All I Want (Calum Hood)

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Anonymous said: “Can you do a song imagine on a Calum on the song name All I Want by Kodaline? It would make my day please.”

Sorry that this took so long for me to get to, but I hope this still makes your day. x and I hope you don’t mind my take on this.

Every night, Calum relived the same painful memory in his dreams and every time, his eyes would open as his body jerked up from the bed. He would look over and see nothing but an empty space beside him – the space where you should have been. Letting out a breath, he’d lay back down, suddenly in tears because of the loneliness he had felt without you by his side, and all he could think about was when you said your last goodbye…

With Calum being in a band, you knew what you signed up for the day you met him, but when things got serious between the two of you, you decided that no matter how hard the relationship might be, he was worth it. You have been through so much with him in the past few years. You’ve had so many great memories in your relationship, he was always such an amazing boyfriend to you, you were there to support him every step of the way in his career, and you were there for him when things got a little too much for him to handle. You loved him so much, you never wanted to let him go. But even with all of the good things, you still had your downsides. And now that 5 Seconds of Summer was on their first headlining tour, you realized that maybe you couldn’t keep up with Calum’s life anymore. 

Because you missed Calum so much after only a couple of weeks into the tour, you decided to visit him and stay for as long as you could. Calum was more than excited to have you with him on tour, but after watching him on stage every night over the next few weeks, you began to feel different about your relationship. You were so proud of Calum and you knew that his band would be around for a very long time, but you just wondered how much more of it you could take in your relationship – from the rumors of him cheating, to him being gone and missing him, and flying halfway across the world just to see each other. To you, it felt like this was all it would be with Calum because as long as the band was around, you knew that’s how things would stay. Knowing how important the band was to him, you would never make him choose between you and his best friends, so you decided it was best to leave. 

Baby, please don’t go,” Calum begged you as you packed your things. 
I have to,” you said sadly through tears. “I just can’t do this anymore.” You threw your last item into your luggage and closed it. You headed towards the door, but he grabbed your arm gently.
This is hard for me too sometimes, Y/N. But I love you so much, I can’t imagine my life without you. Don’t you love me too?” He cried.
I do. But as much as I love you, I’m tired, Cal.”
He let go of your arm and wiped his tears with the back of his hand.
You looked down as you wiped your own tears, “Where do you see this relationship in, I don’t know, five years?”
I see myself marrying you,” he answered, taking your hand only for you to pull away.
I wish I could see that,” you whispered. “But I don’t,” you looked at him again. “All I see is me sitting at home, missing you. I know I said that I knew what I was getting myself into, but watching you on stage every night? I see how much this all means to you. It’s your life. But I just don’t know if I can keep up with it forever. I have my own life back home and I can’t just drop everything and get on a plane to see you every time we miss each other.”
Please,” he begged.
You shook your head, “And when you’re away, all I see are pictures of you going out at night and rumors of you cheating on me.”
“I would never–”
“I know you wouldn’t,”
you continued. “But deep down, it does hurt me and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t worry me at least one bit… I don’t know,” you shook your head again as you shrugged. “Say we do get married in five years. I know for a fact that you’ll still be in this band and if you are, then this relationship will always be the same. I just can’t stand to spend more than half of this relationship away from you.”
You promised me that you would stay no matter what. You said it was because you loved me,” he said quietly, his voice shaking.
You don’t get it,” you almost shouted. “I do love you, more than anything in the world. I know that should be enough, but it’s killing me on the inside! I just don’t know if I could keep up with your life, and every bad thing that comes with it in our relationship, for God knows how many more years! I just feel like I need something more. I need someone that I can actually be with because waiting for you like this, it kills me. Don’t even think about quitting the band for me because I won’t let you,” you stated. “We just can’t keep doing this because in the end, I know it’s gonna hurt. So we might as well move on now.”
“You know I can’t do that,”
he sobbed. “Don’t ask me to move on because that’s asking me to stop loving you and I can’t do that. Ever. I’m sorry that I and everything that we’ve ever had isn’t enough for you. I wish it was.”
It was enough.“
But now you’re just throwing it all away,” he said almost angrily.
I’m not,” you countered. “I will always remember you and everything we had. I’m so sorry, Calum. I’m just so tired,” your breath hitched as you continued to cry, “None of this is your fault. It’s mine. It’s my fault that I couldn’t hang on any longer. Maybe the timing is just wrong, maybe we’ll end up together again somehow. But right now, I’m tired.”
Calum scoffed and sat down on the bed with his head in his hands as tears continued to fall from his eyes.
I love you, Calum,” you whispered. “Goodbye,” he heard you say before walking out the door.

Even after everything you had said that day, Calum still didn’t understand it and ever since, he felt himself slowly dying on the inside and he was no longer the same. He would smile for others and continue to put on a show every night on stage, but he was never really happy. He was always hurting deep down. 

Luke, Michael and Ashton could tell how much he was hurting and could see how much he had changed. He only talked when he needed to and after every show, he’d go straight to the hotel.

We’re going out for dinner,” Luke told Calum. “Wanna come?”
No. I’m just gonna head back to the hotel and get some rest,” he answered.
Are you sure?” Michael asked, concerned.
Yeah,” he nodded. “I’m really tired.”
The boys exchanged looks and Ashton sighed, “Talk to us, Cal.”
“What do you mean?”
Calum’s brows furrowed.
It’s been two months,” was all Ashton needed to say for Calum to know what he was talking about.
Calum looked down and stuffed his hands in his pockets, “I’m fine, guys.”
“No, you’re not,”
Michael frowned. “You’ve barely said a word since…” He trailed off. Knowing how much it hurt his best friend, he couldn’t say it directly.
We’re just worried about you,” Luke stepped in. “We just wanna make sure you’re okay.”
Okay,” Calum’s voice wavered. “I’m not fine,” he admitted. “I haven’t been fine since the day she left me because as much as I try to, I just don’t get it. I thought she loved me. She brought out the best in me and I can’t even remember who I was before I met her. It just feels like a part of me is missing and it makes me feel dead inside. So forgive me for acting this way, for not being able to move on after all this time.”
Ashton looked at him sadly, “We’re not upset with you in any way, we’re just–”
Worried. I know,” Calum rubbed his eyes before the tears could fall. “And I appreciate your concern…” He shook his head, “She made it clear that she was done and all I want is to be able to find somebody again someday.” He paused, trying to think because he was only lying to himself. “I keep telling myself that I’ll find somebody like her, but no matter how hard I try to convince myself, I know it won’t happen. Because all I want and need is her. I…” He took a deep breath to hold back his tears. “I’m going back to the hotel.”
The boys stared sadly as Calum walked away.
What are we gonna do?” Michael sighed. “We all know he’s never gonna get over this. How do you think Y/N is doing?”
Are you really asking that?” Luke turned to Michael. “You know how much they love each other, their love was basically made for movie screens. Even though this was her idea, I know for a fact that she’s doing just as bad as he is. She probably just doesn’t know how to fix it.“
But now, we do. I think she just needs a little help,” Ashton insisted.

Another month had gone by and still, nothing had changed. Calum still shut people out and he still laid in bed every night with tears in his eyes, thinking, “If you loved me, why’d you leave me?” He thought about all the times where you promised to stay because he was worth it, because you were in love with him, because you couldn’t picture yourself with anyone but him. As much as he thought about your reason for leaving, he just couldn’t understand it considering every promise you had ever made. So he asked that question almost every day.

Calum hoped that he would be able to find someone again, but the truth was that there wasn’t anyone like you. He couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else. It was true that you brought out the best of him – a part of him that he had never seen. You changed his life, you were his first love, you were the one that made him realize what true happiness was, and the one who kept him sane throughout his career. He could never love anyone in the way that he loved, still loves, you. Without you now, he didn’t know how to be happy anymore. He missed you terribly and wished that he could fix it, he wished that he had tried harder and stopped you from saying goodbye. At this point, all he wanted was to see your face once more because even if he couldn’t fix it, he was sure that he could somehow be happy again just from seeing you one last time. All he wanted was nothing more than to hear a knock at his door, and to see you standing on the other side of it. 

He woke up the next day, surprisingly feeling a little different. Maybe it was because for the first time, that memory didn’t return in his dreams. Though he was still hurting, there was a small part of him that felt okay. He didn’t know what it was, but he just felt like eventually, things would be okay. He went on with his day, but throughout, that feeling in his heart stayed with him. It didn’t make any sense to him because how could he possibly feel any better when all he did for the past three months was keep himself and his emotions hidden and bottled up? Or when he hadn’t even spoken to you once? Then there was a knock at his door. And when he stood up and opened it, he froze.

It was you. Calum was too shocked to speak, he just stood there and stared at you. At first he felt like he was dreaming, then when he realized this was all real, he became nervous. He didn’t know what to expect from your visit. Were you here to fix things or did the guys call you and send you to their hotel just to get Calum out of the mess he was in? But the longer Calum looked at you, he noticed that you didn’t seem upset in any way, you almost smiled, and he realized that that good feeling – the feeling that everything would be okay – was this. All he wanted was nothing more than to see your face again and he couldn’t believe that you were standing at his door after all these months. And for the first time in three months, Calum smiled. “Y/N,” he whispered.
You smiled with tears suddenly rushing down your face, “Hi, Calum.”

A/N: I tried my best to work with the song and the idea that I had, but now I don’t know if I like it bc I feel like it didn’t follow the song as much as I wanted it to bc the background parts I did (especially on their relationship) turned out longer than I expected and pls just let me know how you liked it okay bye 


Of all the adult shows I have scripted, my favourite would have to be Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries although the scripts have been the hardest I’ve written because it is so complex and there’s so much to pack into it, but it’s been very satisfying. Essie Davis is beautiful. She’s just gorgeous on screen and Nathan Page is incredible, and they work so well together. I look at it and think this is great, and then I forget how many nights I’ve been up trying to finish the scripts.

Ysabelle Dean, Scripwriter, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Episodes scripted: Murder in Montparnasse, Away with the Fairies, Murder in the Dark, Death Comes Knocking, Dead Air, Unnatural Habits, Murder and the Maiden.


Orphan Black and Mass Effect: Weaponized Sterilization

Clearly I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the themes and narrative elements of Oprhan Black extend to video games. So as I watched episode 6,  “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”, I started think a lot about Mass Effect and the Krogan Genophage.

Be warned, I’m going to discuss and spoil plot elements for Orphan Black up through episode 6 of season 3 and some brief elements of the Mass Effect trilogy. If you don’t want to be spoiled for either, this is your warning to stop reading. But I suggest playing the Mass Effect series. It’s well written and moving game play that will stick with you long after finishing it. 

For the uninitiated, Mass Effect is a video game trilogy that takes place in the future. You play as Commander Shepard, an Alliance military commander that is out to save the universe from a threat known only as the Reapers. This game is very plot driven and complex so I will be focusing on one small aspect of the story: Krogan sterilization. The Krogan are an alien race in Mass Effect that are dwindling in numbers because they are mysteriously unable to successfully repopulate. Through the course of the series, the player learns that the cause of the inability of the Krogan to reproduce is due to a forced genetic mutation, called the Genophage, that causes the number of viable births to drop dramatically. Essentially, the Genophage is a weaponized way of keeping the population “under control”. While the initial goal of the Genophage was not forced sterilization, the long term effect was the same and has left the entire race on the verge of extinction. 

In the most recent episode of Orphan Black, Dr. Coady touts the benefits of having a weaponized virus that would sterilize the enemy. “We could end wars in a single generation without spilling a drop of blood”. She says that it could literally “rewrite the very nature of humankind”. While Coady’s intent might be well-placed, her methods and scientific journey to get there is questionable at best and completely unethical. 

In both Mass Effect and this story thread in Orphan Black, unethical science has removed the agency of others in order to stem war. In order to achieve that end, the agency of those affected is completely removed and ignored. And for Orphan Black in particular, the theme of bodily autonomy and reproductive agency of women is again highlighted as all reproductive choice is forcibly taken from them. As their humanity and agency has been ignored and removed; these women have become nothing more than a testing pool for a weaponized virus that intends to perpetuate forced sterility for those that are labeled as enemies and outsiders. Dr. Coady justifies this behavior as not only beneficial to the Castor group, but ultimately to humanity as a whole. In her mind, the ability of science to end war trumps the unethical means she takes to achieve it. 

While the Genophage storyline for Mass Effect has ended, the transmittable disease that Castor is spreading, has not. There are a range of possibilities that the rest of season 3 and beyond could take us in terms of perpetuating, destroying, or curing the disease that is killing both the Castor and Leda and the numerous women that have sadly become inflicted through contact with Castor. I’m excited to see how the clone illnesses and potential for weaponized viruses play out through the rest of the series. 

(Also, I’m not sure how much interest there is in Clone Club, but I’ve been thinking about posting a list of video games with similar themes, plot points, and concepts to Orphan Black. If that’s something enough people are interested in, let me know and I can make that available to everyone in Clone Club. I appreciate everyone’s notes and tags on the things I’ve written. You guys are fantastic!)

Failed First Dates

A week had passed between their little hike and what was meant to be their date. Lea had been excited in the lead up to it all but in the days before she wasn’t feeling too great. On the day of the date though it was an entirely different story, she hadn’t been able to stop throwing up all day and had barely left her bed. She felt awful especially because she knew if it was a stomach bug she wouldn’t be able to go out and would have to postpone their date.

When it hit 4pm and she was still no better she picked up her phone to send Mark a message. ‘Remember how I said I wasn’t feeling well last night? Turns out I have some kind of stomach bug and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go out tonight. I am so so sorry, I was really hoping it would pass.’ She sent before closing her eyes and trying to rest a little.

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God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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I know this is completely unrealistic especially bc of how hands on they are but what if Tayvin stays up all night talking? Or listening to music? I feel like those dweebs would do something like that, like just stay up and talk all night bc the way they have been acting on social media and Taylor has NEVER EVER followed a boyfriend or interacted so much with a bf on social media before? I think Taylor found herself a MAN instead of a boy and Calvin found himself a WOMAN.


HEY GUYS sorry i’ve been absent all day!! this goes to commission clients and stuff too–i just haven’t had time and there’s unexpected company over and i felt like it’d be rude to be like “i have work and i also want to stare at the internet”

One shot Tipsy Tom Author ladyoftheteaandblood Fluff no warning just a bit of fun. Email to Connie Dear Connie, Not sure how to start this letter, how can I make up or apologise for last nights behaviour? In my defence I had not intended to get that drunk but the Elle team just kept the beer flowing and I was tired and didn’t pay attention to what I was drinking. That said there is no excuse for my actions later in that evening, actions I only know about because the girls told me after. How could I have done all those things when I knew you were at home waiting for me on your own? The fact you have been so good about the waiting and the distance between us makes my betrayal of your trust all that harder to bare. Trust I have now destroyed. Connie I can’t take back the things I have done, I can’t even repair the damage but I am praying you will forgive me in time and I promise I will never get that drunk again. All that said I should now tell you what the girls have told me I did last night as I know it will hit the internet soon. The reenactment of the War horse charge on horses made out of janitors trolleys was epic,so the girls tell me. The hotel are sending me the bill for the trolleys and the broken leg of the maid I stuck on the front of the horse/trolley. She also, they say, assured me she could swim before I went off the diving board into the pool. Luckily the waiter jumped in and saved her. Not sure who saved me but I did tell them the kiss of life was unnecessary, he carried on anyway and I’m not sure that’s how you do it! You think I would have called it a day there but the girls inform me that I’d only just started. The balcony scene playing Juliet complete with dress would have gone down well if Romeo had known her words and not tried to reach me via the trellis work, she is also sending her hospital bill. They say its only a sprain. I only did the “Time Warp” from the rocky horror picture show when I was dared to, the Elle team were awfully helpful with the outfit and according to one girl I rock a basque and suspender set. The end of evening singing by the pool would have been OK if not for the fact that by then I  was naked and out of tune. If this ever gets on YouTube I’ll die, I never sing out of tune! That my dear is about all my sins apart from kissing most of the female staff. I awoke this morning with all the outfits round my bed and a letter from the girls telling me what I had been up to. I know I have no right to ask you darling but can you forgive me and love me as before. Yours, head in hands, hoping you will love me, Tom. Email to Tom Dear Tom. You total dick head! How on earth can I ever get over the last email you sent, I’m ashamed to say it took me over an hour to pull myself together so I could write this to you. I have never known anyone  in my life get into so many  antics as your drunken night. And yes I know all about it. You really don’t think that the girls didn’t send me all the details of what went on, they just could not wait to tell me! You are a sod for getting that plastered so that you had no idea what you were up to, hopefully you have learnt your lesson. Yours not happy Connie. Email from Tom Dear Connie, I’m praying there were no pictures sent to you!!!!! Please forgive me, what more can I say other than I love you and always will. Darling forgive me Love Tom. Email from Connie. Dear Tom, You really are a tit, and I can’t do this anymore! Last night you did get very drunk but the girls got you back to your hotel room before you did any damage. The hotel room that I was in. Yes my love I’m here!!!!!!! I had arrived earlier in the eve and left you to your “ShinDig” knowing I would see you when you had done. The Elle girls knew where I was and told me how drunk you were, and the joke they were playing. Your only sins that night were performed on me and let me tell you for a drunk you did very well. Tom you are one of the silliest and romantic drunks I have ever met, with your nuzzling me from behind your arms around my waist. All the sweet talk as you rubbed your nose in my hair, that turn to a very sexy growl, and oh my love you sure did talked dirty from that point. Shame you can’t remember cos the way  you crawled up my body with that look on your face and how I grabbed your bum, would look good in a movie. We can always repeat it tonight as I’m here for the next six days. I left for my own room after as I know you still want us a secret. Love you always my stupid,cuddly, sexy, dork Connie XXX Email from Tom Dear Connie I’m coming to get you,……………………😈 clojury jdmookami munchkin80 ladywyldfire eve1978 snugglyhiddles vampirewithbedsidemanners the-haven-of-fiction

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What do you think about the theory that Charles will "repeat" the last years to schow the liars what really happened ?

To be honest, I don’t know much about it. I haven’t been keeping up with theories during this hiatus >.> I was busy binge-watching all of the MCU, plus like six new shows (thanks to two certain best friends of mine…) and I’ve been writing and drawing lately :3 

But from this, the concept sounds really interesting and I’d enjoy to see that. I was a big advocate of having an episode that is entirely flashbacks finding out what happened the night Alison ‘died’. That’s how I think it should end - just a solid flashback, filling in blanks, seeing who hit her, the things leading up to it and their motivation, just everything in one flashback episode. I just think that’d be so neat lol

I’m going to tell you about the drunkest I’ve ever been.

one time i had the sort of day/week/month/year where the only suitable response is to drink as much alcohol as possible and eat lots of cake so I spent nearly all the money I had on booze and baking supplies.  I started fairly straightforward with my amazing brownies but things quickly got out of hand and the last memory I have of that night is a vague flash of crying and eating red velvet cupcakes while scream-singing along to Say Anything.  When people came into the flat the next morning and woke me up I was curled up against the oven cradling an empty bottle of merlot and every available surface was covered in delicious baked goods.

I’m not that good a baker and I’m not an especially interesting or competent drunk.  I can only assume the gods of desserts and messy breakups guided my hand or I was possessed by the spirit of some Parisian patissiere or something when I blacked out because there was stuff there that I don’t have a recipe for and I’ve never been able to replicate and I’m afraid to get that drunk again to repeat the experiment. 

That is my mystery for the day

So I worked my first night shift last night. I picked up on my new responsibilities very quickly, which pleased my new boss. The new job is way harder than the old one AND I LOVE IT. 

I got home around 4:30 and went to sleep around five. 

My kids woke me up at 9:00. I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. 



Also? Today would have been my eighteenth wedding anniversary. Technically it still is, I suppose. 

And that’s all I have to say about that. 


so lately i’ve been wallowing in self pity a lot and feeling like everyone in my life is bored of me and only sticks around bc they feel sorry for me, so today i was all motivational and pro-active n shit n decided that if i want ppl to not be bored with me i have to actually not be boring??
so i got out of bed despite not rly having slept at all n feeling v panicky n kinda vaguely suicidal bc i hadn’t taken my meds last night n i actually got dressed and did my make up for once, n it was so on point that I had to taken a million selfies in varying states of dress n undress
i also went shopping n bought myself a new outfit n socks (gonna annoy my parents by insisting on always wearing this top with no bra lmao) and i did this rly cute journal page
basically, i’m still a gross fat whiny bitch but i’m a gross fat whiny bitch with a new outfit who’s about to light some vanilla tealights n get full marks on a biology past paper
ok i’m done being all sappy n motivational now u can go appreciate that cute lil auden extract 🌱🌱

I’m not going to lie, the last few nights have been really bad with my pain. I have hysterically cried so much to the point from pain and @lorenreid had to physically help me up and fill me with so much medication and then even though I could hardly see, I had to call my best friend @nattila_la sobbing and get her to calm down & I love her so much for being my support when all I want to do is sink into myself and run away from myself. My body is doing so much new stuff relating to pain that it’s so scary but thankfully I have people who love and support me. My mum has helped so much & has taken Christian so Loren and I can look after ourselves properly & my mother in law is driving down tonight to help us as well. But tomorrow I’m seeing another new GP who has amazing recommendations & will hopefully give me medications that will properly help my pain levels since they are constantly changing these days. I just need help with my pain and I need a doctor who will listen and help me with the proper pain relief they I desperately need. So please keep your fingers crossed for me. I had a shower before to regulate my body temperature & I tried my new shampoo & conditioner which are amazing & will hopefully make my blue hair stay blue for longer which means I won’t have to care so much with the upkeep of it. Plus when I got out of the shower, I felt really lovely since my hair isn’t gross & I got this long tshirt that I’ll be doing a DIY on my channel probably next week and it’s so comfy plus I’m wearing my fiancées amazing socks that are comfy & make me feel happy. It’s the same things these days that bring me pleasure & give me something to smile about. I don’t know what I’d do without my family and my friends. I would have given up by now but I refuse to sink. I’ve made it this far, I know I can keep going even though I keep getting more and more scary symptoms. So thank you. #piclab #support #love #relationships #personal #chronicpain #chronicillness #keepgoing #support #scary #illbeokay #family #familyisntjustblood #friendship #ootn #keepmovingforward #longshirts #me #socks #futurediys #puddingsocks #femme #lesbian #lesbianmama #mylife

That’s it. We lost.

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I feel like vomiting.

Results are still coming in, but the Tories are returning 304 seats, and with 37 still to return, it looks like a dead cert that they’ll get at least a strong-ish minority government.

And this scares the shit out of me. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how anyone could look at the last five years and go “yes, more of that, please.” I don’t understand how they can actually have GAINED seats from both Labour and Lib Dems. And I don’t understand what the hell we’re going to do now.

Let me be clear: I am not opposing this on a purely ideological basis. I am not scared of abstract legislation. I am scared of this regime killing the people I care about. I am a disabled, queer student who comes from a low-income area, and while am lucky enough to be middle-class and have family I can fall back on, way too many of the people I know do not have that.

Let me be clear: The current austerity measures are a joke. They disproportionately affect the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. The Tory aim is what the Tory aim has always been: class warfare and the privatisation of enterprise. Thatcher never died, kids. Not while Thatcherism’s alive and well.

Let me be clear: Every public service attacked by the Tory manifesto is one we need. We need the NHS. Believe me, as someone who has multiple neurological, physical, and mental conditions; believe me also as someone whose ambition is to work in the NHS. We need proper state education. Believe me as someone who attended an underfunded school, one whose grades fell after it became an academy. We need full benefits and a living wage. Believe me as someone who has too many friends struggling to live. These aren’t things we want, they’re things we need. They’re what makes us a society rather than just a bunch of people stuck in the same shitty country. They’re fundamental necessities of life, and they’re being undercut at every turn by an urban, Westminster-centric view which ignores the poor and the vulnerable. (And, for the record, one of the things that makes me sickest is that I even need to say this: we need the winter fuel allowance. People die of cold from not being able to afford fuel now, jesus wept)

Let me be clear: This government is not going to get better. This isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. This kind of class warfare is the modus operandi of the Conservative Party, and we’ve just condemned ourselves to half a decade more of it. And people will suffer. Our culture will suffer. People will die. And given the circles I move in, a good number of those people will be my friends, or friends of my friends. I am one of the lucky ones. And I am struggling. As a student, as a disabled person, as a human being in this society, I am struggling.

Checking the results again. 621 returned. Tories with 310.

Let me be clear: I am scared.

Audrey Hepburn and Ralph Lauren at the Academy’s 1991 Summit in New York.
“I went to an event at the Museum of Modern Art some time after I was diagnosed with brain tumor, and had surgery for it. There were lots of stars, people like Gregory Peck — and Audrey was there. I was standing off in a corner and she walked over to me and said, “We have been so worried about you. Are you all right?” I was taken aback by her concern. We sat next to each other at dinner and she surprised me once again… She asked for my autograph. Do you believe that? I wanted her autograph! She said it was for her sons who wore my clothes all the time. Somehow, flattered as I was, I never got around to giving it to her that night. Later, another event came up where she was receiving an award and she called and asked me to come as her guest. Once again she said, I really need your autograph for my sons. And of course, I gave it to her.” 

“What made her special? It’s kind of undefined. There was a sweetness, and she came along when that type wasn’t there in the movies. It’s doubtful there will be that type again, at least not in my lifetime.” — Ralph Lauren


Ok.. Anyone who knows me or has heard my story, (or has put up with my story- HA!) knows that I call Darren ‘The D’. I have been for way over a year. I told him the night they were filming Glee in NYC, March 2014. I was like 'Darren. I call you The D’ .. In which he proceeded to say.. 'The D?! A big fat D?OK!’ .. All while motioning between his legs.

Soo fast forward to STAGEDOOR on May 22nd!!!!

Me: *Hands Darren my phone*
'You’re The D’
D: *Proceeds to laugh cuz he GETS IT* 'This is good. This is really good.’
Me: 'You just made my life right now.’
D: *Squeezes my arm and looks into my soul*
'Thanks. That’s AWESOME. SO AWESOME.’


anonymous asked:

Why is max from the wanted tagging niall and louis to remind them of their fake feud b4 when niall wasnt even involved last time?wats going on?

Ok, lemme see if I can piece it all together. I think Max was in Las Vegas last night and ran into them partying. 

Apparently he played pool with Ed Sheeran:

And Ed Sheeran was with Louis and Niall:

Ok, press pause and appreciate Louis and Taylor Swift in the same frame together. No, I don’t think beef has truly been squashed. I think it’s good PR for both of them. Tay Tay is known for creating buzzworthy photo ops. Alright, back to the Max mystery.

Niall and Louis were also playing pool last night:

So I think they must have all run into each other playing pool. And the subject of twitter feuds must have come up resulting in Max’s gloriously shady tweet. I’m thinking the The Wanted/1D twitter fight was pre-arranged just like the Louis/Naughty Boy twitter fight. Remember, 1DHQ are notorious for recycling stunts. But Scooter Braun (manager of The Wanted and Justin Bieber) and company double crossed Modest and company and took it too far with the “Narnia” tweet. Modest later exacted revenge by getting TMZ to release Justin Bieber’s n-word tapes (that they’d been sitting on for years) at a time when the media was turning the heat up on Louis for possibly using the n-word too. Anyway, I think Max was shading the Louis/Naughty Boy twitter feud because been there, done that. 

Never did I think I’d see the day when Taylor and Louis would willingly share a photo-op. And that’s probably why he gave us a “warning” tweet. 

Probably a “wait for it…” kinda thing. He knew the pic was coming. And then Max’s tweet was just a bonus. I also never thought I’d see the day when I’d be team Max. Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?

I’m need to ask for some forgiveness…

Tomorrow’s video is going to be late, it will however come out Wed. I feel pretty awful about this! And it might not seem like much but to me it is. We were all ready to start shooting, every was ready and then I had to call it. I wasn’t at a 100% because I stayed up all night and hadn’t slept yet. You’re probably asking yourself why on earth has this man not went to bed?

For the past 3 months we have been planning to move the entire print shop from California to Nashville. Not a small endeavor for everyone involve especially Colter (print master) and his Family. We found this really awesome place but as you can see it needed some mad love! So between videos, this and Summer Nights I’ve been slammed but it’s been strangely fun. This morning at 4am is when everyone and everything was supposed to arrive. So I stayed up because I wanted to help unload. I watched Netflix at the print shop specifically XXX: State of the Union with Ice Cube which is a terrible movie. Just ugh please don’t watch this movie! I later find out after grueling through XXX: State of the freaking Union that they had to stop in Oklahoma and wait out the massive storm. So I watched XXX: State of the Union for nothing hahaha So now they aren’t getting here until late like 12am or later and I really want to be there to help them unload everything.

I don’t like uploading anything that isn’t me giving it my best effort and I know I couldn’t do that for this monday. I hope you can all can forgive me and know this isn’t going to be a common occurrence.

- The Master Commander
Olan “Little Big O” Rogers