“It just makes no sense to me that there wouldn’t be support for the community; that it even has to be a separate community. I don’t understand why there is a line drawn. I totally just feel grateful that I’ve had these experiences with fans who… are coming out because of Orphan Black or are able to talk to their parents about what it is to be gay or what it is to be trans… because of Orphan Black. We’re so humbled by that response.”

                            - Tatiana Maslany for GLAAD on why she’s an LGBT ally

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Can you swim?

I can :) I learned how to swim by myself when I was younger. My brothers and sisters would hang out in the deep end together so I just jumped in with them and learned to swim that way haha. Literally throwing myself into the deep end

I just got the call: this August, I’m starting my very first Actual Proper Grown-Up Job For Adults as a teacher!

The principal called me an hour after the interview and told me that they were “very impressed.”


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Wait what kink shaming

Saying that I find the new trend “daddy” gross. Like yeah I don’t give a fuck about fetishes and adults can do whatever they like, but when 13 year olds are using it because it’s so edgy I just want to throw up. They probably don’t even know that people use the word because it’s their kink.

Maybe it’s just me but idk.

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I have always wondered about how did Fred and George learnt how to use the marauders map... do you have any idea?

I’ve always wondered about this too. One thing that I just thought of was you know how the map will reveal jokes to people trying to open it improperly? What if the map started to sass Fred and George because they didn’t know the way to open it and then Fred and George just started sassing it back. And the map- being a magical object made by awesome sass master pranksters- must’ve kinda sensed their worthiness in a way don’t you think? So I don’t really know but that’s what I’m going to go with. They proved to the map that they were little trouble makers worthy of its use.

im so hyped to get back into the mortal instruments tbh like i kind of stopped caring for a while bc the books ended and movies didn’t go anywhere but now we have a TV SHOW with a BRILLIANT CAST and show makers that seem really cool and invested and i’m just!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!

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Saw your Pearl cosplay. You'r costume looks great! (I want to say you and holo pearl both look wonderful, but as a random internet stranger I fear such a comment may be creepy. ) Anyway, I just wanted to send you some praise.

You know what anon? Thank you. There is a lot of negativity in the Steven Universe cosplay community this morning for some reason and I was just thinking about how cruel people can be when they’re anonymous (especially towards Garnet and Amethyst cosplayers). Thank you for your positivity, it legit couldn’t have come at a better time on this end.

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what's your opinion on top gaining more popularity?

sorry i just got distracted by photoshopping taylor swift as a mario brother

idk man i mean they deserve it and i’m happy for them but i also just kinda want them to be our little children from ohio like just our own little thing??? idek