do yourself a favor and never grow up because when you grow up you have to navigate traffic and wear suits and talk to people who are in charge of your entire future and being an adult is like 90% anxiety and only 1% pizza and you don’t get the rest of the percentages because those go to taxes


it started out as just rhett’s dad cosplayers, but has expanded since then to include other dad cosplay.

On the Miss Fisher S2 front.

Acorn TV has S2 for U.S. and Canada!  It’s a subscription service, but they have a 30 day free trial!  Guess who just signed up to watch!  (Even if they didn’t have a free trial, $4.99 for a month to watch all of S2 would still be a bargain as far as I’m concerned.)

Thanks to beck-liz for pointing out Acorn!