As I had encountered kindness, I wanted to be kind myself. I wanted to be able to do something, just like others had done for me.
 Natsume Takashi + Nyanko-sensei for Daphne (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


He knows Nicolas can’t hear him, of course, but that’s almost part of the fun. He grins as he leans his chin in the palm of his hand, watching Nic do crunches in the centre the room.


He drawls the name this time, slowly and with a whiny undertone but there’s no reaction, of course. The crunches continue and Worick watches a bead of sweat trickle down from Nicolas’ temple, the drop hanging precariously from the sharp line of the man’s jaw. He watches it with rapt fascination, waiting for it to drop, but it doesn’t.

Slipping from his seat on the couch he licks his lips mischievously and moves closer, and Nicolas has only a moment to react before Worick’s swinging a leg over him and drops unceremoniously down onto his stomach. The unfortunate man grunts at the sudden weight but bears it pretty easily, dropping back to the floor and glowering up at him.

You’re heavy. Nic’s hands move quickly to sign the words and he exhales sharply through his nose to show his irritation. You could stand to lose a few pounds, old man.

'Who are you calling an old man, you brat? We're the same age.' Grinning, Worick reaches out to tweak his nose and Nic lightly slaps his hand aside. 'It's quiet, and I'm bored. Help me out.'

Rolling his eyes, Nic begins to move as if to attempt to dislodge the other man but Worick’s having none of it, shoving him back down by the shoulders. The Twilight returns the shove, and in the next instant they’re wrestling one another, hands twisting in clothing, muscles tense with the focus of winning the impromptu challenge. Worick can’t help but grin the entire time and both give it their all before Worick is forced to surrender as his back hits the floor.

'Okay okay, I'll leave you to your exercise. But first, here's you're prize.' he seizes the back of Nicolas' neck and pulls him down to press their mouths firmly together, no passion, no attempt at anything more, just a hard, sudden kiss that's over as quickly as it begins.

Nic grimaces and recoils a little, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before signing quickly, the actions jerky with annoyance. You taste like those disgusting Pall Malls you love so much. Go out if you’re bored.

'But I wanna stay in with you today.' Worick wonders if Nic can pick up on the playfulness of his words as he watches the other man read his lips. The way Nic's teeth bare in a sneer make him think that probably, yes, he caught on.

I’m not one of your clients, you know.

Worick feels a sting as he reads the signs but he’s used to Nic being a little cold, it wouldn’t be Nic if he wasn’t. ‘I know, idiot. I mean it.’

This time Nicolas allows himself to be pulled down as Worick kisses him again, a slow, lingering kiss paired with the caress of fingers against the nape of the deaf man’s neck and Worick is thrilled to know he won’t have to worry about his boredom, at least for now.

Of Connor's stupidity and other stuff.

Hi fellow Jonnor shippers! First of all I want to say a few things.

-I do not have anything against Connor and I’m not attacking him in any way, his my baby, my Con-con, the title is just a joke related to the post.

-Everything I say here is MY OPINION and you can disagree with it. I would like all of you to comment and tell me your opinions on everything.

-This is a post about JONNOR, if you don’t like them for so reason (something I can’t understand) or you are more interested in other storylines, I may do a post about them in the future. If you are a fangirl trash like me you will probably like this, tho.

-This post will contain MASSIVE spoilers of last night’s episode (2x18: Now hear this) and various promos and clips from next week’s episode (2x19: Justify the means)

-THIS POST WILL BE LONG AF. So I suggest you take some snacks, find a comfortable position and enjoy the ride;)

Let’s get started:)

The episode.

Okay, so let’s start with the first scene. One we all have seen at least twice (or a hundred times if you’re like me) and we all kind of hate. Why? Well…

Make out scene. Between Connor and Daria. It’s as bad as it sounds. But it’s even worse when you see Jude’s face. I mean, can you imagine your best friend kissing another girl in your face  when just a few weeks ago he was holding your hand at the movies? Not cool.

Taylor saves the day (as usual) interrumping the couple (I think?) and talking about the fair. Daria is as fast as someone can be saying that her and Connor can’t go because they’re going somewhere else. Then Connor talks and he wants to go to the fair with everyone! Hmmm… I wonder why (coughcoughjudicorncoughcough).

So yeah, Daria doesn’t like it and blah blah. But then Jude interrups the conversation by saying that he has “family plans”, they change the plans to Sunday and Jude says that they’re going camping (Nice one, judicorn, nice one). Connor asks if they didn’t just go camping and Jude loses it. Shouts: We’re going again! and Sorry!

Then he leaves.

So it’s pretty obvious that Jude doesn’t want to be with Connor. And tbh, that’s kinda sad because like… They’ve been friends since the very beggining. They’ve always been best friends. Connor was the person Jude could rely on when everyone else wasn’t there. And now that’s just kind of… gone. It’s sad. Anyway, moving on. I liked how Jude said sorry to Taylor. Not Daria, not Connor, but Taylor. Because she’s the only one who’s actually not making him sad or uncomfortable.

Taylor is something I want to talk about deeply but I’ll do that later. Now I want to talk about the awesome next scene.

What the hell is Connor’s dad thinking? If this was a fanfic everyone would be like: Connor’s dad would NEVER do that. But here we are… In all honesty, the more I watch the more I believe he’s an homophobe.

Anyway, Lena says the news and boy, Jude does not look happy. His face is priceless in this scene. But probably the thing that made this scene one of my favourites in the episode is Connor’s line:

-What happened to your family camping trip?

Yeaaah aboout that. Judicorn was just trying to avoid you but don’t take it personally, you’re just being kind of a dick.

Not really. But still. Amazing scene.

Now the next one makes me really angry because argh.

-Connor, it is very nice to have you, it’s been a long time since you spend the night.

I wonder why. But cool, everything cool. Until…

-Not long enough. I got an idea, why don’t you guys sleep in a tent in the backyard and you guys can pretend your camping.

So I was going to say that Jesus was being a dick, but I just realised that he doesn’t want more people in his room. Still, not cool, Jesus. You made them VEEEEERY uncomfortable. Very.

VIDEO GAME TIME! I love this scene with all my heart and soul. First we have Jude being like: He’s sleeping here, doesn’t mean we have to talk to each other that much, right?

But Connor and all his charm (he has a fucking lot) go and talk and laugh like everything’s okay and Jude’s very shocked. So Connor starts explaining how to beat the dragon and Jude keeps glancing at him (it made my heart melt) and then he leans closer to Connor. I actually don’t know what to think about that because it was cute as hell, yes, but what does it mean? We could just say that Jude wanted to see the screen better… If you want a deeper meaning we could say that Jude’s enjoying his best friend in the world while he can, since hasn’t been able to do that in a while and is very afraid to losing it again. I’m going with the second one.

So that marks the start of the cute friendship scenes which end very fast.

With the scene in the backyard. Now this was a beautiful scene. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen them do something together outside school that is not potentially romantic or problematic (a lot of scenes are problematic), and it’s the cutest thing ever. Let’s be honest.

So they play, they laugh, they’re on the ground (love eyes? where? I didn’t notice -said no one, ever) and then Daria texts. Now I don’t like Daria, and it’s not because she’s in the way of Jonnor (well, that too) but because I just think she thinks she knows everything and it’s so mature and blah blah. But I kind of like that she always wants to include Jude, I’m not sure why, but it’s good. Anyway, back to the scene. What the hell is Connor thinking?

-Daria wants to know if you wanna come over.

+Well… Do you?

-What else is there to do?


You’re stupid.

+You should go then. If you want to.

Boy, Jude is noot happy. Can we blame him tho?

-No, it’s fine, we don’t have to.

So nowww you say that, huh?

+Whatever. Just go.

So yeah, we know by the tone that Connor’s everything but “whatever” to Jude but hey, if it works, it works.

Now, it’s been a journey. A long and painful journey. I mean, it’s been a season and three quarters. You could barely do a whole episode with all the Jonnor scenes but we are finally here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

*Music starts to play*

Apparently the music says something about confusion and stuff. The writers, always connecting the music with the scene.

-Hey um… I texted Daria back and… I told her I’m just gonna stay here.

+It’s not nice to lead people on…

I meaaan… That is way too true. Connor has been really doing some shitty things lately ( I mean, I understand why he does them and that he’s confused and everything but let’s get real. Those things end friendships) so.. yeah. Jude’s death glare is the best thing, too LOL Hayden’s facial expressions in this episode are great.

-Okay… Well, I’m not 

Great, Connor’s charm again. I don’t know how someone can resist it, tbh. But Jude’s preeeetty mad right now so… Not gonna work this time, Con-con. Now I get that Connor was just like:


Because Jude’s a fucking angel and he’s used to Jude always forgiving him no matter how much he messes up. I can understand that.

+Stop it.

He really should have stopped. Aaaand… Jude kicks him. I’m really sorry for what I’m about to say but this is AMAZING. It’s funny, it’s unexpected and it’s just great. It expresses Jude’s feelings perfectly.

-Are you okay? I didn’t… I didn’t mean to kick you that hard.

But Jude still is the angel we all know and love. He’s mad (he has his reasons), Connor’s really hurt his feelings, but he really cares about him and hates seeing him suffer.

+Why did you kick me at all?

You’re fucking with me, right? Con-con, I really love you. But you’re stupid. 

-You kissed me, remember? In the tent?


-And then at the movie theatre you held my hand!

We remember, Judicorn. The fandom almost broke tumblr that week. Right now I get kinda scared because it looks like Connor’s gonna have an anxiety attack.

-And now all day you’ve been… I just, I don’t get this. I don’t get you.

This makes me realise how confused they both are. They barely know what they’re feeling inside, they don’t get anything. They don’t know if they’re gay or not. Connor’s wondering if he likes girls or Jude or what and Jude just hates seeing them together and… It’s just complicated. Very.

And every complicated scene… Ends with a kiss. The kiss doesn’t help to solve the problem but it happens. And this kiss is so powerful. It’s not only the kiss that made history (literally. SO proud of The Foster’s fam on this one) but it’s also one of the most meaningful and full of emotion kisses I’ve ever seen on TV. Hayden and Gavin never cease to surprise me and they did SUCH a good job with the kiss. It’s not a make out session, it’s not passionate or… anything like that, it’s short, weird, pure… It’s everything I wanted it to be and more.

Now a lot of people have been talking about how Jude pulled away after a few seconds. But in all honesty, can you blame him? This is not a confession scene, they didn’t just say they love each other and that they are gonna be together. They were fighting (well, Jude was yelling, but still), about Connor sending hints BUT being with a girl at the same time. Jude can’t kiss him with everything he has because Connor can’t either. They have so much to figure out yet. 

And… that’s all. On the episode part, that is. Now I warn you, if you are not going to watch any of the clips for the next episode DO NOT READ THIS PART. You’ve been warned.

The episode that will probably kill me emotionally.

So let’s start with the promo, and since I’m only talking about Jonnor’s storyline I’m gonna skip till the ending.

First of all, everyone’s talking about how sneaking into someone’s house is SO out of character for both Jude and Connor, even for the girls. I don’t know who had this amazing (stupid) idea, but I will bet my arm Jude’s only going because of Connor. Love makes us do stupid things. AND THIS IS WITHOUT ANY DOUBT ONE OF THE MOST STUPID THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FOUR THINKING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?

… Well, at least Jude has the decency to say that it is a bad idea. But still.

Now the drinking thing… It had to happen. Jude’s growing up, he’s starting to date people (or at least trying), he’s starting to drink… I just hope he’s like Callie and not like Mariana with alcohol.

And the trouble starts, someone shouts. Bottle to  the floor. Running. Gunshot.


So… there’s a lot of theories about the question everyone has in their heads.

Who’s getting shot?

I was talking about this with natsumekuroorigami the other day and I told him that I felt like somebody was going to be severly injured. Well here we are. Gut feeling, apparently it works. So… who is it gonna be? Is it Daria? Is it Taylor? Connor? Jude?

I don’t know. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the whole point of the gunshot it making drama so here’s my theories:

-Jude or Connor (only one of them) gets shot and sent to the hospital and the other freaks out. A lot. There’ll be an inevitable fight between Lena and Stef and Connor’s parent because I can imagine Connor’s dad being like: It’s all Jude’s fault and blah blah.

-Daria or Taylor get shot. Now them being in the hospital wouldn’t create that much drama unless they die. So… yeah, that.

-Nobody gets shot, but they’re so close to it that everyone’s parents ban them from seeing each other. This one is not good either but at least no one dies.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Now about the clip.

That clip was beautiful, very, very beautiful. It wasn’t special but it showed that there are things that never change. And Jonnor fluff is always welcome, tbh.

What I find interesting about this clip, however, it’s Taylor. What is she on about? Does she know about Jude and Connor? Does she suspect it? She’s not a fangirl, obviously so… Why does she care? Does she like Jude? Is she just an overprotective friend? Is she going to kill everyone?


We know literally nothing about her, and even when Daria has added the whole girlfriend thing to the storyline she’s just like… there. It’s weird. I think she will have a very important role on the tragedy part of the storyline. I still love her tho.

So… I guess that’s it. I warned you that it was long. Sorry:/

BTW I wanted to say thank you to all of you because from day 1 you’ve made me feel like home, talking to me and asking me  stuff and just fangirling and I really appreciate it. Thank you, really.

So that’s all for now. See ya people!

hey rather than taking my art without asking

please just send a quick ask that says something like:

  • "hey, carlie, is it ok if i use the art from post/123whatever123 for [icon/album cover/insert purpose here]?"

it takes less than a minute and makes me think the world of you, so i will probably say yes!!! heck, feel free to copy-paste the example above, i don’t care, i just want you to ask me before you use my art. 


  • because you cared enough to ask firstrather than me having to find out that you used my art without asking, which makes me feel violated
  • because then i know where my art is (again, rather than feeling uncomfortable when i find it in a place i didn’t consent to)
  • because then i can tell you exactly how much you are allowed to crop/edit a thing if at all (i’d probably even do it FOR you tbh)
  • because you showed respect to me and my art
  • because you SHOWED ME RESPECT
  • seriously thats all this comes down to
  • i want to be treated like a person not a free art dispenser
  • please thats all i ask
  • i know other artists feel similarly to the way i do because i see posts about this sort of thing all the time its really disheartening
  • seriously eventually its not gonna feel worth it anymore to post art. don’t do this to artists AT ALL EVER, not just me

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I legit love you and legit want to make out with you and legit film something that would be posted on dxfiers and if I ever see you in person I'm just going to randomly go up to you and stick my tongue inside your mouth, okay? :)

Well, first you should prob warn me atleast a second beforehand so i can be ready but basically yeah thats fine,

I believe something like this was requested by somebody a while ago, and even though it seems like I cannot find the message right now, I thought I’d just post this here anyway. 

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hi sorry if i'm bothering you, but i'm a young trans person pre-transition and stuff has been really hard lately, and ive been really suicidal and dysphoric this year and idk i don't have any older trans people in my life and i was just wondering if things get better even a little? like you seem happy-ish and i guess i'm just looking for reassurance or something. tysm, even if you don't want to reply could you just post this to let me know you received it?

Things do get better.  It’s not always kittens and hearts and picnics and rainbows, but I find life very much worth living, and I have guarded optimism for the future.  Keep your chin up, kiddo.  <3

i just want to thank all the body posi folks out there with the bravery to post pictures of themselves unclothed

it’s something i can’t do but it means so much to me when i see it, and it breaks down so many barriers

what you do means a lot, what you’re making is really important

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Hi, you're taking prompts? I hope my wonť be too angsty for you. I keep imagining what would happen if Thorin in an Nobody Dies AU found Bilbo's ring. In his clothes, whatever. And Bilbo found him holding it in hand and going absolutely monstrous the way he does in LOTR. And Thorin horrified/ashamed because he would see how he must have looked in the ramparts scene to Bilbo. I wish my English was my first language but I keep hoping someone (you, pleeease) would write this... thanks!

I really wanted this to be my thousandth post on this blog so I waited a little bit, I hope you don’t mind. It’s just I really wanted my 1k post to be something special and I really loved this prompt.

Thorin thought they would be happy. He had envisioned this scene countless times, him and Bilbo side by side in Erebor. He thought they’re life would be late nights coming out of the Mountain to look at stars, early morning kisses, and afternoon gardening. They had those things but there was a heaviness in the air to it all. Thorin could feel it with every breath he took. It was in the quiet moments that the silence between them seemed to be the loudest, pressing its way between them and making its presence known.

He thought that Bilbo had forgiven him, but perhaps there were still remnants of before the battle that lingered between them. Thorin tried his best to redeem himself, spending his free time attending to Bilbo. Thorin even had a royal garden made at the base of the mountain for Bilbo, gave him beads of silver and gold, robes in royal blue. At night he would whisper to him. You are more precious to me than all this kingdom, I would do whatever you ask of me. Bilbo would always just smile and kiss Thorin’s lips but never once did he ask for anything.

Thorin could see the weariness in Bilbo’s eyes, the shadow lurking over him. It was in the way he stood when he thought he was alone, as if there was a rock on his back pressing him into the ground. It was in those moments that Thorin would see Bilbo’s hand slide into his pocket, his small fingers touching something in there.

It happened one day during a council meeting, Bilbo to the right of Thorin. They were discussing expanding patrols further out, almost to the borders of the Mirkwood when he saw Bilbo slip his hand into his waistcoat. Thorin kept his gaze on Bilbo whom he realized was no longer mentally in the room. His eyes were far off, body void of any moment save for small breaths. Thorin looked away then, ready to hurry the meeting along.

They parted after that Bilbo saying that he needed to lie down. Thorin didn’t argue nor protest but let Bilbo go on his way.

"Bilbo is keeping something from me." Thorin ran his fingers along the spine of a book as he tried not to show how much the words he spoke bothered him.

"What do you mean?" Balin looked up from the text he was reading.

"He’s been different, quiet. There is a shadow hanging over him, I can sense it every time he walks into a room. There is a darkness that is clinging to him." Thorin could feel frustration building in him now that he was speaking the words out loud. He wanted nothing more than for Bilbo to be happy but all his efforts didn’t seem to make a difference. Whatever this darkness was Thorin wanted to make sure it never made its presence known amongst them.

"He’s been through a lot Thorin, perhaps that…." Thorin cut Balin off, he refused to think that this darkness was because of him.

"I have apologized a thousand times over and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of what happened on the rampart. It haunts me but I try to raise above it. If that is what Bilbo is holding onto, what is causing this chasm between us then I do not know what to do." His voice broke on the last word. He was King under the Mountain and rarely did he let others hear of distress in his voice.

“Then maybe you are right, maybe it is something else but you will never find out of you sneak around this place seeing what he is up to. I’ve seen you before, watching him as he wanders these vast halls. That will not get you anywhere, you would be much better off speaking to him.” With that Balin left the library, hoping that Thorin would think about his words.

Thorin had waited, spent his days watching Bilbo, learning his daily patterns and movements. He needed to know what was in Bilbo’s waistcoat. He was certain that it had something to do with the ache in his chest whenever Bilbo was around.

There was a night where Bilbo had taken off his clothes, leaving them on the wooden trunk at the edge of the bed. He had gone off to bathe for the night thinking that Thorin would be tied up with duties.

Thorin snuck into the room, going straight for the waist coat. He paused for a moment, his hands lingering on the soft fabric. It was different from most dwarves clothes, made of softer material. Thorin held it close to him, the scent of their garden lingering in the fabric.

He hesitated, ready to put the waistcoat down. He thought of being in the garden with Bilbo, a straw hat placed on his head as his hands worked meticulously with flowers and herbs. His breath caught when he remembered Bilbo’s hair in the sun, tints of red, how it reminded him of the first days of autumn.

The cloud above him was too much to overcome the pleasant memories, it was a sickness crawling its way inside of him and taking root. He could think of little else except these days.

Thorin reached into the pocket, his fingers grasping a cool metal band. He pulled it out and set a perfectly crafted gold ring in the middle of his palm. There were no marks or tarnish on it, it looked as if it were a simple gold band. Thorin could tell that there was much more to it than that. As it sat on the center of his palm he could feel a heaviness to it, as if this object was slowly pulling every happiness out of him.

“What are you doing?” Bilbo’s raised voice cut through his speculations.

“Looking to see what it is that you keep reaching for in your pocket.” Thorin closed his hand around the band.

“That is mine, you need to put it back.”

“It is just a gold band, of what significance does it have to you?” Thorin knew that he should drop the conversation, give Bilbo back the ring and try to go back to how things were. But there was something pushing him to question this madness.

“I shouldn’t have to explain myself to you. Just because it is gold does not mean that it is yours and I’ve been keeping it from you so you don’t try to toss it in with your gold hoard.” Bilbo was standing inches away from Thorin, his fingers clenching and unclenching at his sides.

Thorin was taken aback. “You know that I have moved all of the gold down into the tunnels. You know that I do not wish to look upon the metals or gems in that hoard. Not after…not after what happened.”

Bilbo pinched the bridge of his nose letting out a deep breath. “I know, I’m sorry I said that. Look can I just have the ring back? I doesn’t mean much ok, I found it in the goblin tunnels and I’ve held onto it all this time. As a reminder.”

Bilbo held out his hand as Thorin looked at him with hesitation. “No good can come from an item found in a liar of goblins.”

“Will you just give me the ring?!” Bilbo shouted as he lunged towards Thorin, his hands reaching for the clenched knuckles around the ring. Bilbo dug his nails into Thorin’s skin, using all of his body to try to pry his fingers open.

Bilbo was no match to fight off Thorin but Thorin did not wish to try to fight him off. Thorin look at Bilbo then, how the color of his eyes no longer seemed blue. There were shadows that were now evident underneath, striking against his fair skin. Thorin thought then of the rampart, of the rage he felt that day. Betrayal singing through his veins. He remembered grabbing Bilbo, pressing him down against the wall as he attempted to throw him over. Most of all he remembered how Bilbo didn’t look afraid, just hurt and surprised. Thorin wondered if that was how he looked now.

His hand dropped then, fingers coming lose as the ring clattered to the floor. Metal against stone was the only sound in the room as Thorin and Bilbo looked at each other. Thorin was sure that their looks were mirror images of each other. Shock, hurt, and resentment all rolled into one.

Bilbo bent down, picking up the ring and slipping it into the pocket of his trousers.

“I do not wish to see that ring again.” Thorin pushed past Bilbo leaving him in their chambers.

“What are you sending the raven out for?” Fili asked as he stood with Thorin on the rampart.

“I need to send word to Gandalf.” Thorin looked out at the setting sun, dark clouds rolling in over skies of orange.

“Gandalf? What do you need the wizard for?”

“I fear dark times may be ahead of us.” Thorin let the raven go then, watching it soar off into the oncoming storm.


Just some doodles I drew of Nabile (If she was in the AU with Singer!Jazan). And yes she’s a talented singer, but she just doesn’t notice her talents just yet because she’s too busy stealing stuff >w<

Also in case no one could tell, the place setting for this AU is in Kreludor (since I’ve been in a Sci-Fi kick lately, thanks to neojammy). So I wanted to give her a makeover with something that screams REBEL, but also look like hand-me-down clothes too. I also added a locket for her because that could be one other thing that she treasures other than her friends. >w< So. that’s it for now. Enjoy Peeps~

I wasn’t going to post about this bc i feel sort of guilty about it I guess but I also really just need to get it off my chest so I’m gonna rant under the cut!!

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Does anyone find it odd that the tabloids haven't run anything on this Tahiti an honeymoon ? Like they're digging or saving up for something bigger? Just seems odd.

Somebody on Celebitchy posted that maybe they didn’t want the photos out because they show how pregnant Sophie is?  Which brings me to think…..remember how some of the photos are much higher quality than others?  None of those photos show Sophie’s belly.  She is dressed or at least wrapped in a towel - you could really not even tell she was pregnant at all from those photos.  So I think that those shots were planned and approved but the others were “extras” that the pap took for themselves thinking that if they got Sophie’s belly (or even if they got her topless) the photos would get more money.

Something that's been on my mind

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that you can be whatever you want to be if you work towards it. You can be an artist or whatever you want if you never give up on it.

Don’t look at artists that are better than you and see something you’ll never be able to accomplish. See a goal. Look at your favorite artist and the feelings their work gives you and take that as inspiration. Make it a goal to someday be able to give that feeling to someone else. 

Don’t compare yourself in your beginning stages to someone who’s had years of experience. Look at them and get excited for when you reach that point. 

I’m not saying improvement is fast or easy. You most likely won’t get much feedback in your first few attempts, but that shouldn’t matter. Know one day that if you keep it up and keep striving to improve without putting yourself down, you will be able to inspire others.

Don’t view yourself as someone without talent, look at yourself as potential that’s waiting to be released to the world. Get inspired by things you love, not discouraged. Learn things, one at a time. Give feedback to other aspiring artists. Continue to grow in your own special way. 

I’ve received some of the most amazing and beautiful messages about how I’ve been able to inspire others. And it’s the greatest, most humbling thing I could ever receive. I’ve seen some amazing things from you guys. I want you to be able to continue and inspire others in the same way. l believe in all of you. 

Never stop growing.

I’ll be goin to Selena’s museum soon because i haven’t been there since photos have been allowed, and because i’ve been missing her a lot lately so if theres something in particular yall want to see like certain outfits ect. just comment and i’ll try my best to take photos of those things and post for everyone to see.