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hi, i need to ask you something but before i should say i dont mean to throw shade or anything. the question is: why does louis takes his mic away from his mouth when he sings? there are a lot of times that we cant actually hear him and that makes me kind angry because hello youre a singer so for god sakes sing )': do you think its because hes still insecure or something?

Well, to be fair, I’m not a musician so I am not the best person to ask, but it is definitely a technique that is taught to musicians. Obviously I can’t really know for sure, but my best guess is that it is a combination of a singing technique and some lingering insecurities.  

When a singer is singing a high note, they will often pull the microphone away from their mouth a little bit to risk being too loud if that makes any sense at all? Timing is important for this, and sometimes I think he pulls back a little prematurely.  His voice is very unique and actually quite powerful and in certain instances that I can’t recall (because my memory is shit), can be heard well above the others.

I’m sure this is in response to my post about him singing No Control.  One of the reasons that I love that song so much is because it does such a great job of showcasing his voice and I fully stand behind wanting him to sing it balls out on stage.  I think this song is actually at the top of my wishlist for the next leg of the tour!!!

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Um, has infinite been done for the ask game? :3333

Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:

  • Kiss: MYUNGSOO
  • Hug: Sunggyu or Dongwoo or Hoya
  • Marry: MYUNGSOO (or Hoya lowkey)
  • Live with: MYUNGSOO
  • Be the little sister/brother to: Sungyeol seems like such a fun big bro
  • Bring on a picnic: Myungsoo or Sunggyu
  • Take a romantic walk with: I think Woohyun would like this the most
  • Keep as a friend: Sungjong (sorry)
  • Hit a lot: SUNGJONG 
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: Sunggyu seems like he deals with hell every day, so “I just wanna ease your mind and make you feel alright.
  • Do anything for: Myungsoo. He was my ultimate bias for so long lol.

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Watching Phase 2 & 3. They're a bit different? Which one do you prefer?

Oooh, toughie. One of my favorite parts about Phase 2 was that they were still performing a lot more songs from their indie album, and New Days and Five are two of my favorite songs to have them perform live. On the other hand, Phase 3 had that really great You & I five voice showcase, plus the dance line absolutely killed their solos. The vocals sounded great both performances T^T So I guess Phase 3 + New Days + Five would be my dream Da-iCE concert hahaha

A big part of my development as a writer was text-based RPGs, which don’t really… exist as such anymore, I guess. I got out of RPGs when I was doing the college thing, but the past few years I’ve drifted through various MMOs as morning coffee time-killers. Yesterday, I got sidetracked looking at old sketches and realized - holy shit - I’ve got a bunch of character portraits from the past three years since getting back into playing around with my intuos. Repped here are various faces from The Secret World, Neverwinter, Wizard101/Pirates101, Fallen Earth, and Defiance, ranging from 2012-2015. Some of them are colorized pre-intuos sketches after a very looong hiatus from any kind of visual arts, so there is some serious wonkiness as I was getting back into the swing of things.

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What rank are you in Monster Hunter and do you know anyone that's good?

[[As of right now I’m only Rank 61, Guild Permit 1.

Atalli is Rank 80-ish i think, also Guild Permit 1.

We play with lonesecretdreamer who is almost rank 300, and finished Guild Rank.

As far as people who are ‘good’ I am literally the worst judge of that, considering I just listed the two people I primarily play with. Sevvy plays a lot, and Ati does too when she can. I only really play with Ati anymore, so my HR suffers for it! As I may have stated at some point when I started receiving MonHun asks, I really don’t like the game as a Solo thing, and haven’t since I first tried it (It’s why I didn’t like MH3U). It’s far more fun hunting with my girlfriend and good friend, and admittedly if they stopped playing it with me, I’d probably never touch it again.]]

Conspiracy Piers thoughts:
“I wonder if Chris in actual danger or this is one of those talk down the villain with a gun moments. “
“Is this the part where I dive and take a bullet for Captain and die in his arms?”
“What happens if I kill Jake first?”
“I’m not a puppy am I? I’m just extremely loyal, and cute as fuck, and I like following Chris around.  Wait. That doesn’t sound good.  Fuck.”
“So I can’t kill this man and Chris is telling him to shoot.  That means I’m going to have to kill HAOS Solo. Haha.  Wait, not funny Piers.”
“Sherry do something!  Claire is going to bust both our asses if Chris gets hurt!”
“Fuck, Chris is so damn hot from this angle”

Conspiracy Chris thoughts:
“There’s one of these cutscenes in all my games.  Something new please writers?”
“At least I got to say “Wesker” again.  That’s my signature line. I’ve practiced for 3 years.  Wesker Wesker Wesker!”
“Why isn’t he blonde?  So much for having Wesker’s genes if you can’t even get the hair right.”
“Stop staring at me Piers and say something even if just so I can tell you to shut up again.”

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★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ have fun hahaha

Yoooo that’s like 20 facts, I’m too boring to come up with 10 even prlly xD

- I am very cool
- My first year of uni is ending yay hail my academic career
- I am so not social that it hurts even me
- I can stand with my feet pointing behind me (like / \)
- My left eye is smaller
- I am so good at making mistakes I think it’ll become my thing
- I love Blaze era in IM
- I once lost 20 kg
- I am also good at wasting time
- I listen to Iron Maiden every single day
- I am really short
- I have two cats
- I live in Poland
- I will be 21 in less than a month ;___;
- My tooth will kill me soon I think
- Idk what else can I say honestly


Those four boys absolutely slayed the vocals on the songs in the coke video. Liam took over Zayn’s solo in Night Changes flawlessly. Niall sounded unbelievably good in the bridges in Steal My Girl. Louis’ solo in Clouds was unbelievable, and I’ve never been a massive fan of his solo in SOML, but I thought he killed it. And Harry’s bloody vocal’s in Clouds had me in tears within 20 seconds.

Zayn’s voiced will be missed, but we’ll be alright. Those four boys are so talented, and they will continue to produce vocally outstanding songs.

JUST FINISHED MY CONCERT!! it went really well and i killed my solo and even though i was there for 3 freaking hours i’m back now and s o happy!

i’m also s o tired so no activity for the rest of the night from me. tomorrow and the weekend i’ll get to drafts and clean out my inbox because i hit 100 messages and it’s a little daunting ngl

Ehh matchmaking was alright I guess. I could have just grinded worshipers by playing the same gods again and again but I wanted to win, so I chose unmastered gods that sorta fit the team comp.

I mastered Cupid and Chaac and gained a level, so I guess I had an okay Double Sunday. :)

I was pretty proud of myself in the last match with Chaac; led my team by making a comeback (Our Xbal helped). Granted the enemy team was so focused on kills, I solo escorted the siege weapon through their portal =P