walkergirl95 asked:

I just realized something. When Killian first woke up, after coming back from the AU, his first instinct was to go and check on Henry and make sure he was okay. His need to make sure Henry was okay, shows how much he cares about him and how much he means to him. THIS is why we need more daddy Killian moments next season.

He wakes up and his eyes widen with the memories of his alternate self. He remembers how Henry’s life had been at risk, how he’d been hunted by the evil version of Snow White and Charming.

(And he remembers dying at the hand of the dark eyed prince- there’s no way he’s letting that go anytime soon.)

But what he’s worried about is Henry, because Henry had known exactly who he was, had come to save the day much like his mother before him, and if anything happened to Henry, he’s not sure he could forgive himself for sacrificing himself in the alternate world.

Killian pushes himself to his feet and looks up at the loft, recalling how the lad had been searching so furiously for the book, and he climbs the steps, casting a lingering look at Mary Margaret and David from their spot on the floor before he gets too far.

When he reaches the loft, he finds that Henry is long gone. He doesn’t let it worry him, just goes to look outside through the window above Emma’s floral printed comforter.

Looking out, he finds there’s a small commotion in the street. Henry is amidst it all, hugging Emma, and he smiles softly.

They both made it. Henry and Emma both.

They all made it.

Emma comes to him a few minutes later, her breathing labored and her eyes relieved, laughter as beautiful as a spring day spilling from her lips.

“He’s fine. Henry’s fine,” she breathes. “I’m just glad you are, too.”

(If it’s possible to love her more, he swears he does.)