I’m really not sure what to say that would relate to these photos sooooo I guess I’ll just introduce myself.

I’m a fat Filipinx femme from California–who’s good at selfies. I get nerdy about women’s of color feminisms, critical race theory, and the pedagogy of social justice. I work in higher education and the exploration of my racial, mental, and sexual identities are always challenged by the fantastic students I work with. I say ‘hella’ quite frequently. I like gastropubs and sea creatures. I follow my heart and I’m kind of a big silly.

I’m both imj and theywontstfu! Say hi! And for those of you who are about to go to college, congrats! And feel free to ask me any questions you might have about navigating uni!

George Harrison, Hawaii, photographed by Brian Roylance

Suggested by beataholic925: George & Pisces

“‘You see, I’m a Pisces,’ [Pattie] Boyd said. 'In astrology that’s two fish swimming in different directions. So I am typical, being pulled one way or the other.” - 20/20, 27 Septemer 2007 [x]

“We’re both Pisces!” - Chris O'Dell on why she and George developed a strong friendship, Daytrippin’ Beatles Magazine, 9 October 2009

“She noted how George loved a crowd of friends around him, but Olivia said as she was a ‘lonely’ Taurus, she didn’t mind being alone.” - Greg on the Sydney launch of the Concert for George book in 2005 [x]

“[George] had a lot of patience and he had time for people. If somebody truly wanted to know something, whether it was a guitar chord or something from the Vedas or how you prune a tree, if you were really curious, he had an endless amount of time. He actually sat with my mother and showed her how to play one chord on a ukulele so she could play along with him. He wanted everybody to have fun and join in. He was a Pisces; I think he liked the whole school going along with him.” - Olivia Harrison, Filter, Fall 2011 [x]

“George’s zodiac sign was Pisces, and he even wrote a song with the title ‘Pisces Fish’ about it, in which he says: ‘One half’s going where the other half’s just been.’ He was a man of extremes: everything he did, he did intensely. When he was naughty, he was very naughty, and when he was well-behaved, he was very well-behaved. It was the same in his relationships with other people, which is why he touched so many very deeply. But ultimately, he saw no difference between a very dark night and a very sunny day. It was solely about the depth of experience. As a member of The Beatles it was just really difficult to lead a measured life afterwards.” - Olivia Harrison, translated from an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), 25 November 2011 [x]

“I try to balance my life with peace and quiet because the other side of it is really rowdy, you know, when you get into the record business and all that kind of stuff. So I think I’ve been a very extreme person. I’m a Pisces, y'see. One half’s going where the other half’s just been, and it’s been very extreme, you know, extremely up or extremely down, extremely spiritual or extremely drugged. And now, with a bit of maturity, I brought the two extremes closer to the middle. I don’t go too far out, I don’t get too far up or too far down, and it’s - it feels good.” - George Harrison in an interview with Joe Smith, 1988 [x]

not art, but cool (to me at last)

I just saw bright rainbow cloud in the middle of the night. Sadly I couldn’t get good photo of it, before I ran back home it was already loosing it’s brightness and colors, so I couldn’t even set camera correctly

(best photo I could get)

I guess the colors were caused by moonlight. It didn’t really looked like typical iridescent cloud you usually hear about

(Moon on the right, orange glow in bottom right corner comes from street lamp, cloud was on the east sky, time around 22:15)

My hair has faded bunches to this very, terribly pink. >u> ❤

But yah… I don’t like many a photos of myself these days, but I thought this one was alright. :) 

As for hair color; it’s time for a change sooner rather than later. What say you, my turtles? Any suggestions? I was thinking teal for the summer (mermaid hair, ahhhhhh ❤). Though, I’ve always wanted to try orange… 

Anyhoo, there be my ugly mug. :) … Enjoy? Pfft, I always feel odd to say ‘enjoy’ when I post a picture. Yes. Yes please do enjoy my face. You’d be daft not to!

And there we be. 


Carla ❤❤❤


The Cooler System

I’ve not really been paying attention, but isn’t it like, DID Day or something? In any case, I don’t really need a reason to spam some selfies, hehe; and if in the process of doing so, I sorta kinda raise awareness of the fact that people like me exist, well, that’s cool too.

Included here, some very rare photos of Tilt that I was able to dig up; he doesn’t show up in pictures much. Also, it was sort of difficult to find a decent picture of Little G that was actually SFW, lol.

First Row: SOLO, Lilly, Wayne
Second Row: Tilt
Third Row: Little G, Leo
Fourth and Fifth Rows: Me (Sunflower)


how many of you following me like rocks? how about lil doodles?

[the important stuff:

if you send me a screenshot including the area that says you liked THIS PHOTO and tell me your facebook name, i’ll post a picture of one of my stones and do a doodle just for you! you can also reblog this.]

examples above. note that the doodle pictured was my first ever on the tablet, yours will likely be even better. also note that i chose one of my smaller, less colorful stones. i wasn’t gonna give you a super nice freebie. pic quality will also be better.

 you can tell me what you want drawn (within reason cmon. keep it sfw) OR i can pick something for you. just specify in your submission.

tl;dr if you do the bracketed section, you’ll be helping out my friend. thank you.


A photo montage of me with various colors of short hair. Sometimes I want to chop it all off again, but it was actually a lot more work when it was that length because flat ironing two inches of hair is a lot more difficult than flat ironing longer hair, and wearing it curly when it was that short just made me look like a q-tip. Also growing it out is the literal worst.

{ happy Munday! here, have a photo of the mun with Captain America! I went to Disneyland two weeks ago and got to meet Cap and Thor! Cap told me I reminded him of Peggy. then he shrugged and said, “Yah know.. Peggy’s not around anymore. Would you like to be my new Peggy?” hahahahaha! I about died. the best part, though, was when I walked up. I had Snow White’s colors on because I was Disney Bounding as Snow. guess what he did? he pointed at me and says, “I understand that reference!” EEEE!! this Cap was AMAZING, and sure, it wasn’t Chris Evans, but hey! he still acted and sounded a lot like him.

An unmarked envelope arrives for Cero

Within the envelope he would find a picture of the Trade Madame Lotus,

Cerothyn opened his mail, it had been delivered to the captain while he was still in bed resting. As the picture dumped into his lap he instantly glared at it. “Bloody hell I’m going to get into trouble…again.” He looked around only to take one last and admirable glance at the photo. “I knew she wasn’t as innocent as she leads on.”

He grabbed a piece of parchment and quickly scrawled a response to Meiming to deliver the picture back to her, smirking while he did. 

“Nice photo, it seems your mail was either mixed up or someone’s been snapping pictures of you in your most intimate moments, lass. Either way…I like the color on you. ( meiming-lotus )

- Cero.”

Rock Flow by Van_Isle_Girl
I used a Lee Big Stopper to get a really long exposure on this small stream in the afternoon light, to attain the smooth, flowy look in the water. I hadn’t originally planned to edit this photo in black and white but ended up liking it much better than color.
big stopper,cumberland,river,black and white,blackandwhite,flow,lee filters,long exposure,monochrome,nature,rocks,stream,british columbia,canada,forest,vancouver island

shotfromguns replied to your photo “today’s color scheme: casual office vampire”

Can I just take a sec to rant that all of my “boyfriend” style cardigans are like 50% of that weight with pockets 1/3 the size? UGH.

YEAH, cardigans are always a weird thing. they never fit me right, so when i find one that does, i clutch the fucking thing like it’ll save my life. because it will. absolutely.

littlekingsassmouth replied to your photo “today’s color scheme: casual office vampire”

Ahhh that cardigan is the best!!! You look awesome.


People tell me they don’t know how to cook, or they have only ever known meat and 3 veg dishes, “but I don’t like spicy food” or “I don’t know what spices taste good”. Vegan cooking takes a little time to get the hang of, but it’s actually incredibly easy! And filling! Make potatoes, rice and pasta your base, or fruits! It’s very easy. If you’re making the transition, start with your home being completely vegan and having some non vegan meals out. When I first started way back 5 years ago, I would get a ‘steak’ once a week (I shutter at the thought now)… Then it turned to once a month. Then I realised I didn’t need it, and the cow didn’t deserve to die for my taste buds, even if it was one meal in a blue moon. Don’t be hard on yourself, and especially don’t be hard on others who are making the change. For some people they can go cold turkey (excuse the pun) but others need some time. However, I would suggest, if you are transitioning and still eating meat eggs or dairy, don’t call yourself vegan, call yourself plant based, while transitioning towards a vegan lifestyle! Good luck
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This morning I was more aware of my surrounding than usual. So I took photos. The colours sort of blend into each image when stacked in a post on top of each other like this.

  • A forgotten piece of artwork on display.
  • The yellow and green leaf trees at uni.
  • The magical carotenoids of a single tree.

kurtcobangs asked:

Hi i love this edit you made /post/67962742507/jonghyuns-heartbreaking-lines I wanted to ask is there a tutorial on how to color photos like this. it's so cool, i'd love to learn how but if not that is okay but i love it though!!

i bet there’s a ton of tutorials out there but i’ll show you how i do it! i’m not good at explaining tho, im sorry ;; anyways, its very simple, we will do this

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Alright, so I bought all these Copics when I was in Japan years ago and have never, ever used them, so I thought someone else could treat them better.

All the Cool Greys (C0-C8) are Broad and Fine, and just about all the rest are Copic Sketch. You can see from the picture there’s a good range of color. I picked them all out according to a marker guide to get the most bang for my buck. There’s also two colorless blenders in there which are very slightly used.  Case / box isn’t included. Altogether there are about 90-95 markers (they were hard to count in just like this and I’m not taking the time to count exactly. count the photo if you want.)


a note on shipping: I’m in the USA, if the cost is manageable (under $20) to outside the US, I’ll do my best to cover it, but if it’s a high cost, I might ask you to kick me a few $ to cover it. we’ll see. 

Got some new copics yesterday and had to try them out, which worked out well since I’ve been itching to draw this cat!bill design from the coven au that’s been floating around