I just hope that people who think there is nothing wrong with rumbelle watches the same show as I do. and that they heard when he said in this episode that: my heart is nearly black, and if I continue hurting you, then there is no hope for me.”

So, uhm, excuse me, but I think he should stop hurting her because she is his wife and she deserves to be loved, not because it effects him badly!

  • Me:Alright, OUaT, you've really jumped the shark this season. How many times is Gold going to betray Belle?
  • OUaT:Jumped the shark? We did that the first season. At this point we called all the sharks friends, and now just doing tricks off it's back.

she’s the kind of girl that just gets stuck in your head all the time, doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, it’s like you walk down the candy isle at the grocery store and you can’t help but notice her favorite peach rings sitting on the shelf, or hearing a song for the first time and automatically thinking about her and how much she’d love that song