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“Excuse me, lad, but do you think you could be a little less of a gobshite and quit staring at her like she’s a piece of meat? I know your tiny brain might not be able to handle that, but she’s a fuckin’ woman, and you should treat her like she’s a human being. Would you be staring at me like that if I were wearing what she was? No, didn’t think so. So keep your feckin’ eyes to yourself, alright?” The Irish rockstar towered over the other male, craning his neck downwards to get in his face. He sported a half snarl as he glared down at the man who had just been oogling his girlfriend. Fists clenched, Ross was already ready to punch his lights out if he didn’t walk away. “Yeah, that’s right,” he added as the other male slowly backed off, glaring at her and up at the angry redhead.

Ross quickly turned on his heel, reaching out for her hand and pulling her closer to him. “Are you alright?” he mumbled, long arms quickly wrapping around her torso.



Alright team, I hope your fingers (and eyes, from staring at those screens!) are all rested up, because it’s GO TIME! Bob is up against Outlander’s Sam Heughan, and since he’s also new to the scene you know the Outlander fans are going to be going hard! WE HAVE TO GO HARDER! We beat JA, there’s nothing we can’t do!! Make sure to VOTE FOR BOB

A couple tips:

- mobile voting is now ENABLED, so if you’re not at home, get on those phones!
- If you’re on the computer, open up a handful of tabs. That way, while one is refreshing you can move on to the next one, saving some time!
- pop in a movie/show to keep you from getting bored!
- to boost awareness, use the hastags #VoteforBob and #AlphaMaleMadness on twitter (I’ll be tagging my tumblr posts with Vote for Bob as well, if anyone wants to join in the fun!)

Also, just an fyi - polls close WEDNESDAY APRIL 29 @ 5PT/8EST!

We Made It This Far, Kid // Take a breath. Everything well be alright. ~Listen~

Tracklist: Migraine//twenty one pilots / Hold On Till May//Pierce The Veil / Little Game//BENNY / Bright//Echosmith / Face Down//The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / Happy//Marina and the Diamonds / Came Out Swinging//The Wonder Years / Autumn Leaves//Ed Sheeran / Room To Breathe//You Me At Six / How To Save A Life//The Fray / Female Robbery//The Neighbourhood / The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance / Lullabies//All Time Low / A Match Into Water//Pierce The Veil / Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)//Green Day / What A Catch, Donnie//Fall Out Boy / Friend, Please//twenty one pilots  

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Ilthuryn had been wandering about the streets quietly, her hands in her pockets and her electric blue hair covering her eyes. She glanced about quietly, yawning as it was nearing morning. She let out a startled yelp as she bumped into someone, muttering an apology as she went to continue walking, shifting her wings around underneath her jacket as she walked. (I hope this is ok)

(I like it a lot) Vice smiled at her as she passed. He stumbled past her, then shrugged and turned around, following at a slow pace. “Excuse me!” he said to her “Are you alright? I noticed something strange with your jacket, it seems to be moving as if it is alive.” He said, noting the movement that was her wings shifting.

hello friend o’ mine,
i am terribly sorry you’re feeling down. that’s never a good thing–nevertheless, mental health is important as well, especially when dealing with strong emotion. please take care of yourself; make some tea, close your eyes…i sincerely hope you recover soon. I love you very, very, very much.

i drew you dan and phil with animals–i hope this helps if not the slightest bit.

JUJ PLS. You are an absolute gem, a real star, okay? I love you so much and you are one of my favorite friends on tumblr / that I’ve made in the phandom. I’m doing my best to be okay, and I’m trying to take care of myself. I may not ever be completely alright tbh, but ya know, I’ll take what I can get. <3 I love you very, very, very much and this definitely was a super pleasant surprise. Thank you so much, bud. I owe ya one. <3

Confession (harry styles) (requested) (smut)

A/N: I´m dedicating this one to Kaelea (arewemore) hope this is alright! xx

“Why the hell did you just do that”!? I yelled out in frustration, slamming the door to my house firmly shut, Harry nearly not making it inside. “Do what”? he exclaimed, pretending to be completely oblivious regarding what just had occurred. 

“I can go on dates with whomever I want Harry” I spat, fury still evident behind my eyes. “He´s your coworker Y/N it was never gonna work” Harry sighed, leaning back against the wall. I scoffed, “well it still didn´t give you the right to come to my work and completely embarrass me the way you just did” I stated glaring at him with a frustrated expression. “That was called being a caring friend” Harry snapped as I tried to read whatever emotion was really going on behind those green eyes.

Harry and I had been close friends for a while, but what I wasn´t sharing with him was that every single day since we first met, my attraction towards him had been growing stronger and stronger. To the point where it was now resembling something very close to love. But I was scared, of the fame, of commitment and most of all; getting my heart broken. 

“Y/N” Harry said, now in a slightly more calm manner. “Can we sit down”? “And talk”? he softly spoke. “Sure” I quickly replied, feeling my own pulse slowing down. I trotted down the small set of stairs towards my black leather couches, sitting down while Harry awkwardly rounded the coffee table before plopping down next to me. “Harry I-”No I need to tell you something before you say anything” Harry interrupted, placing one of his hands on top of mine, me shuddering at the action, feeling a small churn in my stomach from the affection. 

“Go ahead” I told him, fighting to keep my voice steady. “Oh um, see the thing is, Y/N, I don´t want you to date him because, I uh kind of have feelings for you” he confessed, carefully glancing at me with furrowed eyebrows. I sucked in a shaky breath, looking at him in surprise for a good few seconds before finally cracking a small smile. “Harry I um, I like you in that way too” I informed, cringing at myself for how awkwardly it came out. “You do”? Harry asked, turning his body towards me as he stared at me in confusion. 

“I have for a reeaally long time” I assured, letting out a small chuckle before returning my gaze to my leather skirt covered lap. I placed my hand on Harry´s knee as his shocked expression sill didn´t switch. Harry looked at me for another two seconds before leaning over and pecking my cheek. “I´ve just been scared that I wouldn´t be able to handle your lifestyle, and that, i don´t know, you wouldn´t feel the same way” I told him, moving my hand from his knee to wrap around one of his. “Well now you know have I feel, and if we give this a shot, I´ll make sure everything moves at you´re pace, that everything works the way you can handle it” He said, me melting more and more by every word.

“Harry” I piped up, “I love you” I blurted without thinking any further. He gave me a wide smile, his eyes glistening with happiness before replying; “I love you too Y/N” he breathed, carefully tangling one of his hands in my hair before leaning in to kiss me.

After a while of kissing, I started becoming desperate to take the situation to the next level. So I pulled away, giving Harry a look that was bound to give away just how badly I wanted him, before intertwining our fingers and starting to lead the still slightly confused boy to my bedroom.

I instantly pushed Harry down on the bed, taking off my tight skirt before walking over to him and straddling his lap, his gaze darting up and down my exposed legs. I smiled before kissing him again, tongues eagerly tangling, my stomach already clenching at the new sensations. I reached for the buttons on harry´s shirt, starting to untangle them at a fast pace, meanwhile subtly moving my hips in circular motions on top of his.

Once our shirts were off, Harry flipped us over so that he was hovering over me, his hot breath fanning over my face. I closed the distance between our parted lips, engaging in another make out session as I could feel the arousal Harry was having me in, soaking my panties. I reached in between our bodies and started toying with the button of his jeans, squirming under him as he slid them down his legs, shortly after ridding me of mine, the both of us now in nothing but our underwear in front of each other, for the first time.

Harry unclasped my bra, carefully cupping my boobs in his soft hands, brushing his thumbs over my nipples. I sat up slightly, leaning into his touch before reaching over and starting to explore his body. I raked my nails down his toned chest, dragging them all the way to the waistline of his boxers, feeling every hard muscle in the process. Harry softly pushed me back into lying position before starting to kiss his way down my body, probably feeling how turned on I was, judging from my heaving skin.

He let his gaze wander up and down my body before finally pressing a kiss to my hip bone as he slid my panties down my legs. “Can I”? Harry asked, eyes darting between mine and my soaking wet core. “Please” I panted as he flashed me a smile and leant down, licking a long stripe between my folds, spreading my wetness. I moaned shamelessly, tangling my fingers in his curls. Harry gave a couple licks to my clit, before wrapping his mouth around the bundle, sucking somewhat harshly as my thighs clenched and stomach knotted.

“Harry stop” I panted, “I wanna come around you”. Harry smiled before reaching for the drawer in my nightstand I´d once stated I kept my “protection” stash in. He practically teared the package open, rolling the rubber material down his throbbing shaft. He grabbed my hands and tightly intertwined our fingers, pressing kisses over all of my knuckles, before agonizingly slowly pushing in.

I tightened my grip around his fingers as the pleasure instantly started building in my stomach, Harry`s trusts were slow and deep, hitting every spot of me possible. I moaned as he started moving in a way that repetitively hit my g-spot. His hard member deliciously brushing against it, my name falling from his lips as my walls started clenching around him. 

“Are you close”? Harry questioned, struggling to keep his eyes open. “I`m gonna come” I stated, arching my back of the bed, releasing Harry´s hands to hold him closer to me. I felt Harry twitching inside of me before letting out a moan, his eyes screwing shut as he released into the condom. Afterwards he instantly brought his hand to my clit, rubbing it at a rapid pace, me sitting up and pressing myself against him as my stomach repetitively clenched. I pulled him in for a hug when I finished, the after orgasm high filling my body. I love you so much, Harry breathed, pressing a wet kiss to my warm shoulder. “I love you more” I said, pulling away slightly to regain eye contact. “You don´t know how long I´ve wanted to do that” I added with a chuckle, leaning in for a peck, stating to myself that I was going to do everything in my power to make this relationship work, feeling like all the odds were in our favor now.

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best highschool?

Alright then, Highschool AUs it is! :)

I hope this also works for the other people asking. I’ll just put the most popular ones here, let’s say the must-read-fanfiction for Highschool AUs. :) 

Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes (the most popular one, looong and great)

Love Me With Your Eyes Closed (this is SO long, A/B/O, blind Louis)

Monsters at Home (warning for homophobia)

Give Me A Chance

And This Is How It Starts (this is just in here because of the title…)

Welcome to the Jungle (not finished)

So, yeah, I know that I probably didn’t get all of the most popular ones, I just went for the longest to be quite honest. I haven’t read all of them (yet).

I hope this is at least enough to start with! :D and yeah, sorry if I forgot a super-important high school fic.

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Has the "fem Shepard taking care of a sick MU" imagine already been done? Im a little under the weather and i was wondering if you could do Lucina, Cordelia, and Olivia. Thank you! (Great Blog btw)

Alright anon, I’m really, really sorry this is late. I hope you’re better already and if not I’m sending you hugs and medicine!!
-Mod Olivia

Lucina: “You’re surbrisgly good ad this,” you manage, through a blocked nose and teary eyes. Lucina’s got you covered under a mountain of blankets, a cool towel on your forehead, and has somehow procured all kinds of weird herbal drinks for you to try. She smiles briefly, picks up the towel and rinses it in a basin of water, then places it back on your forehead. “Well, the few healers there were in the future were better with amputating legs than soothing a cold,” she says. “So I suppose we acquired the knowledge necessary to get through these little things.” You watch as she moves around with the ease of somebody who knows what she’s doing. Then, you say, “Lucina?” When she turns back to you, you pull her down and kiss her on the cheek. “Thadk you,” you sneeze, and she’s red with embarrassment. “What if you pass your fever to me?” she demands. But she’s smiling.

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“Shit, are you bleeding?!” (SuiKa) “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” (SasuKarin) (either or, im trash and also ur writing is amazing aaa)

hmm i tried to combine both to make an angsty love triangle mix?? hope you like (and thank!! i love comments on my writing ;u;)


“Shit, are you bleeding?!”

“No, asshole, I’m just leaking red hair dye. Yes, I’m god damn bleeding. Don’t panic, okay?” She says it mostly to reassure herself, because the wound on her hip was beginning to really hurt and she was really panicking inside.

“Let me see your shirt,” he says, voice shaking.

“What? Why on Earth–”

“Just let me fucking see it, you idiot!”

His tone manages to cause her eyes to widen a fraction. “Alright, but you have to calm down, Suigetsu. Please, just calm down,” but her voice has become frail and her voice had never been so shaky and weak and it makes him lose any calm he had left. He crafts a makeshift bandage from her now tattered shirt, pressing deep into the wound to keep her from losing anymore blood. She cries out and he glances down at her, giving a small apology with his eyes.

“Still troubled by this stupid wound, huh?” She whispers, nearly slipping unconscious. Her head was spinning and so was her teammate’s, his white hair circling the starlit sky above.

“God, you scared me, Karin. If you keep on flirting with death like this–”

“Is Sasuke okay?” She interrupts, breathing unevenly. He holds his patience and nods to appease her, feeling a rush of relief when she smiles to herself–of all things, she smiles. “Can you… bring him here?” She asks, taking a deep sigh. Suigetsu nods and stands for a moment, waving over a wide awake Sasuke. He’d been too preoccupied with worry to sleep–well, all of them had, it seemed.


“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, Karin.” It’s rare to hear him speak so much, and so meaningfully, so she treasures it, letting her eyes flutter shut.

“Don’t worry, I’m not dying. Just let me hear you speak,” she sighs, squeezing his hand gently.

Suigetsu leaves them with an encouraging grin and some remark she doesn’t pick up–she’ll have to beat him for that later.

“Sasuke, promise me you’ll be with me for quite some time.”

“I can’t make promises but I’ll try, Karin.” He replies, lifting his gaze from her eyes.

“No, you have to promise me.”

Sasuke pauses then, hesitant to speak. She opens her eyes and looks at him, expectantly, frowning. “Yes, I promise you, Karin,” he says, finally.

“Good,” she manages rather hoarsely, before nodding off. His hand stays held in hers for the night.

It's short, but I hope it helps <3

“Shh, shh, love. It’s going to be alright,” Crowley soothed. Wrapping strong arms around your waist, he pulled you into his lap and snuggled against your side.

“I’m just…so -hic- sick of everything.” You sighed, wiping at your eyes.

“I know, I know.” He brushed your hair back from your forehead with a light touch.

You pressed your teeth into your lip, trying to tamp down the emotions welling up inside you before your started crying again. Your eyes and chest burned with the effort.

“I hate how they treat me. It’s like a don’t even exist half the time, and the other half of the time I’m practically their prisoner.”

He pulled you closer to him, his body heat soothing against the tension in your muscles. “I’m here for you,” he whispered.

“You’re the only one.” The bitterness and truth of your words burned through you and a new wave of tears began to fall. You turned, burying your face in Crowley’s chest, your tears soaking the front of his suit.

Warm hands stroked your back rhythmically, slowly easing out the tension of your fried nerves. He reached up every so often to card his fingers through your hair. Quietly, he allowed you to spill all of your emotions, all the pent up stress and anger and sadness, down the front of his suit. He continued to hold you, even once the tears had run dry.

“I’m tired,” you sniffled. He gave you a soft smile and the world did its familiar shift sideways. Crowley’s dimly lit bedroom materialized around the two of you. He lifted you easily into the plush bed and tucked the covers up around you.

“Get some sleep, love. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Thank you so much for the beautiful fic. It was perfect and it helped, not only cause you made Crowley comfort me, but you did too by writing it. Thank you.

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can i have a ship please? im 174cms tall, black hair with brown eyes and tanned skin. i spend most of my time reading and i am insanely shy and awkward around boys. i play 3 sports and want to be a lawyer (if thats anything), i have big dreams and hopes. apparently i look like young Derek's sister. its alright if you dont get around to it xx

I ship you with Stiles. We all know that Stiles is quite awkward around girls so I think that your personal awkwardness around boys would be a starting conversation. You’d both be nervous but as soon as that initial first meeting was over I think that you’d be fast friends. Stiles would always support you in whatever you wanted to do and I think that you’d be a really sweet, lovely couple because you seem really fitted for each other.



I heard your dog was alright so I won’t spam your ask box but thank you so much for spreading the word. I’ve got two of these monsters to care for and for a dog we’re all they have. They’re not going to go checking ingredients or complaining. The only way we’ll know something is bad is when they get sick. It’s unfortunate, but eye opening. I will NEVER switch back to that Beneful crap. Right now they eat Blue Wilderness which I can only hope is not as shitty. I’ll be sure to start doing research. But I am thrilled to hear your baby is alright. Poor pup took one for the team and in my eyes is a hero. You’ve raised awareness in a big way. Best of luck for all future endeavors

——————————————– Thank you so much for This message! I’m glad to hear that you’ve switched foods! You’re dogs are very adorable and I’m happy to see them! :^)


“You mean the cat that’s across the street facing the opposite direction?” He raised a brow, trying his best to hold back a laugh at how ridiculous the female was being. “Oh yeah, it’s definitely looking at you. If you close your eyes a little it’ll look like he’s trying to stare into your soul.”

It was clear that he thought she was being weird, but little did he know - they were not looking at the same cat. “No, not that one…” she corrected him, pointing just above his head, “this one.” a brown-ish kitten was curiously leaning from the top of the fence, its eyes round like its about to jump on someone any minute. “I wouldn’t stand so close if I were you.” 

[ littlerayofhxpe || city beneath the sea starter ]

                     “It’s alright, sweetheart,” Klaus said, watching his daughter. “It’s
                      alright,” he repeated, kneeling down so he was on Hope’s eye level.
                     “I’m here. Right here. Let’s hum your song, shall we?” he prompted,
                      beginning to hum the lullaby he’d chosen in favor of Dahlia’s– a
                      decision the witch had respected.


When you look into her eyes do you get the same vibe as when you’d look into mine. She might have the same color but we both know mine are better. Yeah you say you moved on but why are you here when you should be there. We both know we can’t be friends forever but we know that were weak without each other. But when the first time I looked into your eyes I saw the fear in your eyes. As if you had seen the future through my own. It’s alright I said let’s just enjoy our time together. Now that time is close to an end I just hope that when you look into my eyes all you see is a better future without each other

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how would dgna react if they saw someone attractive at a concert and wanted to talk to them, but couldnt get any staff to get the person for them?


He would still try to talk to you -even if your faraway (like mouthing the word “hi” to you)


He would give you a smirk <3


This super friendly guy, he would give you a little eye contact and wave -a small way to show he noticed you.


He would keep noticing you, even if your not noticing him.


He would wave at you during the concert.

I hope I did alright on my first ask!


[ exddn ]
Although not fond of first meetings like this, he still offered the petite looking girl a smile, back hold straight, in an almost painful way. “That’s alright, dear.” He said, still not knowing her name, pink tongue trailing over his lips, an old habit he had when trying to pull away from a rather awkward situation. “I don’t mean to hold you back from your business, miss.”

I – no, I think I was the one who kept pushing myself to help you, but are you alright?” Eyes filled with worry, Jinri chewed on her lower lip, staring at her fingers as she fiddled with them nervously, avoiding the male’s black orbs. “Are you sure you don’t need any help, you’re right arm is bleeding. I know where the nearest clinic is. It’s my fault you were in this situation. If I was just watching where I was biking, I wouldn’t have hit you.”