Felt like drawing kids :D……..Please don’t look at me

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Ooh omg i agree w/ almost all of those hcs!! Can you do more characters please? ;A; :3

sure why not

ill just pick random ones

hungary: pansexual totally bc of the frying pan also i think hungary would be gender fluid?? but gender is a whole different topic tbh

austria: demisexual. i think the only way he could ever be with someone is if they already have a connection that goes really far back also i think him and hungary would be polyamorous bc prussia austria and hungary is my ot3 even tho i ship prucan

switzerland: asexual u really see him as an ace but also demiromantic

liechtenstein: maybe bi??? but like with slightly more attraction towards females? i just think she would be attracted to cute and adorable things

belgium: pansexual. she wouldnt really care about gender as long as she thinks youre cute

netherlands: bi as fuck but i feel like he would be kinda demiromantic too

luxembourg: omfg i really think he would actually be hetero but im not opposed to bi lux

bulgaria: homosexual but i dont really know his character as much so im not really sure

romania: pansexual af omg

poland: homosexual and also genderqueer tho i havent decided which he would be

lithuania: demisexualllllllllll aw my baby

latvia: i almost see him as asexual but maybe a grey ace

estonia: bisexual cutiepie

belarus: pansexual shes so adorable

ukraine: i kinda see her as demisexual wow i have a lot of demi headcanons but whatever

greece: pansexual but a deal breaker would be if you didnt like cats

spain: bisexual but leaning more towards guys

today liz ( spokelsekrake) asked my history class crush to make a paper boat for us. and he did. and then she called the S.S. *insert name here* and kept crashing it into my face

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same i’m hella pissed

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Omfg I know like I was ??? WhO IS IN THE CASKET. And then I dIDNT RLY WANNA KNOW

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I haven’t really been liking all the photos and stuff going around because I liked being surprised and stuff

yeah i mean i don’t mind the pics of chris just in his cap outfit and stuff but like i don’t wanna know plot details but like i’m not just gonna avoid tumblr for a whole year WTF


This looks like my kinda film omfg I’m excited

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(  omfg thank you sO MCYH i hAVE NO IDEA WHta to sYA  lIk e tHANk ye
 like omfg. thank you ! i’m kinda, well not kinda i mean alot, spazzing out
over here bc you’re like one of the first to sYA that & yours is just as awesome
even more sO BC wOW look aT THAT GORGEOUS THIN G )

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If you're still doing ships) I'm blonde, 5"4, lip ring on the left side and kinda tanned. I'm pretty shy and I love turtles (so cute omfg). I'm kinda weird and I like PTV, OM&M, MIW, AFI, etc

Tony Perry doll

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61 and 102~ :3

  • 61. How’s your heart?
  • A:Broken and trying hard to put itself back together…but its still beating so guess its ok.
  • 102. Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
  • A: When people are nice to me and say such sweet things GAH I get like all happy lifty kinda and im like omfg plz…stahp!! but in my mind im like im dying of happiness my heart cannot even!

thanks for asking questions and getting my mind off things a little bit dear ^^