can we take a moment to appreciate tho how these lines by Peeta were so perfectly delivered:


'If it weren't for the baby.”

"No one really needs me."

I always imagine Bucky calling Steve “Stevie” and Steve absolutely hates it because it makes him feel smaller than he already is (but he never tells Bucky that). So at first Bucky says it all the time to mess with him, though after a while he notices just how much it bothers Steve so he stops almost completely.

After the serum though, Steve doesn’t seem to mind as much. Actually, it makes Steve feel secure. It’s a reminder of his old body, a reminder that he’s really just that tiny kid from Brooklyn. It’s a comfort, just in case he loses it. In case his new power does go to his head, to have that reminder. So Bucky says it a lot more frequently (even though he doesn’t know why Steve doesn’t mind anymore)

Afrer Bucky starts regaining some of his memories, he never says it anymore. The last time Bucky called Steve “Stevie” was the day of the train mission, their last mission together before the ice. Steve knows there’s something missing, he isn’t sure what. But even if he knew, he wouldn’t push it. Partly not to show how much he likes it, partly not to mess with Bucky’s already fragile memory.

It doesn’t matter how long he waits, Bucky never says it. Not in the first week back, not in the first month, not even in the first year.

Bucky has been fighting alongside Steve for a while. And the Avengers, but mainly Steve. Whenever Steve turns around, Bucky’s there behind him, watching his back. Even so, not every fight ends perfectly. Steve wakes up in the hospital after a particularly bad fight. He sees Bucky’s familiar face and the first thing he hears after he opens his eyes is Bucky “Stevie, you had me worried there for a while”

It’s the first time since the train that Steve has felt anywhere near whole.


I adore this little thread running throughout the series where Mako just kind of loves to scare people. She’s nearly always the first one to jump to this, weaving these little nightmare scenarios out of nowhere. Like if it’s at all possible to just randomly freak her friends out a bit, she can’t help herself.

Look at this face:

This is the face of someone deeply enjoying everything she has brought about today.

And it’s so great, because you don’t often see Mako teasing people. Interestingly enough, you do more early on (her first handful of episodes), but they’re actually surprisingly harsh. I can kind of see Mako’s way of poking good-natured fun as an extension of her strength, that she just hasn’t worked out a way to do it without it hurting yet. So we only occasionally see her taking the piss out of her friends (mostly Rei with a side of Minako, not coincidentally the two who will most easily brush it off), but I like to think this kind of thing is the outlet she’s found for herself.

Then it gets even better, because if Mako freaks anyone out too bad, she’s also going to be their #1 go-to source for protection. So if she pushes it too far, she’s really only hurting herself. THAT IS SO MAKO I CAN BARELY STAND IT.

Also I need to specifically call attention to Mako’s setting for this miniature horror movie: THE KITCHEN

That’s perfect not only for Mako herself (of course if someone is going to infiltrate her space and steal things, it would be from the kitchen. What do you mean that isn’t where everyone’s most valuable stuff is?), but also for Usagi. Because again, which room holds most of Usag’s beloved treasures but the one with the refrigerator?