My enthusiasm for Game of Thrones, and especially Dany, is just something I can’t really control! I felt it from the first time I read the sides I had to learn for the auditions. When I like something, I tend to find it hard to hide my feelings, and so when the fans’ response from Season 1 was also positive, it just added to my happiness! But in all honesty, if the response had not been as overwhelmingly lovely as it was, it still wouldn’t have taken anything away from how I feel about Dany and the entire series. It has flipped my world upside down and inside out, and I count my blessings that I am involved in something I love this much.

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I saw a gif you posted that had a black woman saying that racial bias is a "nice" way to say that a white person is racist and that white people are afraid of being labelled a racist than talking about the impact of racism. As a white person, I have to agree with that. I'm more afraid of being labelled racist than talking about its impact. My question is, how do I get rid of this fear? And how can I help out and learn about the black community without so much bias?

You’re talking about chescaleigh​, one of my followers and a friend of mine (it’s strange to call her “friend” when I’m actually a “fan” and will still be one after we know each other well, but I can be both.)

How you get rid of this fear? 

Let me help you… 

First, you have to learn to listen. Really active listening. You’re going to be doing that a lot more than speaking. 

Here’s a few links to help you out

So hopefully, this will be the start of keeping your own bias in check.

And if that doesn’t work… you can come find me…

So I can do this to you…

I am not Black Jesus, but I’ll shake some sense into you real good.

Then I’ll talk with you proper. 


Oh, Randall, I wouldn’t exactly call it intentionally pushing Lix’s buttons, but you sure do know how to be just the tiniest bit completely infuriating.  You stoic toast wanderer you.

But really, the part I find most intriguing is why Lix says she won’t apologize to him. Why would she think that could even be an issue?  What could she think he would expect her apologize for?  After all, isn’t he the one who left her back in Spain?  It’s so frustrating because we know so little about their past. 

Except after looking at my Randall/Lix timeline — which isn’t canon or anything, but is based as much as possible on what few things we do learn directly from them about themselves — I don’t wonder if she’s not referring to something that happened after Sophia was born, but before the war, when they must have been back in touch at least briefly (because how else could Randall have known enough about Sophia to start any inquiries).  I wonder if Randall tried to see her again and Lix told him in no uncertain terms — but probably with extremely uncertain feelings — to leave her the hell alone and never contact her again. 

But that’s just a guess.


Hey everybody! My name is Tanaé and I’m a 22 year old portrait artist living on the south side of Chicago. For the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to really get my business going and build up my brand. After three years of college, I dropped out because it worsened my depression and anxiety and I was getting nowhere. The only thing I learned in college is that I could draw! Since discovering my new talent in March of 2013, I’ve taught myself and grown so much as an artist. I’ve been much happier since leaving school, but still very broke. Selling my art has been my only source of income for a while, as none of the countless jobs I’ve applied for have made the decision to hire me yet.

Art [in many forms] is my passion, and one day I would like to be able to live off my art. Nothing would make me happier than to make a living and support myself by just doing what I love. However, because of my long-time unemployment and my debt, I have no funds to really take off. Donations are welcomed, but you and I would both benefit if you decided to buy an original piece of artwork from me instead! Below is the link to my website, my email address, and a link to the Amazon eBook I wrote last year [My eBook is titled "Carousel" and tells the story of a young Black woman dealing with depression and meeting the love of her life, who is her exact opposite.Urban/Romance/Fiction].




Also, the original Bob & Damian Marley portrait that I’m holding [original is 14x17 inches] is on sale for $2200. Email tanaebrianab@gmail.com to purchase it or any other original artwork, or for any other art inquiries.

As you can see, my goal is not to simply take your money, but to get the word out about my work and help decorate your walls! Hopefully we can do business! Thank you in advance :) Please share.

BRB swooning over how Snape talks about Potions in PS.

After I spoke about the portrayal of Mary Jane in SPIDER-GWEN, someone passed along a very passionate post that transcribed the interview  and responded in kind. I generally don’t like answering this kind of stuff because I do think the work should stand alone, but I am very impressed by the amount of energy devoted to defending Mary Jane and I do feel like that there is a contract with the readership that goes into creating mass art and/or entertainment. One of the reasons I set out to write at all  is to communicate with and  learn as much about people, as I can. So as briefly as I can given my schedule…

First: Death of the author.  It doesn’t matter what Latour thinks or intends; what matters is what the page says.

I completely agree with you. At least in the ideal.

Reviewers have pointed out MJ was, in fact, in the right. So it’s not that we think Latour thinks she’s wrong.  It’s that EVERY OTHER CHARACTER argues with or puts down MJ, to the point where Glory rolls her eyes and says “Yeezus” during a television interview, and then quits the band in disgust.  In the world of the comic, MJ is demonstrably depicted as wrong.

Again, it’s only verifiably seen by Glory Grant as wrong.  Which doesn’t mean it is. These are the characters words and thoughts.  What would be disingenuous of me is to act like an artists life is a subject I don’t have personal and intimate opinions about. Part of what I try to do in my work is to parse them out objectively.  I do feel that all artists struggle with what it takes to gain acceptance versus what it takes to hold onto the personal reasons behind why you do what you do. From a certain POV art is an inherently selfish thing. The very belief that standing on a stage or picking up a pen or brush is pretension in that on some level it requires a belief that someone else wants to hear or read or see your art. But the flip side of that is that art is completely subjective and if your work gives even one person joy or release then you’ve done something selfless.  Given time we’ll hopefully get to see both sides of that play out in this book, and see how those two conflicting ideals can co-exist not just within a band, but within individuals.  It’s hopefully already clearly in progress with Gwen Stacy.  Just because a character starts in one place, doesn’t mean that’s where they’ll end up. Or maybe it does. The journey is the fun.

In addition, if he truly wants the reader to read from a MJ-centric POV, then Latour needs to present her POV.  Instead, he shits all over her perspective and explicitly tells us we’re not to have sympathy for MJ by having Gwen - the heroine and the POV character -  agree with Glory.  

I suppose that it’s possible it reads that way, but isn’t it also possible that  “We’ll see how long you make it out there all alone”— followed by Gwen finally checking her father’s many voice messages before leaping into action implies something with much more to do with what’s going on inside her own head. That maybe what resonates with Gwen is that she should finally take a very tiny step towards not being out there alone?

-no, the others concur the band is only successful because of Gwen.  She’s the jackpot, not MJ

Or what Randy Robertson implies here is that the band is successful as a unit, and had a hit together. I should also add— that every single member of the band goes along with it being called THE MARY JANES. It would stand to reason that there are motivations beyond being bullied into it.

In any event. I’m not setting out to convince you that I’m right and you’re wrong. As I said I respect your passion. That’s what comics are all about for me.   I’m certainly aware that I have flaws as a writer and that the books are never going to be perfect, all I’ll ask is that you don’t make assumptions about my motivations or how I feel about things beyond these pages. Fortunately we live in an amazing era for comics, where I think you can find whatever kinds of stories you’re looking to read, and if your dollar is better spent somewhere else then I’m happy that it was. But if you do continue to read our book— I think you’ll find that that things are going to change over time. Maybe not as quickly as you like, but they’ll go in a lot of different directions. The “point”  of every story I write is to go on a journey, (yeah right— who am I kidding I just ate a whole tub of hummus with a spoon, I don’t know the point of anything) and if you decide to come along all I’d ask is for you to try and take things as they come. I hope we’ll surprise you.


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For that anon with the age gap relationship! My bf and I are 10 years apart, and I have never been happier. But you do have to realize that they are in a different stage of their life. They ARE wiser. It took me a while to stop fighting my bf when he'd try to give me advice and just listen. Idk if you have that problem but I can be very stubborn & head strong. More importantly though I have learned so much about what a real relationship is & about who I am through him. It's been so wonderful.


[ GETTING RID OF THE NEGATIVE to post something positive here. <3

you guys… wow. i’m crying??? you’ve made me cry? you are all so sweet and supportive and amazing, and for every bad egg in this fandom (h a haha har), i always find at least two more precious, talented people who i genuinely enjoy talking with. i’ve made incredible friends because of this blog, and learned and experienced and had so much fun, and i just want you to know i’d never delete! i absolutely adore playing solas, i love interacting with you guys, and thank you for being so patient and awesome while i pull myself together.

basically i love you oodles and bunches and more than solas hates the elvhen gods and i just want you all to KNOW IT. so. positive side of things.

thank you for everything you guys have done and said to me. you’re the real winners here, thanks for following and sticking with this giant loser. c: ]

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Veganism isn't exclusively about the liberation of animals. Some people are vegan & it has absolutely nothing to do with animal rights. That person may have been rude & of course you can defend yourself, but you should always be open to learning.

OMG. Please stop. Veganism is and always be about animal rights, if someone stops eating flesh for different reasons then that’s going plant based. Please don’t hurt the animal liberation movement confusing people. That’s why many vegans get so much shit from people that don’t have a clue about what veganism means. I’m open to learn, I always accept my mistakes, just please don’t tell me veganism isn’t about animal rights because this is one of the few things that makes my mind explode. 

I have a proposition:

Clara is more like Missy than the Doctor.

I mean, they are all very similar in the scale they see things (the universe is too small), their methods (lie, lie, manipulate, make ruthless decision), so the differences come in why they do what they do and what they want to achieve.

We know the Doctor’s current motives and ambitions: he wants to travel, passing through, helping out, learning. We can also make a good stab at Missy’s: evil, world domination, get the Doctor to like her.

Which leaves us with Clara, who’s quite a bit more complex and people are bound to disagree with me, but I have a fair idea. She wants to be more than she is. She wants to be a hero, be like the Doctor, be greater and stronger and more important. She wants the adventure like the Doctor does, but she also constantly wants to improve herself (and not particularly in the inward focused sense, though she could probably do with a bit more self awareness).

She’s not evil in the way Missy is, far from it. But like Missy she is doing all this for herself, to get something out of it. The travel and the adventure alone isn’t always enough, even though she sometimes thinks it is, and she does genuinely enjoy it. And that’s quite a difference the two of them have from the Doctor, who doesn’t need anything apart from the side effects of travel and adventure.

And I’m hoping that this is something that will be explored during the next series and the (hopefully many) Missy and Clara scenes we get. Not just the similarity in behaviour that was present in series 8, but the similarities in motivation. 

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So my friend was found in her basement passed out cause she tried to overdose last night and I'm at the hospital with her. She's refusing to eat and the doctors said if she keeps refusing to eat for the rest of today they'll put her on a feeding tube. She's been through this before and she told me she hates it cause they feed her like 4000 calories a day. What can I do to convince her to eat? Please help me

Because an anorexic restricts their diet to a very low amount so double the amount we are meant to have, could be possibly be x8 the amount they normally have on a 500calorie in take which can be extremely scary.

Get her to eat little bits at first don’t pressure her to eat all of it, as she gets comfterble slowly get her to eat more and more. When will doctors learn shoving anorexic on that much straight away can be too hard at first. Look out for her, don’t let her be alone, and don’t let her purge after meals or drink too much water claiming to be full, in reality it’s all water.

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Sorry my english not so well. I am trying the best to write this like I know how. You are beautiful and Its so happy that you advice those in need of a friendship :) I like so much that I live the same time you do.

Firstly, please never apologize for your English. I understood you wonderfully. Start patting yourself on the back for learning another language!

Secondly, I nearly cried reading this. It means so much to me that you took time out of your day to say something this wonderful to me. You have made my day. <3 I love living at the same time as you!

I just want to say thank you to all of those who sent me messages about my emo post from yesterday!
I was feeling some kind of way and doubting the world but like all of y’all said, I have so much to be grateful for and what I am going through is difficult but is a result of so much love.
I love y’all! Truly!
It’s hard being away from my family and friends. Away from everything that is familiar but I’m learning so much out here and have an opportunity that so many dream about.
Thanks for letting me have my moment but encouraging me out of it!
I just needed to check myself but I will blame it on this bamming ovary I got going on right now.

tbh you shouldnt worry about doing poorly in college if u didnt do well in high school bc i failed like. everything in high school and now i have a 3.6 gpa w/ minimal effort because the structure and learning environment of college classes works better for most people? like public high schools are a mess u have to do so much pointless bullshit and in college u just do the reading and go to class and ur fine

look i also, okay look

i totally understand how hard it is to let go of someone that you love dearly because like fuck i’ve been alive for almost 23 years and i have legit never let go of one goddamn thing, including the 3-4 people (exes, family, friends, etc) that destroyed me most growing up and i’m prolly like the worst person to even talk to about this because i’ve learned a lot less from my mistakes than i would’ve liked to, but

you deserve so much more. like, that person that you loved with all of your heart? the one that didn’t mean to hurt you so fully, and ‘only meant for the best’, and will probably act as some sort of badly-written recurring imagery in your life’s story for the next miserable 15 years? they are holding you down and they are ruining your life and they are unhealthy (and potentially evil, for some of you) but mostly they are stunting who you are as an incredible human being. i’m not saying that they’re not good or not deserving of your love because FUCK i trust your judgment, and i bet i would’ve loved them too!! !! ! ! ! ! ! !!! @! !

but shit. you need to live for you!! and like, devoting a portion of yourself - however small - to someone who just simply doesn’t know how to appreciate that love is self-destructive. TO BOTH YOU AND THEM. because a part of you knows deep down that what you’re doing by loving this person isn’t ‘saving them’ - it’s killing YOU! so if this is the sign you’re looking for, please CUT THEM OFF. cut yourself free! learn to be there FOR YOURSELF half as much as you’ve been there for this other person - your ex, or your toxic family/friends - and know that i love you!

!!!sgheiufhesfesfsd, okay.

okay i went to wikipedia to see if i could figure out how much holy water a priest can bless at once (the answer is apparently unlimited amounts but they have to be sure it will all be used for sacramental purpose so that does put a technical limit on the amount ie no the pope cant make the ocean holy water) and while i was there i learned that when the swine flue was going around back in 2009 an automatic, motion-detecting holy water dispenser was invented and installed in an Italian church bc they were afraid of the holy water fonts being a place bacteria could spread. thats amazing.


A Twi-lek-Togruta Hybrid who looks mostly Twi’lek, but she has a third lekku at the back of her head and she has some skin discoloration and half markings on her face. She always wears a lot of make up to cover it up and has a hood thing to hide the third lekku. She’s self conscious about her looks.

And then a clone who also has skin issues, like maybe a lot of facial scars from burns or shrapnel, and he may/may not have confidence issues (I don’t really see him having any).

And they become friends (or maybe something more, I’m flexible) and the Twi’lek learns not to hate the way she looks so much.

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Have you tried learn-Hindi? It's a tumblog and they have audio for everything. It's mainly for writing but it helped me build my vocabulary up.

this is actually a really great resource!!!! thank you so much! I’m definitely going to use it!