as black friday and the holidays slowly creep up on us 

please please please remember to be kind to cashiers and retail workers

they want to be home and out of the store just as quickly as you want to be


NEW VIDEO: “Attempting To Play the Kim Kardashian Game???”

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It’s never made any difference to me when it came to you. I’d still pick you. I’ll always pick you.
—  Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

i wanna kiss josh dun but i don’t mean like passionately i just wanna give him a quick kiss on the face somewhere and make sure he’s sufficiently hydrated


Laser force and late night pasta with my muppets awkward-manatea letslipthedogsofwar minnie-grace and quite-exploded. (Jake won. I can’t believe it.) ((I mean he won laser force. I’m not sure you can win at late night pasta but there is a first for everything))

I’ve seen a lot of people debating the Team Parent!Combeferre trope on my dash lately and it got me thinking about that, and I realized WAIT, he actually NEVER does that? Like, any at all? WHICH IS WEIRD, because everything about his introduction seems set up for it! But NOPE— Combeferre’s version of balancing out his friends is debating and challenging political ideas. On the domestic side? If someone’s going to be  herding the cats, making sure friends behave themselves and Play Nice With Others and Go Out and Get Some Sun and wear nice clothes, goodness, you’ll feel better…

It’s The Never Be Lawyers crew. Within the Amis themselves, it’s *especially* Bossuet and Bahorel, and Joly later, at the barricades. (There’s no doubt Courfeyrac does the Life Mentoring Thing, but it’s always with Marius, who, frankly, needs all the help he can get. With his other, more-assured friends, Courfeyrac is much less Mother Hen.) Bahorel’s the one giving fashion and relationship advice (yes, that is terrifying, but IT APPARENTLY WORKS?!?); Bossuet’s the one helping people with homework and being Team Therapist pre-barricade (where he and Courfeyrac both take up the role); he and Joly are the only ones who appear aware that weather is even a thing that exists.  THE LAW SCHOOL SLACKERS ARE THE TEAM PARENTS.

It’s a wonder any of them lived as far as the barricades, really.


i know they were lucky the first time around to get beef, cheese, and ketchup, but i’m just imagining the ketchup and the ice cream and i’m unhappy.

Please if your planning on feeding your dog something look up information on it before you do because there are a lot of unhealthy dog foods and obviously unhealthy human food for them!! Same goes for other animals please keep your pets safe!!

fyodorpavlov replied to your post “tulkasastaldo replied to your post “Let it be known that no German…”

It just goes to show how much those who have something in abundance can take it for granted. Sausage is SO IMPORTANT. ;_;

We could start saying “It is toast to me” BUT HAVE YOU EVER TRIED NOT HAVING TOAST FOR A LONG TIME?