Just Emma and Killan in each other’s arms, in front of Snowing and Henry. Not at all a big deal…


31/03 ▪ happy birthday mirai!

I spend way too much time trying to figure out the kind of PTSD that some of the Young Avengers have. I keep trying to figure out what kinds of triggers they might have and what their reactions to such reminders might be. Does Kate get uncomfortable in Central Park? Does Teddy have to turn his mother’s picture face-down every night because it reminds him of Mother more than the woman who raised him? Does Eli avoid the US flag whenever possible because it reminds him of his superhero days? Does Loki react violently to the sight and sound of magpies? Does Cassie have a panic attack whenever she hears about Doctor Doom now that she’s no longer dead?

But mostly I think about Noh-Varr and Tommy, because of their histories as unwilling experimental subjects, as long-term subjects of torture. With Tommy, at least, there’s a bunch of fanfic exploring the mental ramifications of his time in juvie, but there’s so little on Noh-Varr that most of the time, all I can really do is try to figure it out on my own.

Because if you seriously think there wasn’t any long-lasting damage from his time in the ‘tender care’ of Midas Corp and the Cube…

Well, you’re wrong, or at least very, very likely to be.


last ramble, i swear

here’s a rock for thought

quartz is a silicate - as in, SiO2

interestingly, opal has exactly the same mineralogic formula, but this time formed by thousands of diatoms (a type of plankton) that come together in water - as SiO2 + H2O

Rose Quartz has such a tie to water throughout this show: her healing tears, her video to Steven filmed by the sea, her love of Earth (a planet that is ~71% submerged in water)

so to me, Opal represents two of the Gems honoring Rose Quartz in a way by embodying her power and calm and strong desire to protect - and, maybe most of all, her love of Earth; after all, the two times we see Opal are when first Steven is in danger, and when Earth in general is in danger - it’s this love of life and Earth and beings of earth and water that make Opal possible

so Opal is a combination of the two things that maybe best represent Rose - Rose’s values (her chemical makeup, if you will) and her love of Earth, as represented by water

AU version of Friday’s bathroom scene for biitchesbecrazy. :)

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i am SUPER sleepy today and i don’t feel like doing anything so i’m just going to make today a re-run day and re-post all of my latest food porn. if you’ve been following for a while and you’re like “seeeen itttt” so you want to block it just block the tag “rerun day.” happy monday everyone!


Whether it’s romantic, platonic, etc, I think we’ve all been there at some point.

tbh i want to live in a v cute apartment in england somewhere with holly where we can make art at all times and dance to silly music and when we’d go outside we could pretend to be french and fancy - we’d bake cakes and grow our own veggies and wildflowers and there’d be two little kitties and bunnies


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This is what has been keeping me away from Tumblr for so long. This, and trying to get a piercing apprenticeship, and phenagling things for going back to university (barring a national disaster I’ll be starting classes in the fall).

Mostly, though, it’s been swing dance. Which I do with this group of losers 3-6 days a week, often for hours on end. I’ve recently been appointed the official photographer, too, so that’s been fun.

Then when summer goes into full swing (or, really, just starting in May), I’ll be busy with SCA stuff again (which is currently the reason I don’t spend 7 days a week swinging).

TL;DR Blame swing.

(And as a PS - this may not change any time soon. It might be about time interested parties ask for my Skype, or my number to text. Either way, be well out there <3)

Y'know I kinda miss seeing all the gifs and stuff for Book of Circus. All I'm seing on my dash is mostly stuff for those sports animes and Tokyo Ghoul and some other random shows…. what hapened to all the Kuroshitsuji stuff?

fic: so grab your passport and my hand

author: infinitelymint

words: 32614

Pairings: Harry/Louis

The one in which Louis plays football and Harry sings a lot, and somehow that means they’re meant to be. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

Written for the One Direction Big Bang

Brilliant fanmix by Valeria found here

A,B,C or all of Above