1. It’s okay to not like popular books. Even if you tend to be the one person on the lonely island of Not Liking The Book That Everyone Else Does. 

2. Do not let people give you shit just because you don’t like popular books. There is NOTHING wrong with you not liking books that everyone seem to like. We all have different tastes, yo. 

3. Just because a book is popular does not mean you have to like it. Or that it’s even all that good. I mean, just look at the commonly cited example (*cough* Fifty Shades of Grey *cough*)  

4. Also, books are often popular because they have something in them that appeals to the vast majority, and it might just be something that you just don’t like. 

5. Just because everyone else is reading and really liking a book doesn’t mean you have to read and like it as well. 

6. Not liking popular books is in no way any reflection of you as a person. Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

7. Who cares what people think? Just read what you love and let everyone else love what they read. 

Please tell me it’s not just me who thinks he looks like an angry puppy here:

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Do you think weta digital improved since the lord of the rings? I think they improved a lot, but some haters think they did not improve at all. They said the CGI is plastic-like and looks really fake. I think the CGI look better since the lord of the rings. May i have your opinion?

Okay, personally (as in, this is my own opinion as just a person who watches movies not really knowing anything about CGI, etc), I don’t think it’s so much that the quality of the CGI declined as the way CGI was treated in the movies changed, and that just wasn’t to some people’s taste. 

Basically, it seemed to me that the goal with LotR was to make things as real as possible. CGI was used when there was no other alternative (ex, the orcs were actual people in makeup, many of the sets were built in miniature for wide shots, etc.) By the time we get to The Hobbit, though, a lot of movies are so proud of the incredible work they can do with CGI that the goal seems more to show off how much of the movie isn’t real. Which brings us to CGI!Azog, a ton more green screens than we saw in LotR, etc. All in all, the CGI was way more “in your face” with The Hobbit than it was with LotR. So while I think the technical quality of the CGI undoubtedly improved a great deal between the two trilogies, because it was used so brazenly in The Hobbit the “fakeness” of it becomes more obvious.

Welcome home, Kiddo.

A/N- If y’all want me to make this into a mini-series then I will… cause I have some ideas but only if you guys want it x

“Fluffy be quiet” You heard the footsteps of what you thought to be 3… wait no 4 demons around the corner. You could hear nothing but your own breath and fluffy’s menacing soft growl.

“Shh do you smell that? I smell baby Winchester.” You looked to your best friend and pet with a confused face. “Winchester?” You mouthed and Fluffy set itself by your feet, Fluffy confused you sometimes. At times it’d act like a cute baby and the next it’s menacing and crazy. Plus you had no idea what gender it was, there wasn’t really a way to tell. Crowley would just assume they’re girls or boys and give them a name but you kept yours gender neutral cause why the fuck not? 

Speaking of Crowley he said this hunt was suppose to be damn easy so why are there four demons? And how did they know you were here? Eh you and Fluffy have literally had worst.

You clicked your fingers and you made your companion visible while you made your way to the noise. In your sight you saw a man being tied up to a chair while being interrogated by 2 demons.

“Hey little girl, get outta here.” You heard a harsh whisper coming from behind you and you saw a man hiding in the shadows. He suddenly grabbed you and forcefully pushed you under a table, you saw Fluffy growl but your eyes spoke everything was okay.

“Please stay here, its dangerous out there” You rolled your eyes which astonished the tall man with the long hair. You clicked your fingers instantly and you became invisible. You weren’t a demon, Crowley taught you some tricks using magic, being raised by the king of hell had it’s perks. 

The look on the mans face was priceless as he saw you vanish in thin air, if you had time you would’ve warned him that a demon was right behind him but you thought this could be fun. You waited till all the demons were in the same room as the two tied up men.

“I still smell baby Winchester” The two tied up men looked (or attempted) to look at each other from their bound. You moved out of your hiding spot and became visible to the four snickering demons, they saw you and they all grabbed their knives.

“Whaddya say Fluffy? Just like Spain” a sudden menacing growl was heard next to you and both the brothers eyes widened in surprise and confusion. You grabbed your flask and you pulled out your angel blade and immediately your rage dog attacked the nearest demon.

 You attacked the demon first, throwing holy water on it. He screamed out in pain and he threw a blind punch at you which he obviously missed. Crowley didn’t let you leave the castle unless you learnt how to properly fight and now, you could have a blindfold on and still win.

“C’mon Tubby, show me watch you got” You circled the demon who just ran after you in pure hot headed rage, yet you dodged every single attack, spraying some holy water in the process. He stopped acting like a bull and menacingly looked at you with a sickeningly smirk. He flung his wrist and your hair simply moved at the failed attempt. To say the demon was surprised was an understatement.

“Sorry Chuckles, protected by the big man downstairs” You ran towards him and you plunged the blade deep into his heart, you looked over to see Fluffy tearing the second pleading demon to pieces without any mercy. You watched a demon approach your busy dog and you jumped over Fluffy, straddling on the demon. He tried pushing you away but you sunk your blade deep into his head, you pulled out you blade and his head fell with a loud thump. You felt a wet nose hit your elbow and you notice Fluffy was drenched in blood.

“Aw you did good baby” You scratched your loyal companions ear and faced your attention towards the two captive men. You walked over to the boys and ripped them from their bound. They pulled the tape off their mouths and they looked at you surprisingly.

“Holy shit”The tall man with the long hair spoke while the shorter one with pretty eyes kept his eyes on you. You heard Fluffy growl and you turned off it’s invisibility cloak so they boys could see Fluffy.

“Fluffy heel, hey I’m Y/N Winchester” You stuck your hand out and both the boy’s jaw dropped immensely. They shook your hand and as they were about to speak Crowley appeared obnoxiously clapping.

“Great job sweetheart very impressed and you two Fluffy” Crowley walked up to you and kissed your forehead before looking at the confused boys in front of you. “Ah Moose and Squirrel, to what do we owe the pleasure”

“Crowley… i knew this had your fucking stink all over it and kidnapping a 13 year old? Really Crowley that’s low of you” You felt offended that they spoke to him like that. Granted Crowley wasn’t the idealistic caregiver but he gave you everything you ever wanted.

“Okay one who the hell are you? two, I’m 15 and three my dad abandoned me when i was 2 years old and Crowley took me in okay? So don’t go assume stuff Mr.Sasquatch and Seargent Pretty eyes” The boys looked taken back at your sudden outburst to defend Crowley while he simply giggled.

“And boys meet your sassy baby sister, Y/N” Your head snapped towards your caretaker and back at the equally surprised boys.

“WHAT?” The three of you yelled at the same time.

“Okay so apparently papa Winchester made a few of you and when Y/N was 1 he left her and Y/N’s mum died when she was 2…. and I took her in” Crowley finished.

“You’re our baby sister? You’ve been alone this whole damn time? I’m so sorry” You were so confused as to what was happening, you didn’t know if you should be happy or sad. Happy that you found your family or sad that you were going to lose the only person you cared about growing up. Crowley seemed amused by this whole situation but when he saw your rage and sadness he stopped smiling.

“Y/N sweetheart, remember what I promised you?” You let the tears fall and you nodded, you knew exactly what he was talking about. He hugged you one last time and he kissed your forehead, Crowley released a tear before looking back at the astonished men. They’ve never seen this side of him before it was so… human.

“Take care of her Moose and squirrel don’t give her a heartattack, she has a healthy diet. Don’t screw it up with midnight pie and ice-cream. And Fluffy, look after her sweetie. I love you bug, call me if you’re in any trouble” You smiled and he disappeared.

“Hey, Y/N. You okay? What was that about?” The taller one asked with pure intentions in his eyes.

“C-c-crowley said that w-when I f-find my family h-he’ll leave m-me alone. But h-he is my f-family.”You stuttered while the tears fell. After a long inhale and pause you began again. “Now everyones abandoned me” Fluffy sat by your feet and whined, feeling your pain.

“Hey kiddo, we wont abandon you… not again. Trust us, if we knew you existed we would’ve come and found you ourselves” The taller one nodded, you wiped away the tears and you stood up straight. Now or never.

“I’m Y/N Winchester” You extended your hand once again with a smile and the shorter one pushed it away which hurt you, though instead he pulled you into a warm hug.

“I’m Dean Winchester and thank you for saving our asses, Y/N Winchester” You were frozen by the intimate action, you didn’t receive comfort from anyone else but crowley and this was amazing. It caused goosebumps all around your body which you hardly felt. You hugged him back and he chuckled into your hair.

“I’m Sam Winchester and thank you… you’re kind of a badass for a 15 year old…” He hugged you as well which you obviously returned.

“I mean that right hook though” Dean whistled and you giggled.

“Definitely a Winchester trait.” You smiled at Dean’s kind words and his heart warmed. He always wanted a baby sister to protect and love. Now he had the chance and he’d never let you out of his sight.

“This is freaking amazing… finding my family and killing demons in one day?” You exhaled and Sam rubbed his sore wrist. You noticed it was raw and pulled out a clean cloth from your pocket, you wrapped his wrist and he lovingly stared down at you.

“Thanks, Y/N” You nodded in acknowledgment.

“Speaking of, does Crowley let you hunt?” Dean asked worriedly.

“Only the ones he knows I can handle and never alone of course, I always take my trusty side kick” You patted Fluffy which caused the boys to gulp.

“Oh don’t worry it doesn’t bite, unless I tell it to.” You reassured them but you still felt as if it didn’t work.

“It? Crowley gave you that?” Dean pointed to your on guard companion.

“Yeah Fluffy was my 13th birthday present…I have no idea what gender it is so I gave it a unisex name, Fluffy.” You kissed your bestfriends head while the boys looked at you with admiration but awareness. Even though they had met you 10 minutes ago the sudden urge to protect you arose in them. They wanted to keep every threat away from you but you lasted 15 years without them so they gave you space.

“Well Sammy how are we gonna top that? A freaking hell hound?” You loved the sound of that and you smiled widely.

“I dunno Dean guess we’re gonna have to find out, C’mon anklebiter” Sam put his arms around your shoulders while Dean fearfully walked next Fluffy.

“DONT EXPECT THIS MUTT TO SIT IN BABY” Fluffy growled and Dean picked up his pace and ran to you.

“You’re gonna love home kiddo” Home… that sounded nice for a change.


“The thing about Lizzie that’s kind of remarkable given who her sisters are and what they’ve accomplished in the fashion world, is that she went to school and really studied the craft of acting. She could have had an agent just by name alone, but she did it all on her own. It seems like she came out of nowhere, but she was spending a lot of time on being a really good actor. She’s a person who wasn’t looking for an easy way up, and I think that’s why she’s so incredible in the movie; she wants to have life experience and all those things that inform you as an actor. She’s the real deal.” - Sarah Paulson about working with Elizabeth Olsen in the movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene”

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I know some people who act like a "heel" yet after a certain point they actually accept the terrible habits. Dan you always have a weird balance between a heel and a responsible intelligent individual and seem to have no issue going from one to the other. Do you ever run into moments where your silly heel character has influence on your actual opinions and have to parse it out or are you naturally able to split the difference? Was it practiced or just a skill you learned? Keep up the good work!

I don’t really plan things like that out unless it’s something super obvious like the PAX wrestling stuff. As a general rule of thumb, I’m almost always playing something up for comedic effect or to get a reaction on Twitter, as I don’t think 140 characters is a good way to have serious conversations. On the Bombcast and Quick Looks, it can go back and forth depending on what I’m talking about. The important thing to me is that I never lie. I might play things up for effect (or the reaction), but I’ll never say anything I don’t mean. For example, I genuinely dislike most electronic music and think it lacks so much of the emotion and soul of the music I listen to. That’s my real opinion, which gets distilled into “Electronic music is all garbage, fart fart fart” on Twitter.

There are times where I’m almost always genuine, however. Here on Tumblr, I try to just give honest answers and not play things up too much. The same goes for Danswers. This last episode of Danswers was a perfect example. Remember on the Bombcast a few months back where I talked about the Safe Haven law? That’s the thing where you can legally drop an unwanted child off at a fire station (in applicable states) and it’s out of your hands from that moment forward. I made some joke about how if I ever had a kid, I’d just drop it off at a fire station if it ever got to be too much work. I saw plenty of comments and tweets to the effect of “Dan is a monster…he said he’d just abandon a child!” Now listen to us talk about having kids on that most recent Danswers with Vinny. That’s where you’ll get my actual opinions on the subject of me having kids. 

Some people have accused me of doing some big elaborate Andy Kaufman thing where I’m basically playing a character all the time. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be putting the “real” me out there via outlets like Tumblr and Danswers. Any fans that have met me in public or after PAX events can tell you that I’m always 100% genuine in those situations, as well. I try to be as upfront with this stuff as possible so that it’s obvious when I’m playing things up, but the internet is a little less savvy on reading that stuff than I would have expected. I see those “is Dan really like that?” conversations pop up on message boards frequently, so feel free to screencap this entire answer and post it as a reply whenever you see those.

Curiously, Jean had thin wrists, almost fragile looking, but powerful muscles rolled under the skin of his forearm, probably strong enough to carry someone through a wheat field, to support his own weight as he looked down to someone’s blurred eyes, to hug someone so tight they’d wish he’d never let them go.
Later, Marco would admit he didn’t really pay attention to the movie.

So the other day, the amazing thugbishie and I decided to trade art, and this is my gift to her. She asked for ace!Marco, so after ace!Jean in Ceilings, have another round of ace feels and weird writing style.

Feedback would mean the world but also scares me greatly so please don’t bite me. 

well i guess the plus side of my laptop showing signs of finally shitting the bed on me, is that it’s still early, i already got my plane tickets for july, i know what makes it act up so i can avoid doing it, and i can start saving up for a new one before it goes entirely. 

anybody have any recommendations on laptops? preferably anything under a thousand dollars?

hey, so over the course of the next few weeks probably, i’m going to be combining some concept artwork and mini comics to put into my online zine which i’m calling “Unsuitable” which focuses well, on me and my identity because i am weirdly somewhere in the middle of most things 

i chose to represent myself this way not to sexualize me or the Iroquois nations symbol but to present the way i view my body– i am showing my backbrace that i am sort of embarrassed about which you can’t really see unless i’m shirtless as well as the hair i’m growing out of traditional custom (which if i had pants on would really just make it look like a bra) as well as my pigeon-toed feet that i’ve had to on/off wear orthopedic shoes for– basically, i view my body as kind of vulnerable especially in relation to how it can devalued or sexualized due to the fact that i am plus-sized for one and since my physical disability (chronic illness, anosmia and back complications) are easily hidden or downright invisible; i am unsuitable to be consider attractive (unless for fetishistic reasons) and i am unsuitable to be consider disabled 

i am also mentally ill with severe PTSD resulting from sexual violence and emotional abuse, but because that’s not seen, i am unsuitable for care and respect, i am not ill enough to be “pitied” (thank you neurotypicals) so i am not ill

the Iroquois nation symbol has my tribe where the title is, seneca, connecting to the word Unsuitable, something i always feel when identifying myself as native even though my mom practiced traditional customs with me since i was a kid (even while in catholic school) and she is half-seneca, i am white-passing so i will always be accused of not being enough– i am unsuitable to learn the language, i am unsuitable to teach my children about seneca legends and stories, i am unsuitable to be seneca

this also ties into my identity as a queer person; being biromantic and demisexual feels a lot like being in the middle permanently, as if you’re not “exactly gay” and you’re not “exactly straight” but people will mislabel you to discredit you anyways because it doesn’t matter as you are essentially whatever they want you to be depending on their intention as if you have no agency– same way for being demisexual, except added on that for me, i’m slightly sex-repulsed and i have a hard time saying i feel sexual attraction but given a very specific set of circumstances, i do occasionally and some of that has to do with trauma (sex-repulsion) but some of it was always this way and it’s invalidating to hear “you aren’t really ace” or “you’re not normal (allo)”– with this, i am unsuitable to define my own sexuality 

for everyone in the middle feeling like they aren’t anything because they aren’t one or the other, Unsuitable


what a way to start every week with the longest, most physically demanding shift. For the past two weeks, in addition to my regular duties, I’ve been taking in the truck deliveries and rotating stock. It’s a shittonne of lifting, many of the things I’m lifting weigh 40 and 50 lbs., and I really should just cancel my gym membership.

I’m glad to do it – to get a better insight into the flow of goods in the store, and to be responsible for things being organized as I think about what that will look like when I’m an owner in the next endeavor. My arms, though. I just want to soak in a tub full of hot water and salt.

I had this plan to come in the door, crack a beer, and climb into the shower where I would wash the beefy, garlicky, tomato-avacado-coconut curry, dishwater, raw chicken juice funk off of me and chug-a-lug.

I never made it past the blue chair, and I’ve been sitting here for 40 minutes, and have had exactly two sips, and 30 minutes of bone-crushing nap. I had no idea falling asleep in the chair could hurt so much. My Maude, I am exhausted. 

But, it’s raining after a hot and humid day, and the air smells of hot metal and green things on the rise. The dogwood in my side yard is blooming, and the plants I put in the garden yesterday are getting a good, gentle soaking, which is great, because I don’t own a hose yet. 

I’m splurging on pizza and wings tonight - delivered, because - MONDAY. 

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i hate that im ace. i feel like im missing out on something massive and important and i feel really alone and like i have no purpose and im just gonna be lonely forever and looked at weird. i just want to find peace with it and move on with my life but im always so upset about it. how do i stop hating it so much?

My best advice is fake it till you make it. If you tell yourself that it’s all okay, that being ace is just how you are and how you are is wonderful, then one day you’ll believe it. 

That and read what other aces say. We talk so much about the ways we’re mistreated and whatnot, but look at everything else aces talk about beyond just our asexuality. We all have these complex, fascinating lives full of pleasures and passions, and so can you. Not feeling sexual attraction is just one aspect of who we are, and it doesn’t rule anyone’s life. Sexual attraction is not that important. Your life will be great and amazing because you make it so. No one’s life is magically better just because of attraction. 

Read asexual stories. Spend less time thinking about what you don’t feel and focus on what you do feel. Enjoy the good in your life and the friends you have. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts pushed on you by society and its heteronormative compulsory sexuality. Savor the good in your life. 


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This seam conversation brought up this thought/confusion I had. In the episode reformed when Amethyst comes back the third time she asks Steven something. Now at first I wasn't sure if I was hearing her right but I've now seen the episode more than three times and my solidified thought was that she said "are my seams straight" but like I had no idea wtf she was talking about. This doesn't really have anything to do with the seam topic but just my own confusion.

Oh! I can explain that actually. She’s definitely saying “Are my seams straight?”. It’s kind of an outdated phrase, hosiery/stockings used to have big seams up the back (you can see these in old movies or movies set in the early-mid 1900′s) and there was no way to hide that so to look ‘good’ people had to take care to have the seams align straight up and down in the back. Of course, since its in the back you can’t really see it so you’d have to ask someone. Its like asking if you have something in your teeth, basically asking like, “Am I presentable?”. (here’s some old people talking about it)

So, yea, she was basically just asking him if he thought she looked good

TW Rewatch 2x11: Mirror verse and clever void foreshadowing?

I’ve rewatched 2x11 and what struck me when watching this episode was how it potentially is full of clever foreshadowing. Or just Jeff and his gang getting really lucky with a few of their creative choices. Either way, it fits and has me excited. I will not lie - I flailed more than once!

What happened to Morrell’s office?

Of course there are weird shifts in the middle of a scene. And this time it’s in the scene with Stiles and Morrell at the start of the episode.

It starts by establishing where we are - at the guidance counselor.

My first thought was - what happened to Morrell’s office? This does not look like the office Lydia had her sessions in. Here are some images of that for comparison. For one the door is all different, and the sign is placed differently.

When we peek in on the session, we see a relatively cluttered desk and on the wall behind Stiles there’s a blue board with posters on it. 

This is familiar. In fact it looks to be the exact same board. 

A curious thing though, as soon as we enter the office, that board is gone. The wall behind Stiles only seem to hold one frame. In fact the office looks very spartan and minimalist. Also notice that the wall behind Stiles is perfectly smooth while the wall behind Lydia has wood panels.

Behind Stiles we can see a chair and a shelf of some sort with pamphlets on.

Zooming in on our stalker view of the session, we see no sign of either the chair or that shelf.

Also Morrell’s office in the sessions with Lydia had a lot of posters, colorful items and personal touches. Morrell’s walls in the session with Stiles has nothing on them.  Not even the tiles on the wall seem to be the same.

In conclusion this doesn’t seem to be the same office at all, and it’s not unlikely that BHHS has more than one guidance counselor office, so this in itself might not mean anything at all.. But why make a new set when you can reuse an old one?

Mirror verse

Let’s observe the little changes that appear to be contingent on who’s POV we’re getting. This is such a long scene and I can’t include every single shift and shot, but I’ll take you through the relevant bits. 

The first verse I’ve already mentioned, and it’s the”stalker view” aka peeping in on the session from outside the door. It’s the only view with the blue board in it.

During this view we also get a glimpse of the desk, and it’s mainly the desk that will tell us about different “verses”.

Let’s step inside the office. We basically get three different POV shots during this scene

  • POV Stiles - looking straight at Morrell
  • POV Morrell - looking straight at Stiles
  • Neutral POV - shots from the side/profile shots, either of both or just one of the characters

Let’s start with the neutral POV

Please notice the following:

  • The stapler is placed on top of a stack of papers (arrow 1)
  • The placement of the pen holder in relation to the tape dispenser - here the tape dispenser is closer to us. (red rectangle)
  • The clutter behind the pen holder/tape dispenser (arrow 2)
  • Morrell’s scarf, mostly red (pic above)

Here’s a close up of the desk where you can see it better

This will be long. More below the read more :) 

Keep reading

Title: Halloween
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character(s): Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Allison Argent, Isaac Lahey
Warning(s): None
Requested by: writing-of-all-fandoms; May I please have a one shot where the reader is a werewolf and is Derek’s sister and she gets really close to stiles so as a joke for Halloween she dresses as the big bad wolf and stiles goes as little red riding hood?
A/N: Oh my god, this brings me so much joy, I cannot stop picturing Stiles in a little dress and being all sassy while the reader’s in this manly werewolf costume and is all broody like Derek, I just- (by the way, trying a new format, I like it, so)

      You looked up as Lydia walked over to the table you usually sat at during lunch, with Scott and Stiles across from you. She handed the three of you orange envelopes and sat beside you. You eyed it curiously before looking at the strawberry-blonde with a raised eyebrow. “What is this, Lydia?” Scott asked, voicing your thoughts.

       Lydia sighed, and rolled her eyes, “Just open it.” You did as you were told and was greeted with a black car with glittery black cats, pumpkins and ghosts. It made you giggle slightly. You opened the card and saw the words, ‘You’re Invited to Lydia Martin’s Halloween Party!’. You grinned and hugged Lydia.

       Halloween was one of your favorite holidays and you’d be damned if you weren’t going to this party.

       “Thanks, Lydia, I’ll be there.” You said with a large grin. She smiled back and, with her signature hair flip, walked away. Stiles groaned, hitting his head against the table, making Scott chuckle. “What?” You asked, smiling slightly. “Halloween’s in two days and I’m pretty sure none of us have a costume.”

       He had a fair point. But, you had been working on your costume yourself, picking up random things from stores to put together your costume.

       “That’s what you think. I’m prepared.” You shrugged, taking a sip of your milk. Stiles groaned again, “That’s great. I don’t know what to be..” He mumbled into the table. The three of you thought for a moment before you got an idea, giggling at the thought.

        “Oh no, Scott she’s laughing, make her stop, why are you laughing?” Stiles moaned, hitting his head on the table again, making you laugh harder.

        “So, I decided I’m going as a werewolf,” You explained after you calmed down.  They blinked at you, “I know, I’m so original. Anyway, Stiles, you should go as little red riding hood. Please.” You gave him a smile and his eyes widened, shaking his head.

        “No, no, no, no. I am not going to this party as little red riding hood.” You frowned, “Aww, c’mon, man, you don’t have to be little red riding hood! You can be.. Manly red riding hood or something.” You giggled and Scott laughed, making Stiles glare at the both of you. “Please, Stiles, it would mean a lot to me if you did.” You begged, giving him the puppy-dog eyes, which you knew he couldn’t resist.

        He tried to look away, but ended up sighing and nodding, “Fine..” You squealed, leaning across the table to hug him, almost spilling your milk. “Thank you, Stiles.” He blushed and nodded, savoring the feeling of your arms around him.


       Instead of buying Stiles’ costume from some costume shop, you made it in just two nights. You hardly slept, but it was worth it when you were done. You were proud of both of your costumes, and you made sure to make Stiles’ costume a little better so he wouldn’t regret his decision.

       It was the night of the party and Stiles had driven the both of you to your house after school. After an uncomfortable, ‘protective older brother’ talk with Derek, you both went to your room.

       “Wow, this is amazing, (Y/N).” Stiles breathed, looking at the costumes laid out on you bed. You crossed your arms, smirking cockily, “Thanks, did all the work myself.” He rolled his eyes and shoved you a bit by your shoulder, causing you to stumble and laugh. “Alright, I’ll change in the bathroom.” He announced, taking his costume and walking into your bathroom.

        You changed quickly and posed in the mirror, laughing at yourself before Stiles walked out in his costume. He looked down at the black fabric in awe, making you laugh. He looked at you and his eyes widened. “Wow, (Y/N), these look incredible.” You giggled, “Thanks. Shall we?” You linked you arms with his and walked out to his car. You had already put your fake fangs in and the golden contacts as well while Stiles was changing so you were ready.

        Stiles opened the passenger side door for you before going to his side and starting the Jeep. You grinned to yourself before leaning over and kissing Stiles on the cheek. You giggled as he blushed and gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. Tonight was going to be fantastic.

(I’m so sorry if this was really bad, I pretty much just pulled it out of thin air because I’m tired :) )

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What are your thoughts on Mako's police uniform? I mean, he gets a promotion in book 2 but his book 3 uniform is IDENTICAL to his book 2 one! He doesn't even get a different insignia or stripes on his sleeves or anything! Shouldn't he be wearing green like Lu and Gang did? Am I way overthinking this???

Get out of here, I was just thinking about this yesterday because of my fic.

The thing about Lu and Gang that drives me crazy is that they kind of just wear overcoats?

Maybe that’s the detective look. But Mako wanted to wear his old uniform when he was doing door-to-door responses in 3x01 because that’s not really detective work so much? And he was just kind of acting like a 24/7 cop by sleeping at the station?

Idk a lot bothers me about Mako’s detective promotion, especially given that he was able to blithely take off for all of Season 3 (Lin too now that I think about it). Which is only slightly less egregious than Future Industries going from the brink of bankruptcy to Asami building a giant luxury airship and being able to fly around the Earth Kingdom too.

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How do you deal with haters?

In the context of shipping arguments– I’ll thoroughly roast the person using sound arguments and canon material to back myself up. In no way during the argument will I ever bash the opposing ship (frankly, if you need to rely on bashing the rival ship to make your own look better, your argument must not be very good in the first place…)

–And if I find myself unable to do so, or just don’t really feel like dignifying a “hater” with a response, I’ll straight up ignore them. Block them, delete their ask, whatever. They’re the one who’s apparently having a problem with my ship, it’s no skin off my nose if I choose not to give them the satisfaction of engaging them. It probably sounds like clichéd advice, but I’d really just encourage you to pick your battles. And especially in the Bleach fandom, where being an IH fan means you’re inevitably going to deal with backlash of some kind, it’s always best to be decisive when it comes to what’s worth fighting with another person over the internet about. 

I’m watching my husband’s favorite show (Babylon 5) for the first time and now I know what it’s like to watch X-Files with me because he legit loves this show the same way I love X-Files…. He stops and rewinds scenes so I can see “the really important parts again” and tells me behind the scenes stories about the actors and the crew and the cons they go to and he gets so excited about looks between characters and at the beginning of every season he gives me a quick summary of each episode and it’s freaking hilarious because I’m just like THIS IS SO ME. That is exactly how I was when he watched X-Files. Bless.

Uuuuu this has taken me so long its not even funny. I started to get cold feet about it so I just stopped and now Im putting it up here.

Yeah, not really too sure why I did this now, but I had a sudden love for Breakfast Club and the initial sketch went too well for me to stop.  

Also only AFTER I’d finished colouring did I realise Yugi’s leaning too far to the left and Season 0 Joey probably would have been a better choice for Bender, but Marik works too so ah. Also I would have put Kaiba for Brian but his personality is totally Yugi, and what even is his hair idk

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is it just me or does pearl sometimes look a lot younger than garnet? i understand she's been around for a really long time and has probably completely aged-out as much as gems can at this point but in episodes like jail break she honestly looks kinda younger?? and not to mention her appearance in Story for Steven which still looked young

I don’t really ever get that impression myself, its probably just because of the art style? The way Jeff Liu draws the characters sometimes makes them look small and ‘younger’, for example (and both “Story for Steven” and “Jailbreak” were Joe & Jeff episodes). In maturity Pearl is meant to be ‘younger’ than Garnet and Garnet is a fusion and thus bigger and generally more mature looking. But otherwise, no, I don’t really see her as looking younger, though she’s probably not been around as long as Garnet (or, rather, Ruby and Sapphire).

But, like, I dunno, I know Gems don’t age so I can’t really see them as younger, even in “Story for Steven”. But that’s just me, I suppose.