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I was just thinking how I just wish they had featured Nurse Kelleye more, I'm just annoyed we didn't get to know much (if anything) of her life, other that she was a lovely person and a talented nurse. I'd of liked it if she had of become friends with Margaret, especially after the episode with the fudge. Your thoughts?

Oh my god do I have feelings about this

Nurse Kellye who is fun, who dances, who is excited to date cute boys and has the confidence to call out bullshit and who looks herself in the mirror and says she’s cute as hell despite not being the poster picture of what society deems to be feminine beauty - I love her. She’s a role model and a great friend.

I’d have LOVED to see more of her, to have whole Kellye-centric episodes, to explore her character and her relationships with other characters. I like to think she was good friends with Klinger, and that Margaret had a lot of respect for her and that the two of them hit it off as friends at a reunion some years after the war. I’d love to see her drive to Radar’s farm to adopt one of his cat’s kittens.

I just want to see more of Kellye ughgugh

Louis and men

So this is a thing I made for my own entertainment at first, but why not share it, right? Here you have a huge post about Louis with men. Not with his boys, we all know they have his heart, but with other men. Famous and non famous, friends and strangers. It’s about how Louis Tomlinson interacts with male population, and let me tell you, it’s glorious. Glorious. Big thanks to Lucija and to other people who enjoy this as much as I do. Here we go!

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I like boys.

I like boys who go out of their way to understand why I write. I like the boys who stay up until 4am so they can call me and hear me stutter my vulnerabilities through the phone. I like the boys who spend steady hours searching and upon their success correctly identify my writing as what’s breaking me together not what’s holding me apart. I like boys who deliver coffee and ask if I know that I ramble like Kerouac and speak like Caufield. I like boys who wear tshirts with literary references and beanies and who know their way around NYC’s cafes. I like boys who give journals and books and pens as presents. And I like boys who kiss my hands because they need me to survive and I need my hands to write; they amount to the same thing after all.

But most of all I like the boys who are not steeped in literature. I like the boys who don’t carry books under their jackets in the rain and don’t know about my prose being a result of my love for Shihan or my poems being a dedication to Kerouac’s Road. The boys who don’t know a volta or a rhyme scheme and who really can’t understand the difficulty in slaving over a sestina. I love the boys who let me love literature alone. The boys who ask frustrating questions about the most vulnerable line in my favorite poem because it just “doesn’t make sense”. The boys who try and fail and frustrate me. Those are the boys who are just as confused with how to grasp me as I am about myself. The ones who can never quite get it right. With them there are no right answers, simple conclusions, easy arguments. They are the boys who spend hours buying books, and listening to music they don’t like, and not quite understanding the allure in all these words I am so madly obsessed with.

And if I’m lucky, they’re the boys who show up with tea and find comfort in the silence of a love affair with me while I read. And write. And search for the simplicity they’ve already found.


"yer a wizard, md"
aka MD wearing glasses and looking like a dad


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Im in high school and I've never had a boyfriend. I really want someone

No you don’t trust me. My high school years are ruined because of stupid manipulative boys who used me and made me feel like I was nothing but a fucking toy and I’m not I’m way more than that and so are you. Have fun in your high school years girl don’t even worry about not having a boyfriend because being single is so much better and easier, I promise you.

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I haven't seen people making fun of Boyhood because it was filmed over a long period of time. More so that it just wasn't that impressive. I think it was College Humor (I believe) who said it best with the psuedo-title "12 Years a White Boy" that was it. It was a mediocre (imho, of course) coming of age story. I'm glad they tried something like it, but what came out of it wasn't much at all. Patricia Arquette was undoubtedly (again, imo) the best part of the film, & I'm happy she won. Just sayin

I haven’t seen it yet but I want to. I think its cool they tried that too, definitely a new way of filming. I wanted to see it though, still do.

also since I got real fit i am way less self conscious about how small my breasts are because being real thin makes them look a lil bigger and having abs makes them stand out a lil more.

I’ve always hated how small they are

there’s a lot of body positivity out there, but even skinny girls get made fun of. and I’ve always been made fun of for my flat chest and told I look like a boy

 but now that I do sports i’m a lil more grateful for it.

everyone is like “lol why are you such a stick I bet you weigh 100 pounds” and you get told you aren’t very womanly for not having mad curves, and it really sucks so much harder for my thick girls out there, they have it so much worse, it makes me mad that literally no matter who you are people are going to shit on you for not being the opposite of what you are.

"Personality and love interest match please? Yours are so good!

I’m Lucy, 15 years old with short red hair, blue eyes, and average height. I love everything Disney and Marvel, and my favorite band is Fall Out Boy. I love to read and my favorite series is Harry Potter. I also like to write, doodle, watch movies, perform, and have fun with friends. In love, I look for someone I can trust, who loves me as much as I love them, and understands me. I am normally a smiley, happy, jumpy person when around my friends, but I have a short temper with anyone else. I am strong and know what I want and am a good judge of character. I am creative, and a dreamer, always looking for more out of life and ways to reimagine it. My dream is to manage a hotel at Disney World, a place where I am happy no matter what.

Love interest match:
I look for someone I can trust, who loves me for me, and appreciates what I’m passionate about, whether or not it’s something they themselves are passionate about. I don’t care about looks so much, but I do really like dark hair and intriguing eyes, and a smile makes anyone attractive in my eyes. I do not want someone who is cocky, selfish, or boring. They have to be someone I would want as my adventure companion.”

Thanks so much for asking!

I think you are a lot like Tinkerbell from the Tinkerbell movies because you are normally a smiley, happy, and jumpy person when around your friends, but have a short temper with anyone else, you are strong and creative, and you are always looking for more out of life and ways to reimagine it. You are also a lot like Belle from Beauty and the Beast because you look for someone you can trust who loves you and understands you, you are strong and know what you want, you are a good judge of character, you love to read, and you are a dreamer.

I chose Aladdin as your Disney Love Interest Match because you want someone you can trust and someone who you would want as your adventure companion. Eric from The Little Mermaid is also your Disney Love Interest Match because you want someone who appreciates what your passionate about, and isn’t cocky, selfish, or boring. He also has a lot of your described looks as well!

Have a magical forever!

When I cut my hair…
It took me for.ehh.verrrr to accept it.
I really didn’t like how I looked with hair I had (not that I don’t like kinky hair, I just didn’t like mine) so how much more not having any at all.
I’ve always been made fun of because of my hair, so I wasn’t sure what people would say to this.
Oh if your wonder why I cut it in the first place, I wanted- no - NEEDED to have a fresh start.
blah blah blahhh
So I’m posting this for anyone girls/boys who worry about what think about or say to you about your look.
it’s ok to look different.this might be something small to someone, but it’s big to someone like me. I mean, how I look literally represents me. The mirror shows me what my mind is saying.
Sadly for me, I put my standards that are naturally not my own even within my race. But once I accepted and took pride in myself I don’t care my what anyone says about my look. Cuz I LOVE it and that’s all that matters.

Oh yeah… If you still want to change something make sure it’s for YOU

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I met a guy a couple months ago who was really fun and we instantly got along and we've been texting pretty much daily ever since but he lives in a town 2 hours away. He comes to my town every so often for work so do you have any tips on like taking it to the next level? I really like him!

Ask him to hang out when he comes!! Go on a date and spend time together! It sounds like things are going really well, you just need to spend more time together. You could also maybe start talking on the phone too? That’s a bit more intimate than texting and would make you closer and allow you to talk more :) Sounds really cute, hope it works out!

Emma xx

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If they had a kid: Garen and Katarina

if they had a kid meme

[ I’ve done this one! Though I haven’t done a boy yet, so I will do that! ]

Name: Marcus ( Named after Katarina’s father, though they call him Marc )
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Has fair brown hair that is soft to the touch and blue eyes, though his face is thin, much like his mother’s
Personality: Smart and loving, Garen says he reminds him of Lux.
Special Talents: He likes to dance with his mother, and cooks with his father.
Who they like better: Katarina, she’s def. more fun than Garen is, though he loves both of his parents!
Who they take after more: Garen.
Personal Headcanon: When Marcus is sad, he will sit on Katarina’s lap and will not come off until he feels better.

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Ooooh I would definitely say harry would be my first, and then zayn would be second. But tbh i can't really see myself dating any of them. its not really something i've imagined. out of celebrities i've always said i would like to date ed sheeran :P I think our personalities would match nicely. The boys always remind me of the love thats more adoring, like younger siblings. like i wanna play soccer and laugh at fart jokes with them. but then like ed could take me on a date HAHA

BAHAH your cute. You are so adorable. Pick a celebrity that would be your face! That’s what I did. And my best friend and I. We’ picked celebrities who would be ‘us’ in our dream world. I’m Selena and she’s Jade. . I date Harry and she dates Niall. It’d be so much fun to throw you into a fic sometimes and Zayn’s girlfriend!  I want to now! ‘cause I like writing. and I might throw you in one of my fics on this tumblr cause  I always throw princess and Kitten in as side characters and stuff and rose and stuff. So you never know maybe you’ll be a side character :O

you know the whole “gamer girl” label went to shit because of the few shitty people that DO use that as an excuse to get attention from dudes, like dont get me wrong i love all girls and if they play video games even better bc we might have some faves in common!

however i have come accross a few that just tick me off, for one they dont know anything about said game, they repeat the only 3 things they know about it and they like to have all these dumb dudes kissing up to them

and i believe this is why gamer girls get made fun of all the time and it sucks so so much because there are waaaaay more girls who actually enjoy video games and know better than using basic ass games to get attention from boys

Does the Cub Scout Year End with the Blue and Gold Banquet?

Nicole sent in this question

I am looking for a little bit of info. I was also “volunteered” into the den mom position (which I totally didn’t mind) but have no clue about any of this cub scout stuff. We made it through most of the year (thanks to google!) and all of my boys successfully completed all of their achievements, however, I’m not really sure what to do next? Unfortunately our pack leader is not really much help in giving direction or explaining things or pointing me in the direction of who or where to go for info. Our “blue and gold” ceremony is coming up in a few weeks and it sounded like that’s kind of the end of the year for cub scouts??? If so, are we just done doing meetings and activities for this year or do we still hold meetings to work on electives? I am trying to figure out more fun things to do with the boys since they seem to really all love getting together for this stuff….are there things we can work on as a den to have them earn more badges or belt loops or something? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks, Nicole

Nicole, I understand your confusion about the end of the year for Cub Scouts. Blue and Gold is actually a celebration of Cub Scouting. It is a “birthday party” for the program. However, many packs also use the Blue and Gold banquet as an awards ceremony and all of the rank emblems are presented there.

Cub Scouting is designed to be a year round program. The boys continue working on their program (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) until the end of the school year. When they move to the next grade level, they move to the next level in the Cub Scout program.

So if they have not finished the requirements for their rank, they should continue working on them. Rank badges may be awarded at any time. It doesn’t have to be at Blue and Gold. If they have finished the requirements, they can work on the electives.  Look in your handbook. I’m not sure which level you are working on, but there should be electives available. Or for Webelos they can work on additional activity badges.

I think the program changes which are coming next year will help clear this up. For one thing, it will be more difficult to finish the rank up by February. And if they have finished it, they can just work on additional adventures in their program until they move up in May. I hope that helps.

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Fuck you for leading me on and making me feel wanted and grabbing my emotions by the throat then throwing them away because even though I pretended not to care we both know I did and you think you know me but you couldn’t be more mistaken because while I gave myself to you I’m not yours to destroy anymore and if you think you got the better option then I can’t way to make you realize just how wrong you are because like it or not I will always be more fun and cooler and more interesting and you can act like you’re so much better than me but just you wait because I have two more years of experience under my belt and when the day comes when I am off at the place of my dreams having more fun than you could ever think of with a boy who would make you hate yourself and you realize what could’ve been I won’t even remember your name because I’m better than you and your pathetic heart and I am no longer going to be hurt by your insignificant mistreatment of me