Request: I Hope So

Request: Heyo! Just wondering if you could do a real pissed off Dean??? Thx!

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could make an imagine where Y/n is pregnant with Deans child and at first he’s kinda angry but then he softens and there is some fluff and crap like that?? Thanks!! ?

Word Count: 887

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“That was stupid, Y/N! Since when did you just step back from a fight?” Dean snarls, looming over you. You stare at him, your chest heaving with fading adrenaline.

“I- I panicked. I’m sorry!” You insist for what must be the third time. Dean shakes his head.

“You’ve never panicked, Y/N.” He hisses, “Never. Never in the face of vampires. Not ghosts or werewolves or angels or demons or anything in between. Why now?”

“Dean…” You shrink back and he scowls at you, not moving but keeping his eyes on yours, burning with an intense anger.

“You want to explain?” He demands, “Because we both nearly died tonight because of your stupidity. You nearly got us killed.”

And somewhere, deep inside, something snaps. You lose the panic and the fear; something snaps and you stand up straight, your eyes burning right back into his.

“I’m sorry, Dean,” You say evenly, your voice much softer than his, “I didn’t mean to mess up. But I’m not going to take your shit.”

You turn your back on him, meaning to go and storm back to your room. However, he grabs your shoulder and spins you back towards him.

“No. The Y/N I know wouldn’t just give in to me like that.” He frowns, “What the hell is going on?”

“I’m just not in the mood for fighting,” You lie, “I want a shower and to get some sleep.”

He regards you for a moment, “There’s something you’re not telling me.”


“Tell me.”

And then you freeze. You know you should; you know you have to, but… you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

You found out almost a week ago, after a solid month of feeling weird and ill and a little out of it. You’ve worked out that you’re about two-and-a-half to three months along with a baby you have no idea what to do with. You haven’t told Dean because you don’t know how he’ll react. Sure, you both want kids at some point but your lifestyle isn’t really one that’s welcoming to a child.


“Dammit, Y/N!” He groans, letting go of your arm and dragging his hands through his hair, “Why do you make it so hard?”

“You want to know?” You demand, flinging your hands in the air, “Fine. I’ll tell you. I’m pregnant.”

Silence falls in the room, and Dean just stares at you in wonder.


“I know. I know. This is why I didn’t tell you.”

“What the hell are we meant to do?” He snaps, “You’re too careless!”

I’m too careless?! As far as I remember, it was your idea to-”

“I know! Shut up.” He glares at you, “Were you going to tell me, or…?”

“I don’t know what I was going to do. You kind of forced my hand!” You snap, “If you don’t care, fine. Neither do I.”

This time, he lets you go.


You curl up in bed and let yourself cry – something that happens only very occasionally. You were hoping he’d at least be a little bit happy, but all you saw in his eyes was anger and even more stress. He’s so stressed out anyway, but still… you were hoping. Just a little bit.

It’s nearly an hour before he comes knocking. You’ve long since exhausted yourself of tears, and instead let yourself mope, curled up in the warm sheets. It’s somewhat ironic, considering the amount of late night conversations you’ve had about your future and the family you’ll have.

“Y/N?” Dean asks, his forehead lying against the door, “Baby, are you in there?”

“No. I left through the window. Oh, wait. There isn’t one.” You reply tonelessly. Dean sighs.

“Please, Y/N. Don’t be mad at me. I just… I freaked out. I thought something was seriously wrong.”

“If nothing’s wrong, go ahead and tell me what’s right.” You roll off of the bed and cross over to the door, pulling it open. He sighs, shaking his head.

“Y/N, you scared me today. It jumped at you and instead of going in for the kill, you dodged. I know why you did it and I’m so, so glad that you did but… I panicked. I didn’t want to lose you – I don’t. Ever.” He shudders, shaking his head slowly, “Don’t hate me. I freaked. I… you weren’t kidding, right?”

You allow a small smile, nodding, “No kidding.”

“Holy shit.” He whispers, “Y/N… I’m so sorry. I’m an asshole. A total, utter asshole.”

“Sure,” You agree, “But you’re my asshole.”

You reach up, wrapping your arms around his neck tightly. He embraces you, albeit hesitantly, pulling you close to him.

“I’m not… hurting the baby, right?” He asks quietly, whispering into your ear. You laugh.

“Nope, you’re good.” You smile, burying your face in his shoulder. Dean smiles, his hand moving up and down your back gently.

“Jeez, Y/N. Us, parents. Never would have thought, huh?”

“I’m sure you’ll make an amazing father.” You assure him, squeezing him tighter for a moment. He grins, letting you go slightly so that he can see your face.

“I sure hope so.”

nerdy-kins asked:

man I watched the reef reveal and there are these awoken soldiers guarding an elevator thing and all I could imagine was michael kinda tiptoeing around there like soooooo is the queen busy orr???? is this where we go to see her?? what's the best time to visit I have important guardian things to discuss with her u know

they stand there and just stare at him and he’s like hahaha so come here often?? But he’s actually a bit nervous (he always is when he comes around) ((he goes there a lot)) and he’s just standing there until queen lindsay comes around and and tells them to let him in and she’s got a smile on her face as she looks and michael and michael’s literally the epitome of a dog wagging his tail he’s so HAPPY and then they spend the day together and she always asks about what they’ve done recently and always listens when he tells her.

he likes to listen about her day also.

(sometimes they sit really close and michael’s like ;o )

It started in third year, it was a ridiculous game that Sirius loved. It made James pissed off and Lily got so confused. It took James a while to figure out Sirius was doing it on purpose, he planned it.
So when James started messing his hair up at the sight of Lily in the common room one evening in sixth year, James could have predicted the lump that was Sirius falling on top of him.
“Prongs, I love you. You’ve always been there for me and I just, thank you.” Sirius pressed his face into James neck and James caught Lily’s confused expression before she turned away and finished her conversation with Remus.
But that was when James noticed, Remus was staring at Sirius and James knew.
He wasn’t sure what he knew. But he knew.
So his plans changed, he welcomed the exchanges, took to intiating them in front of Remus and then Sirius understood what it was like. But being Sirius, instead of stopping he played it up. People were beginning to wonder but neither were willing to risk their lives by asking two of the best known prankers if they were gay.
It wasn’t worth the pain if they were wrong. So it became a regular thing.
“Remus, can I ask you something?” Lily asked quietly in the library. The crackling of the fire and the hush of the books sorting themselves out were her favourite sounds. She felt safe here in a world that was so far from safe.
“Yeah, anything Lily.” Remus assured her as he brushed the top of his quil over his cheek. It calmed him when his nerves were all over the place due to a coming full moon.
“Is James, like with, well you know together, with Sirius?” Lily stuttered and stumbled through her sentence unlike her usually calm and collected way of speaking.
“I don’t know.” Remus admitted, anguish in his own voice.
“It’s just because he’s more bearable this year, you know and I thought maybe he’s not interested anymore.” Lily blushed lightly as she tilted her head forward. Her hair fell in a curtain around her face as she attempted to hide from Remus.
“I thought Sirius and I were finally, Merlin, I thought he might’ve… It was stupid anyway.” Remus shrugged, wishing he had something he could hide behind.
“Merlin we’re such a soppy lot over boys.” Lily laughed as she sat up. “Sirius and anyone else in this school, would be lucky to have you Remus.”
“Yeah but James is just so, so straight and he still talks about you but then whenever we’re both in the room, oh Merlin.” Remus groaned so loudly they could hear the sharp hiss of Madame Pince shushing them from the front of the room.
“What?” Lily asked in shock at Remus breaking from their hushed whispers.
“They’re such idiots. You don’t think they’re trying to make us jealous do you?” Remus asked quietly and Lily let out an equally loud groan. They both began to giggle at Madame Pince’s bark for silence.
“That seems like something those idiots would do.” Lily admitted, her smile brightening. Remus chuckled and let his head rest on the table as his shoulders shook in relief.
“What if we, just to be sure, played them at their own game?” Remus asked with a grin. Lily’s green eyes lit up with an unusually mischievous look.
“Oh Remus, you really are a genius.” Lily laughed. They packed up the books and slipped out past a nagging librarian before they were walking up the steps together. Lily rolled her eyes as Remus held the portrait open for her as she stepped in.
She watched as Sirius rushed to fling himself across James. In his haste he walloped James in the ribs and head butted James’ shoulder.
Lily smothered a giggle as Remus followed her in. James grinned and ran his fingers through Sirius’ hair.
“Alright Moony?” James called and Remus nodded.
“Yeah, just gonna head to bed, night Prongs.” Remus smiled as Lily gave him a short hug.
“It’s only eight, why so early?” James’ eyes were on Lily who was talking to Marlene McKinnon.
“Ah, Lily had me kept busy in the library, I’m knackered.” Remus grinned and walked away without another word.
The next week consisted of mostly small, innocent touches. Remus would push Lily’s hair back from her face. Lily would fix Remus’ tie but they knew it was working. James and Sirius were both very antsy over the whole thing.
It didn’t help that Peter was encouraging both groups for his own enjoyment. Peter knew what his friends were doing and he found it hilarious.
“Wormtail, what do you think of Remus and Lily, they’re looking awfully close aren’t they?” James asked in suspicion one night.
“I think Lily really fancies Remus. You’ve lost.” Peter laughed loudly at James, who looked less than excited to receive the information.
“Pete, what do you reckon is going on with James and Sirius?” Remus asked one night as he tossed a pillow into the air.
“I think that any day they’ll be coming out. They’ll be Hogwarts power couple.” Peter tried to hide his grin.
“You don’t think they’re just being tossers? You know, trying to make Lily jealous?” Remus asked. Peter bit his lip as he attempted to control himself.
“Of course they’re not Moony, they just aren’t ready to come out yet.” Peter squeaked as he muffled his laughter with his hands.
Sirius was angry, he spent all his time ranting about how he was much more beautiful.
“There’s no fucking way Remus can fancy Evans because c'mon, have you ever looked at me?” Sirius rants to Peter and he rolls his eyes.
“Maybe he’s straight?” Peter suggested.
“Remus is almost as gay as I am! Don’t say stupid things Pete.” Sirius scoffs as he takes in the poster over Remus’ bed.
Don Greener winked back as he celebrated his Quidditch World Cup win with the Irish team. By whipping off his shirt.
Remus John Lupin was a flaming queer.
“There’s no fucking way I’m gonna lose Evans for that stupid bloody werewolf.” James ranted as he walked in the door.
“What did he do now?” Peter asked.
“He was fucking full on snogging her!” James spat and Sirius slumped in disbelief.
“He what?” Peter asked sitting up in disbelief.
“Well he basically full on snogged her, I mean he kissed her cheek.” James collapsed back on his bed as Peter laughed again.
“You fucker!” Sirius barked and launched himself at James. “You fucking terrified me!” Sirius laughed as they tumbled off the bed.
They were interrupted by Lily’s laugh as she and Remus stood in the door.
“No shagging in here Moony, we made a pact.” Peter reminded him which made both boys on the floor look up.
“We’re not here to shag as you so eloquently put it Peter. We’re here to call a truce, because you pompous gits won’t.” Lily laughed again as Remus hesitated.
“No, please, I haven’t laughed this much in years.” Peter complained but Lily ignored him.
“What truce?” Sirius asked and Lily shrugged her shoulders.
“This jealousy thing, it’s only making us all annoyed, even though you started it, Remus and I are finishing it.” Lily sighed and Remus refused to look at Sirius.
“What, you mean, but, we, I give up.” James scrambled for words, causing everyone to laugh again.
“We played the very same game you two did. We can’t be held responsible.” Remus admitted with a laugh.
For years Sirius told a very elaborate story about how James and Lily got together, he also tweaked the story of how him and Remus got together. He couldn’t let their tragic tale be started with something as stupid as teasing Prongs.
He needed to keep a reputation, he needed a legacy.

Got this idea from lycanthropuns
Her Head Cannons give me life

Percy Jackson's POV vs Everyone else's POV part 2 (feat Annabeth's POV)
  • Percy:Wow, Annabeth is so pretty! She's also such a good fighter. How did someone like me end up with someone like her? She's also really cute when she's angry.
  • Annabeth:Percy has that "Annabeth-is-adorable-look-on-his-face" again. I can't believe this. I told him I am not cute. I will smack him.

Stiles was exhausted as he collapsed in the back of the car. They were in France after a twelve hour flight from Los Angeles and now had around an hour and a half drive from Paris to the Argent house outside Chatres. They could have gotten a train, but Allison’s parents had insisted and paid for a driver to take them there.

“This place is unreal,” Stiles muttered as he stared out the window at the scenery rolling past. It felt like it should be some ridiculously late time of night for him, but it was late afternoon as they were driven out of Paris,

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Stiles said to Allison, turning his head to face her, “I know I’ve just sat on a plane for twelve hours, and I’m definitely not in the States anymore, but it doesn’t feel real,” he shook his head, “We only started talking about this like a month ago, holy shit,”

Damn it, I cant sleep. I turned my head to see my boyfriend is already sleeping soundly. I grabbed my phone off the bedside table.

Let me see. The light from the phone illuminating my face in a white tinged light. 

Ah, Tumblr, yes. A nice fanfiction would be great for bedtime story. 

Ahah! Found one! A Chris Evans smut. 

Purrfect, I smiled to myself.  

“He slowly tipped his head forward until his nose touched hers, never breaking his stare. “If you want me to let you go, just say the word,” he growled.”

Oh fuck, dominant Chris. I like it. I continued reading and I felt myself getting wetter at each sentences.

I could feel my boyfriend was stirring beside me as I continued reading.

“Baby?” he said sleepily, rubbing a hand along his jaw


“Are you reading smut about me again?”

“Um, yeah I couldn’t sleep. Sorry.”

Chris smiled and gave me a long kiss as he slipped his hand down to my wetness.


Credit: Thanks to master-of-duct-tape :-)

Give my character a difficult decision

“I’ll say this once more.”

The time doopleganger had its blaster out, aiming it at Krista’s head. The girl had tears streaking down her face, as she gulped, red hair blowing into the wind. The blue haired lady stared Nigel down, dull green eyes with no white and no emotions in them meeting his angered, blue orbs.

“Put your blood into the vial, or-” she coked the gun, pressing it against the girl’s head. “-you’ll have a nice serving of brains for lunch. And if that doesn’t work, well, I’m sure I can just beat you like I did Numbuh 0311.”

Said agent was lying on the floor, beaten and bruised. Her once beautiful blue hair was mattered, and crowned with black as she could no longer dye it. Her green eyes were closed, when-ether she was unconscious or just in too much pain to move, one couldn’t tell.

((My response):

Krista looked up at the doppelganger. She knew that if she gave them what they wanted, all their hard work would be for not and their resistance finished. “Krista please just do as they say, “ Nigel was terrified. He was all for a cause, but he was not for the idea of risking his friend’s life. “I can’t. I refuse. Go ahead, shoot me. Just know that this war does not end with me. You will not have won.”

“KRISTA ARE YOU CRAZY? I can’t have you dead over this,” Nigel was far beyond fucking around. He had never been so scared in his entire life. “You would  have done the same thing Nigel.” Krista knew that Nigel would always die for a cause. She did not come this far to fail. “Krista..dear god I”m begging you…” Nigel was actually in tears right now. Actual tears.


So… I came across these incredible edits, and I must say, my Harry feels are neugh. I need him right now for cuddles. I’ve got a stupid cold, and I need some warmth and Harry looks so warm and I want to snuggle with him, and he can help me study and I can just stare at his face and his lips while he talks… Ugh. I love him.


These edits make me feel like I need to write for them. Especially the first one. I need to write a One Shot for that, where he takes their little baby with him to LA. Ugh. My 10:30pm brain is all over the place. Haha!


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when receiving handwritten letters/notes in class from youngjae, jaebum, jinyoung, mark

Youngjae: Little doodles. I feel like Youngjae would doodle the cutest little things on scraps of paper and he’d send it over to you, like “look, this cute little puppy looks like you” would be scribbled above a drawing of the cutest puppy you ever did see. You’d send him one back with a poor imitation, “I tried, but it’ll never be as cute as you” you’d turn just in time to see a smile grow on his face.

JB: Little compliments mixed in with his brusque personality. “You look pretty today, did you do something new with your hair?” you’d smile to yourself, flattered by the compliment but then you’d soon receive another note: “Those boys across the room keep staring at you… can I hit them?”

Jr.: Cheesy pick up lines that undeniably make you swoon. “Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you fall for anyone else” the note would read. You’d turn around to roll your eyes at the cheesiness, but before you could, he’d wink at you causing you to turn around and blush.

Mark: Simple reminders of meeting places. “Meet me on the rooftop during lunch :3” is what the note would read. “How come?” you’d send back. “I just wanna see you without all the distractions of our noisy friends” the second note would read. You’d smirk to yourself, “Just want me all to yourself, huh?” you’d send back. “Yup. You caught me ;)” the third note would read.

Dark Daddy

Anon: O.O d.o smut please! How does he not have any requests?

Author: Admin M

Character(s): DO (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 1,200

Summary: Kyungsoo likes to be rough but is afraid you will get hurt. So he doesn’t bring that side of him out much. Until the day you asked him to. 

“You want me to what?” Kyungsoo just stared at me.

“I mean you know?” I blushed. “Please don’t make me say it again.” 

“You want me to tie you up and…” He trailed off. 

“Fuck me.” I whispered.

“You want me to what?” He was walking towards me. A smirk now growing on his face.

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I hate you… but not really - Calum Hood smut

*Requested by calummistress18

It had always been the same, ever since you started working with the guys you got along really well with the others, but Calum had taken a certain disliking to you pretty much straight away. 

He didn’t talk to you unless it was absolutely necessary. Every time you looked at him he was glaring at you. And he would always bump your shoulder with his whenever he would walk past you. 

“Michael? Has Calum said anything about me?“ you asked when just the two of you were sat in the dressing room, “I mean, he acts like he hates me but I haven’t done anything!”

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[Requested by Anon]

“What the hell?!” Dean croaked.

“Oh hey Deano!” You chuckled parting your lips from Sams.

“H-hey man. What’re you doing back so soon?” Sam hesitated.

“What are you guys- no don’t answer that.” He crossed his arms over his chest his eyes brows furrowed. “So are you guys like together?”

You and Sam both shared a glance and returned your gaze back to Dean.

“No, it’s just sex.” You both chimed.

Dean stared intently for a moment. Until a smile crept up on his face and he nodded.

“It’s about time you get laid Sammy.” He cleared his throat and opened the door to leave. “I’ll let you guys do whatever. Have fun.” He flashed a wink.

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"you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you." just saw this au and couldn't stop thinking about Minty!!

Luiza, this prompt is absolute perfection!! Thank you so much for this <3 
p.s. I know nothing about computers, only what I quickly googled, if everything is wrong I’m really sorry.

“What are you doing?” Bellamy asked, coming up to Miller’s side. Miller tilted the computer screen away from him, refusing to lift his eyes to look at Bellamy.

“I’m downloading a virus,” Miller said, his words disinterested as he continued to stare upon the computer screen in front of him.

“I’m sorry, would you like to repeat that?” Bellamy spoke back. He pushed the computer away from Miller, sitting down on the table in the spot it had just occupied and pulling Miller’s face up for him to make eye contact. The past week or so Bellamy had been noticing him acting bizarrely strange, but as the good friend he was he’d left his friend alone, thinking it was merely a temporary funk of sorts.

But now Bellamy couldn’t stay quiet any longer, especially not with how much he was currently worrying about the sanity of his best friend beside him.

“I can’t stop…” Miller spoke, burying his head into the table and leaving the rest of his words to turn into a jumble of thought that was indecipherable. A chuckle erupted from Bellamy, and he lightly hit Miller’s shoulder.

“Let’s try that repeating thing again,” Bellamy released between his laughs. “What’s going on?”

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DOES THIS NOT LOOK LIKE NIALLS FACE WHEN YOU ZOOM IN???!!? 38*media*tumblr*com/357f0169d6faa36beca7f489d6ed9b7a/tumblr_nhcgj1khvF1u0sg6ro1_500*gif




I also stared at his for far too long bye

“WHAT” you hear Matt scream and Nash and Cam laugh like two loud shits they are. “God, sometimes I think you’re torturing each other or something like that!” You scream across the room and hear them laughing again. “(Y/N) WE’RE JUST MESSING UP WITH CAM BECAUSE HE-” Nash says. “What?” You looked up to them. “He-” Matt starts but Cameron suddenly put his hand on Matt’s mouth. “I didn’t do anything. ” “Yes you did…” Matt mumbles and and then get a smack on his face. “Cameron! ” you cooe. “HE ADMITTED HE LIKES YOU DAMN SHI” Nash states and get away the room. Cam suddenly gets really shy and look down while Matt stares at you trying to understand your reaction, you’re biting your lip and your cheeks are red. “Does Cam really?” You ask yourself.

Thanks for request anon!

If his hot cheeks were not proof enough, then the world might just as well be flat.


He turned his head and stared at his companion-

The strapless figure hugging maid uniform-

“I’m glad you’re back.”

To that awfully cute face that tempted him greatly to just throw everything away and cup those cheeks and kiss it like life itself-

“I miss you.”

Down to those curves he missed, that voice he yearned for, that smile he would kill for-

“Hey say something you idiot.”

“I-” and Gray paused, thinking carefully of his next words that did not consist of maid.outfit.my.ultimate.kink.secret. or of i.wanted.to.kill.those.bastards.for.hurting.you or of-

“A year later and you’re still that cute girl who caught my attention.”



(What the hell’s happening to me?)


“Nothing. Just… Stay close to me.”


(I really really miss you but please refrain from wearing that maid outfit unless it’s for my eyes only?)


(Shit. I’m going crazy.)