acebiro replied to your post “You know something I could never accept about Teen Wolf? Derek losing…”

I agree that it seems incomplete. I kinda wanted that to be like… a part of a bigger story, where Derek could become an alpha in the future, ya know? After the learning and the real bad jobs. But eh, no time, I guess. I like him being a beta, so xD

I love Derek in any way, honestly. But yeah, agreed, I wish he had a bigger redemption arc. As it is, it feels like Derek was just there as a counterpoint to Scott’s Right Werewolf Way of Life, and it sucks. Like Derek never got things right, and will forever be an omega. And that’s just so saaaaaaaaaaaaad.

hoechlinslapsdylansbutt replied to your post “You know something I could never accept about Teen Wolf? Derek losing…”

I’ll answer that for you, because the writers don’t know how to do their jobs and they were making Scott become an Alpha and they didn’t know how to deal with pack dynamics, which, give it to any fanfic writer, they would do a better job.

I think they never knew what to do with Derek… Sigh. Sigh. SIGHSIGHSIGH 


Happy birthday, Seb!

Playing with Mona’s clue - Theory

Today I  want to post just some quick theories about the clue Mona left the girls.

I guess 90% of the fandom thinks that those lines are just an anagram for “Charles Dilaurentis”, but there are some more possibilities. If you arrange the letters in a different way then that’s the result:

Or a third anagram could be this one:

We  don’t know any of the Dilaurentis’ family who’s name begins with L. In fact Alison’s second name is Lauren. Could this mean something  that the Alison we know, isn’t actually Alison? So it’s like in the books with Courtney? 

And the last anagram I found (and I think it’s the best):

So as you can see there are a lot of different solutions. To me, the fourth one sounds very logicial, because it wouldn’t be just a name, but in fact a real message and a warning to Alison.

What are your thoughts? 

  • I posted some facts on an anti abortion Facebook page and someone said I should have been aborted

Someone already said part of this - and I reblogged it- but I wanna add my own things to it???

What if he means ‘none of this’ by them ever playing the game?
What if he goes back and stops them from EVER playing the game at all?

But worse..
What if John remembers all of it anyway?

What if he remembers all of the times all of them died, all of the battles, but

all of the friendships and good times, and knows no one else does, and that he can’t even see the trolls again?

Or even more, what if just John, Terezi, and Roxy remember, because they were the last ones alive?

Roxy would remember finally meeting her friends, and finally meeting her mom, but knows that it can never actually happen

Terezi would remember meeting the humans, and killing her best friend, and watching all of her friends die, but also the fun times with everyone on the meteor, and knows that it can’t happen

John remembering meeting all the trolls, the alphas, his friends, and knows that it can’t happen, because he STOPPED it from happening.

Just, the three broken kids who knew what their future should  have been but will never be, and it’s stuck with them forever.

hey guys! sorry to be a pain, but i really need your help

as some of you already know, i’ve recently been selected as a volunteer with project trust to go to japan next summer. i will be working in one of the projects either in kyoto, tokyo or hokkaido, teaching english and assisting with language learning across several different age groups while helping to improve cultural links between japan and the uk!

i’ve been really really lucky to get the chance to do this, and since i want to work in teaching languages when i’m older, i honestly couldn’t get much of a better opportunity than this.

however, as with anything, there’s a bit of a catch!

before i can work with project trust, i need to fundraise a total of £5900. none of this money goes in my own pocket- it all goes towards supporting my project abroad, other volunteers, and allowing project trust to keep on doing the awesome work they’ve been doing for over 40 years now

that’s where i need you!! if you can spare any money whatsoever, i have a virgin money giving page here which you can use to donate easily and securely. virgin money giving supports donations with both paypal and by credit/debit card. even if all you can donate is £1, i would be so so grateful for anything you can give me, and it really will help me on my way

however, i know a bunch of you guys won’t be able to do that. that doesn’t mean you can’t help! i’m also currently looking for donations of unwanted clothes, toys, ornaments, or pretty much anything that is in usable condition to sell, exchange or use for raffle prizes in future fundraising events. you can either message me on here if you have anything you can give, or alternatively email me at eloiseskjacob@gmail.com

can’t do any of that? that’s fine!! if i can just ask you to reblog this post and share what i’m doing with anyone you think would be interested, i would be immensely thankful, and will probably do a tap dance for you in return if you’re into that. no? well, okay then, but you’re missing out on some pretty awesome tapping skills

in all seriousness, i have been dreaming about doing something like this for the better half of my life. any help you can give me, no matter what form, is absolutely amazing, and i cannot thank you enough

you can visit my sideblog eloiseinjapan for more information about project trust and what i’ll be doing in japan, as well as getting updates on my fundraising tales as i make progress! that will also be my blog for proper diary style entries once i’m in japan, so please follow if you’re interested in any of that!

to finish a ridiculously long post essentially just begging for your money, again, thank you so much for anything you can do to help, and if you have any questions about anything about my volunteering, fundraising, or project trust in general, just shoot me an ask!

- eloise

threadbare but never worn

summary: six christmases shared between them, six conversations they never have, six mistletoes fear coerces them to avoid. 

(excerpt: they don’t have the mistletoe conversation that year. maybe because it feels like uncharted territory, now that the walls are theirs to share.)

a christmas fic without the element of fluff, because christmas isn’t the season of joy but the season of reflection. not really angst, though. expect the best.








Phil’s mum presses a mug into his hands, and her eyes look like she’s asking him for something when she tells him conspiratorially that she’s hidden a mistletoe somewhere in the house, just to spite her sons.

The room smells of baking, and Dan’s fingers burn on the hot ceramic but he doesn’t put the mug down, because it’s a distraction. He smiles at her and doesn’t answer, because he isn’t dumb, isn’t naïve, can see the looks she sneaks them even when Phil doesn’t.

He smiles and she does, too, and somehow, Dan doesn’t tell Phil about the mistletoe.

He finds it, though. Slips from Phil’s bedroom to the toilet in the middle of the night, feet on creaking floorboards and walls whispering with the secrets of the night. He finds the mistletoe in the alcove between the staircases, and thinks, maybe, and it’s the possibility itself that scares him.

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anonymous asked:

Did you just spoiler us about the next GoT? 'Cause if so, I am a little angry with you. Not cool, not cool at all!!!!!

ok i get it, you’re angry. i know the feeling, spoilers suck.

but, before you start accusing others, you could first get a little angry with yourself for being foolish enough to 1) browse a game of thrones blog right after a new episode airs and not expect any spoilers, while i 2) repeatedly warned people i’d be posting spoilers, 3) spoiled game of thrones for 3+ years now so it shouldnt come as a surprise anyway and 4) tagged every single post from the new episode with ‘got spoilers’, which is the main spoiler tag within the fandom, and which i specifically used for people like you so you could blacklist that shit to prevent yourself from seeing any spoilers

Hey there! You might be a new tumblr user, or maybe you’re just new to a community in general or new to arguing about your opinions. Maybe you tagged something with hate, maybe you captioned a reblog that the OP didn’t like, maybe you made a post that a follower found offensive. Whatever it was, it happened, and now there are people upset with something you’ve said.

And most of these people deal with lots of people like you, new bloggers who aren’t necessarily as socially aware as they are! We live in a time where culture is in flux, where our level of sensitivity varies based on where we live and what we’ve been taught by the people around us. I think we’re all pretty much in agreement about, say, murder being generally bad, but not all of us are taught the same sensitivity with regard to racism or ableism or rape culture.

So we learn, and sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes we get called out on these mistakes. Not everyone is nice about it- people who’ve been doing this for so long, people for whom this is something that affects them personally- they don’t have to be nice, and they don’t have to give every single person a tailor-made response as to why they’re wrong. You’ve made them uncomfortable, and they have every right to make you uncomfortable too.

So you’re feeling kind of attacked, because they have lots of points that maybe you haven’t thought of, or maybe you don’t want to think about. You want to lash back and you want to ignore them and you want to listen to the friends supporting you. It’s easier that way, and it’s hard to take that step back and say, maybe I did something wrong.

But people are also understanding, and the difference between snapping insults back at the people who educate you/tell you to educate yourself and apologizing and researching more about the particular way you’ve offended is the difference between an awful experience and a great one. It isn’t easy, especially when you’re feeling backed into a corner, and it’s definitely not easy to swallow your pride and acknowledge that you have more to learn here, but in the end it’s more rewarding.

We on tumblr are the next generation, the ones who are going to write the future once we reach those levels of power that all those people we criticize now have. We can change things, make ourselves more aware of what affects our neighbors and friends (and us!), if we’re willing to listen now. Culture is in flux but we’re all stretching out from beyond what we’ve known our whole lives to find out about other ways, better ways. And when you don’t shrug off that person correcting you, when you choose to listen and consider rather than attacking right back, you bring yourself a little closer to that social awareness that’s so, so important to the kind of person you’ll become.

Hello everyone! Please pretend that you don’t see my bad quality um header thing(?) above. I literally made it on my ipod LMAO. Sorry, I don’t specialize in editing and graphics. I guess I’m that person in the fandom that barely contributes like honestly this is the first red velvet-related picture I’ve ever posted on here HAHA. Anyway, I’m so overdue on this because I was supposed to make one a while ago and I’ve really been wanting to do a follow forever because I barely ever tell any of you how much I love and appreciate you and I guess this would be a good way of doing so. Honestly, all of you are so sweet and I wouldn’t want to count any of you out so if I miss you, just message me or something! ♥


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multifandom sideblog - krystoe, personal - grapechel

Tbh I was planning on including more of you but the people I wanted to include seemed to be inactive or on hiatus. :( Once again, thank you for making my dashboard look amazing all the time and for being so sweet and nice and just wonderful overall! I love you. ♥

p.s. still cryng about my header thing. it would look much more nicer and not so blurry if i did it on my computer because its really blurry and… omg LOL. please ignore it, i’m embarrassed of it. i promise next time it will look way better HAHAA. xx

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Your Queen might be classy here and there but you are the classiest piece of shit we came across. Stay the fuck out of our tags. If i want to see something in our tag I will put it there all by myself. Just seeing your blog name disgusts me but the kirkman quote and Sanjamac in the same post is fucking unbearable. Stay the fuck away from our tag.

Hi there “friendly”,

Wow! It seems like you have a lot of things to be upset about today and I am guessing that since you can’t lash out at the person responsible for the problem, you decided to single me out and declare me as the lucky winner of the byproduct of your rage issues.
For the record I wasn’t going to respond to the multiple messages with similar content and essentially the same derogatory language but seeing how you’ve been persistent and your accusations have no merit, especially the issue regarding tagging, I decided to address it and settle it once and for all.   

I am going to ignore your eloquent insults and simply chalk it to lack of maturity but we can definitely discuss your “tag” problem and your perceived “ownership” of said “tag”. 

Since I started blogging about TWD and CARYL I am aware of only 2 instances where one of my posts ended up in “your” B*thyl tag and only one that showed up in the general B*th tag. 

The one post you are probably most upset about is the Robert Kirkman quote, which I tagged and posted yesterday, without commentary in the content or its tags. 

The quote falls under media material and since it pertained directly to “your ship” I tagged it as means of providing the information and for my own blog/tag reference. There was no positive or negative commentary with Kirkmans statement and therefore doesn’t qualify as hateful or derogatory in any sort of way.
That being said, your contention should be directed at Kirkman and not me.

The only other post that would have caught your attention today is the tweet Melissa McBride sent out during her Twitter Q&A session in response to a Beth fan and which included a picture of E*illy Kinney on the “Coda” set. 

I covered Melissa’s entire Twitter Q&A and posted and subsequently tagged, each and every tweet appropriately, depending on who or what the content was referencing. If you took a peek at my archive before sending this downright mean message, you would know that i document, compile and post TWD cast quotes, media quotes, tweets and other online info very regularly, meaning that its not like I out of the blue post posted that just to aggregate you.

Tumblr has these tags set for a reason and that is to help both YOU and ME„ in filtering the vast amount of information being shared and is therefore helpful in categorizing things in an appropriate manner. The tags are there for the entire community and unfortunately for you, your sensibilities and your sense of entitlement, not you or anyone else actually OWNS a particular TAG. 

I ship CARYL but I don’t own the CARYL tag and that applies to you as well. You can’t keep people from using a tag just because you don’t like them or because you don’t like what they post. 

You can control what goes on your own blog but not what goes on in a specific tag. It’s not yours to police or bully people out of it.

That being said I don’t agree with people posting opinion write-ups in a tag that exist there only to describe why someone happens to hate what the tag identifies BUT that is my preference and in my mind should be common courtesy to other fans in most circumstances. Posts like that only aggregate shipping conflicts and their consequences further, which is why I do my best to prevent that on my end as much as possible. 

However what you are accusing me of doesn’t fall into that category, now does it!?
I posted a quote pertaining to your ship by a third party for future reference and not my own write up that negates your ship. 

Robert Kirkman is the one that did that - not me!

You don’t own the tags and neither do I of course but the difference between me and you is that I posted a quote that is relevant to your ship and you sent me multiple messages with derogatory insults and attempts to shame me into thinking I did something so wrong. 

I might not ship what you do and I might not agree with your ship BUT I have never written a hateful, mean spirited and insulting post against it. 

I also have never sent a message or an ask (anon or not) filled with such filthy personal jabs to hurt someone’s feelings or make myself seem like some kind of authority over a tag that doesn’t belong to me, ….just so I can feel powerful or “above the rest”. 

Tumblr has a block button and seeing how I have been around for a while and as you said yourself even my blog name “disgusts you”, I am wondering why you haven’t blocked me before all this. 

My blog content hasn’t changed nor will it in the future, so why don’t you do both of us a favor and block me right now so we can co-exist here without being aware of each other’s existence.
I won’t pretend that your words didn’t hurt my feelings a little but I guess even if i am not classy, judging by this message alone I can safely assume that I at least have a lot more respect for others than you do. 

I hope your day is a lot less hateful tomorrow.

Sanja - Your Unbearable Caryler

I had some extra, so I decide to buy something for myself! and guess what? I  have 8 clothing that will be arriving soon !!! Have you noticed the price? They were very affordable <3  you can also get yours as low as $3.99 ! I will post links below <3

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