First of all, I’m so blown away by how much energy Jared had after an hour and a half of signing autographs. His side took at least twice as long as Jensen’s, presumably because he gave each fan his attention and let them say what they needed to say, and I was towards the end of it. Yet, just as I got around the partition so I could see him at his table, he cracked a joke about how his legs were getting tired.

So anyway, the autograph. He’d mentioned in the panel earlier today that he loved hearing stories of friendships that happen because of fandom, and that was a perfect segue into what I wanted to say, which was that a friend I made on tumblr because of being in the fandom and loving Sam (thanks again rustybaconshit/fridgeratorworld! you’re the best!) made this lovely Sam for me. So I said that, and then went on to say this:

“She made them for a bunch of us because we like to have this argument about this shirt, which we call the rusty bacon shirt, and we argue about whether it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to Sam.”

And he LAUGHED. Like, threw his head back and laughed. I MADE JARED PADALECKI LAUGH AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF ALL YOU WONDERFUL SAM GIRLS AND OUR SILLY RUSTY BACON CIVIL WAR. (Particular shout-out to sunflowerchester, themegalosaurus, foolscapper, peanutbutterandbananasandwichs, geekinthejeep, and agelade on that front.)

Then, because I was wearing my purple dog shirt, he said he’d heard the shirt had a fandom on tumblr, and I told him absolutely, we love it, it’s practically the Sam girl uniform.


So if Jared wears the purple dog shirt in the near future, I demand credit.


liam is making me so emotional like hes thanking us for not ditching them when its probably the hardest thing they had to go through as a band and they need all the support they can get and i’m just grateful they’re here for us and keep doing it even tho its hard i love them so so much we need to support each other because they need us as much as we need them 

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I haven't watch the epi yet but I did watch the Richonne scene. Shoot me! I can't deal with those idiots. We will find a way? I'm still with you?! The fucking soft music playing in the background? Naaaaaaahhhhhhhh son. I mean they were having eye sex and they were really close to each other during that conversation. What is life? What is Richonne, besides perfection?! I can't wait to see the whole episode

When I heard the soft music start to play I was like “Wait, what? Are they really trying to set the mood?” Everything about that scene was just amazing. It was so much more than I ever expected it to be. And, oh God, how close were they? Rick has no idea what personal space is and I hope he never learns. 

But what’s crazy to me is how the chemistry between them is so explosive. I felt the air in my home become charged with the electricity their attraction exudes. And, I mean, even before Michonne placed her hand over Rick’s to push the gun away I felt like my entire body was on fire and it wasn’t even my moment. It was theirs. 

You know you have something truly amazing with a pairing when touching is an added bonus. Because with Richonne it is. A lot of us started shipping them in Season 3 and they’ve only just now started touching one another. That’s 2 seasons down the line. When they can evoke incomparable emotions in an audience through nothing but carefully constructed words and loaded gazes you know you have something truly remarkable. And this is why Richonne is my OTP, surpassed by no other pairing.

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How do I tell a game dev team I love their game? I see so much criticism of games yet so little praise, I'd like to do something to brighten up their day, even if it's something as small as just telling them I thought they did a great job. Thanks!

Post it to their official forums. Even though you almost certainly won’t get a direct response, the community team will also almost certainly see it and pass that information along to the developers. Remember, when community managers collect feedback from forums, they will look at all types of feedback - including positive. The angry forum posters might be dominant in number on those forums, but they really are only a small drop in the bucket compared to the overall player base and really not representative (despite how much they would like to think they are).

Mutuals & Followers pls read!!

I added a section to my about page that talks about being fictionkin and I feel like it’s important that you guys read it. 

I get uncomfortable when I can’t label things or they’re unclear, and finally writing out about my Generalised Anxiety disorder and BPD and about how Cole helps me, everything makes sense and is clearer now.

I don’t mind following/being followed by other cole kin, but I just hope that they will respect me as I will respect them.

So yeah please read the bubbles on my about page!! But yeah thank you for all the support and i love you all so much <333


There’s actually a huge difference between Zankie and Khonny. A huge one. Zach’s actions were genuine and meant something to Frankie…while khonny is just playing it up. Zach did all these things out of love, and khonny is just doing these for the show. Zankie is still giving us receipts after big brother, which just proves that all of Their actions weren’t because they wanted to be popular, but because they genuinely love eachother. I have no problem with khonny but…Zankie wins! ❤️❤️❤️❤hahaha. ️


Please follow the rest of my squad. We love you so so much!

wesingit-proudly sweepswift 5sosandtswift boyswiftie13 suncameupiwaslookingatyou swiftmissive

They are honestly all incredible persons and I am so thankful that I know them. And it’s all beacuse of you! I feel like we have been friends for years and it’s only just been 2 months. This would make all of us so incredibly happy (there will be a lot of tears, i can promise you that. Happy tears.) So yeah, thank you so much for being you, we love you so much. And I hopefully will see you soon!

PS: come to Spain! we miss you a lot over here! xx

PS2: have a nice day! :)

PS3: okay bye. I love you!


Request: Okay I really love your writing so much! Like wow it’s unbelievable how amazing all your imagines are. Could you write a Castiel/reader imagine where Castiel ends up finding god (reader) and tried to confront her but ends up finding out that she’s not the god that created everything, but god’s successor and that’s why she left heave and he also finds out she already tried to help them, but even she can’t stop the things that have already been set in stone from happening (So I changed it just a bit. The reader is just a small god, not God’s successor. I hope that’s okay!)

Request: Oh my gosh I nearly forgot to submit! Good thing I remember that it’s Monday Would you be able to write an imagine where the reader is god?

Request: A story with the line: ”in the midst of such perfection, i can’t help but feel diseased”. vague enough that you can go anywhere with that.

Request: what ever love one you can think of for cas

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So here’s my final list of all the loose ends that’re bothering me, because I have nothing better to do with my time and because one I post this I can stop thinking about them forever… maybe. Probably.
Anyway, I don’t know if we’ll ever get explanations for any of this. If we don’t we don’t, whatever.

- Akoya and Arima’s characters have some obvious loose ends left hanging as the they were pretty much just wrapped up as-is. Arima I could see being okay now since his main hangup seemed to be over Kinshiro, and Kinshiro’s fine now… but Akoya should still be a vain bitch, and the whole thing of him being bullied as a kid never really came up in the show.
Most likely this’ll be dealt with in the spinoff manga scanlations when, which I already expected would end up providing most of the focus for these two.  I imagine Akoya could get some character development in a chapter taking place between the finale and… whatever episode had him and Kinshiro bitching at each other, where Kinshiro brought up Akoya’s complex over his name. Was that 9 or 10? Whatever.

In a similar vein is Io’s supposed tragic backstory that left him trusting only money… but we might all just be seeing something that isn’t there with that one.

-Who were the Press Society guys? Just a couple of kids Hireashi recruited? Like, he was like “hey kids, wanna earn some money?” and they were just like “lol ok”.
And what happened to them afterwards? One punch and everything was forgiven (or at least forgotten)?

Wombat’s name, planet of origin, etc coming out garbled. Could just be a gag about how weird aliens are lol, but why settle for that?
- Zundar could be a fake name since it’s a pun, “Planet Evil” is obviously a bullshit name, but is Hireashi the fish’s actual name?
Since we now know Wombat was working undercover the whole time, this being a “classified information” situation actually seems likely- he can’t give anything away to keep him from blowing his cover until he can catch Hireashi red-handed, which also means he has to “play along” with the defense club and have them act like actual heroes, because he can’t actually tell them the truth, though he tries.

- What was up with the Lovracelets hurting the guys in episode five? It seems like a really… weird detail to include. Wombat has no reason to hurt the guys since he can nag them into doing their job anyway, and it just seems like something from a much darker scenario…
Actually, the show itself isn’t consistent with this. Episode six has Io hanging around while the others fight the screw monster and it isn’t brought up. There’s a handwave in ep 8 about weak monsters not setting he bracelets off, but he was right there… episode 10 probably counts too with Yumoto, but who the fuck knows what was going on then.
Actually, what Wombat said then doesn’t make sense anyway- if the bracelets don’t stop bothering them until a Love Shower is done, they should be going off all the time while they’re fighting. And that definitely isn’t happening.

- The glasses from episode 10. Seems like they were a prop left by the Press Society guys to make shit happen, seeing as how they were what tipped Gora off that something was up. But I’m still concerned about how they got into Yumoto’s house… and how they made him decide to wear them…

The good old suspicious shopkeeper… person from ep 7. Apparently they were just a gag charcter after all. Maybe. Probably.
… Since the only unknown faction now is Gora’s shoebill mascot I’m tempted to guess there’s a connection between them, but whatever.


The scene with the school on fire from one of the trailers that never actually happened. It’s not uncommon for scenes to be put in trailers and then cut from the actual product.
As for where it would have been? It feels like an early scene, like Wombat’s telling them to Love Making for the first time, but either that’s not the school burning down behind them or it was from later since, you know, the school obviously survived. Beyond that… I don’t know.
I’m expecting the plan was for a Love Shower to put out the fire.

The guys still have their Lovracelets in the bath scene at the end… Wombat’s still there so maybe he’s just supposed to have taken them back when he left. It would have been easier from an animation standpoint to have just left them out, though, so maybe it’s significant… maybe.

… And I’m done.

Every prodigal hero from every region has a patron legendary pokemon, a deity they represent and a crucial part of the universe they uphold be it something concrete like the balance of nature or a concept such as life and death. Even if they’ve never met face to face, there’s a string of destiny that connects them all together thanks to that special spark inside all of them.

Each one is so tied to the world around them that they are, by proxy, tied to one another.

The best word for it is probably soulmates, though in a more platonic sense of things—- even locking eyes with another dexholding hero gives an incredible rush of energy and excitement on a surreal level that goes far beyond skin and bones. If two were ever in the same place, they’d end up drawn to one another… for better or for worse. The pull is almost impossible to ignore, as two people with such immense, strange power being near each other is bound to cause a reaction between said energy.

There comes a certain rush with being in each other’s company that can’t really be described or recreated.

“Thank you so much.”

That’s what Rollins whispered to Reigns just as he pinned him last night. Listening closely back on the recording, hearing it actually made me tear up a bit. Regardless of what I may think about Reigns, there’s no doubt the presence of the bond and brotherhood between two professional wrestlers. 

An appreciation, a respect, and a love for what you’re doing, is what makes pro wrestling what it is to every fan.

We all love Pro Wrestling, and its quotes like that between young stars like them, that remind us of that.

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i'm right here!!! idk much about each member tbh all i know is that kris and luhan left

hi!! well, i’m gonna tell you a bit about my favorite boys. 

sehun: he’s the youngest of the group, and literally the baby. i think the members love him too much and spoil him that he can make and destroy as he pleases. he gives this aura of seriousness and antipathy but it’s just a facade of the beautiful boy beneath it. he loves all his hyungs that he’s even cried from the love he has for them. he’s just a baby, really. 

suho: he’s the leader. he’s like the mother of the group. he’s so strong and after kris’ departure he’s been having to carry all the leadership on his shoulders but he’s been doing such an amazing job at it. he worries about the members, and he gets made fun a lot for being like a “grandpa” but at the end, he’s one of the most respected members and they all love him so much.

kai: another baby we have here. don’t let him fool you with his sexy dancing, hip thrusting and crotch grabbing. he’s actually a ball of sunshine. he’s a nerd that can’t even use sns. he loves his 3 children (dogs) and he has a laugh that can cure any disease of the world. he’s always sleepy and it looks like he hasn’t slept in like a month. he really likes chicken too. 

baekhyun, chanyeol, chen: these 3 right here i’ve decided to include them in one because they’re so alike. they’re noisy, they are dumb and they like to joke a lot. they’re known as the “beagle line” for the same reason, and they’re just in charge of the mood of the group, most importantly baekhyun. Baek, he’s an actual sunshine, sometimes you would wish he’d shut up but it’s actually what makes him unique. he likes to fool around a lot and likes to imitate the other members but it’s the way he has to light up the mood. Chanyeol, he’s always laughing and he’s so full of energy. You’ll always see him laughing at the simplest thing and clapping his hands like if he were a seal. And Chen, he’s got this whiny voice that you’re gonna love. he’s got this “troll” image because he likes to play pranks and jokes with the members, but he’s got this personality, like sehun said one time, a mother to exo. 

lay: he’s really forgetful and most of the time it seems like he’s on cloud 9, but he’s so cute and nice and adorable. he has this big heart of gold. a real angel. he actually believes he’s exo’s unicorn (his “superpower” symbol is an unicorn), and it’s so cute. he’s very talented, he can play many instruments (so does chanyeol) and he’s already composed many songs that let’s hope we can listen in the future.

xiumin: baby baozi! you would never believe but he’s the oldest. all the members have this deep respect for him. he doesn’t like talking a lot, he doesn’t like much the attention but whenever he talks, all the members always shut up and listen to him attentively. he’s gained a lot of popularity recently, so sometimes the members mock him for being “korea’s hottest trend”. he really likes coffe, 

tao: if there’s a baby in exo, it’s tao. he might give you this strong aura but he actually is a 21 years old man with a puppy. tao is a joke (in the good way). he’s always doing embarrassing things that makes everyone laugh and make baekhyun make fun of him. he’s very conservative, very emotional, and sensitive guy. he tends to cry and suho’s the one that comforts him (he has refered to suho as his mother many times before). he’s afraid of bugs and ghosts and all that. yup, a 21 years old man. he can pass off like a vain person, but it’s actually not like that, it’s that he’s got this confidence that i wish i could have. he knows he hot, he fresh, he fly.

d.o: kyungsoo’s a very special. he’s the quiet type of guy, very similar to xiumin, but more serious. he’s adorable and he’s got this voice suitable for every music genre. he’s a great cooker, used to be called exo-k’s mother when they promoted separately. most of the time it seems like he’s done with life, and that he’s evil (he really is) but he just like to be calm and nobody to disturb him. but he can be weird too, and when he lets his 4d side show, it’s the most hilarious thing you’ll get to experience. 

but the most important thing you need to know is, they’re all dumb. so welcome to the fandom! if you wanna know more, please know that i’m right here c:

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Remember when you had foster kitties and one named cow? And another peanut and they were the cutest duo and we're falling asleep everywhere. Yeah, those were the days. I miss kitty pictures.



No seriously anon you have no idea how much I love those two cats. They are the biggest dorks on the planet and they are so sweet and adorable and YES.

And I get to still talk about them in the present tense because xsunflowerfortunato adopted them and I get to see them all the time! :D

Seriously, though, they are just so, so sweet. They cuddle up together all the time and give each other baths and are just inseparable. They like climbing things and curling up in the papasan chair together and sleeping on pillows. They are amazing.

And because you said you miss kitty pictures I am going to spam the hell out of you with adorable Cownut/Peacow goodness (Cow is the grey one, Peanut is the tabby with little white feet — I named Peanut because he was the smallest in the litter, and my mother named Cow because he was the biggest and she is a horrible person).

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Hey! I decided to make this follow forever bc it’s my birthday and just because i really wanted to make this. Anyways, these blogs are hella rad and it makes me happy when i see them on my dash. And also, I am very sorry that I don’t talk to most of you. You guys are too cool anyway. But aside from that, i love y’all so much. Have a nice day! ;-)

5sos-offical (y’all some hoes but follow me anyway)

onedirection (hmu it’s my birthday!)

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Listen up, this is going to be corny

Never in a million years would have I thought I’d get so much love and support from people I know on the internet. All of you have been so patient with me and kind and I just can’t get over all the love that’s been sent my way. I appreciate all my followers, all my mutuals, and all the people who don’t even follow me that still sent me kindness. 

I get people that are excited when I follow them now and I’m still so shocked by that. Seriously I’m just a small 17 year old girl running her blog lol. You all are so sweet <3 I wish I had better words to describe how thankful I am. 

Another thing I din’t expect is for so many of my posts to go so viral. One post, which is at almost 10k notes, and I’m still in shock over that. Another that reached 2 almost 3k notes. AMAZING <3 I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys, honestly!

again, me looking at movies with characters with DID and then i scroll to the comments...

“that ones not REAL dissociation cuz he can talk to his alter-ego!”

“why isnt sybil on this list!? i love that book and movie sooo much!!!”

“the three faces of eve is the closest to REAL multiple personalities (also known as split personality) - my psychology professor said so!”

“kinda weird how like almost all of them are actually murderers! really makes you think about the real people out there with this! scary!!!”


so I’ve mustered up the courage to make a patreon! patreon is a site where you can donate little bits of money each month to help your fave artists! my materials are getting pricey along with I really need to save up for sva more!! with my fan base growing and with all your lovely comments (I read them all I just can’t reply to them, they mean a lot!! ) I am hoping this can be quite a success! you get rewards for your monthly payment which you can pay a range of $1 to $17 per month depending on which rewards you would like! I will be updating content often and there are some great prizes included! one being an exclusive patreon only art blog which will have TONS more content! thank you guys so much! and even if you can’t help out with a buck or two, spreading the word is just as helpful! love you all