i don’t fully buy into that theory yet but oh boy if tony’s thing turns out to be a vision of the future i’m gonna need to come back to this and write SO MUCH META about how wanda’s magic reacting to tony’s mind yielded THE FUTURE like EXCUSE ME i can’t hear you over LITERAL FUTURIST TONY STARK

this year has actually been pretty awesome so far, at least now

it could’ve started better but it’s now that counts; I got two of my friends back, got to know really awesome people, me and a close friend I argued with in january are chill now, my close friend of 2009 who i’ve really missed is in my life again and I just–

everything feels so good if you just forgive each other, are neutral or friends

life is too short to spend on toxic people who want to fight with you all the time and never make peace


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anonymous asked:

Dear Pietro Mun, you do not know what you are doing here. Your Pietro kinda sucks. I am surprised that some people even want to interact with you, you don't have the character down at all, and I am honestly surprised that you chose him as a muse. What made you choose him because you suck! Delete this blog or start over or fix the way you play Pietro because my baby does not deserve to be played in such a terrible way like you do.

{ okay…. I got all excited because I had a message, and this is what it was.. gee, thanks, Anon. for your information, this blog is brand new, as is the muse, so OF COURSE I am not going to portray Pietro perfectly. the muse is still developing. you’ve gotta give me a chance here. sheesh.
as for the people interacting with me, I am genuinely thankful for them. they are willing to put up with someone whose muse is still in the process of forming, unlike someone like you.
sorry, Anon. I don’t mean to sound rude, but this is just….this kinda makes me sad. I love Pietro, and my only wish is to do the character justice…. this kinda puts me down a bit. but no. I will not delete, start over, or fix my roleplaying. thank you very much and goodbye.

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Hi! Can I ask you something? What happened between Jesse and Sophia? I mean why is everyone freaking out?

Of course you can ask me! Apparently Jesse unfollowed Soph and some of her friends off instagram, for what reason? We have absolutely no idea. This has put some people in a panic, and honestly I was kind of freaked out too because as most of you know I am such bushfer trash, but in all seriousness we don’t even know if they are or were dating; so we don’t really know if they’re broken up. People are making a bunch of conclusions, which is their prerogative, but I just hope they’re happy whether they’re together or not.