the signs as i know them
  • aries:big dreamers. believers of the impossible. they can be very overwhelming in their acts of kindness, most likely further unsettling you. they enjoy long bikes rides in the summer and are almost always drinking coffee. can be very hard to read, only open up to people who are very close to them.
  • taurus:never second guess themselves. they are well composed and patient. very good at hiding their emotions. they prefer to surround themselves with loud people and chaos. when the time comes, they can be very kind. appreciative of the life they have been given, they couldn't ask for anything greater.
  • gemini:very indecisive. they do not know what they wish to achieve in life, just let life flow past them in the hopes it will take them somewhere. well-spoken. intelligent to the point they confuse others instead of teaching them. prefer to enjoy the simplicities of life instead of getting hung up on their past.
  • cancer:domestic; family oriented. they are very relaxed, prefer to spend nights at home in the bath or with a book. but, they can be unsettled easily, and work very hard to have their way. their friends often influence their personality. enjoy the history behind the arts, rather than the art itself.
  • leo:dramatic, daring, and strong willed. they can be overwhelming, but that is just how they care for you. they hate being told what to do/how to live their life. have contagious laughs and smiles, and tell horrible jokes. they strongly believe in indulgence and independence. always energetic.
  • virgo:easy to talk to. they are very open, often plunging into emotional talks without a trigger. very good at reading situations and knowing when to back off. when introduced to a dangerous situation, they can be self-centred and do what's best for them. have an acute awareness of reality.
  • libra:out of this world. fascinated by the complexities of our universe, and the joys of life. they are extremely friendly and caring. you can go months without talking and they will pick everything back up like it was only hours. have a great taste in fashion, food, and literature.
  • scorpio:overwhelming. they may wear their heart on their sleeve, but snarl at people who look at it. they add their personality to their art form, and are great at cooking and writing. they are very compassionate to those they care about, though they hit low points often and take it out on others.
  • sagittarius:bright and excitable. they often laugh at their own jokes, but are last to clue in for yours. they have a temper and can be easily pissed off, but they direct their anger inward. it's hard to tell when they are upset unless you know them very well. they express deep interest in athletics and art.
  • capricorn:can often be cold and distant, but behind their resting bitch face, they harbour a warm heart. they are very passionate about their work and interests. love working with kids, though would prefer not to have their own. enjoy long car rides, loud music, tattoos, and piercings.
  • aquarius:unorthodox. they are fond of the obscenities in the world. they are very intelligent, but not overwhelmingly so. tend to procrastinate. they are quiet, do not stand up for themselves or others in public situations, but will tend to wounds when emotions calm. prefer to keep a low profile.
  • pisces:artistic and melancholic. their presence can become overbearing if you are a pushover. they have an underlying discomfort that is reflected in their artwork. they are very clever and easily amused. easily addicted to coffee and sugar. they enjoy lazy days watching netflix. very open and honest.
In relation to Jordan's decision to stop including streams under Past Broadcasts.

Look, I’m all for YouTubers doing what they please with their videos and content, as it is THEIR life, but it doesn’t mean I have to support their decision sometimes.. This is one of those decisions that I don’t agree with, because I for one prefer to watch the full stream on the day it comes out, although given that it starts at 6am here, and I don’t wake up until 9am, I am unable to catch it live so I watch it a couple of hours after its finished.. Whilst I love how he condenses the episodes down on YouTube, as it provides the chance to catch up after missing multiple days in a row, I do also love being able to watch everything that happens in the stream when I can, because although it highlights the main major moments, it doesn’t include all the conversations and ‘Mianite moments’.. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, because the person I saw the post explaining this from wrote a similar thing in the tags, but I felt like it had to be said.

Now I once again feel disconnected from the Mianite community because I’ll be a day behind everyone else, not to mention the fact that I’ll see spoilers on tumblr before being able to watch the VoD the next day.. I could watch from another perspective, but I much prefer watching Jordan’s perspective, and despite the amount of free time I have, I do not have time to watch multiple perspective, nor do I want to (as a significant portion of each perspective may be the same..)

But like I said, it’s his life and his channel, he can do what he wants with it and I’ll eventually get over it, but it just seems very uncharacteristic of him to do this, given that it’s always stated that “videos are not done for the views”. I know that’s bullshit because every person who posts on YouTube wants views, (and rightfully so because isn’t that the point of youtube?) but this instance makes it seem like he’s tipped the scale more in favour for ‘views’ over ‘fans’, when it the past it was fairly balanced..

The Immigrant Sacrifice

As I grow older, I’ve come to realization that my parents have given up so much for me. They fled their homeland to give me a better chance at living, leaving their family, language, culture and country behind. They make sacrifices I don’t know about to make things better for me. They work long, hard hours to pay for my education, clothing, food, and extras. They sacrifice everything to give me what they didn’t have growing up. I realize that now since they’re becoming weak, and frail, all for me to have a better life. They left what they knew, what they understood for an foreign land where they didn’t know the language, culture or people. They came over with what little they had, and they made a living in a different country, with a different language, all for the sake of raising children who will have opportunities they didn’t have.
Thank you for everything. I will never know or fully understand your great sacrifice, but I am truly thankful.

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You are a dream. But I wake up and you're still next to me. And that is by far the best thing the universe could have given me. I am so blessed.

Perhaps I’m the luckiest human alive.
Your existence means everything to me and I’m so thankful I get to have such a beautiful girl in my everyday life. Your soul is pure and you make my heart happy. ♡

Kim Katrin Milan.
I was so happy to change my name. As my father tells the story, his father was the overseer at a sugar plantation in Tobago. Even though it was technically post slavery, all the same power structures still applied. He described how when he would ride up on his horse the family would still be required to refer to him as ‘Massa’. This is where my previous last name came from. Given to me by a father who was barely in my life and turned away from me as I raised myself. I don’t want to give either of them any credit for the woman I have become. This week I realized when I was filling out a form that for the first time in over a decade I actually have someone I would put as my emergency contact, someone who is permanent in my life and goes so hard for me. Thank you @themrmilan for the love and the last name. 😘 #guyslikehim #Milans #homeinhim

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Hey for the advice thing, I've been really shitty in keeping up with my work lately and it's affecting my anxiety levels and my sleep and how I see myself and I feel like I'm going nowhere in life and I just really wanna stop existing altogether sometimes because it would just be so much better than school bc I know I'm not getting into college at this point and my parents have basically given up on me and I hate myself and I don't know what to do anymore


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Hiya everyone!!! I’d just like to make a really quick post just saying some stuff

Firstly thank you so much for all the support you have given me recently. The start of this year has been really tough for me with breakups and illness (who fucking breaks up with someone because they were ill?!) but some of you guys really have been lovely, so thank you so much. Also thank you to the people who are saying my blog has improved (I’m trying so hard) THANK YOU so so much. I kinda fell out of love with blogging over the summer but now I’m back in love and my blog is a really big part of my life.

This is by no way an advertisement (just saying) but I changed my joint blog with my boyfriend and now its my fitness blog (back like the old days woo) and its called tastyabs so if you’re interested in that kind of thing then feel free to have a look. If you’re into fitness/food at all you can message me and we can talk and exchange tips and motivate each other because I could really do with a bit of motivation right now!!

Anyways I think thats all I have time to say right now, so just keep in touch, feel free to ask things or become friends and I’ll send you virtual hugs yeah?! Big things will be happening this summer so just watch this space and remember that I love you all and want to smother you in hugs.

Have a fabulous day skittle x x

Zayn's departure and possible effects for the future of the band.

I think that the decision of Zayn to leave was pretty much made Last year. The clues are there. I think that part of the reason is his personal life was suffering and the other part was for personal and creative growth.

I think the intrusion and manipulation of his personal life was too much to handle.

I also think that working with Naughty Boy for Material for Four and the omission of his work, made him realise that he wanted to explore different musical genre’s that didn’t match with the other boy’s and their record label.

I think given the discussions he would of had with Simon for his reasons for wanting to leave, especially the way he was being portrayed and the effect on his personal life, May have been the wake-up call to Simon, that they can no longer risk the continuation of the harsh closeting and blank slate images of Harry, Louis and Niall.

I think this is part of the reason that we have seen of an attempt of appeasing the boys’ wishes to move their personal image closer to their true personal lives, otherwise they may lose the band completely before they have for-filled their contract.

Niall was linked a girl in the media, opening the door for him to have a relationship with someone in the future and not have it treated like something that needs to be hidden for that sake of his image.

Harry and Louis, well I don’t even think this needs to be explained. It’s pretty obvious that they have been prepping the fandom for their coming out.

I think their record company (Simon) is behind the swift change in narrative as he has learned a lesson that at any stage, that boy’s could follow Zayn, and put their health first.

So this is a very exciting time for me. This is my posting on my “food blog”. Hope you enjoy!

Ever since I can remember, food has been the love of my life, and so far, no one has taken its place. It all started this one time when my mom gave me the thumbs up and allowed me to bake my first cake ALONE. Since then, my love for the kitchen has grown in so many ways. I have learned what tastes good with what, how much seasoning is actually needed, and that, just like all of life’s other lessons, less is definitely more. Obviously, I was not dropped down from the food gods and given this knowledge of food from Zeus himself. I have had so many struggles in the kitchen, like adding too much salt to a certain dish or too much water to the icing sugar while baking, but I have found that the kitchen is the only place where I don’t mind the struggle. I push myself further in the kitchen than most people do at the gym… I, might be one of those people as well, but that’s for a different story. Some of you might be wondering why I created this blog, and, to be completely honest, I am not even sure why, myself. All I know is that my love for food has grown so much in the last while that I just always feel like cooking/baking and spreading the love of food. Since I can’t cook for each and every human being on the planet, I thought there was no better way to spread that love than by starting a blog! 

I’m starting with my favourite, and most definitely easy, salad. But salad is such a boring word for this master piece. It’s magnificent, it’ll send your taste buds into overdrive, leave you hanging on that last piece because you just don’t want it to end, and finally to licking the bowl clean when you’re done. (Just to clarify, my ego is NO WHERE NEAR that big to speak so highly of myself or anything that I make,  but it adds a little spice for effect) I have never been a “salad person”. I never would go out to a restaurant and think “hmm, I’ll just have a salad”. I obviously would have had it on the side but never just as a meal. Recently, I have found that my taste buds have changed and they found a different calling in the form of arugula, sliced chicken breast, tomato slices, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar. Each ingredient tastes amazing on their own, but put them together? OH BROTHER, you have literally just given your taste buds an extremely early (not to mention, healthy) Christmas present. Yes the taste is amazing, but what makes this meal even better, is that it only takes 5 minutes to prepare… aside from cooking the chicken, but that does not take too long either!

This salad is just the beginning for what I have to offer. I love to bake anything and everything, but, for now, you’ll just have to wait and see what I have in store for you next time!

xoxo Food Lovers Hot Spot

Yesterday was Gizmo and Mikey’s birthday. They are brothers and I really can’t believe that it was 15 years ago when Claire and myself first had them as kittens. Little did we know then, that they were starting off our life with cats.

They have given us a few worries over the years but thankfully both are doing well at the moment. Mikey is on daily medication for his thyroid and blood pressure but thankfully this seems to be under control.

This picture makes me smile as Mikey is sat on our hob and as it is touch sensitive he often makes it start beeping, so we have to get up and encourage him to move.

Happy Birthday boys xx

Set your goals. Do what you have to do cos ako lang din naman mag susuffer kapag di ko pa inayos to. God has given me a wonderful life to live hindi para gawing complicated to. Im the problem so I am also the solution kaya umayos na ako dapat kasi ayoko naman maging forever na disappointment lang.

Minsan talaga kahit gaano ka fucked up tong buhay ko thankful pa din ako sa mga taong nag tyatyaga sakin. Ang saya lang na kahit papano matino napag usapan namin ni Mikka. Eto talaga yung friendship goals e. Sana talaga magawa namin yung mga bagay na dapat naming gawin. Dapat ayusin na natin to kasi minsan lang tayo mabigyan ng chance para itama yung mga shits natin sa life. Minsan lang sa buhay natin na may tatangap ng lahat ng flaws natin. Para sa future. Para sa pamilya. Para sa diploma. Para sa pagkakaibigan. At para sa sarili natin.


I am one such an individual, and last night I was super pumped to try this concealer. Out of curiosity I read the ingredients and saw something called arachidyl behenate.

Anything with the root “arachi” such as “arachis oil” is probably peanut related. And, sure enough, I did some research and arachidyl behenate is peanut-derived. Which is the story of how I nearly smushed a deadly food allergen into my skin.

There’s a report here from last year that seems to indicate that some food allergens are neutralized when processed for cosmetics, but I’m not sure that applies for peanuts. And at any rate, they did indicate there was still a risk of a reaction if such proteins weren’t processed properly.

Now, I’m gonna say it outright - I’m not one hundred percent sure that a heavily processed peanut-derived chemical such as arachidyl behenate will cause a reaction. I’ve worn a lot of makeup over the years without checking the ingredients, so I could have easily used a product containing it without knowing. Still, better safe than sorry.

Alternate names for peanut products (anything with the prefix “arachi-” should be considered suspect):

beer nuts, earth nuts, goobers, groundnuts, groundnut oil, hypogaeic acid, katchung oil, mandelonas

A full list can be found here, another cosmetic-specific one here.

Here’s some articles on the subject:





Stay safe, guys, and please signal boost for any peanut-allergic followers you might have!


capturedean's graphic challenge [round 1]

group 4: mirthfulcas

prompt: conflicted

I have no regrets. I have spent my life, so much of it, building up this country. There’s nothing more that I need to do. At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life.

Lee Kuan Yew

Rest in Peace, you built our country from the ground up


A sane being would have given up, but Samwise burned with a magnificent madness, a glowing obsession to surmount every obstacle, to find Frodo, destroy the Ring, and cleanse Middle Earth of its festering malignancy. He knew he would try again. Fail, perhaps. And try once more. A thousand, thousand times if need be, but he would not give up the quest.