what a taurus has to say to the signs
  • aries:ur cool i guess but u don't always have to be so judgmental not everyone has to be just like u
  • taurus:ayy ur gr8 dont change anything except let me be right sometimes too ok thx
  • gemini:omFG stop talking so loud and pls learn how to keep a secret. but other than that ur alright, just cant trust u :/
  • cancer:ur a qtpie but u need to stop lying so much. and pls stop being so emotional it's not always that big of a deal
  • leo:ur adorable but don't forget that not everything is about you. other ppl have problems and feelings too
  • virgo:ur chill as fUCK but srsly lighten up ok not everything is that big of a deal bby u'll be ok
  • libra:ur chill as hell but i can't get too close to u bc u let ppl get in ur head so like stay tru to u ok ur cute
  • scorpio:ur hot as fuck and u honestly dont give two fucks and i love it. but pls stop being so intimidating i didnt do anything to u
  • sagittarius:ur funny as fUCK just stop being so loud and sit down for once
  • capricorn:honestly u don't do anything wrong ur so chill but like pls show some emotion or something
  • aquarius:ur so fun but don't be scared to trust ppl because not everyone is out to get u!
  • pisces:ur a doll and ilysm and don't forget that its ok to b emotional sometimes! and pls don't be shy bc everyone loves u i promise
The “alienation” or “assimilation” that I manifest is often in how I speak. There isn’t necessarily a third world language but there is an Indian way of talking that is an essential part of me. I like it, I love it, yet I deny it. I “save” it for when I’m around other Indians. It is a way of talking that involves “Indian humor” which I know for sure non-Indian people would not necessarily understand. Articulate. Articulate. I’ve heard that word used many times to describe third world people. White people seem so surprised to find brown people who can speak fluent english and are even perhaps educated. We then become “articulate”. I think I spent a lot of time being articulate with white people. Or as one person said to me a few years ago, “Gee, you don’t seem like an Indian from the reservation”.
—  Barbara Cameron, “Gee, You Don’t Seem Like An Indian From the Reservation” 

I wanna have a sit down interview with Danielle and Eleanor like do you realize how much shit we could learn from them. I’m about to set up a go fund me so we can raise money for compensation

The black sheep of MBTI

I don’t know about any other Myers-Briggs type that receives so much hate and faces so much prejudice as the INTJ. In the year that has passed since I first learned about my personality type, I have heard a lot of “opinions”.

Apparently INTJs are too selfish. Too stuck up. Too judgmental. Too elitist. Too evil. Too self-assured. We need to be lectured and raised by the other types who, apparently, are much more modest, kind and open-minded. 

No other type receives hate mail when they celebrate their own traits, when they accept who they are and show pride in it. When they learn that they are not fundamentally wrong or unwanted. Because I have been there myself. I have felt misunderstood my whole life, and that is something the INTJ community has helped me overcome. I’m proud of who I am today. I’ve met a lot of lovely INTJs who are not stuck up, not judgmental, not evil. And this community is the one place where I actually feel like I belong.

We have several non-INTJs who choose to try to understand and appreciate us instead of judging us. One of them is numberoneintjfangirl, whom I want to mention just because I think she’s done great things to this community. Everyone doesn’t jump on the hate train, of course. But still, I see these same prejudices here and there.

So what is it about people that like to hate on INTJs? Are they jealous? Scared? Or do they simply find enjoyment in besmirching a group of people that are different from them? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. But the fact remains that INTJs aren’t evil. You hear that?

INTJs. Are. Not. EVIL.

We care about a lot of things. We love intensely. We feel sad and lonely and scared sometimes, just like everyone else. We have a rich inner world which means that we might not be as “present” in the “real world” as others. We have a hard time fitting in, a hard time trying to be what people want us to be; is it really that strange that some of us isolate ourselves to escape from the social pressure, or that some of us instead choose to take a step forward and show pride in our traits?

I understand that some of these people might simply be uneducated in the subject and blindly believe in what they hear about INTJs. But I am of the opinion that in such a case, it is every man and woman’s responsibility to educate themselves; in the very least before they open their mouths. IGNORANCE IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE.

To all fellow INTJs: You are human. You are amazing. I appreciate you for who you are. I support you. Don’t let the world bring you down.

To all the people who think that INTJs need to be put in our place: Kindly fuck off.

taylorswift! Hey if you’re reading this I want you to know that you have given me the courage to be myself and change into who I am today. Someone who doesn’t care about people’s opinions and the way they think of me. Thanks to you I have learned to be myself and shake things off. I love you so much for being such a great role model you have no idea. I am so thankful for your music and the way you treat us and for interacting with us everynight. :) thank you so much for that. I really hope to someday get to meet you in the future so we can have a crazy dance off to Shake It Off, okay well thank you once again for everything Taylor. Love, Francisco

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I sent you that message about being a pagan. I was wondering where do I start? There's so much I feel I don't know. Where do I even start?

Walk out into your backyard at night, declare yourself with the most powerful aspect of your character, and tell a god to find you.
Just keep doing it. Even when you feel silly. Tell selective secrets. Give them something to be interested in. Be tempting.
Meanwhile, start your studying. You’re going to need to learn about every relevant deity to your ancestry, their collective mythology, what their symbols are, and their preferred worship. You have the rest of your life to learn these things so don’t stress. When you find a ritual that speaks to you, go perform it. Go wild.
The gods are dying. They are. I don’t care what anyone says to me about it they are. Without collective worship deities go back to whatever energy created them. It’s all the same thing but in different forms to better reach us. So they aren’t really around. You have to have faith. Huge faith. Enormous faith. You have to fall in love. You have to make your being so powerful with conviction of your faith that a god would turn around and walk back into earth for you.
Paganism has changed. Worship now isn’t the same as what it was. The rules are different and literally no one knows them. Myself included.
You will create your own faith and path as you go. Your specific experiences will lead you to the next place and so on. Paganism pretty much gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want.
Keep to your studies!!!! Read!!!! Memorize!!!!!!!! Get your herbs in order!!!


 I think , actually idk when im officially done but oh my gosh what a year. I’ve been non stop busy with school and work and now that one is over I…

well im still busy cuz i picked more work up at the studio cuz apparently I wont be satisfied until I say yes to all the jobs. BUT ITS NICE TO HAVE MARKING OFF THE LIST AT LEAST.

 I dont think I’ve ever been as busy as I have been this last school year but  I learned so much and my students were absolutely amazing. No ragrats 

Sometimes I feel past lovers
sew themselves into my skin,
with thread so thin it is not visible to the naked eye,
but I can feel them, laced up next to my veins.

There’s no such thing as forgetting,
only learning to live with another body
within mine. You are still here,
more tightly sewn than the others,
because maybe you actually mattered less, 
but your love mattered to me so much.

You are still here,
and so are these boys in all of my friends,
whether or not they have left each other in the past yet.
All of my friends who let boys build homes in their hearts.
All of my friends who let boys carve futures into their skin.
All of my friends who know what it is to walk
with another person buried within them,
but have not known what it is to bear life. 

Part of me thinks it is because we are young
that we carry the weight of these make-believe men,
but then I see the way my mother’s eyes
look when she talks about
“your father,” and I think
the desire for love is so quietly crippling all of us.

—  your love mattered to me so much, n.m.
So, Tony post Ziva has been going through his evolution. He has been trying to evolve and what we are learning about that evolution is that it takes many different forms. He is cooking, he is trying to open up his apartment and his relationship with his father to new dimensions and Marisol does a great job of making Zoe Keates part of that. And she pushes him to be a better, more rounded, less compartmentalized version of DiNozzo. More integrated.
—  Michael Weatherly | What influence does Zoe have on DiNozzo in Season 12?
( too much stuff I can’t gif everything )

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i think the worst thing that can happen in the finale is emma saying that she loves hook ugh

I’ll see your worst case scenario and I’ll raise you with Emma “helping Regina get her happy ending” (operation Mongoose) actually being–to get ForestDerp back. All AFTER that awesome “let’s fight that predestined/prophesied/fairydusted fate crap together” scene that could (and should) mean so much more. Which…

God, this fucking ghadawful show! It gives you a sliver of hope and then (as learned from bitter, bitter experience?) immediately you have to put your guard up because you’re sure it’s going to punch you in the gut.

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Joe, I just want to thank you. You have helped me so much without you even knowing it. You're a great guy and I've learned a lot from you about how to not worry as much what people think, and to live my life the way I want to. You inspire me and thank you again for the inspiration and all of the countless laughs.

That’s awesome!

That’s all I’m trying to do. Entertain & inspire. I appreciate the kind words!

Ladies and Monsters, I’d like to welcome all of you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Mike Wazowski is my name, and heading Ravenclaw house is my game. You may know Ravenclaw house as the house of wisdom, learning, and wit - but we are also so much more than that! We are the house of champions, the house of innovators, and of course, the house of extremely good-looking people. In this fantastic house, we have: Rosetta, Jane, Lilo, Fred, Alice, Belle, GoGo, Archimedes, and yours truly!

Without further ado, if you’d like to support us in this competition and help us win the house cup, then please be so kind to ask one of us a question of your choice here. It would mean a lot! Thank you muggles, monsters, witches and wizards, it sure is great being here. Go Ravenclaw!

“Wit beyond measure is mans greatest treasure.”

Harry Potter Event

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I just noticed that centipeedle's iris changes shape just as she saves Steven from the falling stalagmite (stalactite?) Monster buddies is so my favorite ep, it hits me in the feels so much ahhh (What's yours, Artie?)

I just think the iris thing is relevant cos of maybe Reformed refers to centipeedle (?????????)

Yea, they made a point of showing the Centipeetle’s eye so there’s definitely something going on there. I don’t think it will be relevant in “Reformed” though. I tend to think we won’t see the Centipeetle again until Steven learns how to heal corrupted Gems, which I don’t think would be for a while. While he may learn through healing the Centipeetle, I think we’d first have to learn more about the corrupted Gems in general, which we haven’t learned anything about it a while. This episode may give us more on that (I’m thinking the title ‘reformed’ refers to Gems’ physical forms and how they work, given the promo, which may explain corrupted Gems a little) but I don’t think we’d learn about how Gems corrupt, how to heal corrupted Gems, and heal a corrupted Gem all in the same episode (not to mention healing the Centipeetle would add a new character to the cast which I don’t see them doing at this point in time). Just my take on that.

As for my favorite episode… I dunno, there’s so many good ones! “Rose’s Scabbard” is definitely one of my favorites but its hard to rank them really because I love so many episodes for different reasons… y’know, I got an ask a few days ago about my top 5 episodes, I’ve been meaning to answer it (maybe tomorrow when I’m not so tired)

My Preservation Day Post

Okay so my Preservation Day post is actually going to be about Preservation Day, because today is the first time I’ve really felt part of the Jewish community.

I’ve know I was Jewish since I was little, my mum has always talked about being Jewish, and I’ve known my dad is Jewish for a long time. But the thing is, because neither of my parents can trace back an unbroken Matrilineal line, neither of them, or their parents, thought they were “really” Jewish. I guess they had never heard that that doesn’t matter these days. Neither had I.

My earliest experiences of learning about Jewish culture have mostly been from non-Jewish sources. When I was little my mum read The Silver Sword to me, which was the first time I had heard about the Holocaust. I can still remember talking with her as we read it. I don’t remember the story so much as the sense of despair and tragedy, but also the need to keep pressing on even against all obstacles.

Weirdly, the first time that I really sort of felt Jewish was when I was about 13 when we were studying The Merchant of Venice in school. We had to give a speech, and part of it had to be reenacting part of the play. I talked with my parents and they encouraged me to do the whole “if you prick me do I not bleed” monologue. Before then I’d never really thought that any people would think of any other people as less than human. That play is very problematic, but performing that monologue made me really emotional and I actually got really choked up.

I’ve always felt Jewish, but never felt “really” Jewish. So when I saw the original Preservation Day post I was overjoyed. I realised that the fact I had no story to tell IS my story. Seeing that post, reading that ethnic Jews and patrilineal Jews and all Jews could participate, it made me realise that I am “really” a Jew. My story might not be the most typical Jewish story, but I’m a Jew, and it’s my story, and I’m happy I’ve gotten to share it.

Since then I have been reading more on tumblr about Jewish culture. Preservation Day was about preserving our culture, and at least in my case it’s certainly achieved its aim.

my patron needs to CHILL

APPARENTLY Set decided (without talking to me about it) that i needed to start working with Thoth/Dejhuty, whom I’ve spoken with briefly before but had zero intention of pursuing a relationship with. (I have no fucking clue why Set wants it or Thoth agreed other than some evasive mumbo-jumbo about “balancing order and chaos” and “learning to work with heka”) not only that, but Set talked Thoth into approaching me, again, without asking me!!! and long story short the first i heard of this is from Thoth showing up and going “hey share that coffee with me. you’re putting too much sugar in it. also, you need to get to work on your book. did i mention you’re working for me now? yeah, Set sent me.”

so yeah, i’m pretty pissed. i’m really considering being like “hell no” (because how hard would it have been to ask me first really how hard) but Set is pretty adept at getting his way, regardless of what I think about it, so i guess….advice? anyone? 

Sorry for not being so active on here lately. The reason why I have not posted so much in the past few months is because my attitude towards my life and art has been changing a lot. I have come to realise that before I can learn to draw for anyone else, I must first try and learn to draw for myself.

I have been doing a lot of drawing and practicing different things, and, though most of what I have drawn looks rather crappy, I think I am more at ease with my own art now than ever before. Being confident about one’s own drawings is something many artists struggle with, and, though people say that “it will get better with time”, or “it’ll be better once you’re good”, in three years of drawing I have come to realise that this is not true.

Doesn’t matter whether you paint, sculpt, make games, do martial arts or cook, confidence in oneself is the base for all expression. If being an artist means being able to express yourself, then you cannot ever become a visual artist if you do not have confidence in what you draw.

Below are some things that I have come to realise about art and drawing in that time, that I thought I could share with you.

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The text I got last night

From Daddy:

“Given the time, I’m assuming you went out and forgot to tell me as I asked you. 10 spanks delivered at my convenience. I’m turning in now. Goodnight, Baby. I love you.”

He kissed me today. And I already apologized but obviously it’s not enough. Part of me was thrilled that I got this text - at first because of funishments and then I realized oh no. No fun. He was making me feel better so that he would know he loved me and I could go to sleep without too much worry (we never go to bed angry with each other).

Then the other part of me was thrilled because yes yes yes, he would be punishing me. Because we don’t have rules written down yet. Because I’m not doing it to act out and be bratty but if I’m doing something he doesn’t want then how can I ever learn to be better if there isn’t a consequence?

And now I’m anxious. Not scared, because he hasn’t given me an indication I should be, but nothing has happened and he hasn’t said anything. And we’re home and the kid goes to bed in 2 hours and…

At his convenience. Which could mean days from now or weeks from now as he lets me stew and think about how I’ve disappointed him. And I will never forget to text or call him again to let him know I’m staying out with friends. But in the meantime I just re-read that text and wonder what is going on in his mind and wonder how bad it will be. And how I know he will hold me afterward and tell me he loves me.

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I LOVE YOUR ART!! You have so good ideas and you are very funny! Do you have any tips for how to become a better artist and better at drawing? <3

THANK YOU FRIEND O H MY GOD??? thank you so much c:

As far as tips. Here are a few things I’ve had to learn (so don’t take them too literally please) 

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