hello friends

do any of you have any tips for bleaching and dyeing hair? i’m gonna do mine at some point over the next few days and i’ve done tons of research but it’s kind of hard to sort out the good advice


Went for a walk in the woods

so the other day i was coloring during my health class (my health teacher is cool af she gives us coloring pages after we take a midterm or semester) and i took the last ariel page (from the little mermaid) and i colored her skin in as brown and like so many (white) people got offended like white tears are what i live for.

hmmMMMmmmm no big deal at all but I just wonder why in the first Malec picture Matthew’s hair looks like they dyed it black but then suddenly in the new picture it looks like brown, his natural color…. I guess if he is wearing a wig, maybe??? Or maybe its the lighting or something idk lol. Anyway Matt is totally friggin ADORABLE and he looks EXACTLY like Alec who’s just rolled out of bed haha :D

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Hi I don't know if you're doing ships anymore but if you could dye Michael's hair what color would you dye it? And since you can't really see me in the picture, I'm 5'1 short/medium hair(like Kylie J) black cherry color with brown round eyes and yeah

i miss reverse skunk so much man

Ship Ashton
Best friend Calum
His tweet to you

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((thank you jonaa ayyy ; //// ;
I was thinking on drawing him in his most common outfit but I like this one so much

Jonathan’s other outfits deserve some love too))

I crossed over the fence to see if the grass was greener on the other side, turns out I like the color brown a lot more. It reminds me of the skin complexion that got passed down to me from my ancestors. Brown like the coffee beans my great grandmother and my grandmother used to sell back in el campo. Or maybe, maybe, brown like the coco indios from el patio. #ftm #tmoc

The struggle is real

Every year, I go through this makeup struggle with colorguard.
My coach will be like~ brown eyeshadow and brownish lips…or hot pink barbie lips…
And the only issue with that is that…I’m black..and not like..light skinned black…. so brown doesn’t quite work on me…that’s all…

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Meryl Streep's wardrobe in Kramer vs Kramer is //you//, in a way not?

I’m not so sure.

I don’t know how I feel about the stone brown color. I also don’t like trench coats. I probably would not select that wardrobe of all the Meryl Streep movies there are. Her clothes in that film had a lot of frill…frill scares me.

I am these Meryls……

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Why do you like brown eyes so much than other eye colors? Brown eyes are usually people's least favorites since blue is the most popular. I like both but I think brown eyes can sometimes seem warmer.

I like all eye colors but brown catches my attention a lot more for some reason.