You know what the best part about Dan and Phil’s Sims series is?? They try.

There are a lot of Youtubers that play the Sims and their videos are perfectly fine and funny as well, but they’re all essentially the same. They either make the ugliest freaks in the world or an exaggerated caricature of themselves and use cheats to make themselves millionaires and kill people for the hell of it and just generally dick around.

I’m not saying that’s bad or anything, I enjoy those Lets Plays as well. Dan and Phil’s series is just more… genuine? Endearing? That sounds patronizing, but really, I’m actually fond of Dil Howlter. Like if he died, I would have an actual negative reaction of some sort, and I don’t think I’m alone. Somebody else has to have noticed that there’s hardly any potential tumblr url relating to Dil Howlter that hasn’t already been taken. There’s a reason this series is so popular. It’s because it’s different.

Dan and Phil don’t try to make things absolutely perfect or super serious (the clown suit pajamas and the owl slide are living proof of that) but they set goals for Dil to achieve, like becoming a master mixologist or getting the llama hedge. This is so silly, but it’s satisfying to see them reach those goals, instead of just instantly getting them thanks to cheats. 

The banter is fun, just as it is with any other Dan and Phil video, but what really makes their Sims videos so great is that they actually care.

That Kiss Though.

It Is So Important.

Lexa kissing Clarke is the ultimate trust exercise.

The first time you kiss a person it’s pretty much you having faith that the other person will treat that moment (even if it ends with some form of rejection) with care.

The way Lexa goes into the kiss and is just so soft about it. The way she brings her hand up to Clarke’s face and then how their noses touch. She is basically telling Clarke all the things she stops herself from saying out loud.

And then there is Clarke. Clarke could do anything with this information - hold it against Lexa or use it to manipulate her.

But what does she do? She moves the kiss forward. She brings her hand up to hold Lexa. Up until that very last moment she is 100% invested in the kiss (Don’t even get me started on the fact Lexa breaks contact for a  second to give Clarke a moment to register what is happening. Then giving Clarke the space she needs when she does actually pull away. Lexa is all about consent yo).

And Clarkes reaction. Her making it clear to Lexa about what she is thinking. Making sure Lexa understands. And that small reassuring smile from Clarke right at the very end of that moment.

Their entire interaction is just honest. How many shows in this demographic have two strong female characters not only kiss but have such an intimate moment without any agenda? Not many if any.


fitzheartmack challenged: shopping for a wedding cake

They haven’t been sitting at the bakery for long when the text comes.

Twenty minutes max, but stranger things have happened than Leo Fitz being late for an appointment. It’s a joke around S.H.I.E.L.D., how scatterbrained Fitz can be, but it’s all good-natured ribbing because Fitz always comes through when it’s important.

That’s probably why it’s such a shock when Mack checks his phone, only to find a text from Fitz saying that he’s not coming. No explanations, no apologies, just three words.

I’m not coming.

Mack’s on autopilot as he dials Fitz’s number, doesn’t even realize that he’s holding his breath until Fitz answers the phone. Just hearing him on the line has the tension that was building in Mack’s chest loosening.  

"Fitz, are you okay? Is there a problem in the lab?" The line is quiet, but he can make out Fitz’s breathing on the other end. "Baby?"

He can hear Fitz heave a shuddering breath, and he knows that it’s something bad.

"I can’t do it, Mack. I- I thought I could, but I can’t go through with this wedding." Fitz’s voice is thick, the way it gets when he’s on the verge of tears. "It’s just too much. First the registry, and now the bloody cake tasting, and… I don’t want this! I don’t! It’s too much, and I can’t have all these people watching me - watching us. I don’t know half the people we invited and it’s too much!”

Listening to Fitz lay out reason after reason for not wanting to get married to him is probably the worst moment in Mack’s life. Worse than when he was possessed by the temple. Worse than when his dad left them just after his sixteenth birthday.

Simmons and Bobbi are sitting opposite him, and from the pained but knowing look on Simmons’ face it’s clear that she expected this. Bobbi starts to stand up, and he can see the concern loud and clear on her face when he shakes his head ‘no’.

Standing up to get some privacy, Mack walks over to the tinted store-front windows and leans his forehead against the pane. It’s cool and firm, and it might be the only thing keeping him from tears at this point. Just a cool pane of glass and the shaded bodies of people as they hurry by.

"I love you. I love you so much, Turbo, and if you don’t want to get married," he has to stop to take a breath before pushing on, "we don’t do it. It’s that simple, baby. We just don’t do it."

Getting married to Fitz is something that Mack only recently allowed himself to think of as more than just a fantasy. He’s only just allowed himself to realize that this is something that he gets to have with the man he loves, and it’s bittersweet… but he would rather stay as they are than risk losing Fitz over a marriage he obviously doesn’t want.

Forehead pushed against the glass, Mack closes his eyes to better block out the tinted light that streams through the window. With his eyes closed it’s easier to focus on the quiet hiccups on the other line. He would give anything to have Fitz in his arms, to be able to draw him in close to better comfort him.

For now, he settles for the sound of Fitz’s breathing evening out as Mack waits for him to speak.

Alright, darling. Your flangst challenge IS… dun dun duuuuuuuun… FitzMack buying their first house together!


2x09 meta: bellamy version

Here’s what I’m taking from 2x09:

  • Bellamy is in love with Clarke
  • Bellamy knows he is in love with Clarke

I don’t think Clarke is in love with Bellamy (not yet at least) but I do think she cares deeply for him, and I think that Bellamy is in love with Clarke and is totally aware of that.

Here’s what I’m basing this on:

Bellamy gets people. He understands people’s emotions and feelings very intuitively. Part of what makes him such a good leader is his understanding of how emotions can motivate people - whether it’s fear or hope or loyalty or whatever. He reads the emotional landscape. Which is why I think he also knows his own feelings very well.

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These little cuts to Hiccup’s reactions in this scene are honestly some of my favorite parts of the movie, tbh. He’s getting to see his parents together, reconnecting with one another. He’s seeing his family happy and whole and complete for the first time. You don’t even have to think about it to know how elated he must be feeling. /o\

Let’s take a minute to think about the way in which Emma just barges into Regina’s office, drops food on her desk, and Regina doesn’t even flinch. Like it’s just a common occurrence. And Emma knows what Regina likes and dislikes to eat. And Regina’s tone when she says “You eat like a child”, there’s no bite to it, she chuckles and sounds so endeared by Emma’s quirks.
And then Emma asks her to open the bottles and Regina sends a sassy comeback her way, also without a bite. And Emma just looks at her over the shoulder, and smiles, as she strides so casually to one of Regina’s drawers, like she just owns the place. Seriously, who swapped the original script with their fanfic, good Lord…


PG rating, 1400 words, another 605 reaction fic, this one more Blaine pov, but once again a getting back together feelsy fic. Meant to be a drabble. When have I ever managed to pull that off? Enjoy!! 

“Where do you see us in ten years, Kurt?”

The question kind of comes from nowhere.They’d fought about where to have dinner. Kurt had called Blaine obtuse and Blaine had called Kurt self-absorbed. They’d both apologized but lost their appetites. It was the first time they’d tried going out as friends: riffling through sheet music and thrift store racks. It had been good until it wasn’t. Blaine asks the question just as they’re turning into Kurt’s street, the rest of the drive having been spent in silence.

“Where do I see myself in ten years?” Kurt turns the question over and stalls.

“No. Us. Where do you see us?” Blaine needs to know what they’re doing. In truth, he needs to know what he’s doing.

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What I’m gathering from watching the Q&A with the cast is that kbearluna is a freaking gift. Not just in being Kaitlyn Alexander but also being that buffer that balances the craziness that is internet fandom and the rest of the cast. So many female-driven (is that the right word even?) fandoms don’t have that luxury.

I have more intelligent meta thoughts on this, but my cat is sleepy and purring so I’ll have to be articulate some other time.

Just, damn. Thank you, kbearluna, for being that bridge that makes Carmilla such a different fandom experience.

Robin’s smile when he answers Regina’s “you are?” with “yes”

He’s so happy she knows, that he can give her this, that the have this, that this hasn’t taken the love that’s between them, to see her smile again and it’s so genuine

The love is so clear in his eyes, he’s fighting so hard, this isn’t what he wants but it’s all he can give and he’s so in love!

And massive shout out to Sean Maguire because that was incredible