like I’m so sad today because I’ve just been thinking am I ever going to find someone? like not romantic but in a friendly way, too. like I’m so shy but then I get really annoying and clingy and I wish I wasn’t. ill be stuck in this school for at least another year, and I’ve been with the same people forever and it’s just. like i think all my past relationships have made me To when whenever I meet someone new I try to make myself not attatched to them because I know soon they’ll leave and not want to talk to me and I’ll bother them soon enough??? that’s so sad but not really. like it’s just I’m always nervous talking to new people now because I always think the worst and if it’s been like this my whole life what’s to say it will get any better and. like I don’t know, I always like talking to someone and I feel weird when I don’t and I just want someone to talk to irl who I can be close with and not feel weird who will be friends with me for a while but that won’t happen.


The Tuilagi brothers talking about their sister Julie and how fa’afafines are seen by the Samoan culture.

(The audio was screwed up; from the point Manu said “our sister” onward, there was loud humming and I could hear almost nothing… I had to go by guessing and lip-reading, so the text might be a little off. I think that is the essence of what they were saying, though.)

Teenage Dirtbag, Loved You First, Live While We're Young
  • Teenage Dirtbag, Loved You First, Live While We're Young
  • One Direction

Liam changing the lyrics of the songs to something related to Niall in Teenage Dirtbag (I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby, come with me Nialler don’t say maybe), Loved You First (cause I was the only one who loved Niall from the start), Live While We’re Young (The music up the Nialler's down) and again in Teenage Dirtbag (I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, like Niall).