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will you keep us posted on Savannah?

I got a message from Savi’s family, so I’m going to share it here:

“Savannah is alright. She is in bed recovering from last night and is restricted from tumblr or her computer right now. Thank you.”

You have no clue how happy I am to hear this, because I’ve been barely able to function all day because of how sick with worry I was. Please flood her inbox with love for when she is allowed back online, but PLEASE do not shame her for what happened. It happened, yes, but she is probably still very upset and needs support more than anything. Also, please don’t send hate to others, anon or not. The words you say have very real consequences and very VERY real repercussions. Like, jail-time repercussions. So don’t do it.

92 truths

answer the questions, tag some people!

that cutiepie of icarus-bucky​ tagged meeeee #bounces all over the place# *_*


  1. nicknames? yes, too much. Emi, Emy, Sgroy, Sguanci, Hikku, Hikku Pikku (should I continue?)
  2. pronouns? she..? (idk if I got it right LOL)
  3. birthday? December 26th (yes, yes, I know. I know.)
  4. zodiac sign? Capricorn!
  1. eye color? blue
  2. hair color? gray blonde, really dark tho.
  3. hair length? Medium, shoulders-height almost, but I’m willing to make it grow, I miss my long hair ç_ç
  4. height? 1.70m (and the converter in feet says: 5ft 65964in let’s just hope it’s correct cuz I have no clue of what that means.)
  5. piercings? YES. 1 (well, 3 with earrings, but.. idk?)
  6. tattoos? nope
  7. do u hav any pets? yay, a cat, a dog and a sister
  8. three fav colors? green, red and black
  9. best friends? yes, two
  10. how many of your fb friends do you know irl? uhm, 80% yes? probably, yup.

what/when was ur last…

  1. beverage? this morning, chocolate milk u.u
  2. phone call? this morning, cuz I changed my ringtone so I asked my mom to give it a try heheheh
  3. txt message? uhm, yesterday, but it was vocal D:
  4. song u listened to? a lot, too much.
  5. time u cried? everytime I see a feel post on my dash about Bucky.
  6. time u saw ur mother? she’s like.. 4 meters away from me? in another room? x°D
  7. visited web page? uhm, just logged in a rp website based on The Vampires Diaries
  8. birthday party? never had (with friends), I mean, the 26th of December is a shitty shitty shitty day, man.

have u ever…

  1. dated someone twice? nope, my bf tried a fake account on I don’t remember what, but it didn’t work lol
  2. been cheated on? uhm, nope.
  3. kissed anyone on ur fb friendlist? well.. I have my ex-bfs there, so yes?
  4. kissed someone and regretted it? yes.
  5. lose someone special? who didn’t?
  6. been depressed? yup, but I hope it’s over now °w°
  7. been drunk and thrown up? actually yes, the first time I was happy to throw up D:
  8. talked to a person named tom? I think.. yes, definitely yes. In Prague, he was a PR (idk how it’s called in english ç.ç)
  9. kissed a stranger? yep <.<’
  10. drank hard liquor? idk, does vodka count? o.O absinthe?
  11. lost ur glasses? sun glasses? never. if you’re talkin bout the other glasses, I don’t wear them.
  12. had sex on a first date? HAHAHAHno.
  13. broken someones heart? everyday(?)
  14. had ur heart broken? again, who didn’t? x°D
  15. turned someone down? yup D:
  16. been arrested? no, man LOL
  17. cried at someones funeral? never been at one, but I cried over someone’s death.

in the last year hav u…

  1. made a new friend? uhm, yes
  2. fallen out of love? with Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes, yes.
  3. laughed til u cried? pffft, I do that all the times, tumblr helps.
  4. met someone who changed u? two/three years ago, sorry
  5. found out who ur tru friends are? that happened two/three years ago lol
  6. found out if anyone was talking about u? uhm, I don’t understand what this means buuuut nope? I mean, I’m always at home xD who should talk bout me?

what was ur first…

  1. piercing? tragus *ç*
  2. surgery? nope!
  3. vacation? oh my, my parents just travelled a lot those years.. I’d say Paris? D: I don’t really remember.
  4. bought album? definitely one of Linkin Park

right now…

  1. thinking about… fujoshizzle and my dad and lil’ sis alone in London (and none of them can speak english lol)
  2. wishing for… finishing my blackice and stucky fanfictions ç_ç halp.
  3. eating… nothing, but as soon as I’m done with this, gonna have lunch!
  4. drinking… nothing!
  5. about to… change song, cuz I’m listening too much to The Neighbourhood.
  6. listening to… changed, now it’s BROODS - Bridges u.u
  7. waiting for… lunch. HAHAHAH no, jk, shopping! I need something new to wear.
  8. what’s getting on ur nerves? can I say something badass? nothing. hehehehehhheehhe #Tom Hiddleston voice#

in the future…

  1. kids? HAHAHAHAHno.
  2. get married? AHAHAHAHAHAHNO.
  3. dream career? I hope I’ll be a biomedical engineer (if everything works!)
  4. do u want to change ur name? I wanted to, in Zoe.
  5. what’s something u cannot wait for this summer? … #cries# man, I wish I could say “the sea, doing fuckin nothing” but I only have exams and tests during the summer ç___ç

which is better?

  1. lips or eyes? both, definitely both
  2. hugs or kisses? hugs
  3. shorter or taller? taller, at least 10cm (31516in) more than me ò.o
  4. older or younger? older
  5. romantic or spontaneous? romanticly spontaneous, can I have that?
  6. nice stomach or nice arms? both, please.
  7. hookup or relationship? nothing, I prefer loneliness o_o’‘‘
  8. trouble maker or hesitant? both, it depends on how confident I’m with the person I’m with (english, yap, that’s what grammar’s bout.)

do u believe in…

  1. yourself? yes, but I’m lazy.
  2. miracles? I have to, but I tend to be a realistic/pessimistic person.
  3. love at first sight? I have to, otherwise I’m never going to have someone hahahahah D:
  4. heaven? nope
  5. santa? yes(?)
  6. god? not “god” but something. I hope there’s something out there.
  7. angels? uhm, idk, I believe in good people.


  1. do u have a crush? HAHAHAHyes ç_ç #stares at Sebastian Stan#
  2. relationship status? super single hell yeah.
  3. fallen for a friend? nope. I mean, yes? when I was little? but that doesn’t count (cuz I said so, alright?)

four facts about myself:

  1. if I have a problem I’m not going to tell anybody, never, even if I know that’s the better option. I’m too stubborn to look for help D: so I just make everything look like it’s okay.
  2. in 20, 21 years I can’t remember a day when I didn’t want to have a horse. I just love horses.
  3. I can do the chimpunks voice.
  4. I’m so fucking music-addicted.

HERE. I’m tagging fujoshizzle, ropsus, whothehellisgroot, not-poignant

And I think I’m done, yup *w*
Please, have fun! I surely had <3
#hugs everybody#

Super random question. I saw this vine on my dash semi-recently, it was a woman in a car with a clipboard, miming along to a song that had something about wheels or chrome in it, she says yes really adorably at some point, and I think it ended with the song (and her) going “what?” Anyone have any clue what I’m talking about?

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♠❖ ♣ ♙ ♔

♠ - Magical mind. Very.

❖ - I don’t know if she’s aware of all that’s going on for her but she acts like she doesn’t and it’s really really down to earth and amazing and look-up worthy even if sometimes I really don’t think I can follow through with half of what she says. I need more processing time.

♣ - Was that a book reference? Wait, no. Was that? Was that a quote? Wait. Okay, I’m- Ok. Yes. Your hair looks pretty.

♙ - Amanda. I have no clue.

♔ - Mentorship.

So many things have changed

Ive not wrote on this for ages, so alots changed. On the 20th of March the day of the eclipse.  I took a pregnancy test and guess what, im pregnant. Youre told to wait 3 minutes it came up instantly. Martyn was there we were happy, although i was extremely overwhelmed. We told my mum because i had no clue what to do now, she was ecstatic and supportive it took some of the anxiety away .  Then martyn decided he’s telling his mum, did he ask how i felt, what i wanted. No as per usual martyn did not consider my feelings at all.  My expectations have not met my reality. Im head over heels for martyn i mean i did say yes to spending the rest of my life with him. But i honestly thought he would be so supportive. I have no one to talk to and im still feeling extremely overwhelmed.  This weekend I tried to talk to him about it he shut me out, i recieved no attention. 

I’m hurt more that after the pregnancy test he didn’t ask how I was feeling or is this what i wanted or even ask if it was ok to tell his mum. Truth is I had no input at all. Im the one whose responsibility is to be carrying this baby should i not have input? I didnt want martyns mum knowing. He would know if he actually let me talk to him or asked how i felt, thats it wasn’t a good idea. How much stress,anxiety and pressure im now feeling. His mum was happy and is supportive im thankful for that. But thats how much harder it makes does he not consider my feelings at all. I feel like I have this new massive responsibility and whatever its fate is, is my doing. Does he not understand how fucking scary that is! He mentioned why he wanted to say, oh i would feel ill not sleep. Does he not realise that is how I now feel. I should be happy, I am. But im not at the same time. Im so fucking scared and disappointed. Im disappointed at how martyn is not what i expected him to be like. Im disappointed how hes only considered himself in the situation. My anxiety was bad enough before this, right now i literally feel like my thoughts are tornados of worry.  Im so hurt thats this happening is one of the biggest things of my life and im having input and no support from the one I love. 

I cant even talk to him right now, i feel completely alone i cant confess to anyone how im feeling because im under so much pressure. This weekend martyn was like talking or said something and I got snappy does he not realise that I can still loose it this early. Its not him thats going to have a small person dead inside them if it does (i hope not). Its not him that has to feel this pressure and responsibilty. I honestly just want to hibernate until it is 12 weeks. But i cant im still a student ! I have the pressure of this and college on my shoulders. I should be happy and estactic but all i feel is worry and dispointment of the love of life not being who i thought he is. 

things need to get better.