I owned every second
That this world could give

I saw so many places
The things that I did
With every broken bone
I swear I lived


"What happened? Is Kol okay?"


*Ron and Drakken come crashing into the scene*

"Come on, we’d better help."

"See? You do care"


"…He had had just a haircut, nothing very abnormal- But her curious inner demon wanted to know how it would feel to pull his hair now; How would it feel to kiss him that way?

So she did it- And later she found it, the scars, the tattoo…

And her curious inner demon wished he’d cut his hair sooner.”

A/J AU - “Uncommon discomfort”

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Your story of finding out who matt smith was and when you started to like him

You want me to write? Gosh, I’m terrible at that, particularly in english (see, I had to google that word).

But here goes nothing…

It was the summer of 1964, I mean 2014, when I was home alone, bored and every single tv show I watched was on hiatus.

The beach was a mere 2 km (that’s 1.2 miles) away, the ocean so close and I really thought about abandoning my cave and finally get some tan… The thing is… the summer sun tends to hurt my eyes and makes me blink and cry a lot. And for a while now, there was this voice on the back of my head saying “Don’t blink…” See.. that was why I kept myself in the dark.

I spent all my days on Tumblr obsessing over british actors, when I asked myself “What’s the most british thing I could watch?” And there it was, right in front of my face… this gif:

Cheeky bastard. (omg, I’m so bored, look at the levels of stupidity in my head)

Long story, short.

I started watching Doctor Who.

If my heart was broken when Nine left, I cried my insides out when Ten regenarated into Eleven.

I then hated Eleven for a whole week.

I refused to watch a single episode.

Then I decided to give him an opportunity. Best decision I’ve ever made.

When Eleven was gone, there was a whole in me, so then I decided to search Matt on Youtube and I found him so funny.

I was already a gif maker around here… And that’s how this blog was created. :)


Jungle Book [d: Zoltan Korda, 1942, production design by Vincent Korda]

It’s Sabu’s birthday! Happy Birthday Sabu! There are two a-may-zing things about this film: Sabu, and Vincent Korda’s design. Srsly this is the most luscious, colourful sound stage ever. And now there’s a restored bluray so you can bathe your eyes in all the loveliness. It’s not the greatest film in the world (it is of its time ie brownface actors and also ZK is not the most thrilling director) but it’s well worth watching. Also, imagine being a wee nipper in the cinema in 1942 and seeing all those exotic creatures! In colour! (It helps to watch this with the eyes of a nipper so you can forgive the occasional not-real alligator). 

I’ll always rec The Thief Of Bagdad as a starter if you’ve never watched Sabu in anything because it’s fabulous on many counts and he is just the most engaging thing ever. But oh em gee my eyeballs are so happy after watching this. If you’re a heathen like me and only know the story from the Disney film (which is the bestest ever, hands down) this is much more about man’s cruelty and greed and less about singing a lot. No bad thing. 


"I’m very aware that something like this is only going to happen to me once in my life, there is only one job life this. Getting to tell the stories that you get to tell and travel in the Tardis and friendship, and just so many magical things. There’s nothing as whimsical as this show, I don’t think. It’s a dream. It kind of feels a bit like an adventure. So you’ve got to go with it and soak it up. Knowing one day I’ll look back at all those memories.” - Jenna Coleman.