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What gem, Gem Weapon and where would the gem be on Kounosuke?

Before answering: shot-out to pal thefortressofscience and my boyfriend juuichi-da-bear, who helped me with it. See, I know *of* Steven Universe, but I have only ever seen bits of it. So these two lovely people helped fill me in on the canon… If I got it wrong be sure to tell me, please!



Between the shoulder blades. 

He can turn his glasses into a visor which lets him see “beyond the immediate”. For example, he can sometimes see the monsters original gem form and even bring them back with compassion, a la Steven himself. They are usually worn as glasses, which he doesn’t really need but keeps them for that reason.

That sound good?

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“The Doctor’s death doesn’t frighten me. Nor does my own.”

Doctor Who never fails to remind us again and again the value and fragility of life. Perhaps what really hits home, is the idea that death is inevitable. We cannot escape death. You can run and run, but however hard you try, you can’t run forever. And River understands this: life is defined by death. For someone like the Doctor, who can turn around an army at the mention of his name but is powerless against the ultimate equalizer, perhaps there is an even greater significance. 

Everybody knows that everybody dies. And nobody knows it like the Doctor.

okay so jackson posted a blackface edit on his ig and quickly deleted it and then apologized twice. 

i just want to say that unlike many idols who culture appropriate or do things far worst then this he is the one to have apologized so quickly and acknowledge what what he did was wrong and act sincerely on this and you can see how sorry he feels.

he feels so bad and sorry and i wish that he didn’t get hate because this boy is honestly so heartbroken over that one mistake and he keeps apologizing. 


url graphic → screamingprim.

as a little gift because i was your secret santa (◡‿◡✿)


beyond the cobwebbed castles

where the night air sweeps cold and soft against the earth

and the trees beckon with branches like black veins

you run your fingers down my spine and tell me of the wolf girls

with their glinting eyes and teeth like broken glass

slipping silent through the woods, opalescent ghosts

(they were your sisters once, you say)


stroke my hair and sing to me of ancient gods and sunken cities

maybe it’s the wine but I think there’s something strange

about the stardust on your breath tonight–

(is it the moon that makes me yearn to flee my body

or has your voice stirred a darkness deeper

some shadow sleeping restless in my skin)
—  the trees are haunting us (love letters to hecate) // (e.c)

Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga as hospital patients

On the summer before his first year into high school, Sawamura Daichi injures himself and as a result, has to recover at the hospital for a few days. Daichi, who had been looking forward to his summer, was not at all happy at the prospect of being stuck inside all day. That is, until he befriends Sugawara Koushi, the patient next door. They become fast friends and the long days that Daichi had initially been worried about, go by quickly. However, the day of Daichi’s discharge comes before too long, and he promises to Suga that he’ll definitely come visit him tomorrow. The next day, rather than a bright smile to greet him, Daichi is met with an empty room. The nurses, who had kept quiet at Sugawara’s request, confess that Suga’s condition had been steadily becoming worse and that he had been moved to another hospital to undergo surgery. Daichi, distraught at the truth, was left with nothing but worry and fear for the boy he had befriended the summer before high school


arthur + merlin (+ morgana) AU; Turn the Page

Siblings Merlin and Morgana own the town’s quaint little bookstore on the corner. Both bookworms and dedicated to the store, nothing could take them away from it. It was a part of them, and they were a part of it. But when haughty new developer Arthur Pendragon comes on behalf of Pendragon Contracting, going store to store on the street asking owners to sell their property, the Le Fay’s security and precious bookstore are threatened. Arthur is ice cold; caring only for the money the sell-outs will bring him— and he’s after Ross Old Book & Print Shop next. When Merlin begins talking with him though, the ice slowly starts to melt. Will Arthur’s fondness of Merlin be enough to save the bookstore, and perhaps ignite a flame between the two men? Morgana hopes it will; it’s about time her brother found someone. 

"You can’t take this away from us," Merlin bit out. 

"Yeah? Try me."