[dj] kisekae kareshi

Title: boyfriend dress up
Circle: dndism
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Characters: Kageyama/Hinata
Warnings: N/A
Language: English
Scanlator: A Little Memorria
Please support the doujinka by buying your own copy & kindly do not reupload!

i got into haikyuu!! pretty late so i hope the djs i’m scanlating haven’t been done before //swEATS ;;;

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mako joshpeck 😅

Flower girl ❀○ °

Have a Happy New Year, everyone! \ ( ’ u ’ ) /


newtsglader’s 666 followers/first follow forever.

This is the first time I ever do one of these’ I got my 666th follower, and I love that number and I’m amazed to have so many followers, so I decided to make one. First of all, I want to thank all of you who follow me; I truly am amazed that so many people are into the many fandoms I’m in, or like the graphics I make. *_* You all are magical.

Okay, now, onto the Follow Forever thing. It’ll be divided into three categories. Please know I didn’t put all the people I follow; I have my favourites, and this is a list of them. But I love every single one of the people I follow.

newtsglader’s special eight.
These are people I talk to a lot or am friends with outside of tumblr and absolutely adore. 

Val (wckd-is-good), Kristen (newtglader), Tiffany (thestronglion​), Kyky (sasstilinskii), Meg (bilinskiswolf), Brittany (crimsoncomradeposts), Mimi (newtscrank), and Bree (aliceinundrland).

Members of the only network I’m in.

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♡ a shotgun smoochin’, monster-huntin’ mix for the freak with a knife collection {listen}

i. ftwww the mad gear and missile kid ii. young men dead the black angels iii. kinda outta luck lana del rey iv. beauty is empty mars argo v. party poison my chemical romance vi. weapon of choice black rebel motorcycle club vii. renegade styx viii. barton hollow the civil wars ix. light ‘em up fall out boy x. my first lovergillian welch

doneeeee with my first day of uni

spoiler alert: i l oV ED IT