[dj] kisekae kareshi

Title: boyfriend dress up
Circle: dndism
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Characters: Kageyama/Hinata
Warnings: N/A
Language: English
Scanlator: A Little Memorria
Please support the doujinka by buying your own copy & kindly do not reupload!

i got into haikyuu!! pretty late so i hope the djs i’m scanlating haven’t been done before //swEATS ;;;

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mako joshpeck 😅

Flower girl ❀○ °

Have a Happy New Year, everyone! \ ( ’ u ’ ) /


newtsglader’s 666 followers/first follow forever.

This is the first time I ever do one of these’ I got my 666th follower, and I love that number and I’m amazed to have so many followers, so I decided to make one. First of all, I want to thank all of you who follow me; I truly am amazed that so many people are into the many fandoms I’m in, or like the graphics I make. *_* You all are magical.

Okay, now, onto the Follow Forever thing. It’ll be divided into three categories. Please know I didn’t put all the people I follow; I have my favourites, and this is a list of them. But I love every single one of the people I follow.

newtsglader’s special eight.
These are people I talk to a lot or am friends with outside of tumblr and absolutely adore. 

Val (wckd-is-good), Kristen (newtglader), Tiffany (thestronglion​), Kyky (sasstilinskii), Meg (bilinskiswolf), Brittany (crimsoncomradeposts), Mimi (newtscrank), and Bree (aliceinundrland).

Members of the only network I’m in.

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♡ a shotgun smoochin’, monster-huntin’ mix for the freak with a knife collection {listen}

i. ftwww the mad gear and missile kid ii. young men dead the black angels iii. kinda outta luck lana del rey iv. beauty is empty mars argo v. party poison my chemical romance vi. weapon of choice black rebel motorcycle club vii. renegade styx viii. barton hollow the civil wars ix. light ‘em up fall out boy x. my first lovergillian welch

you can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. put your music device on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that play without skipping. tag people you think would enjoy this!!

I was tagged by electrns <3 Thank you!!

  1. U N Me - Anamanaguchi
  2. Finding Beauty - Escala
  3. Humain Leau - Stromae
  4. Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
  5. Clair De Lune - Claude Debussy
  6. Bridges - Fallulah
  7. Andy, You’re A Star - The Killers
  8. Tessa - Steve Jablonsky
  9. Miasma Sky - Baths
  10. Shuck - Purity Ring

I’m gonna tag starlordkin billcipherdidnothingwrong resisty autisticswerve and shortdress-maximus and anyone who follows me and wants to do this, you can say I tagged you!! :3c 

You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!!

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1. Your nickname: Idk, Kin I guess? 

2. Your eye colour: Brown, maybe dark brown

3. Your hair colour: Dark brown <3 (I haven’t dyed my hair in about 2 years, I think my hair is all natural now lol)

4. One fact about you: I love cacti! 

5. Favourite colour: Green ;P

6. Favourite place: Inside my mind 8D

7. Favourite celebrity: Tom Hiddleston, Alan Rickman<3, Lana Parrilla (MY WIFE), Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp. That is all, lol

8. Favourite animal: Wolves, Sharks, Owls <3

9. Favourite song: I can’t choose one, so i’ll give two options. Currently listening to on repeat is Orange Caramel - Catallena, but my most listened to song on iTunes is Straight Out The Gate - Tech N9ne  (720 times OTL)

10. Favourite book: The Harry Potter Series, anything by V.C. Andrews

Not tagging anyone because I have no friends lol

11 Questions Tag Game

Was tagged by @beautyindanger. Thanks for the tag! [Hopefully I did this right lol OTL]


  • Tag 11 people, ask them 11 questions that they must answer. Tag the person who tagged you.


  • Are you afraid of fire?
  • -Nope!
  • What’s your go-to food when you’re treating yourself?
  • -Korean BBQ. It’s my obsession.
  • If you could know any language ever in its entirety without having to learn it, which would you pick?
  • -I would choose Hmong
  • Describe your ideal photoshoot; theme, costume, setting, etc.?
  • -It would be awesome to be in a fantasy-themed photoshoot with tons of beautiful costumes and ethereal backgrounds.
  • Fight, Flight, or Dissolve?
  • -Errrr…dissolve?
  • 3 qualities you admire in others?
  • -kindness, sincerity, and boldness
  • 3 tendencies that irk you in others?
  • -rudeness, insensitivity, and ignorance 
  • All time favourite book? Is is something you reread, and something you recommend to others?
  • -I’ve always loved the children’s book “The White Cat.” It’s stuck with me throughout the years [ever since I read it in elementary school] and I can still remember the entire story to this day.
  • You can have any superpower in the world, but using it drastically shortens your life span. Would you want that, and if yes, what would you pick?
  • -I wouldn’t want a superpower that shortens my life span. Life is precious and I’d rather spend it on other things than using my superpower.
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t get around to/don’t prioritize?
  • -I want to learn to improve my cooking but I’m kind of broke and lazy…OTL
  • What’s your #1 strategy for escaping a stressful situation?
  • -Deep breaths. They seriously help!


  • Do you have a first love? If so, when was it?
  • If you could choose one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • As a child, what was your dream for the future?
  • Who is your #1 OTP?
  • Do you read fanfiction? If so, do you have a favorite fanfiction author[s]?
  • Cat, dog, or fish?
  • What was the best moment in your life?
  • If you were given $10,000 with no strings attached, what would you do with it?
  • If you were given the choice to eat cookies or brownies for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?
  • If you were forced to marry a fictional character, who would you choose and who would be at your wedding?
  • Mint or gum?

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