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Prompt: Dragon Queen. Post 4.16, Regina wakes up restrained in her vault and Maleficent wants to know why she's working with the heroes.

Warm breath against her cheek drags her slowly from her forced slumber. Her eyes are frustratingly heavy, and as she fights to blink them open fully, Regina’s first thought is that she’s breathed this in before, pulled that smoky exhale between her teeth, come alive with the way it burns her from the inside out, lighting her up, giving a hint of life back to her. 

She’s known this before, and when her eyes snap open, Maleficent is right there, lips so close that Regina wonders if she sought a kiss while she slept, if the dragon gave in to nostalgia and sentimentality. Not like her, but so much has passed between them now that memories are muddled, things change, and if Maleficent had that urge, she would hide it. She wouldn’t have before, not those years ago when they haunted each other, destroyed each other, made love to survive the way the world broke them. 

“Why?” Is the first question. 

Lifting her head fully now to meet Maleficent’s gaze, Regina does’t give her the satisfaction of an immediate answer. They have both hurt each other, left scars on each other’s hearts, but this is different, they’re not on the same side now - are they?

“Why are you working with that imp?” Regina finally responds, voice tight in her throat; she’s more angry with herself for being happy about Maleficent’s return, for the spark deep down that she’d felt when she thought they could mend things between them. 

Strangely, Maleficent smiles at her. “We all have our reasons, don’t we? I’m not worried about him. You shouldn’t be, either.” 

Their mouths remain mere inches apart, and Regina’s eyes flicker to those full red lips for a moment, betraying herself before glancing upwards again to meet her eyes. 

“He’s holding me hostage, he’s ruined my life, and I shouldn’t be worried?” 

With a soft touch, Maleficent’s fingers trace slowly down the length of Regina’s jaw as she stands up, looking down at her. 

“The darkness is still in you, it always will be. But you’re working with them - for what? Did revenge stop tasting so sweet?” 

The evasion is frustrating, but Regina lets it pass, looking down to the floor. There’s no reason to lie, now, not when she’s been exposed. “My son.”

The movement of Maleficent’s fingers ceases when she’s reached Regina’s chin, cradling it in her palm, forcing her to look up. 

“Then we understand each other. The things we would do for our children,” she says pointedly, the fingernail of her thumb scraping across Regina’s cheek. But then her thumb makes another pass over that mark, this time with the pad of her finger, a tender touch Regina’s come to expect; always a softness that follows to cushion the darkness that burns its way out of her lover. 

That hand falls away after a moment, and Regina’s sure that’s it, that Maleficent will walk away, but instead, she ducks her head down to capture Regina’s lips in a kiss that almost bruises, that’s perfect because it makes her feel something. Her brain catches up after a few seconds and then she’s kissing her in return, beginning to part her lips when Maleficent pulls away. But she’s smiling again, and she cradles Regina’s cheek in her hand. 

“You shouldn’t be worried, Regina. He made a choice to hurt you, and I have made a choice to defend what’s mine.” 

Ride - Chapter 3 (Jonnor Fanfic)

Okay so… I know. I’m a horrible person. And I’ve been bad (can’t type that without thinking kinky). I promised that I’d release another chapter of my first fanfic within a few days. That was 8 days ago. If I was writing some masterpiece (*cough* Never Say Goodbye *cough*) I could get away with that but lbh I’m not. And I don’t actually know if anyone still cares but I’m hoping you do. Anyway I promised soon and that was lie so I’m sorry. I also promised that I’d write the whole summer surprise but i carried away and so now that’s a lie. But I PROMISE that’s in chapter 4 like STRAIGHT AWAY. Plus Chapter 3 is like 2000 words long so I hope that makes up for it. Anyway If you’re still reading, or if (like me) this hiatus is conspiring with exams to kill you and you fancy some Jonnor then feel free to read ☺️☺️

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Once again I’m really sorry for being a fuckboy. Ive let you down. Ive let me down. Ive let Jonnor down. Y’all deserve better (but still i promise ill be better)
Thank you. I hope you like it xx

It was around 8 o’clock when Stef and Lena woke up, and, as always, they got out of bed together, eager to spend as much time as possible with each other. Stef smiled at Lena as she got changed, while Lena walked out of the room. She had planned to go downstairs to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasted. Before she could, however, she was confronted by a potentially troubling situation.

Jude’s bedroom door was wide open, clearly displaying Jude and Connor cuddling tightly underneath the duvet.

Lena didn’t mind them cuddling, or sharing a bed, although Stef may have something to say about it. The problem was that, the more Lena thought about it, the clearer it was to her that they were no longer 13, and were no longer quite as innocent.

To put it simply, Jude and Connor cuddling, and sharing a bed, no longer meant just cuddling and sharing a bed.

Stef walked up behind her, and wrapped her arms around her waist, quietly humming. She seems calm, Lena thought. She obviously hasn’t noticed yet.

“Whats wrong, love?” Stef asked, looking at Lena with wide eyes, before looking back to Jude’s room. Then her eyes widened. Oh.

Lena noticed that Stef’s breathing had changed. She was no longer quite so calm. “I’m sure its nothing,” she said, in a feeble attempt to placate Stef. “Maybe they just fell asleep like that.”

“Oh Lena, you know they aren’t 13 anymore. We know about 16 year old boys. Remember Brandon? And don’t even get me started on Jesus…”

“You know Jude isn’t like that. He’s never been like that” Lena said, though rather half-heartedly. It was a poor defence, and she knew it.

“Why, Lena? Because he’s different? Because he’s sensitive? Or just because he’s gay? We know that all teenagers think about it.”

“That isn’t what I meant. But even so, we never had a problem with the others doing anything. Brandon and Jesus were definitely active at that age. Mariana probably was too. We never cared.”

“We don’t care as long as they stay safe.”

“And how do you know Jude isn’t staying safe. He isn’t clueless.”

Stef paused. That was true. She didn’t know why she cared so much. But the thought of Jude, her youngest, her baby, having sex… it scared her. And it made her feel old.

“He may know everything he needs to know,” Stef replied, visibly calmer. “But we don’t know how much Connor knows”.

Lena said nothing. Stef raised a fair point; Although Adam was much more comfortable with her son, she didn’t think it likely that he discussed any sex education with Connor, never mind appropriate sex education.

“Im sure they didn’t do anything” Lena eventually replied. “They still have their pyjamas on. And I cant see any… anything they may have used.”

“Doesn’t that worry you? What if they didn’t use any…”

“Hey moms!” said Mariana, who was standing behind them. Stef and Lena were both startled, and worried how much of their conversation Mariana had overheard.

“Good morning Mariana” Lena replied. “We weren’t expecting you to be up this early.”

“Well it’s a beautiful morning. What are you doing outside Jude’s room?” Mariana asked, before peeping her head into the room. She then saw what her moms were looking at. “Aww they are so cute! Don’t you think?”

Mariana smirked, and Stef continued to worry over whether Mariana had been eavesdropping.

“Yes they’re adorable,” Lena said. “ Could you go downstairs and set the table please?”

“Who’s adorable?” Brandon interrupted, half-asleep.

“Jude and Connor” chirped Mariana. She, unlike Brandon, was wide awake and cheery, much to the annoyance of her brother. “They’re cuddling in Jude’s bed. It’s so cute”

“Are you serious?” Brandon retorted. He was more awake now, but clearly wasn’t happy with the situation. “They aren’t 13, Mariana. What happens if they… y’know… Moms you cannot be okay with this.”

“Eww, Brandon. They didn’t. Not everyone’s like you.”

“He’s a boy, Mariana, I think I understand him better than you.”

“Oh please, Judicorn is so not like you.”

“Well what about Connor? Do you know him that well too?”

“You’d be surprised,” Mariana smirked, before turning away and walking downstairs. What was that supposed to mean?

“Brandon, this isn’t any of your concern” Lena said quietly.

“But we did not condone this,” Stef was quick to interject.

Lena glared back. “We didn’t know about this until this morning. But I assure you, theres no special treatment here.”

With that, the family all moved downstairs to start breakfast. Lena couldn’t help but think to herself, If that’s how Brandon reacted, it’s a good job Callie’s at work.  

Connor and Jude eventually woke up - about an hour after Jude’s family’s heated discussion on their sleeping arrangements - and joined them downstairs in the Kitchen. The mood at breakfast was ever so slightly awkward, despite Stef and Lena’s attempts to defuse any tension. Connor was clueless to this, however, eating his pancakes in peace - ignorance, after all, was bliss. Jude, however, noticed that the tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Jude chose to wait until the others had left to confront his parents about the unusual mood plaguing the house.

“Moms why is it so awkward this morning?” Jude blurted out, eager to get to the point.

He was met with an uncomfortable pause, before Lena said “Why would you think that Jude? Everything’s fine. Why don’t you go outside and play with Connor?” Jude was unsatisfied with that answer - he knew his family, and knew when something was wrong. But he also knew when they wouldn’t tell him something, and he just had to live with it. He nodded, with a smile plastered on his face that both he and his moms knew was insincere, before leaving the room.

“You’re suggesting alone time. Really Lena?” Stef asked her quietly, wary over whether anyone was eavesdropping.

“I don’t want to tell him why it’s so awkward,” Lena replied instantly. “That wouldn’t help anything. Besides, you’re going to have to get used to them being alone. They’ll be alone this summer.”

“And is that the best idea, given…” Stef was lost for words. She couldn’t quite explain her objections. She couldn’t even figure them out for herself. But then, she didn’t really have to - she could dodge her objections completely, and blame someone else. “Do you think Adam would still be okay with this, if he knew that they were…”

“You don’t think Adam knows?”

“You think Connor would’ve told him?”
“Connor doesn’t have to. Jude hasn’t told us. But we still know… or presume at least.”

Stef was going to respond, but she saw Jude and Connor running in from outside. She panicked, to the extent that she disregarded even her thoughts on the matter, paranoid that someone may read them.

“Shall we go upstairs?” Jude asked Connor. “Mariana says we can play a game?”

“I’ll join you in a sec,” Connor replied nervously. Jude merely nodded in response, and ran upstairs. Connor waited until he saw Jude disappear from view, before turning to Stef and Lena. As he did so, they were both hit with a wave of fear. Oh God, Stef thought as she looked at Lena. What do you think he wants?

“Ummmm… Stef, Lena? Can I, erm, talk… to you? About something?

Connor, Stef and Lena sat in the living room - Connor on an armchair, facing Stef and Lena on the sofa. It was hard to tell who was more nervous.

“What did you want to talk about, love?” Stef asked, in her usual soothing tone. Lena noted that this was the calmest she’d sounded all day.

“Well, Jude thinks everyone’s been acting a bit weird today. Is it something I did?” Connor asked. Jaw quivering, with puppy dog eyes, he was in that moment a picture of innocence, far from the hormone-driven sex-crazed teenage boy he had been demonised as this morning. Stef couldn’t help but think they had judged him rather unfairly. It was Connor after all - a boy they’d known for years, who know seemed part of the family, an extension of Jude. He had done stupid things - she couldn’t help but think of the gunshot incident - but she had since learned that he’d done those things out of love for her son. Connor loved Jude dearly. He and Jude were a package deal. He was an extension of Jude. He deserved to be thought of better than this.

“Of course not. It’s nothing really. I can’t even explain,” Stef began, in one of those rare occasions that she let any weakness show.

“Are Jude and I still okay for this summer?” Connor asked hopefully.

“Of course,” Lena replied, taking over from her wife, who seemed oddly fragile, and incapable of continuing. Lena didn’t understand why, but Stef knew that she was suddenly overcome with guilt that she hadn’t trusted Connor, or her son for that matter. “But I think we need to discuss something first.” Lena needed to discuss it, to be clear that they were both safe. Stef, on the other hand, froze immediately, in two minds over whether to be mortified or relieved to have this conversation.

“About what?” Connor asked. He was visibly deflated, believing his summer plans were scuppered.

“It’s about… the, erm… Birds. And Bees.” Good start, Lena thought to herself. Isn’t “Birds and Bees” too heteronormative? “Or the Bees and Bees… or… Birds and Birds?” She sighed. “I’m getting off track here…”

At that moment, Mariana walked in, slightly disturbed at the conversation taking place, although visibly amused by her mom’s lack of composure. “Mom I don’t think you need to…”

“No, honey, we have to… to make sure Connor is…” Lena had never felt this much pressure in her life. Since when was it this difficult?

“But, Mom, the thing is…”

“I kinda already know this stuff, Mrs Adams-Foster,” Connor said. He knew that he had been told, a thousand times, to call her Lena, but somehow it didn’t feel appropriate at that moment.

“Wait, you do? Did your Dad tell you?” Stef asked, relieved of both guilt and awkwardness at what could have been an especially cringeworthy episode in their living room.

“Oh God no,” Connor laughed. “He’s a lot better, but he would never talk about that. And I wouldn’t dream of it either…”

“Then, who?” Lena was baffled. They certainly didn’t learn it in school.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, Moms,” Mariana quickly interjected. “Connor came to me, and said Jude had told him everything that you’d taught Jude.” Lena and Stef blushed with slight embarrassment, forgetting that it was they, not Mariana, who were the parents here.

“But he still had questions about everything,” Mariana continued. “So I thought I’d talk about it with him. All that relationships and sex stuff.”

“And she was really helpful,” Connor said, wrapping his arm around Mariana’s shoulder.

“Well, that’s a relief,” Lena said. “It seems you’re good to go Connor.”

Stef snorted, taking that comment the wrong way, while Connor too found it difficult to stop himself from chuckling. Lena, on the other hand, was blushing intensely. “I meant about summer… do you want to go upstairs now? Jude is probably waiting for you.”

“Okay,” Connor said, as he walked away, before turning around and adding “If this was about this morning, Jude and I just cuddled. We haven’t done anything.” He then ran upstairs. They really weren’t that quiet, he thought to himself.

“Mariana, why did you talk to Connor about that?” Stef couldn’t help but question.

“Why? You aren’t mad are you?”

“Not at all. It’s just… a bit awkward, isn’t it?”

“I understand it all, Moms, I’m not stupid,” Mariana said confidently. “Besides, I wanted to connect with my future brother-in-law.”

With that, Mariana too raced out of the living room, leaving Stef and Lena in peace. The peace they had desired early that morning, before events had distracted them. Stef’s head fell into Lena’s lap, and for a few seconds they enjoyed the sweet sound of silence.

Then, after taking in everything that had just happened, they both began to laugh.

“Hey Jude,” Connor whispered, his head in Jude’s lap. “I have a surprise for you.”

“What kind of surprise?” Jude was intrigued.

Connor paused, and smiled. “Do you like my car?”

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Oh my gosh, I just read the transphobia remarks that you posted and it made me so sad. I cannot believe people still feel this way. These are young people, traditionally more liberal than the older generations. First of all, I truly hope Harry never reads them, because despite his new-found confidence, I think this would really hurt him. Secondly, it makes me want to take every transgendered person and protect them, because NO ONE deserves this casual disregard and dehumanization. Roblogging.


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What do you think of that scene where Subaru and Kamui are talking after Kamui's injured and wakes up (Vol 14) and Subaru says he will only be able to be happy with Seishirou? Kamui seems to be turning towards him and something obviously happens between them before Sorata and Arashi walk in at that moment. Subaru seems to stand up and move away from Kamui quickly after they do. What do you make of it?

Oh this bit here?

I didn’t read much into it at the time. I was more focused on Subaru confirming that Seishirou is the only one he can be happy with (and then crying on the inside, because I want him as far away from Seishirou as humanly possible). Personally I don’t see much more between Kamui and Subaru happening right there, but if YOU do then go for it! Every interpretation is valid. YOU FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS ANON. 

The first time I watched ‘The Fight’ I knew major badass shit was gonna go down before it even did and you wanna know why?

They put Prentiss in gym shoes. She’s never worn gym shoes in the entire series except for that one scene in that episode (I think) so when she had sneakers on I kind of expected her to be hurdling over cars and shit.


all right so I couldn’t decide on which picture because like what lighting to go with (also yes those are pigtails; I’ll have you know I looked adorable today), but that’s not the main point so stopping now and


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Can u name all the things that make rivamika beautiful?

Hello there dear and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know if by RivaMika you mean the ship itself, or the fandom as a whole, but sure, I can list some of the things I think make RivaMika so beautiful.

  • Mikasa’s first impression of Levi, which was the reason why she, unlike everyone else, wasn’t afraid of talking back to him or arguing with him, because, to her, he was just the midget that beat up her precious Eren mercilessly, and needed to pay for it sooner or later.
  • Levi’s secret protectiveness of Mikasa, him attempting to teach her the right thing and guide her so as to not commit the same mistakes as his. He even got himself injured while saving her, because he realized how Eren was her weakness and how she moved so recklessly, putting her life in danger, in order to save him, which she would have failed at without Levi’s help.
  • Mikasa being a secret admirer for Levi and his skills, which got her to observe the way he fights, and learn from his moves, and then attempt to test them out in the battlefield. This shows that despite the little grudge she held for him, she still acknowledged his strength and respected him for that, which is amazing.
  • Levi’s not-so-obvious tenderness with Mikasa. When she would stand up and argue with him, he never mistreated her, which was admirable, considering Levi always used force in order to discipline those who tried to act rebelliously, such as Eren and Historia, even with Hanji, he used harsh words, although he still respected her, even with Nile, he was disrespectful, although Nile was in Erwin’s status. And yet, he treated Mikasa quite differently. 
  • Mikasa’s sorrow for Levi’s injury, her feeling of responsibility and half-assed attempt to apologize, which not only is considered as a development for her character, for she was showing that she cared not only about Eren, but also about her captain’s safety, and the consequences of her actions, but is also a development–a turning point in their relationship.
  • Levi’s trust in Mikasa, acknowledgment for her strength, and pride in how far she developed, which was shown when he asked her to team up with him and kill the enemy, who was at that point humans instead of their usual enemy; titans. This shows that he believes in her abilities, actually he always believed in her abilities, and he was only scared that her attachment to Eren would lead her to a sooner death.
  • Mikasa’s acceptance for Levi’s leadership, putting her trust on him, and her obvious less attachment to Eren. While she was ready to risk everything for him at the beginning of the series, she is now more considerate about her actions, having learnt from experience that everyone’s life matters, and she shouldn’t risk their lives for a single person’s. This, of course, doesn’t mean that she cares about Eren any less, for she already showed concern for him, but she came to accept that her feelings must be put aside, and all of this is thanks to Levi.
  • Humanity’s strongest duo, in which both Mikasa and Levi team up to kick ass on the battlefield, always going ahead of the rest of the team in order to clear the path. Their relationship finally developed to a point where they put faith in each other, work hard, cover for one another, kill without hesitance, and guarantee a successful mission. Neither of them was a team-work person, but together, they make the strongest battle duo ever. This is a huge development for the two of them especially. They used to work individually, trusting no one but themselves, but they have over come that to accept working together, and this is beneficial to everyone. The rest of the team must now learn from them, and Levi and Mikasa must be the source of courage for the rest, to kill the hesitance everyone else is feeling about killing humans, which are more or less the true enemy of mankind itself.
  • Last but not least, Levi being still protective of Mikasa, even though he knows exactly how strong she is, he was still ready to rescue her if needed when they made their attack on Kenny’s team. 
  • Also, Mikasa’s amusement by pissed-off Levi is worth to be pointed out.

I hope I didn’t miss anything, but yeah, this is all I could think of about what makes the RivaMika ship so beautiful in my eyes.  After all, I’ve had a very good journey being a RivaMika shipper.

And the RivaMika fandom as a whole is pretty cool yo! We have great artists, amazing fanfic writers, and although most of them left, we still get more and more people joining the RivaMika ship everyday!

Thank you for the question, my dear. I really enjoyed answering it!

I know the show really hasn't been the same since the end of season 5.

We all know that. Seasons 1-5 were just so complete and beautiful, and the show has gone off track a couple of times since then.

There are some times when I honestly feel like everything post season 5 can be considered fan fic. Not that it is all bad (I have lots of favorite episodes and characters post s5), but it’s just a different story, told by different people. 

To take it a step further, I honestly believe that peoples’ fan fictions of Supernatural are just as valid as anything written on the show after season 5. We make our own canon. 

It’s just a matter of whose story you choose to follow, and we’re making it up as we go.

yeah that’s right, read and weep.

tbh if I interviewed Taylor I’d prob just ask her questions about Karlie how does it feel to have a friend taller than you what’d she say when you first showed her her room in your apartment what kind of drunk is Karlie do you ever FaceTime when’d you meet her family when’d she meet yours. Karlie said you guys have been on other trips besides the roadtrip please elaborate

Home Sweet Home - Luke Hemmings

Luke’s lips pressed softly against yours as you entered the now furnished house, your very first home as a couple.

You have to admit it, when he first asked you to move in with him, you weren’t very sure if you should be living together. You’ve always felt like that is such a big and important step in a relationship, and it makes everything seem so serious and complicated. And that scares you. However, what you feel for this boy is far bigger than doubt and fear.

He spends so much time away, and you want to make sure you spend as much time together as possible when he’s around, since you can’t go on tour with him because you’re stuck with school.

Luke’s eyes are a deep tone of blue, making you wonder what he’s thinking that’s making him stare at you like that. They only turn this shade when he’s angry or horny, and you’re pretty sure he isn’t angry at you. His eyes are kinda like a window into his mind. If you know him well enough, you’re able to actually see what he’s feeling. He’s terrible at hiding emotions anyway, but not everyone can read him like you do.

You smile, pecking his lips. “Whatcha thinking ‘bout?” You ask, throwing your arms around his neck as he closes the front door.

He bites his bottom lip, taking his black, shiny lip ring between his teeth. "Dunno… it feels weird.” he chuckles slightly, letting go of your waist and taking your hand in his, leading you inside the house.

You two move slowly, looking around, taking in every detail. It isn’t a palace, hell, you wouldn’t want one, but it’s yours. Only yours.

The hallway is large and comfortable, but it has no comparison to the living room. Two sofas are positioned near the TV and Luke pushes you into the biggest one, letting himself fall next to you afterwards.

“Comfy, huh?” he smiles widely, tucking you into his arms. “I still can’t believe it…” Luke squeals, hugging you tightly.

“This was the best idea you’ve ever had.” You say, more like in a sigh. It feels so good to be laying there, in his arms, in your home.

You rest your head up high on his chest, wrapping your arms around his large torso. Within a minute, small kisses are planted on your head, trailing down to your forehead, and you feel Luke’s urge to kiss you on the lips by the way the thin skin of his lips feels dry against your own, and he rushes to touch every visible part of your skin he’s able to.

You tilt your head up, your noses brush against each other and you smile again. As you stare into each other’s eyes, both your breaths mixing up into the atmosphere, you’re sure both of you are doing your best to frame this moment in your memories.

Luke attaches your lips, swiftly caressing them together, and you feel yourself melting inside. Your stomach flips as his tongue brushes your bottom lip and his hand comes up to cup your chin, probably trying to get some support, and you feel the anticipation growing in between your thighs.

For minutes, you stand there, lost in each other’s arms, completely unaware that you still have to unpack stuff and get things in order. Your mind wanders off to all the work you still have yet to do, but it’s quickly slipped back into reality when you feel Luke’s large hand caressing your side, making sure to touch the skin beneath your blouse. Goosebumps form where his hand touches and you can’t take it much longer, heat and lust completely consuming you.

You moan and connect your right hand with Luke’s scalp, massaging him and slightly pulling on his short hair. He moans in response and the way his deep voice vibrates into your mouth, down your throat and sinks in your stomach, is driving you wild. You could already feel the hard on underneath his black skinny jeans digging into your leg and you sigh in complete desperation.

“Bedroom?” Luke asks, when you move your face away from his, catching your breath; something that was very difficult since the thick air surrounding you was composed by the lustful one that once filled your lungs.

“Bedroom.” You say and hurry to get up but his grip tightens around your wrist and causes you to fall back on the sofa. You roll your eyes at him, “What?”

He smirks and you swear the deep colour of his eyes soften a tone and you melt again. “One more kiss, beautiful.”

“You’re so lame!” You laugh and slap his thigh.

You love it that even in the most heated up moments, he still makes it possible to laugh and be chilled. It makes you feel deeply comfortable. God, you love this boy. No matter how many times you’ve laughed together, cried together, played together, kissed, made love, you still feel the exact same way. You think the overwhelming passion has been gone for a while, for both of you, but the love… the love is still there, and you’re sure it won’t ever go away.

You lean in and kiss his lips, making sure to bite his lip ring the way he likes it, and your hand makes its way up his thigh, eagerly pressing down on his bulge.

“Y/N…” Luke whines, taking your hand away from him and carefully pushing you off the sofa.

You get up and take his hand in yours, helping him up on his feet. His tall figure hovers over you and you feel your knees getting weak as Luke takes off his shirt, throwing it on the sofa. “Can’t you wait till we hit the bedroom?” You grin. “We just arrived and you’re already making a mess.”

He pouts and looks at his bare chest, you do the same. It’s not exactly toned and it’s pale, tiny freckles cover his shoulders and you remember the first time you saw them. You were on top of him, legs on each side of his body, you were sat on his bed and you’d be dating for a month already. He was nervous and tried to push you away as you tried to take a good look at them, you tried to kiss and nibble at the skin but he was too shy and insecure to allow you to do so. You were too. To think about the long way you’ve walked together is truly incredible. Now he takes off his clothes and makes you suck his dick with no shame or discomfort. And you love it.

Luke’s hands grip your arse and pull you close to his body, a cheeky grin covering his face. “You get me hot, I couldn’t wait any longer.” he kisses your cheek, and pinches the back of your thighs, in a sign for you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist, so you do as he commands.

He carefully walks you out of the living room, your grip tight around him, and you move your face to the crook of his neck, kissing his skin and sucking harshly, intending to leave a mark. Your mark.

“Baby, I don’t want us to fall.” He groans as you reach the stairs and you laugh slightly.

“It’s your fault if we do, Lucas.” You say, nibbling on his jaw. “You’re a clumsy ass.”

He chuckles and hurries up the staircase, carefully enough that he didn’t trip.

You reach the bedroom’s door and Luke kicks it open - he probably doesn’t want his hands to leave your butt - and as you enter the large room, you just want to look around at the decoration you chose together, but he doesn’t give you the time to do so, throwing your body on the king sized bed, and positioning himself on top of you.

After kicking your shoes off, you spread your legs apart and wrap them around his waist again, sappy kisses being exchanged between you. You hurry to take your shirt off and his hands move down to unbutton your jeans, then sliding them down your legs and throwing them somewhere in the room.

You’re standing in your underwear and Luke hovers over you and takes a long look at your body, analyzing the way your chest rises and falls with shaky breaths. You spread your legs again, signaling that you need him. He bites his lips at the view, your panties already soaking and he takes off his jeans, then sitting on his knees in front of you, palming himself on top of the dark red boxers. You notice the wet spot below the hem of the material and question why Luke isn’t hurrying the fuck up.

“Luke…” You whine, throwing your head back, and you hear him chuckle as you squeeze your eyes and legs shut.

His large hands grab your ankles and painfully slowly make their way up, stopping on your knees and spreading them open again. “Uhm…” He growls, and licks his lips before laying on top of you, kissing your neck roughly.

“Do something.” You manage to say, and run your hands up his back, slightly digging your hands into his skin, in hopes of turning him on.

It seems to work because he starts grinding his hips into yours, while mumbling something you can’t understand in your ear.

You shiver as he deeply thrusts into you, wishing there wasn’t any cloth between you. His right hand comes up to cup your left breast and you take your hands to unclasp your bra and taking it off, craving more touch.

You don’t know if you hate or absolutely adore the way Luke likes to go slowly and passionately most of the time. You can count on your fingers the times he’s made you cum in less than five minutes. He’s such a perfectionist, you must be soaking wet before he pounds into you, no matter how horny and needy he is, he always gets you off right and the look on his face when your hit your high and tighten your grip on him is priceless. He fucking loves to make you cum, and that makes you so fucking hungry for more.

He grinds in a quicker pace, rolling his hips and kissing your jaw at the same time. You don’t know where to put your hands, but you choose to place them on his arse to push him further into you in hopes of relieving more of your tension. “Babe…” You press your lips to his and he smirks into the kiss.

“Let’s get you nice and wet, shall we?” Luke asks and you nod, knowing that you could assure him that you were more than ready for him six hundred times and it wouldn’t make a difference. He likes to tease even though you beg him not to all the time. “Get on all fours, baby girl.” he commands.

You do as he says, trying not to lose your cool at the name calling. It’s almost impossible since every word that leaves those fucking lips is hot; mostly pet names.

Luke gets behind you and softly slaps one of your cheeks, and you shiver, anticipation drowning you. You hear him humming as his warm hands come up to strip your lacy underwear off. You take your knees off of the bed to allow him to take them completely off and he growls resting his hands on each of your butt cheeks.

You let the weight of your body fall on your arms, your face now resting on the bed, and you try to guess what he’ll do next. Million thoughts stumble across your mind and you moan, closing your eyes and hoping he does something soon.

Luke’s right hand leaves your right cheek and his index finger runs along your wet slit, gathering up the juices. Slowly, he places the tip of his finger on your throbbing clit, and draws large circles, earning one of your loud moans in response. His left hand grips tight on your other cheek, holding you in place and you try to buck your hips to get more contact and friction. You can already feel a knot forming in your stomach when his middle finger comes upwards and tickles your entrance.

He pushes his finger inwards and pumps it in at a rather rapid pace, the sound of wet skin slapping together filling the air. Suddenly, the finger that was once rubbing your swollen knob joins the one inside of you, and they both work together to push you off the edge. Your back arches as he hits your g-spot again and again.

You feel sparkles beneath your skin and goosebumps are formed all over your body, “M'coming” you breathe out, and as you utter these words, Luke removes his fingers from you. 

“What the fuck, Luke?!” you yell, feeling your insides pulsating.

He completely ignores your cry and adjusts himself on the bed, arching an eyebrow at you and you let your head fall down in defeat. Better let him do his thing and hope you don’t die with anticipation.

You try to catch your breath as your body screams for the orgasm that it had been denied, and you see Luke’s red boxers falling on the side of the bed. You mentally celebrate; you can’t wait to have his cock filling you.

You close your eyes and wait for his erection to get close to your heat but are caught by surprise when the only wet thing that touches you is Luke’s tongue. He buries it deep in your pussy, licking everywhere he can. He flicks it on your clit, along your slit and stops at the entrance, pushing it inside, carefully, proceeding to push it in and out quickly.

“Luke…” You plea, and he digs his fingernails into the skin of your thighs.

“Y/N.” He mocks you, letting go of you and you lift your head up to see what he’ll do next.

He pumps himself a few times before positioning himself at your entrance and burying in. You squeal and he starts pounding in and out, not slowly but not fast enough either. Your mouth runs dry as your sweaty bodies collide, and Luke picks up the pace, obviously eager to reach his high.

His hands move to grab your hips, profanities leaving both your mouths. “Y/N… Y/N, baby…” He moans, “Fuck…”

You gather the strength to lift your upper body and lean it against Luke’s, both of you falling back slightly. His hands hurry their way up your skin and grab your breasts, pinching at the nipples and his lips suck the skin of your shoulder. 

“Luke!” You scream, your muscles tensing up as your orgasm washes over you.

Luke keeps fucking you for a few more seconds before releasing into you. He slips out and you let yourself fall in the mattress, both of your juices running down your legs. Luke falls next to you and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“I can’t wait to fuck you in every room of this house.” He breathes in your ear.

You shiver at the remark and kiss his cheek.

“We should take a shower and get things ready.” You suggest and he huffs. “What?” You ask.

“Is that what crosses your mind after we had a mind blowing fuck?” You laugh at his words, throwing your leg over him, something that you usual do when you cuddle.

“Well, it’s true, the boys are coming over tonight.” You remind him.

Luke completely ignores you and slips underneath the blankets, pouting in hopes of making you join him. Of course you do join him as you feel tired and you don’t really want to do anything else besides cuddling with Luke and possibly take a nap.

You turn your back and press it against his chest, spooning is your favourite. His hand comes up to take your hair away from your neck, and he kisses it gently. “I love you, you know?” he asks. “And I feel that we’re gonna be really happy in this house.”

You can’t contain the smile that grows on your features. You feel it too.

Listening to G.I.N.A.S.F.S. like, it’s such a Peterick song.  I love Petekey, but I don’t know how anyone can think this song is about Mikey.  “Trade baby blues for wide-eyed browns”? Pete’s eyes are brown, so the other guy (the title makes it pretty clear this song is about a guy) must have blue eyes.  Mikey’s eyes are brown.  Patrick, on the other hand, has blue eyes.

That’s not conclusive evidence, of course.  This song could be about any number of blue-eyed dudes.  But the line, “I was born under a bad sign, but you saved my life” makes me really think of Patrick.  Pete has said in interviews that Patrick’s the only one in music biz who’s stuck by him through everything and that he knows he can depend on him.  And someone pointed out that in Pete’s book “Gray,” the character based on Patrick (named “Martin”), is the one who checks up on Pete’s character when he’s going through hard times.  (I haven’t read it so I can’t say this for certain, but I choose to believe it.)

In conclusion, I think Pete wrote a confused love song about Patrick and Patrick sang it (and probably set music to it), and my fangirl heart doesn’t quite know what to do with that.

Looking at him, I understand the way the tender workers of the earth rejoice in the first ephemeral rainfall of the year.
—  7-weeks//Explanations of my thunderstorm heart.

S: Um, well, first of all, it was never *coughs* actually proven that it was a spaceship…
M: It wasn’t?
S: Well, no, what happened was that we fell off of something that…
M: Something?
S: …that rose out of the ice.
M: Well what do you think that was?
S: Well, I don’t know what it was. But we never got, we didn’t actually get to see a spaceship.
M: I can’t believe that you’re saying it’s not a spaceship.

“…wait the first choice was reasonably as well wHO ARE YOU???”

On a serious note, my head canon is that Tim is Non Binary because, he is a box. Boxes don’t have a gender. Although he does like he/him pronouns.

Thank god we don’t argue about his gender like the FNAF community. They are robots BRUH.

bowsmoakandarrow asked:

One line: "I think I walked into the wrong house."

(A continuation of the “Is that apple pie?” prompt ficlet - definitely recommend reading first, but not necessary)

Oliver had been on his feet the minute the front door opened, and his heart had stopped the instant he realized it was the blonde stranger from the diner.


He hadn’t run into her since she’d come up to his table, demanding to know what kind of pie he was eating before moving right into claiming that the piece he was eating was hers.

For the first few days, he’d arrived at the exact same time, even had a piece of apple pie every single time (well, almost every single time, the third day someone had snagged the last piece and he’d been left with cherry, not his favorite). He didn’t need a piece of pie every day and he’d thrown himself into working out extra hard as a result of it, but he’d had one, because he wanted to run into her again.

He wanted her to come over and ask him what kind of pie he was eating.

But she never came in.

He’d thought about asking Diggle who the girl was - who Felicity was - but he always changed his mind at the last second. He couldn’t afford emotional attachments, and he was already walking a fine line with the Diggles; he’d learned his lesson, and he wasn’t about to get burned again. Especially in a small town like this one, where everyone knew everyone, and if something happened - and that was a big if, considering he hadn’t seen her again - then not only would he be known by everyone from the guy who rang up his beer to the little girls who played hopscotch, but he would get kicked to the town shit list quicker than he could blink if he hurt her.

They’d barely spoken and he already knew she was beloved. A woman like that didn’t feel comfortable enough coming up to random strangers to harass them about pie of all things without having an emotional base that could withstand an earthquake.

For fuck’s sake, he was in town for less than a month and he’d already landed himself not only a good job and a decent boss with an amazing wife and kid who invited him to dinner, but a crush on a mysterious blonde girl who told him she’d licked his pie.

And he certainly had not spent way too many minutes thinking her and licking in the same sentence.

“No,” Oliver said, shoving his hands into his pockets awkwardly, his heart positively thrumming at the sight of her. “No, you’re probably in the right place. If you’re looking for the Diggles.”

Felicity cracked a smile at that. “I know. I figured John and Lyla hadn’t adopted a super gorgeous-” She blanched at her own word choice as Oliver nearly bit his tongue at her reaction. “And by gorgeous, I mean that you’re aesthetically nice to look at, not super gorgeous as in I wondered how you could eat so much pie and still have all that muscle.” Her eyes widened as his stomach dropped at her words. “Not that I think about your muscles. Or know you eat pie. Or anything. Or that I’m judging. You can eat anything you want, eat all the things.” She closed her eyes. “And I’m talking way too much about eating, and it’s getting weird, so I’m going to stop in three, two, one…”

Oliver could only stare.

She was adorable.

Since when did he think of women as adorable and not want to ruffle their hair?

No, this was different. This was the kind of adorable that made him want to do some of his own eating where she was involved.

Did he really just think that?

“I was looking for Lyla,” Felicity continued, and Oliver took pains to not stare at the way her blush was dipping below her shirt. “I’m here to-”

“Aunt ‘Licity!” someone shrieked and Oliver turned in time to see a four-year-old Sara Diggle launching herself across the room and into Felicity’s arms. Oliver watched her laugh, already prepared to catch the bundle of energy that jumped into her arms.

“Sara-butt!” she said and Sara’s laughter echoed through the room as Lyla and Diggle came out.

“Felicity,” Lyla said. “I didn’t think you were gonna make it.”

“Late night,” Felicity replied, rolling her eyes, letting Sara climb up over her shoulder, basically using her as a jungle gym. Oliver noticed Felicity kept a very close eye on the little tyke, her arms constantly on guard in case she slipped. “Some code issues resurfaced.”

Lyla leaned over the couch, picking up a laptop he hadn’t noticed. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh yeah,” Felicity replied, wrangling the mini-Diggle and setting her down again. “And I definitely have time to look at your laptop.”

“Good,” Lyla said, walking over and handing it off. “I swear it started yelling at me.”

Felicity smiled at that. “Well, the computer whisperer is here.” Her eyes switched to Oliver - almost involuntarily, and so quick he almost didn’t catch it - before she looked at Diggle. “Keeping out of trouble, John?”

“You know me, Smoak,” he replied, stepping up beside Oliver. He didn’t notice the giant man was standing next to him until Diggle clapped him on the back. “You met Oliver?”

“Yes,” Oliver replied just as Felicity said, “I did. I yelled at him about his apple pie last week. On accident.”

Diggle chuckled, sliding a glance at Oliver. “The girl loves her damn pie.”

Oliver smiled, his eyes finding Felicity again to find her already looking at him. If his heart hadn’t already been galloping, it definitely was now, and the rush of adrenaline when their eyes met made his limbs weak.

Neither noticed the knowing look Diggle and Lyla shared.

“Well, I’m off,” Felicity said, holding up the laptop as she turned, saying to Lyla, “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“You walk, Felicity?” Diggle asked, stopping Felicity in her tracks.

“Yes, Officer John, but I’ll be fine.”

Oliver wasn’t sure if the opening was for him, or if it was real concern, or what the hell happened either way, because his mouth was already opening as he took a step towards her, his hands still shoved in his pocket, the words, “Can I walk you home?” already out.

Felicity froze, her eyes widening. She opened her mouth to respond, and for a second Oliver thought he was going to have to embrace his own dose of mortification when she said no, before she reeled her reaction back in.

“Uh… sure.” Her lips twitched, like she was trying to keep from smiling. “I’d like that.”


Oh dear. Ya’ll.

I think I just started an AU. Oops.