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It just goes to show how much those who have something in abundance can take it for granted. Sausage is SO IMPORTANT. ;_;

We could start saying “It is toast to me” BUT HAVE YOU EVER TRIED NOT HAVING TOAST FOR A LONG TIME?


Closing thoughts for the night; naturally, they're food-oriented. /o\

Mamuts are basically moonpies and should definitely be eaten if you’re given one.

I have no idea what the hell is inside the chocolate shell of a “Cluber” except what (judging from the front of the wrapper) appears to be either marshmallow or coconut and something red called “jalea.” I don’t know what that is. I think Puerto Ricans call it something else. Not eating it until I know what it is so I don’t waste it.

I had one more piece of Mexican candy that looked like either triple-flavored (chocolate/strawberry/vanilla) pudding or frosting, but it appears to have vanished… D:

No, I didn’t eat it. I was planning to, though.