Interviewing 5sos

Me: So, guys, Do you know that the 5sosfam really, really, really likes your features…like we just pay attention to not only your music, but the way you…are.

Calum: *traces his jawline and looks out in space*
Luke: *turns around and fiddles with his lip piercing*
Ashton: *rubs his calves awkwardly*
Michael: *stares at his small hands and tattoo*

Me: mmm, I guess so.

one of like the prettiest black girls i know was talkin abt she wonders if zayn likes black girls & it took me by surprise??

like??? u gorgeous?? u kno u gorgeous??? everybody thinks u a 10??? u look better than him???? and u worried about him not being attracted to u bc you black??

i forgot how deeply engrained that “non-black men dont like us” mindset is in us ??

either way that really made me sad and somewhat angry even tho idk who im angry at. just angry that we got to fuckin deal with this

Where Did The Oil Go?

We’re just a few days away from the five year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, and yet here we are. And Perrin Ireland at OnEarth Magazine has made a really fabulous video looking at some of the questions scientists are still trying to answer about the spill. Like: where did the oil go?

I love the animation style here, and the way Ireland uses her paints and canvas in such a fluid, evocative way. >> Rose

:c Ran needs a new tablet

Ok so, i’ve put a donation button in my tumblr bio since majority of my checks have to go toward paying some bills, groceries and rent. I’m limited on spare cash right now and it looks like my tablet pen isn’t working even after i’ve done what i thought i could to fix it. I could just get a new pen but with how expensive the one i need is, i might as well just get a new tablet (plus the one i have is ancient). All donations i get (if any at all) will go toward a new tablet so i can start doing commissions on my days off from work.

 I can’t really offer anything in return for certain amounts donated since i don’t have a way to draw for them, but i will say that if someone donates $100usd i will draw them a full body, full colored piece as soon as i get my new tablet. 

I’m not expecting anything from this, maybe a little help but that’s it. I miss drawing so much but I can wait to get a new tablet if it comes down to it so please don’t feel like you need to help me. There are people out there that need more help than me! If i do happen to go over how much i need, I’ll put that money toward good use (a better tablet than planned or even my bills and ect for example).

Thank you guys so much! <3

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Your blog is great but could you post more Cillian Murphy and less other actors because he's my only reason for watching the show.

Right …

Arthur would like a word, it seems :D you really don’t want to make him angry (or sad. Or … get on Aunt Polly’s bad side)

Look, Anon. Thank you for the compliment, but the thing is; we’re a Peaky Blinders fanblog. We post about Peaky Blinders. And it just so happens that there are more people in Peaky Blinders than Cillian Murphy, and they are all equally brilliant and an important part of the show. So we post about them, too. Obviously.

If you’re suffering from a lack of Cillian Murphy in your life, follow our sisterblog ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy. A place for all your Cillian Murphy needs, with all Cillian Murphy and nothing but Cillian Murphy, all the time :D

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I was thinking---and doesn't the guy they casted for the Slaugh look like the guy screaming in the trailer?

I don’t think so — the eyebrows and hair don’t correspond. It may be a random (very unfortunate) inhabitant of Beacon Hills who doesn’t have a significant part really, but who gets attacked — think the guy who gets mauled by Kate Argent in Season 4, or Demarco. This person may just be the show’s way of gruesomely introducing us to the methods of these “Doctors.” So the actor above may be someone we haven’t seen casted yet.

If this person is someone we know to have been cast though, I think it may be Ashton Moio as “Donovan”:

Many face details match, and if we assume that the shot of the screaming mouth is the person getting attacked (because of the blood and shadows corresponding with that image), you can see that there is a freckle/mole under the mouth to the right side of your screen, right where Moio has one:


There’s this master class where Sondheim is teaching this song to some young person and says something quite interesting, if you’re following the emotional arc of the story:

Use the razor. The razor’s your partner. She [Sondheim points to Mrs. Lovett] thinks she’s the partner, but she’s not, not at all… Make love to the razor.

tfw u have a conversation w someone that u used to be really close w for the first time in over 2 years bc u ran into him while at a school thing and both like Kinda Recognized each other and then he sent u a message over fb

I’ve rewatched Skye and Jiaying’s scenes several times and something does not add up.

I think Skye was really born on a July 2nd. But I’m not really sure about the year. The way Jiaying keeps looking at Skye when she says “I’m 26?″ It’s like she’s trying really hard to keep her composure because Skye is onto her.

The only thing that makes me doubt that her parents are lying about the year is the fact that Cal knew it was the year of the Dragon. Something big must have happened that year to remember that.

However, I don’t think the writers are just telling us a cute story “It was a summer night, I cleaned the house before alerting your father, he didn’t speak chinese so it was a mess.” They keep repeating the same thing, it’s the same story with basically the same words… I don’t want to say that it feels rehearsed because their scenes were emotional. And the way Skye’s mother narrated the story of her birth… You can’t fake that. But… something is fishy.

Also, Jiaying said that because she couldn’t find Skye and realized the monster she had become, she came to the “Afterlife” in order to help people.

She said “I came here.”

Not “I came back here.”

But weren’t you the one helping baby Gordon when he went through the mist back in 1983?

So that wasn’t you?

I think they’re both telling the truth on a lot of things. But I also think that there’s a piece of the puzzle that’s missing. And the reason why they keep repeating that same story over and over again is the writers’ way of telling us to pay attention.

Something’s going on with the story behind Skye’s birth.

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Hello, I am new to the writing scene and I have a probably asked a lot question. I want to know what a typical process to writing is... for example: I have a basic plot and a MC, but I'm not really sure how to go about starting. Should I make a timeline of important events? or should I just start hacking at ideas ??

Hello and welcome! :)

Timelines are my favorite way to plot out a story. For me they’re much easier than an outline. I have a post about  timelines as well as Building a Story Off a Loose Timeline. If you’re just starting out, you might want to take a look at my post master list which has a whole section dedicated to beginning a story, but also has posts about other basics like description, character development, and setting development. Best of luck to you. Feel fee to stop by whenever you have a question. :)

I really am dying to know who people know in their lives, like runway fuckin models. Some of yall act like Josh looks like death and gained 500 lbs, damn. Why are people so negative when there are literally a million things to be positive about!?

I’m gonna go focus on his kindness, talent, and upcoming film roles because you know there’s that. Enjoy and be thankful for your fave.

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hello hi i have a maybe weird question! first though: really like blackgrass, lovely comic, lovely art, very interested in seeing where it goes. second! i saw that in the caption you ask readers to reblog, not just like, which seems like a really great idea. but the second i considered doing it, i felt like "oh no, i couldn't ask followers something like that". (but i still had no problem seeing you do it, that was fine.) did you ever think like that? how did you get around it?

ok so basically no i never think that way bc to me, if you like something enough to throw what is basically the equivalent of a back-pat at the author of the thing you like, why not take one extra step and reblog it so you can have it there to look at forever where its easily categorized, providing you use tags?

like, the spreading of information is how fandoms are built. that’s how people get interested in new media, that’s how people band together and start actively discussing it and getting excited about it, and when people get excited for something new, that helps the author bc that means there’s more initiative for the author to keep on truckin’ with this thing they love to do, which hopefully, will result in even more productivity from the author for this thing that is garnering interest while also ideally supporting the artist financially thru people who are, as i said, excited for this thing

i guess a lot of people just dont think about the fact that reblogging is a big deal for artists bc… to be frank, a lot of people who casually scroll through tumblr and like/reblog posts are not indie artists looking to catch a break or become financially independent through doing what they love to do. they’re spectators!

they dont know what goes into creating something sustainable and something that’ll catch the interest of others.

its especially hard for folks like me who, at one point, had a pretty sizeable following, but no longer have that due to some incredibly fucked up and unfortunate events (coughs spits on tumblr’s UI)

SO BASICALLY its like an economy. you reblog something, you spread info. when you spread info, you create interest. when you create interest, the artist gets crowded around to see what theyre gonna do next, thus creating demand. the artist then in turn creates the supply, creating more demand/spreading of information, etc. so there u go! it’s a small step to take to help an indie artist looking for stability through their craft.


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So I've been looking for this fic for a very long time now. So earth has just discovered Vulcan, and the only way these two planets can communicate is via transmissions or something, and it takes like, 6-7 years for each message to go through, and Jim and Spock communicate like this throughout their lifetime... And it's really angsty if that helps any.

I think it’s this one?

Send Me the Moon by IntelligentAirhead, lily_winterwood

Vulcan is sixteen light years from Earth. When James T Kirk is twenty-two, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute receives a transmission from a six-year-old Vulcan child named Spock. 21st Century AU.

if ur gonna headcanon a character as trans why not draw them like

with clothes on

and looking the way they generally look instead of focusing on features that say ‘OMG look!! they are trans!! because you can see this!!’ cause thats really creepy and objectifying

why not make their story something other than a hurt/comfort kink deal

if you insist on drawing trans guys shirtless all the goddamn time why not at least give them a proper binder

i mean i cant decide what you do its just a suggestion but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi, you seemed like the right person to direct this to. Can I be asexual if I've never experienced sex? I get super uncomfortable during sex scenes in movies and tv, and the word 'sexy' makes me feel uncomfortable, too. Sex just sounds really weird and uncomfortable to me, but I sometimes masturbate/look up things to masturbate to? And I like the idea of being physically intimate(in a non-sexual way, obviously) with a significant other? I'm sure this is weird, but I'm confused.

Yes, you can be asexual without having had sex. Sexual orientations are about sexual attraction (sexual urges directed at specific people without any sexual situations or contexts present), not experience.

Guys I don’t know if I’m late to the party or what but I just noticed in the 17th opening Gray and Happy are just chatting it up, and by Gray’s body language this conversation looks really interesting or he’s being a sarcastic little shit. Either way I’m really intrigued! Like I didn’t think they ignor each other but them having just a regular conversation never crossed my mind. 

What do you think they’re even taking about?! Fish? Ice Make stuff? Or is it something deeper and complex like the meaning of life, or quantum physics? Or women! 

All I know is that Grappy is on Brotp that shouldnt be overlooked!!

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Don't you think you shouldn't wear food prints or things if you're plus size? It kind of makes you look even fatter and more like a glutton who just likes to stuff their face.

Um… What kind of thought process is that? I don’t really care. I’m plus size. I like cute things. Thus, I will wear plus size cute things. So what if those cute things have sweets motifs? If anything, I can say it pertains to me, because I enjoy baking. I’m not continuously “stuffing my face” with food, but I do like sweets for their tastes, looks, smells, and how fun they are to make. If I like it, I will wear it. I think that’s the way everyone else should think, too. Why limit yourself just for being chubbier?