Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.

okay. listen to me. im finally able to word and express my feelings about this.

to all of you who feel like your life has ended, like you don’t know what to do anymore, where to go from here. who feel a weight on their chest and are trying not to cry, but do it anyway because the sadness is too much. i feel the exact same way. i know we’re probably never getting ot5 performing again, i know zayn won’t be in interviews, i also know we probably will have to go days without seeing him.

but guys. he’s happy. isn’t that all what we’ve always wanted; zayn to be happy. he was never here for the fame, he only went to audition so that someone could tell him he could sing. now he has made it big, he has made his name, people know him. they know a muslim poc with a great, irreplaceable voice exists. people know who zayn malik is. hes been so brave; taking all the ridicule for five fucking years, being strong and facing everything. he’s given us such a good time; made us smile every day, made us truly happy, given us hope, saved our lives. he made a lot of yalls days by appreciating your fan art or your ‘sick’ clothes. he’s provided for his entire family; he has taken care of his mum and his sisters, he has taken care of them like he always wished to do. he has done what he wanted to do and now if he wants a shot at a normal life, he has all the right to have it. because before everything and everyone else, comes his happiness and his feelings.

zayn’s always going to be in our hearts, none of us is ever going to forget him. maybe he does get signed by someone in the future, maybe he does join the band again, if he decides. but meanwhile, let’s all just take a deep breath, remember him in our prayers, show him our support and help each other through this because we are a fucking team.

you’re not alone. you, me, zayn, liam, louis, niall and harry. we are all fucking sad, but zayn’s happy. and that’s all that really fucking matters. i hope he always stays content and keep smiling and keep his boys close. and remember, zayn is probably smiling right now, talking to the boys, thankful for our support, feeling well rested and comfortable and satisfied with his family around him.

Ah, look at our little baby hitting number 9 on the weekly best-seller charts after only three days of release~ *stands back smirking like a happy parent*

80,726 copies in three days. To put that into perspective:

  • Volume 14: 38,985 (3 days), 68,479 (10 days)
  • Volume 15: 40,411 (3 days), 70,067 (10 days)
  • Volume 16: 62,826 (3 days), 108,612 (10 days)

…at least as far as Oricon sources say~

Gah, so happy ^^ The anyme definitely helped to boost sales, so here’s hoping that the manga continues to sell well into the future even though the anyme’s finished airing. Kusanagi-sensei deserves every sale!

Now… if only they’d license it into English… *glares at licensing companies* 

fic rec masterpost

Stories are alphabetised, mostly just so I don’t actually have any bias; I hope everyone has a look at all the stories I put here. I’m trying not to go with the most popular stories—yes, while I like Stolen Ice and R9KEIS and ASIS, and all those popular ones, they frankly don’t need anyone recommending them.
Any story marked with a ※ indicates one that has been recently added to this list. Any marked with a ❄︎ indicates that I have changed something about it (usually my ‘thoughts’).

I will be adding more; I’ve just gone with the stories that, to me, have stuck out. The ones I truly remember and loved and reread over and over again. That is what makes a good story, to me. One you can enjoy endlessly. For the moment, I’ve also tried to refrain from adding more than one story per author. If I recommend more than just that story, I’ll list it in the notes.

last updated ; march 26 2015
previous update ; none
current story count ; 18

Hover over the description to see my own opinion or thoughts on the story. Will be updated as I find more stories.

A Case of Identity by 4mation {T ; IC?For others, boredom is a minor inconvenience which is easily and harmlessly dispelled after some mildly entertaining activity. For Elsa Holmes, boredom was often a catalyst for an international incident. (Sherlock!AU)

Avanti by J. Peterson {M ; C} Yeah, this definitely hadn’t happened before, but as long as she didn’t end up stammering like a middle schooler with a crush (or spending the night in the emergency room after breaking her nose walking headfirst into any walls), Anna was going to enjoy every second of it.

Backwards by Sensational Sista {T ; IC}  College/AU. There’s an unusual perspective in rowing: To move forward, you have to move backwards. As Anna joins Arendelle University’s rowing team and forges an unlikely friendship with the elusive blonde Senior, she realizes her own perspective of life and love is about to be turned around. Elsanna

By Moonlight by StillEvolving {M ; C}  When Anna’s best friend, Olaf, loses part of his livestock under the light of the full moon, events begin to spiral out of control for Anna and she witnesses something she was never meant to see.

Collar Full by xxBurningxx {T ; IC}  Anna’s rushing down the crowded hallways of Arendelle High when her shoulder roughly collides with another body. She whips around, an apology already on the tip of her tongue, but the words catch in her throat before they can even escape. In that moment, time stops as her gaze meets with a pair of the most alluring crystalline eyes she’s ever seen. And that’s how it begins.

Couldn’t Wait For You by TheSyndra {M ; IC}  Elsa’s always had trouble connecting with people, but something’s different about Anna.

even a flightless bird has its uses by notantihero {M ; IC} Anna steps forward. “Instead of executing her, may I offer a better solution?” The cuffs restraining Elsa’s wrists clinks loudly as Anna grabs a hold of her hand. “Give her to me. I’ll make use of her as it befits our kingdom. This I can promise you, father.” AU; Elsanna; dark!Elsa

Ice Cream, Ice Queen by exeFiction {M ; IC}  Anna was done falling in love. Falling in blind love. She swore she would never make such mistakes again, but after stumbling into an ice cream parlour in the middle of a heavy summer downpour, her resolve for letting go of finding true love merely melted away, just like the ice cream brought by the stunning goddess before her.

In the Absence of Sun by gschelt {M ; IC}  Reparative therapy was meant to silence it. The years home schooled all alone in that big house were meant to lock it away. But enrolling at Arendelle Prep was the worst thing that could have ever happened to that plan for the Senator’s daughter. AU Elsanna, rated M for language, drug use, character death, and eventual *sexual explicitness*.

Just Friends by Ubertastic {E/M+ ; C} Elsa still isn’t entirely sure how Anna got it in her mind that they should be friends with benefits, but a few weeks and one set of unexpectedly romantic feelings in, their relationship will never be the same.

Kill of the Night by (the)WolfBrigade {T ; IC} The Guild doesn’t pay nearly enough money for the creatures Anna has to hunt down on the weekly basis. Seriously, it’s like Arendelle’s on top of a Hellmouth. So when she has to put out an ad for a roommate, all she wants is someone nice and normal. What she gets is the beautiful and awkward Elsa, who has a secret of her own.

The Legend of Elsa by Crezth/Rinjin {M ; C} Medieval AU where Anna is raised by trolls, completely ignorant of the human world. By chance, she meets a young icer named Kristoff, and comes to learn about human society, where she develops an ambition for becoming a knight. Eventual Elsanna (extremely slow burn). Rated M for some violence and adult themes.

Recomposing Hearts by Shoestring Nemesis/Nyxie {M ; IC} You’re not like the others, your mind’s opened doors. / There’s something going on in that decaying little brain of yours. / But you’re still dead inside, even though you’re cunning and smart. / Because only true love can kickstart a cold dead heart.

Sillage by Emirael {T ; IC} Modern AU. Not long after Elsa was born, her parents fell into marital strife and her father had an affair. As the years pass, Elsa eventually comes to know Anna, the half-sister she was never supposed to meet. The heir and the (literal) redheaded bastard child can’t find a way to fit into one another’s lives, but that never stops them from trying, no matter how strange their relationship becomes.

Solving the Girlfriend Problem by justonemoreartist {M ; IC} Modern AU one-shot (initially: I’ve caved and decided to continue) of trans Elsa: Anna is incredibly happy to be Elsa’s girlfriend, really. It’s just that she’s missing a few things in her life and feeling frustrated. And when Anna is frustrated, she decides to do something about it, using an interesting means. Contains Elsanna.

Streetlight Walls by astrarisks {M ; C} Two women meet in the dead of the night, each harboring unsavory oddities, unique to their own. A touch and a click was all that was needed for a doomed relationship to blossom. (Crossed paths between a sociopathic perfectionist and a lieutenant gang leader—nothing could ever go wrong, right?) :: elsa/anna, non-incest. modern!au.

There Sleeps a Living Flower by Wordmangler {THINGS} The tiny glow of a match brings Anna the beggar girl and Elsa the privileged princess together, to learn from each other about the beauty and cruelty of winter as they form a friendship that will lead them to discover secrets about each other they never dreamed of, for an ending they never imagined.

Treason by FrumiousBandersnatch10 {T ; C} She might be a queen, but her hands were tied. As the sovereign queen, it was her duty to uphold the law, even if it meant outing herself as a victim.


A superhero needs a sidekick. 

  • hinata:—daddy?
  • hiashi:yes?
  • sasuke:yeah?
  • hiashi:*glares at sasuke* what?
  • sasuke:*panics and looks at hinata* huh?
  • hinata:*covers face in embarrassment because wtf sasuke*
The Graveyard Book

Since i am living in my bed the past few days due to a terrible upper back pain, i watched quite a few movies and yesterday i start reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I know it is a children’s fantasy novel but oh dear it is so good! It’s funny, macabre, and it has some really good philosophical ideas. 

A lot of things have been on my mind recently

Excuse me while I unload some of my thoughts and ideas here on tumblr guys.  So I aspire to be an artist, I am terrible at drawing and painting, but I still want to be one.  I have been taking a painting class and stuff and last semester my painting professor told me I couldn’t paint and I should look at other forms of art.  I’ll be honest this hit me really hard, because he is a professional artist as well and has pieces in galleries and even maintains a gallery here.  It has taken me a very long time to realize some thing so obvious that it’s almost stupid to say it.


Like I said it seems obvious right?  Well It does but that doesn’t stop people, like myself, from beating themselves down when they fail to draw how they want.  It starts a bad cycle that ultimately leads to a fear of failure.  I am afraid of failure and it makes me not want to draw and that makes me not get better.  It is a vicious cycle.  Taking what I said earlier I thought back to why I enjoy drawing and why anyone enjoys drawing.

It’s fun to make new stuff.  It’s fun to take something from our head and give it form and shape.  It is fun to see the color, the expressions, the world, the characters, and the creatures we think and imagine.

It is fun.

It isn’t fun to think about failure, but when I was a little kid I drew just for the fun.  When did I stop drawing for fun?  I am so afraid of what people think and what it looks like compared to others, the idea, the image, and everything else that I keep forgetting the most important thing of all.

Drawing is fun.

Sketch, doodle, and just make funny faces.  Practice and exercises are all well and good and help you improve as an artist, but don’t forget to have fun.  Every line, every mark that you make makes what you do your own and creates something new and something fantastic.  The outcome doesn’t matter it is the journey you took.  I have recently rediscovered this for good this time it seems.  I want to share it with you all and I want to get it out for myself as well.

Remember when you were little and if you still have them look at old drawings in crayon.  You may think they look bad, but do you remember the fun you had?  Remember how excited you were when you used to get new markers or crayons and the only thing you could think about was trying them.  Don’t forget that.

Never forget to have fun.  Don’t focus on how your drawing/writing/sculpture looks as an end result focus on the process, focus on the fun and the true nature of art.

But really I mean if they can summon bobby and all those other people from the dead I see no reason why we can’t have a little kevin, ash, jo, ellen, and their other friends make a cameo appearance.

hey guys, i know everyone has mixed emotions and opinions about dan and phil right now, and i do too, but i’m just going to ask you all to please please not talk to me about the negative effects you think this could have (i’m not in anyway trying to ignore them believe me) this is just a personal thing. I’m under a lot of stress rn and honestly just can’t handle hearing sad or negative things about one of the only things that has been a constant positive in my life. By this i mean please don’t ask or message me about these negative things, i can’t and won’t try to tell you to stop posting about them all together. I also just want to remind you all to have faith in dan and phil, I truly believe they know what they’re doing and have the best intentions.