It’s easy to say that family comes first. I absolutely love my children and my wife. But the mentality of a professional hockey player is that you never admit that you’re human. You never admit pain, especially if it’s pain that no one can see.

The Penguins have been incredible about keeping me around the team while I deal with this second blood clot. It can be a very dark place to be away from the game. With my personality, I need to be around the guys. The coaches have requested that I be in every team meeting, and I’ve helped out with scouting. I travel with the team on flights under two hours and offer any insight I can from the press box.

Up there, it’s a 2D game. Everything looks so easy. There’s so much room. Then you go down to ice level and it’s a 3D game. I’m quickly learning the limitations of my coaching ability:

“Hey, why didn’t you see that passing lane?”

“Well, Duper, there was a guy right in my face jamming a stick into my ribs.”

Some of the guys have started to call me Coach Duper. I laugh it off, but it’s killing me to wear my little suit while they’re putting on their gear.

I’m 35. I know I don’t have much time left. But I’m getting out of that press box prison. I don’t care if it takes six months or a year or two years. I will get healthy. I will play in the National Hockey League again.

—  Pascal Dupuis, In my Blood 
I don’t know why they left, but they are fools to leave something so life giving; Your adventure is not over when they leave, your adventure just changes, and with that change is still purpose. You are strong, and now you must use that strength to continue on, to learn what it means to love without that other person. You have the chance to do something great, and I think it’s important to remember that you never needed that other person to carry you, you have the ability to go onward with each step you take. Your story is not written by those who come into our lives, we have a much greater Author who knows who we are to walk along with; sometimes we have someone with us, sometimes we are to go alone into the unknown trusting that the next chapter will be worth reading. No matter what happens, always remember that you are apart of a story that is bigger than your heartbreak, but that this moment in the story still matters because we are all invested in seeing where the Author takes your journey.
—  T.B. LaBerge // Your Story Matters
"…And Emma…so the three of them kind of work together to find this Author."

"I think what they’ve realized is that they are stronger together — like the yin and yang, the light and dark, they go hand in hand, so working together they’re much more powerful than they are working alone."

"…they are still discovering what their relationship is"

"what’s going to surprise them is actually how much they really do care for one another on a friendship level. And over time, what you’re going to really see is how close they’ve become, more so as family."

“I think Regina and Emma are quite surprised by how close they have gotten over the year. And one thing I love is they ultimately have each other’s backs.”

"…so Emma and Regina are going to have to deal with this evil trio."

"I think Regina has learned a lot from her mistakes, and she doesn’t want to see Emma make the same mistakes, so she’s going to stand by her side and protect her as much as she possibly can to make sure she doesn’t cross over to the darkness."



I’m not obsessed with Glory and Gore, you are.

Got the concept for this baby from a post that’s lost on the internet and the AU is set in the incredible jauregayforcamila's Superhero fic. Hope this makes your day Foster ^_^

Hands? what are hands? they don’t exist in this universe haha nope.

I definitely see a lot of myself in Patrick, for better or for worse. And I also see things where sometimes when I’m on a date, now, I’ll start talking and I’ll think, “Don’t Patrick this”, “Don’t talk too much, don’t have like, diarrhea of the mouth”. So I’ll check myself, like, for the blind spots that I see Patrick experiencing, that I’ve seen in season one and that I’ve played. I’ll be like “Okay, don’t drink too much, don’t talk too much”. There’s little, like, mile-markers on a date that I think about.
Soon I will be gone forever, but that's okay as long as someone reads this [mylasttie via reddit]

I am only 24 years old, yet I have actually already chosen my last tie. It’s the one that I will wear on my funeral a few months from now. It may not match my suit, but I think it’s perfect for the occasion.

The cancer diagnosis came too late to give me at least a tenuous hope for a long life, but I realized that the most important thing about death is to ensure that you leave this world a little better than it was before you existed with your contributions . The way I’ve lived my life so far, my existence or more precisely the loss of it, will not matter because I have lived without doing anything impactful.

Before, there were so many things that occupied my mind. When I learned how much time I had left, however, it became clear which things are really important. So, I am writing to you for a selfish reason. I want to give meaning to my life by sharing with you what I have realized:

  • Don’t waste your time on work that you don’t enjoy. It is obvious that you cannot succeed in something that you don’t like. Patience, passion, and dedication come easily only when you love what you do.
  • It’s stupid to be afraid of others’ opinions. Fear weakens and paralyzes you. If you let it, it can grow worse and worse every day until there is nothing left of you, but a shell of yourself. Listen to your inner voice and go with it. Some people may call you crazy, but some may even think you‘re a legend.
  • Take control of your life Take full responsibility for the things that happen to you. Limit bad habits and try to lead a healthier life. Find a sport that makes you happy. Most of all, don’t procrastinate. Let your life be shaped by decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t.
  • Appreciate the people around you Your friends and relatives will always be an infinite source of strength and love. That is why you shouldn’t take them for granted.

It is difficult for me to fully express my feelings about the importance of these simple realizations, but I hope that you will listen to someone who has experienced how valuable time is.

I’m not upset because I understand that the last days of my life have become meaningful. I only regret that I will not be able to see a lot of cool stuff that should happen soon like the creation of AI, or Elon Musk’s next awesome project. I also hope that the war in Syria and Ukraine will end soon.

We care so much about the health and integrity of our body that until death, we don’t notice that the body is nothing more than a box - a parcel for delivering our personality, thoughts, beliefs and intentions to this world. If there is nothing in this box that can change the world, then it doesn’t matter if it disappears. I believe that we all have potential, but it also takes a lot of courage to realize it.

You can float through a life created by circumstances, missing day after day, hour after hour. Or, you can fight for what you believe in and write the great story of your life. I hope you will make the right choice.

Leave a mark in this world. Have a meaningful life, whatever definition it has for you. Go towards it. The place we are leaving is a beautiful playground, where everything is possible. Yet, we are not here forever. Our life is a short spark in this beautiful little planet that flies with incredible speed to the endless darkness of the unknown universe. So, enjoy your time here with passion. Make it interesting. Make it count!

Thank you!

I don’t think Taylor actually realises that she isn’t just a singer we love during our teenage years and forget after a few years just like some boys bands. We’ve learned so much about her personality, inspirations, aims, values etc.. through her songs ( and the hundreds of videos we’ve watched on youtube) that it is impossible to ever forget her.*

We’ll probably won’t be as obsessed as now of course, but she’ll always have a special place in our lives and our youth memories. 

I had spent so long waiting to be saved.
I searched and searched for my hero in the darkest places.
But then I found you and suddenly, I felt what it was like to want to save instead of being saved.
So I held you close and you let me into the
darkest parts of you that no one had ever seen.
And then I learned what it was to be pushed away.
To be so close to saving someone when they say, “I’m too fucked up for you. You’ll forget about me just like everyone else did.”
Do you know how much that hurt me?
I always wonder if you do.
Because I put aside every fucking thing in my life in order for you to forget how much you hated your dad.
I was the one who drank until I passed out just so that you could have
someone to fall asleep with, to cry with.
Do you really think I would have ruined my whole life, just so that I could forget about you?
And that is when I realized that I was never going to save you.
That is when I realized that instead of saving you, I was killing myself.
I guess in some ways you were right, you were way too fucked up for me.
But there is one thing that you were very, very wrong about.
I will never forget you.
Because every time I start to, I will look down to my arm, see your name etched in,
and remember the permanent damage it caused, just to be the hero that never was.
—  Lauren Quiquero
I think what they’ve realized
is that they are stronger together —
like the yin and yang, the light and
dark, they go hand in hand, so
working together they’re much
more powerful than they are
working alone… I
think what’s going to surprise
them is actually how much they
really do care for one another on a
friendship level. And over time,
what you’re going to really see is
how close they’ve become, more
so as family. Which is also how I
see the Charmings at this stage,
with Regina and Henry — they’re
all a family of some sort. So, I
think Regina and Emma are quite
surprised by how close they have
gotten over the year. And one thing
I love is they ultimately have each
other’s backs… I think Regina has learned a lot
from her mistakes, and she
doesn’t want to see Emma make
the same mistakes, so she’s going
to stand by her side and protect
her as much as she possibly can
to make sure she doesn’t cross
over to the darkness. -Lana Parrilla on Regina and Emma.
—  tvline.com

So i told my three closest friends that i’m asexual tonight and it could not, in my wildest imagination, have gone better. All of them said that they’d like to learn more about asexuality, all of them accepted that i have more knowledge on the subject than they do and all of them said they will support me and care as much  as i do. I am so blessed to have such beautiful friends and i am so thankful to have them. But i am also blessed to have mutuals/followers/blogs that i follow who inspire me every day to be who i am, without restraints and who support me no matter what. Whoever you are, you are amazing and you got me to right here. right now. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think some maori are lesser than other because they may have less maori in them? I physically look more white (just in terms of features rather than skin colour) and I have tried to embrace my culture but I don't know how and I've been called a plastic maori by other Maoris so I'm not sure how to learn about it or if I should be because I'm only a fraction maori

Bro, I’m from Taranaki and Whanganui iwi. I’m the whitest person around. Personally, this idea of whiteness is something that needs to be deconstructed by the decolonisation movement. Māori whakapapa is pretty much the only indicator for you to have a Māori identity. Pfft to those who tell you otherwise.

so we are learning a lot about grief this month! i was all ready to deal with lots of soggy weeping and wistful discussions of the good old days and that kind of thing. i had not realized how much anger there would be. real, solid, tangible anger. at specific things, at everything, at nothing.

i have some tools for dealing with my own anger. (my preference is to walk as hard and fast as i can up the side of a steep hill with headphones on until i feel like i am about to puke and my muscles are screaming. i also pick fights with strangers on the internet about petty topics.) but am trying to crowdsource others. so-

what (helpful, non-dangerous, and non-self-destructive thing) do you do when you are just so angry?

elderpricette asked:

Native 1, I just heard some news I thought you might like. Washington state is considering a bill that would make it absolutely mandatory to learn about Native American history in school! Best part was reading the comments on the news story, because not one person disagreed with it. I wish Oregon would pass the same bill, because while we did learn a quite bit about the tribes in our area, the NW is still full of SOO much Native history (look at the city/county names) that needs to be covered.

Ooo, I do like that! Especially the comments bit! I’m surprised that NW schools do not already have Native history in their curriculum due to how vibrant Natives culture are over there (or this bill is more aimed towards private schools and home schoolers?)

Huge chunks of my family are from NW tribes, so this is exciting for me!

-The Native One

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I want to entertain people with my writing as much as you do. Honestly, I get so excited to read something you've written and I can only hope that some day, somebody will have the same feelings towards anything I put out there in the vast abyss of literature. Really though, you are such an inspiration for me, and I thought you should know.

I am going to cry!! Really, thank you. This is the greatest compliment to me, because I’ve always been of the belief that writing should primarily be for the purposes of catharsis and pathos - sorry, Plato; I enjoy emotional artifice. Honestly, to hear that any sort of emotional response beyond revulsion and tedium is invoked by my writing is genuinely a huge, huge compliment, and I really want to thank you for taking the time to let me know! 

I’ve said it before and will say it again; I have endless admiration for people who take even just a minute to improve the moods of others. It’s such an excellent thing to do, and I don’t think that most of us take the time to do it often enough. So, believe me, the inspiration is going both ways right now! 

I’m absolutely certain that people feel the same way about your writing! The most difficult part, in my experience, is finding an audience and a platform. It’s a sad and simultaneously wonderful truth that there are a lot of incredibly talented writers out there, and they’re all jostling for the same space. It’s something of a double-edged sword; it’s very easy to find good writing that you can read both for enjoyment and education, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make your own writing known. 

Honestly, I think it just takes practice and serious determination. I can’t tell you the number of submissions I’ve had rejected from magazines, the number of blogs I’ve started with no readers, the number of poems I’ve read at open mic nights to about 5 listeners. It’s tough, and it’s heartbreaking when it doesn’t pan out. The only thing you can do is tell yourself yes, this is what I am meant to be doing and just keep at it. It’s clichéd advice and I always get pissed off when people say it to me, but it really is true. Eventually, you’ll get that break that you’ve needed all along, and once you have that break - no matter how small, even if it’s just one magazine publication - you have to have the foresight to use it to your best advantage. Of course, it also takes a degree of realism, hence my tedious day job! If you love writing enough, then the fact that you get to do it at all, even at lunchbreaks, makes the day job worth it, believe me.

Good luck, anon - you have a great attitude in that you’re obviously a very empathetic person, and although I haven’t read your writing (feel free to send it to me at any point if you want!) I have complete faith in you; heck, this was a short message, and look at the response it’s invoked! You will go far, I’m sure of it. 

#bodposfeb 28: Write about what you have learnt during this challenge

I’ve learnt that sharing in body positivity with others is much more fun than simply practicing it yourself! I’ve continued to strengthen my commitment to loving my body and treating it with respect, and I’ve been inspired by others doing the same. Most of all, I’ve solidified my belief in the body positive community and feel impassioned to continue working towards spreading body positive ideals. 

Thank you all so much for doing this challenge with me!

What did you learn? Share with #bodposfeb

Each and every traveler who has commented on my “travel tourism” post a couple weeks ago has surpassed my expectations of compassion and comprehension of the effects of travel on this world. You guys are amazing! I’m so pleased to have a beautiful audience dedicated to the preservation and kindness of traveling, and certainly want to continue on these amazing discussions! I’m learning so much from you all. 😊

Photo taken at Humayun’s Tomb in New Dehli, India.

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I find it hilarious that the show arguably has more hints from Sherlock to John, meanwhile it's the other way around with their actors. Benedict said he personally doesn't think Sherlock is gay (though apparently he's not "necessarily straight" either) and what he and John have is an epic bromance, Martin on the other hand apparently ships them and said he wouldn't mind playing John as gay, and also adds stuff like the way he licks his lips when John learns Sherlock is single, lmao.

Haha that makes so much sense! John is usually the one making the subtle hints. But I think both play their characters really well- John slightly flirting and Sherlock quietly pinning for him.

hey! what have you been up to? come follow-up with us!

For years, I’ve watched this quirky group of characters live. They have become full blown characters, seemingly from my own life, and the finale that they were in was spectacular. I’ve learned how to live my life from these characters.

Leslie taught me to always have optimism, even in the worse situations, and go about every endeavor like its your dream

Ann taught me that even the ordinary people can do extraordinary things. That you don’t have to have a title to make a change in the world

Andy taught me that its okay to stay in touch with your inner child and be goofy, and that life will be so much fun no matter what

April taught me to be confident about my personality no matter what. That being different is a good thing, and people will accept and love you

Ron taught me to stay true to what I believe, but never so rigidly that I can’t change 

Donna taught me that it’s okay to put myself before others, because in the end, when you love yourself it shows and you get to spread that love to others

Jerry taught me to be happy with life. Always have a positive outlook in any situation

Tom taught me that it is okay to fail. Your life won’t always be perfect, but don’t let your failures define you. Take them, and make them into something good

Chris taught me to find the good in anything. Instead of focusing on the bad, find something good coming from it, and then instantly everything seems good

Ben taught me that selflessness should come first. Helping people, even at the expense of your own happiness or gain, is the best feeling ever

Overall, Parks and Rec wasn’t just a tv show about someone in the Parks department. It was about a family of people that wanted to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. Happiness is everything. Happiness is key. Always try to be Leslie Knopp, even when your in a Ron Swanson situation. Sadly, Parks and Rec is over, but the effect that it had on me will hopefully live throughout my life. And if I can make one person smile just from what I learned from watching this show, then it was all worth it. Goodbye Pawnee, it was a great seven years.

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Hello! A question for the mod: how do you get your skin to be so flawless? Also, do you ever do any makeup tutorials? You're just so gorgeous and I want to learn your secrets! ^_^

{ // ooc // }

Oh wow! First of all! Thank you so much! Second! I drink lots of water and use different facial treatments throughout my week! That’s how I’m able to usually keep my skin pretty clear! Sometimes my hormones are unbalanced so I’ll have a couple days where concealer is my one true friend. But! Other than that, this is all I do really! 

In regards to makeup tutorials! Once I get things set up on my personal account I’ll ask for makeup requests or if you just want me to freestyle and show you my routines! It’s a passion of mine so if you ever want to request anything once I get things all put together on that separate account I’ll be more than happy to for you! Thanks again for your kind praise! It’s very humbling and I’m so excited in knowing that you all are interested in what I love to do for fun! (/)  -//////////-)(\

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Headcanon time! Ciel gets Sebastian to do extra things for him (make him sweets before dinner, etc.) by pouting. Sebastian thinks it's the cutest thing and cannot deny him anything he asks when he does.

Over the course of some years, Ciel has learned to perfect said pout.

At first, he tried it out when he saw how well it worked on Lizzy with Paula. No matter what the subject was, Paula always gave in to what Lizzy wanted. He studied this “puppy dog face” and considered using it on Sebastian.

The first time Ciel used it, it was futile. He just couldn’t do it. Sure, he could look grumpy and upset, but it was missing that cuteness that everyone looked for in that sort of face.

So after a couple times, Ciel finally figured out what he needed to do.

Now, about the fourth time he tried it, Ciel was asking for sweets before bed. Sebastian just would not give in, no matter what Ciel did. So, Ciel decided it was time to try out his new weapon.

He had practiced in the mirror plenty of times and had gotten to the point of being able to convince even himself that he deserved what he was asking for. Ciel jutted his lip out, eyes wide, and let it quiver a little while looking at the floor before glancing up through his eyelashes at the taller one.

Sebastian almost left the room.

Even though it didn’t quite work as well as Ciel had wanted it to, he did receive a slice of cake on his dresser that night.

The next couple times, Ciel tweaked the look just how he wanted it to the point where it looked identical to Lizzy’s, maybe even better.

By now, Sebastian has gotten used to the face, but it’s still so cute and reminds him so much of a little kitten that the poor butler caves to whatever Ciel needs and wants.

Sebastian realizes his downfall, and still can’t believe it works so well for the boy.

When Ciel found out it worked, he was ecstatic.