Rwby Relationship Week Day 2: Neptune/Pyrrha

AU: Twelve year old Neptune and his father work at a prestigious country club and Pyrrha is a golfing prodigy who gOES OFF on the kid because Neptune learns how to flirt with girls from old cheesy eighties sitcoms that are hoRRIBLE.

(Except Pyrrha’s “GOING OFF” on Neptune is actually just a scolding and the next day she’s got to deal with some crybaby bumbling idiot apologizing and asking her not to fire him or his dad.)

They become friends and Neptune learns that flirting is ok as long as you’re not a douche about it to others

I guess I just miss you.
But still I won’t call you and let you know it.
I deleted your phone number last week and for the first time in months, I could breath again.
Look I know you’re going to want to blame yourself but I need you to know that it’s nothing you said, and it’s nothing you did. I guess I just realized that we will never find a way to make this work, not because we’re both fucked up but because we’re both too much of the same person.
So for that, I think that in your heart you know it too. We will never make it.
But just like me, you will try to walk around the truth of it and it will be hard to not turn your head and see it for what it really is but just look.
I love you and I know that a part of you must love me too but maybe we’ve been wrong all this time.
I know that you’re my soulmate, that’s not what I’m talking about but maybe we were wrong in thinking that the person we love the most is the one we get to spend the rest of our lives with.
—  We Were Wrong // thewordsyouneverunderstood

levthelurker asked:

The problem I've seen with guys self-identifying as feminists is that they assume that since their intentions are good then so are their actions, and they start to use the label defensively if someone points out something problematic about their behavior. On the flipside, if a girl asks a guy if they're a feminist and they say "No" then they look like an asshole. So lose/lose situation, but if a guy complains about having to deal with THAT then he's missing the point as well.

I think a guy calling himself a feminist ally or a pro-feminist or simply saying he supports feminism is a fine way to go about it and doesn’t in any way lessen his actual ability to engage in feminist activism and stand up for what’s right than if he called himself a full feminist.  All the arguments against this really just boil down to male ego and men’s demand to be 100% included in something that is not FOR them.  That is why the “call yourself a feminist ally, not a feminist” makes such a great litmus test. 

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i really admire your art aaaah *o* and i don't really think i could ever be good at it orzz but uhm can i ask what your drawing looks like when you just started..? of course if you are cool with that bc aaah everything here is so beautiful did your drawing ever looked messy ;v;

Sure!! I think I have some WIPs lying around let me go fetch them…!

You’re going to laugh LMAO MY….DRAWING PROCESS IS VERY HAPHAZARD it goes from being unintelligible scribbles to being something in a way that even I don’t fully understand.

this is the print I’m actually working on right now…you can tell all the charas in the bg are really….roughly done LMAO;; I’m trying to record my progress for this one from start to finish actually so I’ll upload that all together when it’s finished!!

aand some WIPS you may have seen before from my henricken print !!

this was for the uchouten zine!! which whoops I don’t think I actually ever uploaded here but here’s what it looked like finished

some more preliminary stuff!!

Depending on a lot of factors, i.e. how complicated a piece it is, my flow that day, if I’m trying out more difficult things, my initial sketch may be more defined/closer to the ending lineart result or it may be something a lot more rough and scribbly like you see in the first couple examples… it changes every time!! anyway my drawings definitely do start out (and often in my opinion stay) pretty messy LOOOL;; thank you for your sweet compliments ////

I noticed something with Kaisoo…. I know people are like “duuuh it’s just fan service (which is even ridiculous, cuz most of it happens in secret or off spot light) bla bla”… but, after watching a lot of stuff and being in a relationship myself, I noticed a certain thing:

the urge for skin ship.

it’s known that korean guys/men touch each other more than western people would, but the way they touch and how often is something that really only couples do. Like making sure everyone knows they are together or just needing the feeling of the others’ touch or having the urge to touch your significant other, to have some kind of connection. And I looked at the places on their bodies they touch each other and how and compared it to how I touch my boyfriend or how he touches me and it is quite similar. It’s a way of reassurance… like: “you’re mine”.

Of course we delusional shippers could also just see stuff and make everything up… but really, if you ask non kpoppers or just gay couples or hetero couples… they would all say Jongin and Kyungsoo are together. It’s the way they do it, not even that they do it or the amount. It’s how they show affection for each other and that is definitely more than just friendship. 

even if NB did have consent from zayn to drop that, that has to be the worst timing ever like regardless of whether that fight was promo or not it looks like NB dropped it just to get back at Louis and “win” like? there may not even be tension but he’s making it seem like there is tension? that’s how it looks even if it may not actually be that way. I love zayn & want him to be happy but it makes NB seem really nasty, tweeting the link to the demo at the time that he did.

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Hi I've been looking into buy a puppy Samoyed and I heard they shed a lot. How much fur are we talking about?

Oh, like… an insane amount. Like at least double whatever you’re thinking! There’s just SO MUCH of it that it gets everywhere. Granted, we could be better about not letting Skookum on the furniture, but even if we did that, it just finds its way everywhere. We basically don’t leave the house without doing a full-body lint rolling (those sticky things that you peel sheets off of) 

A little more info under this post and under tagged/shedding

This picture is why I don’t even bother trying to wear black anymore. So to answer your question, YES they shed a WHOLE BUNCH and we vacuum more than we ever thought possible, but it’s still everywhere. BUT they’re beautiful and awesome dogs, so it just depends on how much you’re willing to deal with.

Also… I see in your profile that you’re 18 and maybe it’s the right thing for you, but I really hope you consider whether you want to be responsible for another living thing for the next 10 or so years, to the point that it will hinder your plans and travel, and spontaneous overnights, and work/social schedule. I’m not trying to be a bummer but I know I wouldn’t have been ready for the responsibility at 18 - and again, maybe it’s the right thing for you but if the dog is healthy you’ll have it until you’re, like, 30, and a lot could happen in between now and then and you might end up wishing you weren’t tied down by the practicalities of owning a dog.

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Can you show us an example of a study guide that you've made? I really struggle with templates and layouts for things, I get too bogged down with things looking a certain way that I lose a lot of revision time. It's silly, I just struggle to find the halfway point between neat, pretty and useful

hey there! thank you for this suggestion - I have uploaded an example of a study guide I made in my first year of study for a module called ‘Geographies of Development’. HERE is a link to that!

In terms of templates, I will use the style sets on Microsoft Word, like these:

I usually keep their settings, but I change the ‘normal’ font to Arial. They have lots of different styles so you could try a couple and see which one you like the look of. I will use ‘heading 1′ for the title of lecture {you could just do the title of what you’re doing!}, ‘heading 2′ for subheadings and then I write the rest of the guide in bullet point form. You can see my writing style in the example I uploaded!

What I like about these style sets is that you can open the navigation pane on Word and quickly jump to a heading or subheading! see:

Once I’ve figured out my structure and such the revision guide practically writes itself - I make sure I summarise lecture notes, include readings and references, occasionally diagrams {there were no relevant ones for this class!}. It really doesn’t take me long to put these together - maybe 2 days of work. It’s so much easier than writing it out by hand, and once I have all the material together I can incorporate it in to my ‘active studying’ techniques! I hope this has helped! xo

Chapter 426 Thoughts

There are so many things I’m unhappy about with this current storyline, but how Gray looks is not one of them. YUM. ^-^

Shallowness aside, let’s get started. 

So, last chapter Natsu didn’t want to tell Lucy anything, made a big scene about how she just has to trust him, but he can’t say what’s going on. And yet, he tells her anyway in this chapter. It makes me feel like Mashima changed his mind in between chapters, or realized he needed some way for Natsu to share his info, because he never dips into Natsu’s thoughts, so this really was the only way. Although he didn’t tell Lucy about Frosch, so he is keeping that from her still. I’m happy though that the Nalu moments keep coming ohoho. ^-^

Gray… Gray, Gray, Gray, Gray. Here’s my problem. I’m looking at this storyline from the perspective as a Juvia fan and as a Gray fan. As a fan of both characters, everything I did not want to have happen, is happening. 

At first I was like, it would be such a waste of a set up if this situation was not dragged out, but if you’re going to sideline Juvia in this way, then it better not be dragged out. If you’re telling us the only way for Juvia to recover is for Gray to come back to that house, then that better happen ASAP. And yet, that doesn’t now look like it will be happening “ASAP.”

Plus, it infuriates me that Mashima is playing with the character’s origins, and yet the only thing he’s done for Juvia is the “rain woman’ situation. Juvia was a very active participant in her origin story. She was involved in a fight against an opposing guild’s member named Gray Fullbuster, who told her he wouldn’t lose because he was a FT wizard. I’m just saying, it would be a waste of a setup to not flip the tables on that right now, as Juvia is currently the one who’s a FT wizard, while Gray no longer is. But, my hopes are not high that Juvia will get involved, other than being name-dropped in some way. I think that part, at least, is inevitable should Natsu confront Gray. 

Secondly, I wanted so badly for Gray to just be faking. I was sure he was. He would never fall into darkness. He’s not someone who can be corrupted so easily. There’s no way he’s obsessed with getting revenge… 

I STUCK UP FOR YOU, BRO! I had your back!!! *sigh* 

Honestly, is there a chance he still may be faking to some extent? Maybe? Here’s the thing, every thing he said in this chapter, was said TO the Avatar members who he knows suspect him of double-crossing them/being an informant for the council. Is he? I don’t know if he’s the informant, since the council only now seemed to learn that Gray is even a part of Avatar in the first place, so it doesn’t seem like it. It still doesn’t mean Gray as we knew him is completely lost, and is simply following the will of this darkness. I feel like there is a part of him that is acting on the side of good, rather than being entirely influenced by an evil force, and I will cling to that hope for as long as I can lol.

Also, I think it’s interesting that they brought up his family, Ur, Ultear, his guild, but no mention of who he was shacked up with for the last six months just before he joined Avatar. 

Lastly, Gajeel! I like that he’s part of the council and is a captain of troops!  It makes his flashback in Tartarus way more relevant, although shame on him for not having an issue with arresting Gray lol! j/k! It’s classic Gajeel actually haha.

The good news is that I can’t say the current storyline isn’t interesting. It is very interesting, I just wish that everything I desperately wanted to not happen, wasn’t now happening lmao. 

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can you do a chibi tutorial thing? I don't really have a chibi style and I wanna figure mine out if it's not too much of a bother if you don't have time it's all good!

(i got two similar asks about this so i’m gonna answer them together, hope that’s ok!)

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Honestly, I just want to know. What's the difference between someone saying something like "white girls are perfect" vs "black girls are perfect." Why does one seem to have a different connotation behind it?

Because white people are literally already painted as perfect and always have been considered the norm and the only acceptable way to be. Black women have been told their whole lives for the past 500 years that they aint shit, aint worth shit and never will be shit BECAUSE they are not white. It really aint that hard to understand, open a history book, hell just look around you at every damn ad, magazine, tv show, movie everything is white women. 

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I hope you know you aren't as pretty as everyone tells you. You conveniently ignore all my asks because god forbid someone calls you out on your shit, I forgot you only answer the ones that make you look good or ask for advice. I followed cause the posts were nice but now I just know you're fake af. So have a nice life and fix your eyebrows when you get the chance babe

you’re not required to find everyone attractive! it’s okay. i’m confident with myself so your words don’t really affect me. but going around sending anons like that to people can actually really hurt so next time you have a problem with someone i would try dealing with it in a different way. and i try not to answer any hateful anons because i don’t really find a purpose in it so maybe that’s why i wasn’t responding to yours x

a really annoying thing that i know ive been taught since like forever is that i always think im better when im skinnier? i hate that. weight is just a THING it doesnt make u better or worse than anyone else. its not a measure of ur worth its just a fact. same as height. idk why im making this a post but its just something ive always struggled with, that mindset that i should be losing weight or that You Look So Skinny! is the greatest compliment. sucks & is not true. love yrselves the way u are and also i love u all 😙

and the award goes to... (zayn/niall)

Here’s a slutty one shot about how fucked out Zayn and Niall look in the announcement video for You and I, as well as the video for the Kids Choice Awards last year. kissingziall inspired this and I hope she loves it. 

[Read on AO3]

Zayn pulls back to breathe, “Shit”.

Niall just hums his way down Zayn’s neck sucking lightly at the collar of his T-shirt and, really – this is the life he’s been given, this is what’s written in the stars for Zayn. A beautiful boy kissing down his neck, making sloppy, gorgeous noises that get him riled up enough that he gasps when Niall pushes their hips together.

It’s just a rainy Friday and the lads are all practicing for the coming tour. Niall had trotted into practice this morning, doey eyed and sleepy but buzzing in a way that Niall just does. They were told earlier that they won an award from The Kids Choice Awards. 

Best fans in the world, Niall mumbled into his coffee, eyeing Zayn over it hungerly. Zayn doesn’t know what sparks Niall like this. Maybe it’s the fans, the fame of it, maybe it’s winning but all morning, he’d been clingy and desperate for a wank in the dress closet, or the abandoned couch in the longue of the studio.  

Zayn flips them over. It’s a bit of a struggle with the way Niall clings to him and the fact that Zayn’s fifty fifty on whether the couch is big enough for both of them. But Niall gets a bit too desperate ontop – so many choices, so much to touch he’d told Zayn before, and so little time. Yet right now, it’s as though they’ve got all the time in the world.

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the cw is really pushing this quantity over quality thing jesus.

I bet you think we were great huh? I bet you look back at all the time we spent and all the times you looked at me like I made the word ‘brilliant’ really mean something and I bet you remember every time my lips met yours and the way writing my name was more than a couple intersecting lines. & I bet you think about the way I just left like it didn’t hurt and I bet you couldn’t understand because you had this ache that wouldn’t leave - like a home I started to build with hopes and dreams and left before it was all finished. Now I bet you’re wondering how I know and why I still chose to leave and I bet you can’t think of a single good name to call me when you’re friends ask how i’ve been. & I feel for you in the middle of the night and the way you notice all the grooves in your ceiling you never had to look at before, I really do. But love, I’m still trying to take my eyes off of them myself and I’m still trying to unbuild a house someone left in me and that is what I meant when I told you I was under construction. That is why you do not fall in love with people who haven’t burned those half built houses down. Trust me, I know, because I think She’s still staring at Her ceiling too and it’s not my house She’s trying to disintegrate.

The signs when they’re angry

Since it’s Aries season, I thought a post about aggression would be suitable :p

Aries: everything you think of by thinking of the word “anger”

Taurus: tries to act like they’re totally okay with everything and horribly fail at it

Gemini: OH GOD IM SO MAD I JUST- oh a kitty :D

Cancer: passive-aggressive all the way

Leo: snaps out at everyone

Virgo: keep it to their selves until someone asks, then they burst out

Libra: complaining about everything all day

Scorpio: they look like they’re ready to murder someone

Sagittarius: walking away and staying away until they calmed down

Capricorn: irritated, just really irritated about everything

Aquarius: swearing with words like GODDONUT BLUEBERRY MUFFINDICKHEADS

Pisces: acting like nothing like nothing’s worng, and when they’re home they go slamming their pillow


about the html solution for tumblr’s new image resizing

from fiddling around with it myself i found that the code looks slightly different to me, so i just wanna share my way in case anyone else is really terrible with HTML and doesnt understand what to do

when i upload a picture it looks like this to me:

<figure data-orig-width=”321” data-orig-height=”497” class=”tmblr-full”><img data-orig-width=”321” data-orig-height=”497” src=”https://40.media.tumblr.com/34c1de01105aa0f4821dae65dcadb8fc/tumblr_inline_nm2142JiEw1t2hc7x_540.png”></figure>

and basically all you have to do is delete what i striked through there, and add:

<figure><img src=”https://40.media.tumblr.com/34c1de01105aa0f4821dae65dcadb8fc/tumblr_inline_nm2142JiEw1t2hc7x_540.png”></figure>

that bold/italic part. just adding this for anyone else who might have a different format when they post things! definitely a hastle, but thankfully not devastatingly complicated.

Pajama dressing.

The goals I have for my life are ambitious, but not lofty. I’d like to keep working at my career, I’d like to be happy and healthy and surround myself with people who are happy and ambitious and make me a better person for just hanging out with them. I’d like to see a lot more of the world than I have previously seen, I’d like to keep learning every single day of my life, and I’d like to be one of those women who look like they’re never not wearing their loungewear around to do things, but you can’t really be sure. Hell, I’d like to be a woman who refers to her clothing as “loungewear” and not just “overworn yoga pants I no longer wear to the gym.”

In short, the old women who grocery shop in their striped button-down sets are my heroes and my eventual future.

They just look so comfortable. Their clothes always look so carefree. Yes, athleisure is back in a big way, and yes, you can wear sweats with heels and nobody will say anything in this day and age, but I mean. Come on. Fancy sweats and pajamas are not the same thing. One of the greatest things about college — beyond the summer vacation and dorming with friends and basically living in not-quite-adulthood — was the fact that you could go to class in your pajamas. Roll out of bed, roll into class, the original “I woke up like this.”

But I am not yet a septuagenarian badass, and I have long since left the days of college DGAF behind, so I can’t get away with either option. Still, though, I have to go to the bodega for cat food or the coffee shop by my apartment some mornings when I just can’t even. You might be half-asleep but you still have to live your life.

Enter the jersey maxi dress.

(I know that by all rights, “maxi” negates the “little” in LBD, but Holly G’s most famous Givenchy dress went down to the floor, so we’re just going to run with this.) 

This one came from Forever 21,  which means its shelf life is pretty short, but let me extol its virtues anyway: the jersey is substantial enough that you don’t have to worry about your underwear choices; has a slit that doesn’t go allllll the way up to there (so again, you don’t have to worry about your underwear); is lightweight enough that you can layer it without looking shapeless; and doubles as great pajamas if you accidentally fall asleep in it. I mean, not like I have or anything. (I totally have.) 

The cutout in the back of this dress also keeps things interesting for summer, and you can wear it with sandals and consider yourself dressed — which I have been doing in perma-sunny LA all weekend — but layering it up for chilly spring mornings is just as easy. Because again, the apex of pajama dressing is when you roll out of bed to grab coffee in the morning and nobody can tell you didn’t get dressed. And when you’re trying to avoid your bodega cashier awkwardly asking about your love life, a super-nubby sweater and slip ons does the trick —  especially because each of these things are grandma-approved. 

And grandma always knows best.

Dress: Forever 21. Sweater: H&M (similar). Shoes: Vans.

Photos by Sarah Conley.