last film I saw in the cinema: Whiplash

Dream holiday: going on a road trip around America

Dream wedding: I’m not going to answer this lol

I’m tagging jackthepenguinboy anactualtreeofcats theglowingeyes tweedleedeedeedee loveiswhywerehere and ginger-tombolo :)

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Thank you and to those who responded too. Interesting points that Missy is coming back right in the beginning. Maybe she'll be dealt with right away & only as a means to make 12 & Clara stronger together. Also, no matter what she does, 12 would never choose Missy over Clara. She's evil, represents everything he despises. Doesn't matter that she's a childhood friend, just like everyone we all grow up, see their true colours & find someone better.

Hey Anon,
There is surely a reason for her quick return, but I am not worried.
Sure it will be nerve wrecking as usual (considering it will be a two parter), but in the end Missy is maybe not the main villain this season (she was last season) and it is maybe because of Gallifrey and it’s whereabout. And why isn’t she locked in with the rest?

And because you seem a little worried that the Doctor could desire some kind of relationship with Missy - I am pretty sure this will so not happen. The “boyfriend” phrasing was just teasing and to confuse us.

Aside that; Clara is the one. Fin.

A Thing I have been Tagged In

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1) Why did you choose your url?

because theres a picture of someone as a burrito in a duvet and i identified with it emotionally as i am a burrito 

2) What is your middle name?

Frances and lily i have two because i’m so cool

3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?


4) Favourite colour?

yellow or sunset orange 

5) Favourite song?

maybe irrelevant by lauren aquilina or like come on eileen 

6) What are your top three fandoms?

  1. Nerdfighteria
  2. Marvel
  3. Doctor who

7) Why do you enjoy tumblr?

it’s addicting and it makes me laugh

8) Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too).

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The last two days have been totally shit and I’m a day and a half behind at work BUT I got some colouring books and BPAL scent in the post today so not everything is terrible \o/

I was tagged by the lovely eisoptrxphobic

1. Why did you choose your url?
Eh, I am not really. I wanted something sort of simple that sort of indicated this was an rp/ask blog. I guess its not really that great or creative but I don’t think I want to change it. I like that is has two of my characters names in it.

2. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet what would it be?
Pffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttt idk maybe a Dragon, Hippogrif, or Griffin.

3. Favourite colour?

4. Favourite song?
Le I never have a favorite song, I like too much music for that.

5. What are your top three fandoms?
I am not sure that I really consider myself part of fandoms right now? Maybe again because I like to many things? And don’t get obsessed over one or a few? That and I am terribly indecisive.

6. Why do you enjoy tumblr?
A lot of reason. I love displaying my art here and getting feedback on it as well as keeping in touch with some awesome people and seeng funny posts. Obviously I also love rping as well as devloping and creating new characters.

7. Tag 9 (or more) of your tumblr crushes and friends.
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squishableheadboobs replied to your post: Just read something about how ancient …

Wait how?

Just based on how our ability to perceive colours has changed over time

Like I guess in a lot of old texts— like works by Homer— people have describing words for white/light colours, black/dark colours, and some instances of red and yellow— but really no describing words for blue as a separate colour

But it’s unclear really if they couldn’t see blue, or just had no concept of it— like maybe people just viewed greens and blues as very similar and clumped the two into the same name or something similar