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I just found your blog and it's soo perfect! I just wanted to tell you that :) and ask for a reaction of where you (their crush) show up at their dorm crying because you and the guy your with had a bad fight. Sorry for being do long :P

Asdfghjkl you are so nice (^^) Thank you! *_*
Also love this request so much! :D I had originally by accident made it out to you being their best friend, but tried changing it a bit to make you their crush, but not with them all though, hope it you still like it! (^_^) 

Here we go:

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Sehun: “Of course that idiot would mess something up”

Kai: *Texts your boyfriend and tells him how he better run for his life, because Kai will mess up his face the next time he sees him*

*Gives you a big hug afterwards*

Tao: *Tries to cheer you up with aegyo and you both end up laughing*

D.O: “Don’t worry I promise I will take care of things”
Y/N: “What do you mean?”
D.O: “..”

Chanyeol: “How should I make her smile” *Ponders for a few seconds* “Got it”

*Dresses up funnily to make you laugh*

Chen: *Sings you songs to make you smile*

Y/N: “Why are singing love confession songs?”
Chen: “Girl please, they so are not”

Baekhyun: *Being his cute self to make you smile*

Lay: “It’s all gonna be okay” *Kisses your cheek*

Suho: *Hugs you tight* 

Suho: “Don’t worry there are others out there, that wouldn’t hurt you like that because they love you”
Y/N: “Who?”
Suho: “…… SELCA TIME”

Kris: *Ready to beat your boyfriend up for making you cry*

Luhan: *Listens to you telling him what happend*

Y/N: “He thinks I have feelings for you, but we are only friends and tried to tell him that, but he wouldn’t listen”
Luhan: *Even though he wants to cheer you up, he still gets hurt by the words ‘only friend’*

Xiumin: *Visits your boyfriends house*
Xiumin: “So what makes you think you can make her cry like that?”

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Hey Gina, Im not really aware of whats going on Baltimore. News in Brazil seems to be against what black people are fighting for. I could only see vandalism. But Im sure there are much more. Could you tell me your point of view?

Yes, of course! So I’m sure you have heard about the Ferguson riots, and how all that went down. Well around 10 days ago, Freddie Gray was arrested and thrown in the back of a van for just making eye contact with an officer and running away. The police officers didn’t buckle him in, and after they got to the station around 80% of his spinal cord had been severed because of their “harsh driving”, which had caused problems many times before. Some other guy arrested before became a quadriplegic after the car ride to the station. Anyways, Freddie Gray requested medical help but the officers denied it, and he ended up dying. Police brutality and financial inequality had been a problem for a while in Baltimore now, so this just caused everyone to burst in my opinion.
I honestly don’t agree with the riots, because it’s just messing up their community even more when they need to start building on what they have. However, I do agree with the peaceful protesting, because it’s not harming anyone.
The world seriously needs to get their shit together.

If any information I provided is wrong, please let me know. This is what I got from reading several news articles.

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“So fess up, who’s the girl/guy you’ve been crushing on, and don’t even try and tell me you’re not.”

Fox’s eyes widened at the accusation. How did they know? Was she that obvious? Fox never had been good at being subtle, so she couldn’t say she was surprised she’d been caught. Still, she had no idea how to respond. It was true, of course. She had more than a crush on someone, and usually she’d be telling anyone who would listen about them, but this time she kept her mouth shut. And it was because it was a lot deeper than just a silly crush, that she didn’t want to tell the world just yet. She was still trying to work her feelings for Murphy out for herself, and didn’t need him hearing about it from anyone else before he heard it from her. “Why would you think I had a crush?” she asked her friend. She knew they’d have a good answer, so she continued speaking, hoping to throw them off that train of thought. “I don’t. You know I’d tell you if there was anyone new in my life.” Technically, Murphy wasn’t new to her life. He’d been out of the picture for awhile, sure, but they had too much of a history for him to be considered new. So, that wasn’t a total lie. That justification made her feel a little better about not being honest. “I know it seems weird that I haven’t been interested in anyone for awhile,” she continued. “Not since that senior last year. But, he graduated and he might have taken my heart off to college with him. I have nothing left to give to anyone else.” She sighed dramatically, laughing a beat later. This wasn’t her lying, this was just her joking to try and change the subject. The older boy she’d silently crushed on all of last year had been pretty beautiful, but she was never that into him, and when he graduated, she quickly forgot about him. But, if telling her friend she was still fixated on him was enough to drop this crush business, she’d do it. “Now, would you quit interrogating me, please?” 

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im 16, and am waiting for my diagnosis.. the doc was 98% sure its hsv but waiting for the test to see if its 1 or 2. I just want to go back to normal. My parents are disapointed upset and hurt that i had oral sex so young, and i am disapointed in myself... the guy who gave it to me, didnt know, and had cold sores as a child, so he prob has hsv1 my parents of course never want to see him nor let me be around him again. Im torn sad and trying to cope. Idk how to feel or what to do, please help

Getting through an outbreak is the hardest part. Once it’s gone the virus hides and really doesn’t bother you so much. Yes, it’s hard being so young and I can relate because when I told my parent my dad started telling me he was “just worried I’d never be able to get married now”

In reality having hsv is really common! 1 in 4 people have it and 80% of people who have it don’t know they have it because they are asymptomatic.

As fare as your parents, they just love you and want what’s best. But remember, this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I know for me, having H has caused me to be more cautious with my bf choices. Having H now might have just saved you from getting something worse in the future. Everything happens for a reason. Stay strong! You will be ok and you will get through it. You’re parents do still love you and they will get over it as well just give them some time