I just had someone say they liked my blog other than it was too graphic…

I… what kinda yaoi are you people reading that’s not “nsfw”… cute fluff is always nice but …it can get awfully boring.

(I mean at least I’m not into hardcore yiff. Let’s be honest here.)

Let me dream

I would like Juvia to be mad at Gray and while she is yelling at him that she is strong and she can handle a dark guild and he should trust her instead of leaving her at home without a word etc.. Gray yells back that he knows how strong she is but he had to, because he cannot risk to lose again the person he loves the most… And then Juvia shuts up in disbelief and Gray tries to say something else to distract her, but “oops too late” ih ih ih

when someone u rly don’t like begins complaining about their problems to u

The Of Mice & Men concert is in like 11 days and I’m nervous as FUCK.

update: i still want to marry tachibana makoto

today I was at rehearsal and everyone was talking about kissing boys and their boyfriends so I just said “ok but can everyone shut up for a second and just appreciate how hot my girlfriend is” and then proceeded to show them pictures of her

ok so i just went to the field museum in chicago on a school trip, i had brought my ukulele along & was carrying it when these people sitting on a bench were like “hey that kid has an ukulele!” so they called me over & they liked twenty one pilots too and we sang house of gold together and one of them recorded me, but then i had to leave so. if u see a video of a small boy with a black/yellow/purple shirt singing house of gold somewhere, hmu with the link bc that was sick

You’re Worse Than Nicotine

Chapter 6

I drove to Dan house and ran in the door. I could see Phil, Chris, and Peej crowding around Dan. When I looked at him I saw that his nose was swollen twice its size and cuts around his face. He had a black eye and for the first time ever he looked helpless.

When I saw him I started crying more. He looked up and saw me and said, “Hey sweetheart come here” I ran up to him and hugged him. “Dan are you ok?” I said with tears in my eyes. I sat in his lap and he pt his armsaround my waist.

“Yea Im fine just a little bruised, but hey I look a hell of a lot tougher.” He said.

“Shut up Dan.” I said smiling. He wiped away my tears and I looked in his brown eyes.

God I really did like him. I wanted to kiss all his bruises and take care of him. I wanted all of him. 

“Is there anything I can do to help, cant we take hi to a hospital?” I said looking up at the rest of the guys. 

“He is fine like he said just cuts and bruises” Peej said.

“Im fine Y/N..but I know something you can do for me that would make me feel a whole lot better” he said with a wink.

I got up from his lap and just smirked at him. Peej and Chris left and I learned that Phil lived with him. Phil went to bed early so it was just me and Dan.

“Whats the story behind you and your friends?” I asked.

“Well when I was a teen, my mom was never there she was always with a guy or drunk on the couch and I never knew my dad so I kinda hung around the bad crowd.”

“I thought you and you’re friends were the bad crowd” I said.

“Haha no I mean the bad crowd. I was up all night drunk or partying and in a lot of fights and I did things Im not proud of. I was coming home one night from a party and was drunk out my mind and I couldnt find my car. I thought I could walk home and ended up getting jumped in the alley-way, but Phil, Chris, and Peej beat the shit out of those guys and kinda saved me so now they are my best friends.”

“Wow too fights you’ve lost Howell I thought you were a big bad guy who could take care of yourself.” I said sarcastically.

“Hey shut up the first time I was drunk and didnt know what the hell was going on and tonight well… it was 4 to one but I didnt beat the shit out of smith before I called the guys. He left with a couple of scars too so..” 

“Dan can I spend the night?” I asked him realizing how tired I was.

“Sure, you can sweetheart. You can sleep in my bed if you want Ill sleep on the couch.”

“No Dan Im not taking you’re bed, you need to sleep and get rest”

“You know my beds big enough for 2″ He said with his smirk.


“Im not gonna do anything, you should know that by now”

“Okay” I said. I had to help him up from the couch. I could tell he was in pain and didnt want to show it in front of me. When we got in his room he took off his shirt and I could see a huge bruise around his rib-cage.

“Oh Dan…” I said as I ran my fingers lightly over his bruise. He winced a little and I stopped.

“Its ok It doesnt hurt that bad.” he said.

He walked over to the bed and got under the covers. I did too so my back was to his front. He was so warm and I heard him whisper in my ear, “Goodnight beautiful”

“Goodnight Dan” I said with a smile across my face.

ok i’ve had probably close to 200 asks about dumpster bros since friday night when my post first started going around. i’m really stressed out from answering all of these messages, so i’m not answering anymore tonight. i’m so sorry, but i really need to take a break for the rest of the night. i’ve barely been able to actually blog because my inbox is like, 6 feet deep with asks on dumpster bros.

so if you have any questions/comments about it, i’m not answering them until sometime tomorrow at the earliest. i’m so sorry, but i’m incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out from trying to answer everyone. i’ll be answering anything else, though!!! especially matt murdock headcanons =)

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▲ (you can tell me to shut up but i love your blog so...)

send me a ▲  & i will put our character’s  names  into  this generator and  write a starter based  on  the  scenario that comes up!

It was inevitable, it seemed – after Hannibal’s attack had left Abigail both scarred and bitter, she’d sought employment with a job that no longer left her weak and at the mercy of others. At long last, she was the one in control. 

When Abigail received her latest task through text, she couldn’t say she was terribly surprised. Mason Verger was a well-hated, detestable businessman who (quite regularly) found himself splashed across the tabloids. And given Mason’s “type,” Abigail knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get close. Many thought she was much younger than she actually was.

So with her hair in two pretty ribbons, and a Girl Scout uniform on, Abigail showed up at the Verger manor and rang the doorbell. It seemed to take forever for the butler to finally answer. “Hi!” she chirped. “I’m here to see Mr. Verger. He promised he’d show me the ponies today.”

A hint of recognition flashed across the older man’s eyes, and Abigail felt sick to her stomach. Did everyone here know what happened and just not care? 

“Come right this way, please,” the man instructed. Leading Abigail inside, he disappeared a moment before returning. “Mr. Verger will be down momentarily. Please have a seat in the drawing room.”

Abigail maintained her expression of naive innocence and nodded, doing as she was told. Beneath her skirt, she could feel the weight of her gun pressing against her thigh.

I started playing Bloodborne assuming I would feel the same way as I did about Dark Souls (respect but no personal interest) and then suddenly hours had passed

It might just be the setting that’s different really but it’s so well done. It’s gorgeous. And because of that I’m getting into that Dark Souls mindset every asshole has where it feels so good to fight an enemy and not take damage. My biggest enemy is my own impatience. If I just stop and focus its really not hard, but then I get impatient waiting for an opening and fuck everything up.

Ok nerds, I get it. You can shut up now.


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SERIOUSLY. Like, they’re only a few years younger than Bahorel (assuming Bahorel is not a very old immortal) , and they’re clearly solid pals, I bet they had SO MANY hijinks! (and I adore stories about them!)

that is a v. bold assumption but ok i will go with it 

I have a weird fondness for that part where R complains that he’s the same age as Bossuet? That just sounds so much like something one would say of someone they’ve known for years, drawing attention to the fact that they’ve known them longer than other people, that they’ve had experiences and aged together. And that Bossuet is the one who tells R to shut up! I’m realizing I actually have a lot of feelings about them as friends (oh wait what aspect of Bossuet’s life do I not have feelings about) (you see what you’ve done i can literally talk about him forever)

 (Also I feel like they both occasionally dip so deep into their respective bottomless wells of sarcasm that no one else can even stand to talk to them so they just sit in a corner at snark at each other) 

omg I almost forgot, but I needed to share my achievement okay I actually PUSHED CARTS at work today for a whole thirty minutes okay I had to put on the bright orange vest and walk around the parking lot for a whole half hour and collected aLL the carts and brought them back to the store and whoa I was sweaty I don’t think I’ve done that much physical exertion in like 5 years I’m proud of myself ok shhhh

lol i wanna know more about this “bro” relationship tom and greg have 

because i know with guys it’s… kinda awkward when your best friend takes porny pics of you for magazines

shut up they’re porny ok i mean… all that -gestures to tom’s shirtless body-

and we had the hot tub pics last year

anyway girls do it all the time okay but boys are… boys

especially straight boys

like does greg go, “mmm yeah dem tittehs are perfectly perked up right now for a photo… just stand right there… look at that magnificently-positioned sheen of sweat…”

then later they go hang out at five guys and twirl their duck dynasty beards and take 7 million selfies

someone please help explain

do you ever just have fandoms you’re apart of for 2-3+ years but none of your friends get into it until years after you do? even though you like, never shut up about it and tried to get them into it before? 

this keeps happening

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it always makes me so happy when u reblog my stuff omg. i luv ur blog and ur radical so i figured i should just let u know B)