Why do we have to explain why we like villains better than heroes in movies? "Loki’s just misunderstood", "Moriarty’s sexy!" -No, why can’t I just like the villain for killing a bunch of people? God knows I’ve felt like murdering a lot people over the years. The villains are just acting on my deep-seated thoughts.


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i had a bad day following a bad week so i chopped off my hair today


i tried to look for places to get my hair cut but i’m not about to pay $75 for a haircut i am a college student i don’t have that kind of money

so i started trimming it myself (which i haven’t done since 10th grade) and i was cutting it into a box and seeing all that hair made me sad because what a waste so i looked up how much i needed to donate to locks of love and it said 10” but i couldn’t find my straight edge to measure so i took a piece of paper and chopped off a little more than 11”

then i evened it out and now it’s short and i’m happy

whenever i’m having a bad day i say i just want to chop all my hair off and people look at me like i’m crazy but that’s just how i feel and today i just did it and it felt great so i feel great goodnight