I have to be really careful when I talk about this because I always get so emotional, but this show has been the best years of my life. [Mitchell said, her eyes beginning to well up with tears]. It’s changed me in more ways than one. This is my first big acting opportunity and I’ve learned so much in the best way possible — especially with my character. I’ve been really fortunate to play Emily, because I know how much of an impact she’s had on fans everywhere. In a lot of cases, they’ve been able to come out to their parents or their friends because they’ve had the confidence from Emily’s storyline. That goes beyond being on a successful show that entertains; it’s a whole other level to be able to be the opener of that conversation. It’s a really great feeling and knowing that makes every 5:30 a.m. call time no problem.
—  Shay Mitchell on PLL coming to an end

HAPPY AFAD!!!!!!!! I just gave my ten year old sister a lecture on Asian discrimination and racism so she can fight off the lil racist fucks that I had to deal with throughout elementary and middle school. Hopefully she won’t endure as much as I have!!!!! (½ Norwegian, ¼ Korean, ¼ Japanese)

As a side note, does anyone know any good Korean language learning sites? My mom only taught me Japanese because she doesn’t know as much Korean any more and I really want to be able to speak Korean!!

You know what is still amazing for me?

How your world view changes when you learn about radical feminism.

I found compassion for other women, even women I hated before.

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton (I remember how much I hated her omg) and so on. Because even if I don’t like what they say and do - they are not sl*ts, not b*tches, not wh*res and so on. No woman is. Not even the genderists.

They have their flaws but they are oppressed just like me. They have to deal with the same horrible crap and that’s not because they “identify as women”.

AND THE BEST PART IS THAT EVERYONE CAN FINALLY SEE THAT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER FOR WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!! Annie doesn’t want to change him– she likes him just the way he is which for Jeff is amazing cuz we all know how insecure he is!! her talking him down while he was flipping shit about being old is such a great example of how much she’s grown and how she accepts him for even the parts of him HE DOESNT ACCEPT OK and Jeff wants her to grow and learn and prosper and succeed because he knows how much this means to her and he’s willing to put her needs before his BECAUSE HE LOVES HER OK and he loves her too much to let her stay back and be the little girl he met six years ago because now she’s a WOMAN and he’s not ashamed to say that he loves her and that he’s fucked up with her (“I let you go, Annie”) and I just have so many feelings and I love them so much

Let me tell you about the National Park Service.

So I have this bucket-list goal of visiting all 59 National Parks.  In telling people about this, I’ve gotten enough questions about the NPS and what is or is not a National Park that I thought an Info Dump Post might be useful, both for those of us here in Yankland and for not-American readers who might like to visit some of these properties (and I heartily recommend you do so if you can).

The National Parks are one of the out-and-out, no-shade awesome things about the US.  In talking to a European friend once, and bemoaning the fact that we don’t have historical buildings and cathedrals and castles here - pretty much not a lot older than 200 years apart from some Native American earthworks - she said that we may envy the history in Europe, but Europeans envy our parks.  The National Parks are our cathedrals.  This was borne up by conversations I had with people in London.  Almost to a person, when learning I was American, they asked if I’d been to the Grand Canyon.  We have our issues here in the US but we also definitely have some awesome pieces of land - and that’s awesome in the sense it used to mean, before it applied to a good pizza.  Every time I visit a National Park, I’m gratified by the number of international visitors.

The National Park Service was created in 1916 - curiously, several of the parks themselves (including the first national park, Yellowstone, and also Yosemite) predate the NPS itself.  It employs almost 22,000 people and it manages 407 individual properties totalling 340,000 square miles of land.  It is an agency of the Department of the Interior

Here’s where it gets tricky.  See that number above, 407?  Those are the National Park System units.  Of those, 59 are National Parks.  The Parks are the crown jewels in the system.  Those are the properties that are extra awesome.  Many sites that people think are National Parks, aren’t.  Grand Canyon?  National Park.  Mount Rushmore?  Nope, it’s a National Monument.  Great Smoky Mountains?  National Park.  Gettysburg?  Nope, it’s a National Military Park.  But all of these are administered by and fall under the purview of the National Park Service.

The National Parks tend to be significant areas of natural and geologic value.  Most of the other properties tend to be historic, military, or cultural.  The most numerous of the properties are National Monuments (79 total) followed by National Historic Sites (78).  There are also National Memorials, National Battlefields, National Historical Parks, and various National lakeshores, seashores, and rivers.

You know what are NOT park of the National Park System?  National Forests.  You see those all the time.  Those are federal lands managed by the National Forest Service, and contrary to what you might think, they are not protected lands - resources can be and are extracted from them.  The Department of Agriculture just directs those activities.

ANYWAY.  There is a great deal of variety in NPS properties.  The smallest one is about the size of a parking lot, the largest is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska, which is larger than Switzerland.  Wrangell-St. Elias alone, incidentally, constitutes 16% of the entire land managed by the NPS.

There is at least one NPS property in every state and also in PR, Guam, and American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands.  This only became true recently, though…until 2013 Delaware did not have a NPS property.  The President designated a First State National Historical Park in that year (thanks, Obama!).

Total visitors to the NPS properties approached 300 million each year.  Of the top ten most visited properties, only one (Great Smoky) is a national park - the others are areas such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Golden Gate recreation area, Lake Mead recreation area, etc.

Of the National Parks, Great Smoky is by FAR the most visited, with about 10 million  yearly visitors almost double the number two park (Grand Canyon).  It’s the location - GSMNP is located within a 6 hour drive of one-third of the US population.  The rest of the top ten list is: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Olympic, Zion, Grand Teton, Acadia, and Glacier.

The national parks are heavily concentrated in the western part of the US.  Eight of them are in Alaska.  But if history if your thing, the eastern half of the country has most of the historical parks - lots of Civil War battlefields, homes of historical figures and sites of famous historical events.  

The Park Service has a Passport program.  You can buy a passport at any park’s visitor’s center.  It is divided up by sections of the country and has lists of all the properties.  Each time you visit, you can get a cancellation (like getting a stamp in your actual passport) - they keep the ink stamps usually at the gift shop or somewhere else in the visitor’s center.  It’s a fun way to be motivated to visit more sites, and you never know when you’ll discover a new historical or cultural interest at these sites you might not otherwise have visited.

Anyway, that’s my plug for the National Park Service.  

To Remain Teachable.

I always want to know when I’m wrong. Really. I’m aware I’m never the smartest guy in the room. I want to remain teachable. Being wrong is not the end of the world. I want to be open to a thought I’ve never had, even if it threatens what I’ve always known. Even if we disagree in the end, I want to have considered every possibility before landing on solid ground.

If there’s a better way or some angle I’m not seeing, I’d like to know. If even one percent of what we’re saying can help someone see a little further, it’s worth saying and worth learning. There’s no pride or joy in holding onto an idea just because “we’ve always done it that way.” Some convictions are lifelong and eternal, but there’s so much that is fluid and flexible.

I hope we can give someone else the chance to change their mind, too. No one gets it right every time, and almost never the first time. And I hope we can respect those who remain firm. There’s a difference between rigidness and resolve. One is stubbornness but the other is integrity. One is a wall that must be broken, and the other is a seed that must be nurtured.

– J.S.

 becbecbobec: My amazing friend started a movement called @ibelieveinmyselfie. @ibelieveinmyselfie is all about self love and celebrating the things that make us unique. I wanted to post my own selfie so I could encourage the rest of you to do the same.  I work in an industry where people are judged pretty harshly on their physical appearances, and I simply wouldn’t have survived all the negativity if I didn’t learn to love myself for what was on the inside. Here’s my idea…let’s all start celebrating beautiful souls as much as we celebrate beautiful faces.


Selecting only 10 pics has never been this hard, but here it is. Featuring:

~Tom being fucking romantic

~Tom being a fucking gentleman and giving an interviewer his jacket

~Tom being I-can-neither-find-a-word-to-describe-this and bringing an interviewer some soup because he had asked for it on twiter

~Tom adjusting microphones (x2)

~Tom doing something real to make the world a better place and Tom being a sweet bunch of loveliness with children in the same picture

~Tom supporting feminism

~Tom apologising for anything… I mean, ANYTHING

~Tom saying he’s not perfect (come on Tom, we all know you are fucking perfect)

~Bonus: Tom dancing. My. God. His. Hips.

Sorry for swearing, but he’s so perfect that he makes me go crazy. I don’t know if he’s not real, or if he’s not human, or if he’s almost the only human on this planet, but we have so much to learn from him, and this is why I spent so much time selecting this stuff (not my stuff, btw), because I wanted to remind you (and myself obviously) that WE CAN ALL BE LIKE THIS. It’s not easy but WE CAN BE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE.

What are your favourite examples of Tom showing his perfection? :)

Request: Do Some Good

Request: Oh wow onyx was really really good! Great job dear, it does beg the question what she would do after getting that short explanation and demon dean kiss. Go after him maybe? Try and learn more about the supernatural? Great regardless of a sequel ^~^

Word Count: 1,227

Thank you so much! I kind of have an idea for a short third part, so if you think it would by worth it, send me a message! Anyhow, I hope you like it!


The mug hits the bar with a dull kind of thud, the steam rising in excitable swirls. Dean nods his thanks to the bartender, tapping the mug with his fingertips.

It’s not very often that he orders a coffee in a bar.

Smiling, despite himself, he toys with the zip on his jacket. He sits in silence for a moment, before taking a sip of the burning hot coffee. He can’t bring himself to care.

The bartender looks over at him, vaguely sympathetic. The man takes a few steps over, before leaning on the bar before Dean.

“Bad day?”

“Something of the sort.” He chuckles.

“Want to talk about it?”

“No. Well…” He pauses, looking up at the other man, “I’m looking for a girl.”

“Aren’t we all?”

“No. Not like this. See…” He shakes his head, “There’s this girl, and I hadn’t seen her in forever. I saw her a few weeks back, though, but I wasn’t myself. Now she’s gone and… I think she might have put herself in danger.”


Vampires. Demons. What does it all mean?

The idea has been whirling around your head all night – that, and the searing poison of Dean’s kiss. That wasn’t normal. You know that. But… demons? Really?

Now that dawn is quickly approaching – and with it, a new day – you start coming up with a plan. The library – old records. The internet. You just have to do your research.

You phone in sick from work as soon as the office is open, saying it’s a ‘girl thing’. Then, you get googling.

Pages upon pages of lore is before you – some of it seems more like questionable Twilight fanfiction, but other things…

A page about demons – devil’s traps, salt, holy water, and eyes.

Vampires – dead man’s blood, beheading.

Everything under the sun is given a name – things you’ve heard of – ghosts, ghouls, werewolves – and others you’re not so familiar with – shtrigas, wendigos, rugarus. Everything that goes bump in the night. Then, looking at the records of the missing people, found with no blood and torn out throats.

You’re beyond terrified, but you have to do something.


It was one of the first things he thought of when he was cured. Your face; your shock. Why did he have to go after you? And now…

If there is one thing Dean knows for sure, it’s that you won’t just leave it or not. The only thing that he isn’t sure of – what leaves the possibility of your safety hanging in the balance – is if you’ll believe it or not.

“Danger? What kind of danger?” The guy asks, obviously interested. Too interested, Dean thinks.

“Just… danger. You know. The usual.” He chuckles, brushing the man off, “Look, if you see her,” Dean downs the rest of the coffee, deciding to make a quick escape. Before he does, though, he shows the guy a picture. It’s of you – you’d come across an old polaroid in some thrift store once, and you couldn’t resist making him snap a picture. He’d snagged it before he left. You’re smiling, the over-excitable air-con whipping your hair over your face, “Tell her Dean wants to see her, okay?”

“Sure thing.” The guy smiles slightly, “But you might want to tell her yourself?”


“She just left this place maybe an hour ago. I think she’s at a motel in town.”

“Oh my god. Thanks, man.” Dean pockets the picture, hastily standing up and dropping some notes onto the bar. He hurries out of the building, heading straight for his car.


You stare at the scene before you. The warmth of the flickering fire seems to do nothing to soothe your chilled bones – not just because of the wintery night around you. The fact that you’re stood here burning a body has quite a bit to do with it. You stare at the flames, watching as they die down – and you get a text from the woman in the hotel, almost as soon as the embers snuff out.

It’s over. Thank you.

You’re somewhere between whooping for joy and crying – but first, you clear up your mess, replacing the grave as it was three hours ago. The car seems oddly homey now – it’s almost all you have left from your old life. You shudder, looking at yourself in the mirror and remembering the words written on that site.

If you’re going to hunt, beware. It changes you.

Are you changed? Or are you the same girl you were three weeks ago, when you got that visit from Dean?


After knocking on the door three times and there being no answer, nor movement from inside, he presses down on the handle. It’s only mid-afternoon and your car is outside – he can’t believe he didn’t notice it sooner.

The door swings open, and the room is revealed. There are notes scattered over the single bed and there’s a bag on the floor. Dean cautiously steps inside – as soon as he’s far enough in, the door slams shut and suddenly, there’s a knife at his throat.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You hiss, venom snipping at each word. Dean’s eyes widen and he holds his hands up in surrender.

“Y/N, wait-”

“I asked you a damn question!” You insist. Dean sighs.

“I thought you might be in danger. Apparently I was right.”


“Listen, Y/N. Put the knife down.”

“Yeah, like hell.” You laugh humourlessly, shaking your head, “Talk. Now.”

“I’m human again, Y/N. I am. Test me.” He insists, and you grab a small container of hold water from a tabletop. After flicking it at him, and it having no effect, you relax a little, lowering the knife but keeping it in your hand, held tight.

“Fine. But that doesn’t explain why you followed me.” You say softly. He shakes his head.

“Y/N, that night… it was so wrong of me.” It’s nearly six months ago now, but you both remember it clear as day, “I’m so sorry. I am. This isn’t you.”

“It wasn’t you.”

“I know. And I’ve put you in danger. Y/N, you need to stop.” He whispers, “Don’t end up like me. You don’t deserve that.”

“Neither did you.” You shake your head, “Dean, I’m not stopping now.”

“It’s not too late. You can leave! Have a life; be happy. Be normal.” He insists, “It’s not over for you.”

“So what?” You demand, “You have to know what it’s like. You… I know what’s happening out there, Dean. You think I can just stand by and watch it happen?”

“No, but-”

“No, Dean. Thank you.” You offer a smile, “I can finally do something good.”


“I can help people. Save people.” You smile softly, “It feels good.”

“Are you hunting alone?”


“Oh, no. You can’t. It’s so… dangerous. Come with me.” He insists, grabbing your arm, “Come with me and Sam.”

“Dean, I don’t-”

“I don’t care. You’re coming. If you’re going to hunt, I’ll be damned if you’ll do it alone.”

American School System

One time, my French teacher was getting evaluated by the head of school. She had prepared a lesson on French vocabulary. So we did a bunch of exercises that had us speaking the vocabulary and writing it, and it was honestly the most I’ve ever learned in French class in 4 years. So the next day, she tells us that we have to behave better, because the evaluator said there was “too much talking” and that she has “horrible classroom management skills” IN A LANGUAGE CLASS.
WHEN WE WERE LEARNING VOCABULARY! And if that doesn’t sum up our school system idk what does.

becbecbobec: My amazing friend started a movement called @ibelieveinmyselfie. @ibelieveinmyselfie is all about self love and celebrating the things that make us unique. I wanted to post my own selfie so I could encourage the rest of you to do the same. I work in an industry where people are judged pretty harshly on their physical appearances, and I simply wouldn’t have survived all the negativity if I didn’t learn to love myself for what was on the inside. Here’s my idea…let’s all start celebrating beautiful souls as much as we celebrate beautiful faces.

i drew?? a thing??? my son. it’s (obviously) not done yet but im quite proud of myself even though there are a lot of errors and stuff in it but like?? i havent drawn properly in months, so i’m really surprised and happy i managed this… i had pretty much given up on art in general.. i have a lot to learn w/ digital painting but this is also one of the first times ive really tried with the colours which is also pretty big for me


Hello! Looks like it’s been a whole year since I started out this blog!! I hardly noticed how much time has passed but I sure had some fun and definitely learned a lot on here. I never did commemorate my first hundred (it was around December!) but I have reached 159 and I wanted to thank you all! ♥♥♥

Now, I want to show off some awesome bloggers I came across and have made my experience on this site nice and cool~

adidas-menzel  ☆ alfradfjones  ☆ alfred-likes-arthur  ☆ amy-ghost  ☆ aobooooty  ☆ apollos-golden-nipples  ☆ aquariustrash  ☆ asexualjemwalker  ☆ astonishingpeppermint  ☆ axaian  ☆ bageldemon  ☆ be-my-mirror-my-sword-and-shield  ☆ birdromania  ☆ blackened-angel-wings  ☆ blog-with-too-many-fandoms  ☆ broseph–brostar  ☆ bun-bun-kun  ☆ buriedinbronze  ☆ chainedtotrees  ☆ cinaminamin  ☆ cocoa-bun  ☆ codebreakeryuuki  ☆ cookies-n-tea472  ☆ danandphilflipmypancake  ☆ darkdragonandth3happyhungrybunch  ☆ dat-tomato-ackerman  ☆ dreamsyouleftbehind  ☆ ellenthefox  ☆ english-american  ☆ englishprussianpasta  ☆ fictional-daydreamer  ☆ finndet-  ☆ fower43  ☆ gomelonasai  ☆ haitoku-no-kioku  ☆ hangeandheichou  ☆ happysammy12  ☆ hella-vanilla-swirl  ☆ hide-ken  ☆ hipster-noya  ☆ hipster-tooru  ☆ hotdavekatsex  ☆ iamnotlizzy  ☆ iamtheawesomestme  ☆ iggymandarine  ☆ ilovebroccoliandcoldplay  ☆ iranichan  ☆ iruumino  ☆ j-adore-et-je-fais  ☆ kida-n  ☆ knightsweeties  ☆ leonafire2017  ☆ letharrylovelou  ☆ litereli  ☆  lkari-shinji  ☆ loltias  ☆ luluhellyeahlamperouge  ☆ mageoftrash  ☆ mediterraneantomatoes  ☆ miamilicious6354  ☆ missbunniemichaelis  ☆ missussweetie  ☆ mm-whatcha-seidou  ☆ music2lazy  ☆ myepikromance  ☆ pain-depice  ☆ preussen-invasion  ☆ rageonworld  ☆ royalrenelove  ☆ sara-vessalius  ☆ sassy-with-a-stick-of-pocky  ☆ shingeki-no-way-out  ☆ smallshuu  ☆  supersaiyansolar ☆  the-blackest-heart-27  ☆ the-rolling-libero  ☆ theblackmagicclub  ☆ thyme-lapsed  ☆ violet-bunny-uke  ☆ viva-la-pluto-fuckyou  ☆ waterussia  ☆ winchestercoldplayer  ☆ woman-chan  ☆ wowanothernerd  ☆ yoicchii  ☆ yokimbochan1998  ☆

Thank you all! 

I have never hated Opik as much as today...

This morning he went on Television and declared that Charles Kennedy’s death was, “inevitable” and that he, “drank himself to death”.

Lembit, Alex Salmond, whoever else, needs to learn that when people are grieving, you need to be a quiet arsehole. Have some respect!
The man was/is a force of nature and he was a better politician and a better man than most.

I’m so grateful and humbled to have served as a source of inspiration for many of you. Thank you so much for all of your constant love and encouragement; truly priceless! ⠀
On my site (link in my bio) I have created an Online Yoga Video Library for you all to start learning from! I made it specifically to help “get you started”! So when taking a class in the future, you’ll really enjoy it because you already have experience with common sequences and flows. ⠀
This Library will be updated weekly!⠀
So if ever there’s a posture or subject that you’d like me to cover or go over more in depth on, there’s a request form that you can quickly and easily fill out - and expect that information to be covered within a week!⠀

Sign up today + Tag a friend that may also want to learn! ⠀⠀Xo

  • Therapist:So, I've looked into MBTI...
  • Me:Yes?
  • Therapist:And especially INTJ, because that's what you said you were, right?
  • Me:Yes.
  • Therapist:And how accurate do you think the type's description is for you?
  • Me:Usually, pretty much everything is accurate.
  • Therapist:Ok. So this is what I've learned. INTJs value competence and ideas over people and feelings, and have a low tolerance for rampant emotionalism. They are pragmatic and logical and may feel that they're often let down by other people that don't manage to live up to their expectations. Efficiency is another thing they value. They have a talent for analyzing and improving systems and work best on their own. Accurate so far?
  • Me:*laughs awkwardly* Umm, yes. Yes, that's accurate.
  • Me:(thinks) Holy shit I sound cold...

As much as I love those Taylor Swift ‘freshman year vs senior year posts’ just a friendly reminder that those posts are actually comparing 17-19 year old Taylor Swift to 25 year old Taylor Swift so for any of my younger followers out there don’t think you need to have everything figured out by the time you’re 18. Most of us don’t (we’re not anywhere close). Those years between 18 and 25 years are usually when you start figuring everything out and learning more about yourself.

I feel so strange lately, it’s like a mixture of loneliness combined with exhaustion. It’s not like physical exhaustion it’s more like mental exhaustion I’m just done with everything at the minute and pretty much everyone, I’m at the point in my life where I am starting to contemplate everything and whether it’s even worth the hassle. I need to learn not to take everything people say to me so personally but I just can’t help it, everything just seems to piss me off lately because everyone that seems to talk to me are dicks. I literally have one person in my life who I enjoy talking to and spending time with but she lives about 3 hours away so I have no one and everything is just starting to pile up and idk what to do.

I love you, Community.

Hi tumblr! 

I haven’t been on here for over two years but now felt like a good time to say a few things about the show that made me get into tumblr blogging in the first place.

Community had its season (probably series) finale today and I’m feeling so many things right now, but I’m mostly grateful for the opportunity to become a part of such an amazing fandom and to get to know so many amazing people. This show has been an important part of my life for over four years and it’s hard to think that this might be goodbye. (Fingers crossed for a movie though!)

This gem of a show has taught me so much. I learned about people, I learned more about myself and thanks to Community, I have learned to value all the relationships I have in my life. I don’t feel ashamed of being weird or different anymore and I owe that to Greendale. 

And finally, no matter what, Greendale is where I belong. 

I’m really liking my internship so far. Most internships I’ve had are very corporate so I don’t do much design, but now I’m actually having fun designing + i’m learning so much! I’m currently making concept packaging for traditional korean paper lamps. Today both my team leader and the unnie I work close with said I’m doing a good job *0* The unnie graduated from Pratt and she is so good at everything and so COOL. I want to be her when I graduate lol.