Rachelle: Mum I’m scared. I don’t want to go to school.

Eleanor (from the kitchen): Why are you scared darling? Are you nervous because it’s your first day?

Rachelle: I’m scared that the children will be mean to me… because I’m different.

Eleanor: Don’t be silly, you’re beautiful. Yes you have green skin, and so what if that isn’t considered ‘normal’ your family love you, and I am sure you’ll make lots of friends. Just try to be strong ok?

Rachelle: I’ll try mum…

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Do you feel like your mind can't process feelings right. For examp l you're in your room everything is fine but suddenly YOU DONT WANT. You just feel very strongly that you don't want it. What is "it"???? Dunno but I don't want. Or when you're furious for no reason. Or whatever really just generally feeling nonsense things like. What is this feeling. (This totally makes sense ok bye)

no no i think i get what you’re getting at

like the ambigious ‘it’ you’re always either dissatisfied with or crave intensely

but what is it

idk but everything i do is motivated by trying to capture it and understand it and make it stop controlling me and somehow figure out the thing that’ll make it stop bothering me

it’s in every situation influencing my behavior

it has nothing to do with whats actually going on, but my reaction to it is forced to involve whats actually going on

sometimes i try to feed it and sometimes i try to run away from it

sometimes it’s just there and i feel like i almost captured the idea of what it is but it slips through my understanding at the last minute

it’s always causing a sense of panic and dissatisfaction and irritation and you just want it to go away but you cant no matter what you try to do

if you think you’re free it only lasts a few hours before it comes back in a different manifestation

its the source of the unease and terror and sense that somethings off with the perpetual existential crisis 

and in therapy how are you supposed to explain that there’s a mysterious something that’s causing 90% of your behavior problems because what is that supposed to mean 

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zayn obviously HAD to thank the boys-he won award for MUSICsuccess he had with 1D. I don't understand why ppl suddenly praise him and forget zayn acting dick-ish? he left in the middle of the tour, without proper thank you or goodbye, to be "normal" yet heading to the studios the next day and HURTING a lot of fans, being besties with NBoy who is constantly nasty to fans&his former bandmantes. I'm trying to understand&mean this in a nice way-how are you ok w/ him after that?wish I could be too://

Zayn was NOT obligated to thank anyone specifically.

He CHOSE to do so, and if you want to invalidate that just because you’re upset at him and NB or whomever, than that’s your decision, but it has no bearing on reality.

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One sec dear, could you do me a tiny quick thing. I put up mine game on my page, I developed it for so long.. Can you put a try to test? just a second. I only want to know if it is working. Please tell me, ok? Thank you stranger :)* Audra.

all around me are familiar faces

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Hey Dessie! I'm not the anon you were talking to, but since you're discussing the books I have a question: What predictions do you have for the 3rd book? It's ok if you don't want to answer this because spoilers, but I was just curious because the ending of twcrime seems to bring Kestrel away from everything Marie has been building up to. I can't get a sense for what Marie intends, but I am intrigued because a new line of character development can result from Kestrel's punishment.

so sorry for the delay in answering, i wrote a huge reply for about half an hour but something happened and it didn’t save. )): anyways, i’ll try and write it out again.

spoilers under the cut

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what sort of blogs do you follow? like i love your blog but i don't think mine is at all similar. if this is even part of the cool dude bro trials lmao

ok the cool dude trials dont actually exist but i follow all kinds of blogs i dont follow ppl very often but im also not that fussy either if i see a blog in my activity and its got a good url and a tagged/me and isnt really generic like a bit of personality shines thru and its not just all weheartit re-re-reposts ill follow it generally i try to make sure theyre around my age too but sometimes i forget ps if u want me to unfollow bc im 20 and ur like 13 let me know 

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One sec blogger, could you make me a tiny something. I add up my game on my tumblr page, I worked on it for so long.. Can you put a try to peak at it? only a short minute. I just need to see if it is all working. Can you tell me, ok? Tanx you friend :)* Saline.

shut the fuck up saline i told u i dont want to hear from you again and yet here you are. the divorce was years ago. you should have moved on by now. please, let me live my life, saline. please.

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Sorry, Pardon for this. But can you assist do me a quick thing. I made a dragon fire game on my blog Tumblr and I would love if you could try it. Just for a moment! Please? I want to know if it's ok. Hope you will:)


Happy 8 months, my queen! I honestly can’t stretch the words I love you enough. Those words seem to not be enough to describe the way I feel about you. I just want to thank you, even though I know I don’t have to, I want to thank you for all that you do for me. I know I’m a handful, no matter how much you try to tell me I’m not.. I am and that’s ok to admit. Throughout these 8 months you’ve grown to know me better than I know myself, you say things to me that at your age, still astonish me. I’ve struggled a lot in life and you know that better than anyone but ever since you came into my life I’ve learned to deal with things better; my entire life turned around completely and everything is just bright and beautiful now. I see things with different eyes and mindset now, I honestly owe it all to you. You may not realize it but you’re literally my backbone. My anchor, my person, the only person who keeps me together in one piece. I’m a firm believer of the fact that one does not need of another person to survive or be whole but babe, I swear I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Someone like me needs someone as strong as you.. I guess this is why we work so well together. Today, my professor talked about how Jackson Pollock had a codependent relationship with his wife and it made me think a lot about us because even though you suffer too, my illness is horrifying and I’m not as strong as you are. We don’t have it as bad as they did but anyway, she said that they worked together because of this fact and that’s us in a nutshell. He was a suffering artist and his wife supported him no matter what (I really have to get you to watch this movie now.) he made it through because of her. She was his anchor. You’ve seen me at my worst, you’ve heard me at my worst.. You’ve seen what I am capable of, something I let no one, I mean absolutely no one, do. Yet you’re still here, being my number one supporter, making sure I’m okay every day and being here for me when things go wrong. You think you don’t do much to help but even when you tell me you love me, you’ve already made everything better. I wasn’t afraid to let you in as far as I’ve let you because you’ve made it such an easy process for me. It’s never been this easy with anyone, but with you.. It’s so different. You have such a big heart that loves me and cares for me genuinely and I wouldn’t trade that for nothing in this world. I don’t care how many miles separate us, I love you as if I’ve known you my whole life. The oceans that keep us apart have nothing on the love I feel for you. I’m trying to make a really big point here but I feel as if I’m just all over the place because yesterday was an emotional day. Things got better and I just want to thank you for motivating me to take the step I needed to take. I’d still be a stressed trash if you wouldn’t have been so encouraging. Point is, you’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I just want to thank you for being the person I needed in my life. These 8 months (of my first relationship ever woo hoo) have been the best of my entire life. You deserve more than this text post but it’s satisfying to know that you appreciate them more than any expensive gift or whatever. You just wait though, I’m gonna make it up to you big time, you’re gonna cry for 84 years. Te amo, mi amor.

I believe in you. I have ever since I joined the guild.