All Versions Comparison Part 2

Bad things keep coming to her.

PART     1

Original manga (1990): Earthquake.
Japan Drama (1996): House on fire.
Taiwan Drama (2005): Earthquake.
Anime (2008): Earthquake.
Korea Drama (2010): Earthquake.
Japan Drama (2013): Meteor fell through the house.

I believe there was a big Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, I guess that’s why the 1996 Japanese drama made it a fire, instead. And there was the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, so it’s a falling meteor for this 2013 version. Earthquake is a very painful and sensitive matter in Japan now. But I think I love this falling meteor idea better than the earthquake, it’s so much more shoujo manga-ish! haha~ good job, to whoever came up with the idea. – cr. yanie02 ″

pregnancy and motherhood

I have a headcanon that Natsu will know Lucy’s pregnant before she does just by smelling her and noticing her scent is different and like how it was when Erza Juvia and Mira were pregnant(headcanon they went ahead first with Jellal and Laxus, they are older Juvia got pregnant a few months before Lucy). Also Juvia will still consider Lucy her rival, just not in love anymore, I would call it Motherly rival as Juvia will be your extreme version of your competitive soccer mom to Lucy’s child. does these seem like good ideas?

I like the idea that Natsu would notice her scent changing, but wouldn’t be cuter if Natsu suprised her by telling her she’s pregnant and Lucy would be the one all happy and rubbing her own belly then they just cuddle. Plus Juvia and Lucy being pregnant at the same time is really cute, I can imagine Natsu drawing faces on Lucy’s belly then Gray would do the same and they’d have a competition on who drew the best face on the baby bumps.
And in terms of Juvia seeing Lucy as a mommy rival, I think she’d just be the over protective kind of mom you know, the moms that would make your lunch and put notes in them for you and pinch your cheeks. Then she’d kinda be jealous of Lucy cause she’s a bit more laid back as a mom and Juvia would see her kid having more fun with lucy and her kid(s). That kind of thing

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I've been rewatching the Edolas arc, (I know, ancient history at this point) and I noticed something. Wasn't it cool the way each Dragon Slayer got a turn to sort of take charge in the fight against Faust and the Dorma Anim? (It seems like they did to me, but I could just be overanalyzing. Do you see it?) Also, the three of them are easily one of my favorite teams in FT. I'd love to hear your opinion on the trio. And, final question, do you think we'll get to see them fight together once again?

I hope we get yo see them fight together again!!!

I only read the Edolas arc. The anime version is different – more counterparts, etc. I don’t remember much, just that they’re really cool when they work together. XD

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Hi Carrie! My name is Kerri, too. I'm much older than the avg age of your audience (30 in June!), so my perspective is a bit different. You described yourself in video discussing the YouTube divide as being an honorary big sister to viewers, & I just want to say how much I admire that. You're doing a great job under a tremendous amount of pressure. I really admire how you always try to be positive an the best version of yourself that you want to be. It's inspirational, even to older me.

Thank you so much! That really means a great deal to me. Sometimes the pressure scares me but it’s messages of love and support like this that hold me together when it feels like I’m about to fall apart. Thank you. You’re marvellous!



10x18 “Book of the Damned”
“Did you and “Sam-ateur Hour” really think I didn’t have a back-up-plan?”

The following is is sort of loosely sparked by this conversation with mittensmorgul, because Metatron going to hell would be really interesting. I assume he is not as powerful as he was when he was still an angel and possessed the angel tablet, but I guess this one might at least make him harder to track.

So what is he up to, where will he go? I think it’s save to assume wherever he goes will have very bad repercussions for TFW, because he just loves to mess with them on a grand scale. Will he try and raise a loved one and make them come back as an evil version of the original? Will he not only go to hell, but possibly right into the cage?

I doubt he’s interested in letting Lucifer or Michael out of the cage, because he’d be signing his own death certificate then, but the way he said “Hello, Demon Tablet” certainly reminded me of someone else who sing-songed “Oh hello Death” and that someone and what he did back then I can absolutely imagine being something he’d be interested in.

So here goes a crazy shot in the dark: What if Metatron is looking to enslave Death? There is hardly any being more powerful than Death, so Metatron having him on a leash sure would be catastrophic. That could explain why Death is in the finale completely unrelated to anyone dying… And now that I think about it, there is another one, who might be just as interested as Metatron to utilize Death’s powers…

Hey what’s up everyone!! My name is Danny and I am hella into Tronler….. I am in love with tons of people, just not myself.. Boys are legit the best thing in the world…. like have you seen their butts??? In too many fandoms to count, did i mention that boys are cute yet? I am really musical too! I play instruments, I write, I sing (but sound like a dying cow) and I do these weird dance/lip sync videos on tumblr…. I also have a youtube channel that sucks ass more than the average gay male……  I am 100% a mini version of the flawless Tyler Oakley…. OHMIGOD I forgot to say that I am 18 and from the state of Pennsylvania. Also if you are a hot guy, or a member of Tronler, hmu 


Markiplier is 2markipro4me. #gotrekt

One Night at Flumpty’s is now one of my favorite Markiplier video series. There was no element of luck about it. The game was so well-balanced that it really allowed Mark to show off his skill as a gamer. His timing, his ability to quickly learn and adapt to new challenges, the whole nine yards. 

It really brought a smile to my face to see him succeed through not luck or time spent grinding, but actual ability, practice, strategy, and skill. 

And also I loved that he hunkered down and just played the game for the winning cut. Talking to us makes it so hard for Markiplier to play games effectively, and he masks it by being a goofball. But he got serious at the end, and that unexpected focus and determination was really excellent to watch.

Click through for larger versions of the scenes. 

ONAFlumpty’s Hard Boiled Mode


just drew the puppet poses, really. plus alan’s outfit is taken straight from one direction. the tracy brothers are a boyband!!!

i changed penny’s dress a whole bunch, but i loved tin-tin’s outfit so kayo just gets a slightly revamped version. when it came to jeff and the boys i just googled like, celebrity and hipster suits. i gave brains his 60s polka dot bow-tie

now let it be gone! away, image, into the internet you go!


I will take this chance
may I have this dance?
I would be so pleased

SO I HEARD THIS SONG and I listened to it like 500 times and was crying about how much Pearl loved Rose and I needed to draw something happy and maybe this happened? maybe Pearl dreamed it? ;A; DROWN ME I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

Also I decided to go with this version of Pearl because I think it would’ve been the reincarnation of herself that she knew Rose the most and therefor associates it with Rose more so I thought it fit best for the picture. Plus I really just wanted to draw her cute lil shawl thing dslkjflkj

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Favoutite Su Songs?

oh, I answered an ask about this last week talking about my top 5 instrumental tracks. You can read it here, I rambled quite a bit so I won’t bore everyone with my same spiel. Instead, I’ll list by top 5 lyrical songs (in no particular order - I actually just list them in the order the episodes they’re from are, haha)

  • We are the Crystal Gems (Full Version) - What can I say, the theme song is a classic and hear it so much since its at the beginning of every episode I just have to love it. I’m also super intrigued by the full version, what the ‘censored’ parts are (can they tell us yet?) and just the added stuff is really great. I remember being in awe the first time I heard it at the gallery opening. I’d still really love to hear a fully completed version
  • Strong in the Real Way (Coach Steven) - I’ve always loved all the music in SU but I think this song was the first one I really fell in love with. When the episode came out I was so enamored, I listened to it on loop almost nonstop for days. It’s a wonderful song and its sung beautifully and I absolutely love the sort of playful lyrics, like “Why do you have to look up to her (aside from in a literal sense)?”, I love that because it seems like a such a Pearl thing to add and its both funny and true (you really can’t help but look up to Sugilite, she’s huge). I also love the use of overzealous in a song and stopping short of rhyming it with jealous, knowing the listener will autocomplete that. Also I just really love Pearl’s voice so
  • Be Wherever You Are (Island Adventure) - I love this song, I think it might be my favorite of Steven’s songs. It’s such a nice song and its really pleasant to just sit back and listen to. It’s so sweet and so positive. Plus I just love love love the sentiment, especially the ending variation of the title line as “Why don’t you let yourself just be whoever you are”. I think that’s really nice
  • On the Run (On the Run) - Ah, I really liked this song when they released it as a sneak peek on MAGFest, it follows what you expect from SU - something that seems cheery and lighthearted but is actually quite sad if you’re paying attention. We don’t often get to hear Amethyst sing so it was really awesome for her to get a song, I’m hoping she’ll have more in the future
  • Stronger Than You (Jail Break) - Is it even legal to not list this in a top whatever list of SU songs? ‘cause I think it’s pretty much required. It’s a really excellent song that’s incredibly hard to stop listening to, haha. It has a lot of meaning and feels very heartfelt, its really fantastic listening to Garnet sing As a side note, I also highly recommend the demo version. It’s mostly the same but some of the inflections and how its sung are different and it makes it a unique listening experience than the finished version, imo. I enjoy setting the two to loop one after the other

Of course, all the songs in the show are really good, I don’t think there’s one I dislike, just others I like better. I can’t really do honorable mentions too much, because there’s not that many lyrical songs. I will mention that Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart was an early favorite of mine and I still think its really really sweet. It’s also really nostalgic to me, since it was from so early in the series and listening to it reminds me of the original promos for the show that had interview clips and they played a little bit of this song (the bit where Steven was singing along in the car), so it always kinda takes me back when I listen to it.

fili-kili-feels said:

I could only love this more if Kili was just a little heavier. I do miss my chubby Kili. ;)

this is why i drew two versions. of course he’s better with some chub to cuddle.
just drop me your e-mail to my askbox and you will get all the chub :3
i miss chubby kili too. i should draw him often.

for now, have some chibi chubby!kili from my instagram <3

Worthwhile {Murphy - The 100}

Request:  Hi! So I saw you wrote a one shot for Bellamy and I was wondering if you’d write one for John Murphy? Maybe where the reader came down with the Ark but decides to leave with Jaha, and she gets a bit jealous of him and Emori, but she can’t exactly say anything. Murphy notices and asks her why she even came with Jaha, because she doesn’t seem to be really interested in getting to the City of Light, which she isn’t. She just came because she’s in love with him?
Author: Me (alloftheimaginesblog / bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)
Notes: The plot isn’t exactly like in the show, I cut it down a lot in order to keep it relatively short. Everything the same happens though - meeting Emori, Emori robbing them, mines; it’s just a shorter version.
Word Count: 924

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Drummer Boy//Justin Bieber

This is my jam this Christmas:)

Uchiha sarada by 0ocmao0

Before this…I spend a lot of time in my class just drawing sasuke…only sasuke…sasuke…sasuke and sasukeee….even my friend also call me sasuke…but now…it goes to sarada..xD

I really love to draw her because she is like female version of sasuke~~~

still hope that she will meet his papa soon….I also realize that she have same childhood experience like sasuke..because sasuke don’t get attention from his father…only from his mother Mikoto..

Hey~ Uwah, I’ve never done this whole ask thing before… I don’t even know if asks are open…. Sorry if it’s not >.< Anyway, can I get a BTS reaction to meeting someone who’s basically the female version of Yoongi? Thank you and have a nice day/night~~

I ended up answering it without finishing it so i had to delete it and start again, sorry for taking so long to get to it! hope you like it~~

Yoongi: Personally I don’t they’d get along and he’d end up finding her really annoying and the members just staring at him like “Yoongi, shes basically you”

Jimin: I think he’d love to tease her, always pushing her buttons just to get a reaction from her.

Namjoon: Personally I think he’d get along really well, quickly becoming a close friend that he could rely on (Best friends 4 lyfe)

Hoseok & Taehyung: The pair of idiots fighting over who’s going to get to try and befriend you first.

Jin: He wouldn’t be able to deal with other sassy, too blunt for their own good person and will probably end up taking his frustration out on another member.

Jungkook: Since we all know how much he loves his hyung he’d be over joyed and would probably end up calling her Yoongi noona~~ against her will


Hey!  I’m BACK!  And messing around with PSP illumination settings - so here’s night and regular versions, whichever you prefer.

Despite my diehard Apritello-ness, I also really just love the care that these two have for one another.  They’re friends, best friends, and even while the writers (and some fans) seem to have lost this in the throes of the infamous Love Triangle of Doom debate, I remember s1 and s2 Donnie/April bud time.  So here’s April, taking care of her favorite nerd while he burns the midnight oil.  I’m pretty sure that pizza is growing mold and possibly sentience.

Consider this my love letter to the friendship that lives in my heart.