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ok so j-helpless is doing an album giveaway (check it out here) to help motivate people to vote for bangtan, and i thought i could do something similar but the only thing i can offer right now is an art giveaway~

i know it’s not much, and i don’t know if anyone will be interested at all, but if it makes at least one person vote then it’s worth a try

how to enter

1. go here 

2. click the orange button on the right side (next to bangtan’s entry of course) 

3. watch the whole teaser 

4. take a screenshot at the end of the teaser and send it to me 

you don’t have to be following me to enter

after the voting closes (may 4th 12pm KST) i’ll randomly pick 2 people and i’ll draw you a thing of your choice (up to 2 people in a pic, not limited to bangtan, we’ll discuss your requests  once i choose the winners)

just please vote and check out how you can help in other ways here

a preview of my work so you know what to expect:


German lesson with Springles! (from an actual German person)

Connie Springer springt (Connie Springer jumps)                           Springer can be translated as “jumper” (as in: the person that jumps). Springer is also the German title for the knight in a game of chess. 
A stand-by man is also referred to as a Springer in German.

Sasha Braus braust (Sasha Braus rushes)                                       Sasha’s surname Braus originates from the German saying “In saus und braus leben” , which means “to live it up”/”In the lap of luxury”.
brausen is a German verb that can be translated to rushing, but is more of an oldfashioned word. 

Part two: Eren & MikasaPart three: Reiner, Jean & Christa

I’m not a linguist, I am merely sharing my own, unprofessional, cultural knowledge.

i made a list of nice things to do for yourself if you’re feeling down! ik that these help me so I thought I’d share 😄

1) take a spoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 mins. it’ll pull out bad stuff and your mouth will feel nicer

2) take everything off of your bed, and remake your entire bed. clean sheets would be good too and you’ll feel all clean and stuff

3) organise your room, and donate all of those old clothes you don’t really wear

4) when you shower shave your legs after like 10 mins of getting into the shower. it’ll be way easier to shave and you’ll get fewer tiny cuts and stuff

5) don’t let the shampoo sit in your hair hoping that it’ll clean it more thoroughly. just shampoo your hair, then rinse it out

6) soak your hair in conditioner while in the shower. I like to put conditioner in and put a shower cap on for the rest of my shower and rinse it our before I decide to go out

7) rinsing your hair with cold water will make it feel smoother after you condition it

8) drink a whole glass of water. then refill it and drink another! being hydrated is vv important and you’ll feel all healthy and stuff

9) before you sleep, slather your lips in a lip balm (coconut oil+beeswax and a nice essential oil make a great lip balm).

10) make a quick fruit smoothie. toss a banana or two into a blender with a spoon of peanut butter and some milk. it’ll taste super good! you can add ice too if you want it to be cool

I’ve been everything.

I’ve been the person who shuts the door, alone in their room, crying at 2 AM instead of sleeping; faking a smile, barely containing myself during the day; dragging on and on and on.

I’ve been the psychologist; I’ve listened to friends cry on the phone, I know that she cuts, that he hates himself, that she lost her mother when she was 3. I see the people’s pain, but I can’t fix it.

I’ve been a success; the person who works their ass off to reach goals, the person who has a drive.

I’ve been known as the person who loves life; who laughs louder than anyone else, who laughs at their own jokes for 20 minutes, who can put a smile on someone’s face.

I have made mistakes, I’ve done things I will always regret. I’ve hurt others.

I have been forgiven and I have forgiven. I have let go of the hardest events in my life; I have moved on and felt free.

I have loved others, been loved; I see the beauty in each person. I see the sparkle in each persons’ beautiful eyes. I’ve watched passion in others, learned to be passionate.

I have hated myself.
But I have also loved myself.

And at the end of the day, I’ve learned. I’ve learned that I’m a failure, I’m a success, I’m sad, I’m incredibly happy, I’m a gift, I have flaws, I am beautiful, I have ugliness inside.
But you know what? That’s called life.

And I couldn’t ask for anything better.

anonymous asked:

a cute blurb idea is what the boys do for you when you're on your period I dunno if you've already done it :p

So with our boy Ashton I can see him as the kind of guy to be like “wait you’re on your period?” because you usually didn’t have too many symptoms besides being a little bit more crabby in the morning and being a little bit more horny in the evenings but overall he’d make sure to try to be as sweet to you as he could and he’d always encourage you to come work out with him because miraculously you could still do that, and he’d always cook for you and he’d come home with your favorite cupcakes because vanilla frosting was always something you craved when you were on your period, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t appreciate your horniness because while actual sex wasn’t your thing during that week he’d still love your enthusiasm for making out and grinding and touching each other in as many ways as you possibly could.

Somehow I feel like Calum would be the guy who knew how to handle everything, maybe because he has an older sister and had at least a little experience with this “girly stuff” as he liked to call it, so he’d always be on alert when he saw your pad/tampon wrappers in the trash and he’d find you in the kitchen letting cupboards close loudly instead of the gentle way you usually closed them and you’d be in a new pair of pajama pants and the washer would be going and he’d walk up behind you and place his hands on your hips and your shoulders would tense but he’d kiss your cheek and ask if everything was all right and you’d just sigh and say how you started your period during the night and the sheets and your pajama pants were ruined and how much you hated being a girl, all the while Calum would massage just above your hips because he knew that’s where you got achy and he’d ask if you needed anything and you’d just ask him if he could make the bed later and he’d cheerfully agree, giving you another kiss before going to make his own breakfast.

Baby Luke would probably be at a loss the first time he really truly saw you with full blown aches and pains from your period, he’d come home and find you in bed which at first was strange because it was only like 8pm and then he’d see your shoulder’s shaking as you quietly cried and his heart would just break and he’d tiptoe into the room and kneel down next to the bed and ask what was wrong and your lip would quiver when you told him that you had really bad cramps and it hurt even just to lay there and he’d be stroking your hair and looking at you with these sad eyes and he’d be asking what you needed and he’d go get the heating pad and some pain medicine you asked for but by the time he came back you’d be asleep with your forehead slightly sweaty and your cheeks still a little wet from your tears and Luke’s shoulders would just slump because he hated seeing you this way so he’d crawl into bed behind you and rub your back and just be there if you woke up and needed someone to cuddle with.

Now Michael I feel would be the guy that somehow felt like he had a right to snap back at you when you were on your period and your hormones were making you a little more harsh than usual, but that attitude from him would end quickly once he saw your jaw lock and tears begin to form in your eyes because dammit sometimes you couldn’t help your irrationality when it was your time of the month so you’d leave the room and he’d clamber off the couch and follow you to the bedroom where you just lay there so upset with tears rolling down your cheek and Michael would sigh and be like “babe I’m such a dick, I’m sorry” and you’d shrug but glance at him with puppy dog eyes and he’d smile softly at you and just wrap you up in a hug and ask if there was anything he could do and you’d just shake your head and stay cuddled up with him in bed until you felt better.

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Hey love your blog :3 and all IchiHime stuffs you have <3 Happy Holidays <3 Question: Is true that Tite said that Rukia is like a ray of light for Ichigo? Thanks

Awwwww thank you! 

This is actually the first I’ve heard of Kubo saying that(lol). I looked it up and it seems true enough!

Rukia is a very important person to Ichigo, and without her Ichigo would have never gained the power to protect the people he cares about.

But a very dangerous assumption to make is that Rukia is the only person to help out, motivate, or make Ichigo feel better.

Several characters have been shown aiding Ichigo, including Rukia, Isshin, Chad, and Orihime + other characters I’m blanking on because it’s like 1AM as I’m writing this.

Barring Orihime, the majority of these characters have a similar way of helping Ichigo out:

  1. Kicking him in the head (the Rukia method)
  2. Headbutting him (the Isshin method)
  3. Throwing him up in the air like it ain’t nothing (the Chad method)

These are ways they get Ichigo’s attention, but it’s the words they speak that ultimately help him out.

Now Orihime is different, and helps Ichigo out in ways that are more gentle and subtle:

  1. Poking fun at him by imitating him when he wasn’t feeling confident about rescuing Rukia in the SS arc
  2. Crying and asking him not to get hurt anymore during his fight with Grimmjow when Ichigo was on the verge of losing
  3. Just by being there as pointed out by Ginjou in the Fullbring arc

You wanna know what the funny thing is?

When Orihime speaks, Ichigo listens.

All of these other characters have to do ridiculous things to get his attention when he’s in a funk, but never Orihime. I think that’s really interesting, and further sets Orihime apart in her interactions with Ichigo. (I might make another post about this with more details in the future) 

In conclusion, yes Rukia is important to Ichigo, but it’s silly assume she’s the only one. 

(And happy holidays!) 

While I'm on the subject of reclamation...

There was this post on Facebook timeline a few minutes ago from an old friend of mine and he was talking about how he hates the “N” word because it’s so deeply rooted in hate. He’s an African American and so he’s entitled to his opinion about how he wants to deal with oppression. I’ve never liked the whole notion that other African Americans shouldn’t be allowed to use the word because of it’s history. I am fully aware of its history and how it was used to damage a group of people, but I think its a powerful form of rebellion when you’re able to take something that was once used to degrade you and stand up against your oppressor and say “you’re not allowed to use this to hurt me anymore”.

Letting Go || Aria & Hugo

Hugo Grandet wasn’t a slut by choice. Life made him that way. Or at least that was what he liked telling himself at night. He was charming and handsome and he was well aware of that. Way too many times he had used this to his advantage. Hugo loved having both, boys and girls, on his feet. However, he didn’t mean any harm. The Grandet boy never acted with the intention of hurting someone, he just liked having a little fun. That’s why he decided to pay a little visit to Aria. He had just met the girl a couple days ago and he already liked her personality. Hugo was quite a friendly lad and he enjoyed spending quality time with people, getting to know them and such. Aria was no exception. But to be honest, he expected a little more from his visit than a little heart to heart. The girl was hot and Hugo still hadn’t developed the ability to keep it in his pants. Not ever since Kiarra left him and he convinced himself that the only point of love was to break people.

Hugo got up from his bed and looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing his signature black skinny jeans and a Princeton shirt. His hair was all disheveled from the nap he had taken earlier but it was part of his good looks, or that’s what he thought. He reached for the small box of condoms he kept in his suitcase and took one, placing it in his back pocket. One should always be prepared for everything, he thought. And with that, he walked out of his room and took the few steps towards Aria’s door. He knocked on it softly, waiting for the brunette girl to open the door.

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how can you just go on without kris? doesn't it hurt to see only 11? as much as i love the boys, it is too painful for me.. Exo are 12, not 11. one part is missing now... I can't even see a pic pr gif of them without being sad.. So how should i deal with a "new exo"?

it’s not easy anon, i understand being sad and upset. i haven’t been able to listen to exo-m music since this all started and i can’t look at kris/ot12 pics. there is still a lot that we don’t know, but for me, i just see 11 members who were left behind by someone who didn’t even bother to tell them he was leaving, by someone who chose to leave at one of the worst possible times. i just see 11 kids who have to redo practically all of their choreo for a concert tour that starts in less than a week.

i don’t think kris is wrong for leaving; if he was really that unhappy, then yeah, sure, he should try to leave. i am not happy with how he did it, and tbh because of that i don’t want anything to do with him right now. my focus is on the 11 members who are still working so hard to promote overdose, to put on a concert tour, and that is the exo that i am rooting for. i have already accepted exot11 but that doesn’t mean you (or anyone) has to yet!

it’s okay to keep feeling upset and confused about everything that’s happening. so don’t worry, anon. if the idea of a new exo hurts too much, then don’t think about it too much right now. take some time! as more information comes out, as things go on, i’m sure we’ll all be able to come to terms with the exo that started as 12 and the exo that will continue on as 11.

rant time lol

lady gaga isn’t god/a god.

lady gaga isn’t even her real fucking name. its just a stage name, and a very overrated one at that. 

i mean, i have no problem with lady gaga. i love her music, and i love the way she chooses to act and chooses to dress.

the real problem about her is her fans. especially the over obsessed ones (see this blog). god i just want to throw them into a never ending pit where they can make their claws and growl and be “little monsters” without being seen or heard.

her real name is stefani joanne angelina germanotta, and she if definitely not god.

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Would you rather have a list of everyone who's ever had a crush on you or have a list of everyone who's ever wished they were your best friend?

ummmmm i think i’ll go for the list of people who wished they were my best friend because i wouldn’t want to think that i could have been in a relationship with a guy i liked or something like that heh so yeah best friends yay

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the thing i can't help but wonder, regarding devon's tweets about olex not happening; is devon really allowed to say that? aren't the actors all still under contract not to reveal too much information? it seems so strange to me that, when spoilers from the last few months are all about olex, devon would give away such a huge piece of information. or am i just overthinking this?

No, we totally thought the same thing! Sometimes it’s hard to tell with Devon. To be honest, I’m still not sure, but I do know we will be getting some great Olex scenes. Steph and I have overanalyzed everything time and time again and we really think there’s a flash-forward at the end that includes Alex and Sam together. Whether they’re “together,” or not, or if it’s just implied, just the TWO of them wrapped together - with no other cast members.

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I agree with your post on Hook, in fact I don't ship anyone with Emma because so far all her love interests have fucked her up one way or another, but this same logic applies to Regina just as much. She did a whole lot of shitty things to Emma in s1 and 2, but somehow that all gets overlooked now that we're in s3. Emma didn't have a happy childhood because of Regina, she practically ruined her whole young life, but it's ignored quite a lot in this fandom due to all the Regina love

I’ll be honest, I’m bias when it comes to Regina but I can totally understand why you would think that way about SQ.

I do think that Regina feels great remorse for what she’s done, and in all honesty if SQ ever did happen I wouldn’t be completely happy with it if all of the problems you just stated were overlooked. Just like I loved it when Belle called Regina out on what she did, I like it when issues are pressed within the show. I do think things are being addressed about Regina’s past and I think she is dealing with them in a remorseful way. I tend to be more pro- Regina than pro-Emma because I think Emma’s character can be inconsistent, so again I am going to be bias here, but I really do believe that Regina is making up(albeit slowly because like you said she did do a lot of bad things) for her past. I would call her more of an anti-hero but I definitely see change there.

My issue with Hook pertaining CS, isn’t just that the fandom is overlooking him and his past, the show is also glazing over it quite a bit and I just don’t see the development there(within his character and the ship). I honestly think I could have been on board with CS if it was presented better because I tend to love ships that are somewhat angsty(Spuffy, Delena, even Tate/Violet was somewhat interesting) but all we see with Hook is pining and the writers practically doing a do-over of his character imo. I don’t think any of the shitty things he’s done to Emma have been addressed… like at all this season.

Where with Regina, she is constantly being reminded of that, especially in season 2(and no, I’m not overlooking the Cora plot). With Regina she has had relapses, but there was still that layered development and in season 3 she kind of had to be on a complete path of redemption because she needed Henry back in 3A so it made sense and it wasn’t just a random turn around for her character. 

All in all, I can overlook Regina more than Hook because I believe her character has just been written better. 

Thank you for your opinion though, it’s interesting to see opinions different from mine now and again lol