Doctor Who Gifset School Reunion-Look at how excited the Doctor is right here. Just look at him beaming with adoration for Sarah Jane Smith one of his old companions. He is like, “Oh wow, it’s my friend, look at her! She really hasn’t change a bit! She’s still brilliant as ever!” He is just so happy here, I just want to give him the universe’s biggest hug ever, plus he is like really adorkable and sweet being all secretive and awkward with Sarah Jane. 

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I'm asking your this bc we're the same age and well idk but sorry if its weird :( I've been dating this guy for 10 months but I just have a lot of trust issues and i get jealous whenever he's talking to this one specific girl. I wanna tell him because I don't wanna keep shit like this from him, since it bothers me so much but I'm afraid that he'll think that it's his problem and feel bad when i just need a hug or wtv. so do you have any advice of how i should talk about this kind of thing?

just tell him what you just told me. say that it’s not his problem, you have insecurities and you realise it’s unfair that you get jealous but you can’t help it. give him some direction on how to help with your insecurities like for example tell him you need a hug, want more affection, ask him just not to mention that specific girl you’re jealous of to you if it’d make you feel better. I’m sure he’ll understand, you’re human and being jealous is human no need to beat yourself up over it as long as it’s not getting in the way of your relationship

Skrillmau5 fanfiction - Just Give Me a Reason

           Hello, internet!

         I suppose this could be considered a sequel to Telemiscommunications, because they both banter off of the same idea. Unlike normal sequels, though, you don’t have to have read the first one to understand the second one. (Unless you want to. I mean, I would support that :P ) Maybe this is more like…the B-side. Anyway, I was getting this overwhelming urge to write something, and I decided to unlock the lab again. Behold, the monster.

         I do not own the characters—that would be slavery—and they have no affiliation with this whatsoever. However, the story is mine.

         Thank you ♥

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you are fine, park jimin (trans.)


This right here is THE GREATEST reaction to an evolution and gaining a new move upon evolving EVER


Sadly this is the only evolution he gets because god I would have loved to see this again. And I’m sure if he ever mega evolves he’ll have something this great too


If I was in this situation, no matter how much I loved Dean, and how much the mark might be affecting him, I would have punched him in the face and said “I am trying to save you, you ungrateful bastard”.

But not Sammy. He just takes the blame for everything and suffers through it all.

I don’t even care if Dean succumbs to the mark and becomes bad anymore.

I just want someone to give Sam a long hug and hold him for a while. 

One-shot submitted by: Anon

“DAMN IT!” Loki screamed, throwing another glass at the wall. “IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! I COULD OF SAVED HER! AND IF THOR WOULDN’T OF FOUND THAT BLOODY GIRL, SHE WOULD OF LIVED.” He grabbed the table and flipped it towards the kitchen. “MY OWN BLOODY MOTHER! I NEVER EVEN TOLD HER JUST HOW MUCH I LOVED HER. Gah. Not even my actual mother, but I feel so damn guilty!” He screamed yet again, and falling on the couch. “Everything is always cause of my brother. I would be happier dead.” A sudden burst of anger rushed through Loki, and he walked toward the TV and grabbed it, his body going blue. Just then, you walked through the door back from work. You stared at the destroyed apartment, and saw Loki with the TV in his hands. “WHAT THE HELL!” You shouted. Loki looked at you and set the TV down slowly, his hand fading back to normal. “I-I’m, uh.” “Your what? Freaking what, Loki?” “I’m-I’m so sorry, my princess. I got out of control.” He responded. “I got really upset about my mother.” You suddenly felt a wave of sadness fall on you too. “Aw, I’m sorry, hun. It’ll be okay.” You embraced him and wiped his teared eyes. “You wanna talk tonight?” You said, running your fingers through his hair. Loki shook his head. He looked up at you and said, “Oh. Forgive me, won’t you?” He gave a pouty face that could stop wars. You thought for a moment and replied with, “Yes, of course. I could never stay mad at you, babe.” A wide grin appeared on his face and he jumped with joy.