im so tired i dont want to move ever again

tfw therapy lmao rip me

emppu had a mild tantrum at the therapy cause they got upset over how people keep treating him like some abstract brain sick thingy and not an actual person

like, none of us are more real than the other and im so tired of people not treating anyone but venus as a real actual person

idk idk

we talked about it though and everythings ok now i think

we are just super tired and dont like poking at brain stuff right now

Name 10 characters and tag 10 people. I was tagged by spockemon

I’m only going to allow myself to tag ONE character from a thing, because otherwise I’d just be spouting Stargate and Farscape names all night.

  1. Aeryn Sun
  2. Daniel Jackson
  3. Killian Jones
  4. Kahlan Amnell (LotS Kahlan, didn’t love her as much in the books)
  5. Cosima Niehaus
  6. Peggy Carter
  7. Henry Morgan
  8. Kimmy Schmidt
  9. Harry Potter
  10. Jack Sparrow. Excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow.

I’m too tired to tag people…

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Hi, would you mind updating the angry sex tag? :D Thank you xo

Yeeaaahhhhh dude.

How They Really Got Together (one shot | 1,843 | Explicit)

“You know what, Derek? Fuck you!” Stiles was tired of his bullshit…

…So when Derek responded with a shrug and a muttered “yeah, okay,” Stiles found that for once in his life, he had absolutely no words. None.“

We’re Just Friends, Dad. (one shot | 4,083 | Explicit)

“Well, I’m glad. I hate to have to forbid you from seeing Derek. He’s a bad influence, and I don’t even want you to see him let alone dating him.” John says, and Stiles feels his insides run cold. John pats him on his back, and leaves Stiles alone to do his homework.

Tell Me No Lies (one shot | 3,392 | Mature)

Stiles purposely makes Derek angry to get what he wants.

mawaty tagged me in the beautiful people challenge, and I now nominate the beautiful sarahhaley101, officialsiriusblack, officialhamlet, crelegant, chumble-spookz, dragons-and-dragonslayers, partygoth, pikanan, awkwardmusicmajor, nonbinaryshark, marctheknight and anyone else who’d like to post their beautiful selfies!


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You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, and sorry if you’ve already been tagged/already have done it ❤️ also I didn’t tag 20 BC I’m extremely tired so forgive me

About two months ago we rescued a Bengal cat. he’s been an outdoor cat his whole life and that’s all he knows. If we keep him inside he’s miserable, and will dart when the door opens. But he comes back every night safe, he just loves to sunbathe and climb and catch prey. He’s very sweet, doesn’t like to be touched or held unless he’s really tired and laying down, then he’ll purr and let you scratch him.
We tried to put a collar on him within the first week of having him, but it was a breakaway and we think he took it off himself so we just left him without, but last night he came home with a collar and a note stapled to it that said “if I
catch your cat again, I will keep him.” Who the fuck does something like that? Today we got him another collar that isn’t a breakaway and made a tag that says “I love to be outside, if I bug you please call my family” with our number on it and his name on the other side. We let him outside because he’s so miserable and can’t sleep much if he hasn’t gone outside for at least a few hours.
I’m so nervous. I don’t know why someone would do this. I hope they’re just trying to scare us and wouldn’t actually keep him… I’m sure they won’t be able to keep him inside, but I want him to be able to come back home as he pleases… I’m so upset. My head is pounding and I’m so fucking stressed out. This was so fucking unnecessary and after having such a shitty day yesterday this was just the icing on the cake.
Does anyone have any ideas on ways I could potentially find out who this is? I just want him to come home safe every night.

lmao so gamogenesis tagged me to post six facts about myself so
1) I’m recording an ep and finishing it this week !!!!!
2) I’m singing w train this summer which is so !!!
3) I’ve been to 22 concerts and (probably) have 4 more coming up
4) my sexuality is just a bunch of question marks
5) I’m mildly heartbroken and just want to be done w fuckboy. sry for being sad
6) I want to be a musician / songwriter and that is so! stressful!

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Just got back from a jog, but I was tagged by we-love-iron-maiden for the “20 beautiful people” tag ;3 Thank you darlings <3

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We're you happy with the goodbye for Stelena

I mean how happy can you be when your ship is not happening? I wasn’t surprised, that’s all. I got what I expected. However, I did like the last scene between them and the things Elena told Stefan, because I realized again how super awesome our otp is since he was a dead man, hiding in the shadows for a long time when this show started, he was feeling dead inside, he has given up on finding love in this life and then he met her-a dead from the inside girl as well and even though he was, back then, both literally dead and feeling dead from the inside, he brought her back to life, he saved her. How awesome is this? Two practically dead people found each other, then fell and love and were basically rebourn  together. What is there more to ask from this otp, after Stefan beat compulsion (magic, basically…he beat magic) for her in season three and before that punch death in the face and brought her back to life in season one? 

I’m sorry, I’ll be Stelena trash till the end of time and no one can change that. 

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I'm sorry but the tags on your fanfics are amazing? Especially on the one "Just Sam"? Okay that is all goodbye.

I had to go back and find the tags you’re talking about and I laughed because I do not remember this at all. They were as follows: 

#if she was texting and driving she would have hit sam

#and he would be dead

#and that would be a short story


#honestly im not a huge advocate for picking up hitchhikers either though

#stranger danger

#this just turned into safety hour with deanandidrinkcoffee haha

90% of the time I’m writing tags, it’s after I’ve spent freaking forever on a story and I’m super tired. 90% of the time that fic got finished at around midnight, so I’m usually very out of it, as you can see here haha. 

Thank you anon for making me smile <3 Don’t ever apologize for writing in. Love you! 

The stranger danger story with distracted driving and hitchhikers: Just Sam

New product up on redbubble! I’M REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT! It’s available as stickers, phone cases, even on t-shirts, totes, mugs, and so on! I may continue with this line with other critters I often put myself and other people at risk to avoid while driving, but it is late and I am tired, this is all I’ve got for now! :D


Another video of the Mystery Twins from last Saturday. We got really bored after Ennichisai and decided to make a video. This video contains references to BillDip and Mabifica, including innuendos. Just a warning because due to recent events, I know some of you are not comfortable with these pairings. The pairings aren’t the centre of the video but I’m tagging it with #billdip and #mabifica to those who blacklist it and don’t want it on their dash. 

We are aware that it’s probably out of character but this was really just for fun. It is unscripted, we were tired, and we’re not professional cosplayers, so please don’t take it too seriously. 

If you find this video offensive I apologise in advance. Please proceed to approach me in my inbox and I’ll take this post down if you want, thank you. 

Dipper // Mabel // Photographer

List 10 favorite characters (one per series/fandom) then tag 10 people.

i got asked to do this by robertobuttons aka Katherina bby

okie doke:

  1. The King of Fighters: K’
  2. Guilty Gear: Elphelt Valentine
  3. Tekken: Alisa Bosconovitch
  4. Voltage, Inc: Ren Shibasaki
  5. Resident Evil: Leon S. Kennedy
  6. Street Fighter: Yun and Yang (whoops I cheated)
  7. Bayonetta: Jeanne
  8. Super Smash Bros.: Marth
  9. Kill la Kill: Uzu Sanageyama
  10. Kamen Rider: Ryusei Sakuta

(-_- )ノ

i’m tired. i don’t feel like tagging anyone so uh yeah