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Hi, I was wondering if you know of any other cartoons along the lines of Gravity Falls, Adventure time, Over the Garden Wall and Steven Universe (as well as ATLA and Korra)? I really love these, but I'm having trouble finding similar stuff and would love any suggestions you might have. Thanks, also I know you get loads of messages, so if you don't have the time don't worry about it, I'll keep looking! :)

There’s a little show I like to call… Sailor Moon

(But honestly? These are kind of the best of the best. I’ll leave it to the comments to make recommendations because those are the best cartoons I know of!)

How the Andrews Sisters found out about V-J Day

We went overseas for the USO. Our last date was in Naples. We were billeted in Caserta, eighteen miles away. We did all our shows at repo depots, where all the guys were being shipped out. We had one more show to do. It was loaded with about eight thousand of the most unhappy-looking audience you’d ever seen. They were hanging from the rafters. All these fellas were being shipped out to the South Pacific. They hadn’t been home for four years, and it was just their bad luck. We were trying to get them into good spirits.

We were pretty well through with the show when I heard someone offstage calling me: “Pssst. Pssst.” Patty was doing a little scene with Arthur Treacher. The soldier said to me, “I have a very important message for Patty to tell the audience.” I started to laugh, because they were always playing tricks on us. He said, “I’m not kidding. It’s from the CO.” I said, “I can’t do it in the middle of the show.” He said, “You’re gonna get me in trouble.” So I took the piece of paper. I didn’t read it. I walked out on the stage, saying to myself I’m gonna get in trouble with Patty, with Arthur, with the CO. I waited until the skit was over. Patty said, “Stop your kidding. We can’t read that here. We’ve got to finish the show.” I shoved the note at her. She finally said, “All right, I’ll go along with the gag.”

So she said to the fellas, “Look, it’s a big joke up here. I have a note supposedly from the CO.” Without reading it first, she read it out loud. It announced the end of the war with Japan. There wasn’t a sound in the whole auditorium. She looked at it again. She looked at me. It was serious. So she said, “No, fellas, this is from the CO. This is an announcement that the war is over, so you don’t have to go.” With that, she started to cry. Laverne and I were crying. Still there was no reaction from the guys. So she said it again: “This is the end, this is the end.”

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose. They yelled and screamed. We saw a pair of pants and a shirt come down from above. Following it was a body. He came down and fell on the guys sitting downstairs. Patty said, “You want to go out and get drunk? Or you want to see the show?” “No, no, no, we want to see the rest of the show.” We made it very short.

We got into the jeep, and all of a sudden it hit us. Oh heavens, if this is a joke, they’re gonna tar and feather us. We’ll have to swim all the way back to the States. We suffered until we got to Caserta. They reassured us that the announcement was true.

from The Good War: An Oral History of World War II, by Studs Terkel

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Lol the story about Bill and Hilary Clinton was such a load of crap. It makes sense that you're talking shit though, it's all gay or lesbian people do.

It was actually true, here he is at the festival later that night:

But hey I appreciate you taking the time to send me this message, I now have your IP address and home address so, if I’m ever feeling nasty, I may send you one of those “send glitter to your enemies” thing so that you can really feel the gay all over you, and every time you see a glitter I hope you remember just how homosexual I am, and I hope you can’t forget about the fact that homosexual people exist and that we are fabulous.

I’m not writing anymore today hahaha i have loads of racist people messaging me now trying to tell me about other cultures that aren’t there’s trying to bring other cultures down hahahh yet black people are the “sensitives” funny how tables turn when people say something you disagree, but when it’s to us its dismissed? Point proven 😘 I love you 😚💜

Jackson as your brother

Anon: Jackson as your brother? (sorry, Gimp wasn’t loading to get the picture of your message)

Sure thing anon! I’m just going to assume that you’re a girl but please tell me if you’re not so I can marry you because damn. I hope you like it!!!!! ~(^_^)~

Okay I think that Jackson would be such a cool brother to have. I mean, on one hand I think that he’d be super protective and would probably death glare any guy he catches eyeing up his sister, especially as the two of you got older, but then on the other he’d probably be one of the most annoying people ever and call you names like bumface literally all the time and would wake you up by jumping on you or pouring water on your face or singing really loudly in your room or something. However you look at it, the two of you would have a very playful relationship. I imagine Jackson would like nothing more than beating his sister in videogames, sports, who gets the most pudding… Literally anything you can think of. Despite this, I think he’d be very affectionate behind it all and would really love you to death.

Oh my God can you imagine it though…

Credit to GIF owners

Requests 100% open

This due date calculator offers the option of a conception date. Which is so much better than having to contemplate Herself’s menstrual cycle.



SoGo:  Yeah there are loads of calculators online, and with the one I posted earlier I kinda “reverse engineered” it based on what I thought might have been the conception date (August 3).  Believe me, I have no desire to think about her periods, either.

Cue the angry anon messages from people who seem to have no idea how babies are made, or pregnancy due dates are determined.  Maybe both.  Or maybe they just don’t understand gossip.  For fuck’s sake I miss the days when this wasn’t taken so seriously.

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i have ptsd from being sexually abused for thirteen years by my step-grandpa & for almost 19 years by my half brother. because of that i have developed ocd & anxiety & cutting & misophonia. my baby brother just died unexpectedly & it has sent me into an overwhelming spiral of depression & anger, so basically i just want to know that there are other people out there who have a heavy load to carry & that im not alone & maybe we can create a bond & support system to help each other heal😞😞😞😞

You are not alone, I promise. I’m so proud of you for being strong through this, despite how difficult it has been. We are all here to support you f you need it, and you can message in for help whenever you like.

If you’d like a place where you can interact with others easier/more regularly then go and check out huddl because it’s a really cool space for people dealing with trauma where you can talk about it, and get support from others.

You’re not alone, there are so many people who care xx

it’s shit cause i understand i’ve posted so much personal stuff before and people have sent me loads of nice messages and these have gradually died out bc i never reply and i still feel guilty about this, its just i get so anxious about saying the wrong thing so i never do, im really sorry to everyone who has ever sent me a nice message…it sucks because i wanna make friends on here but i ignore everyone because i just get so terrified so yh im really sorry everyone

not in a good place atm and dont really know what to do but hopefully will call the doctors soon and try to get help about things idk

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I am an addicted masturbator, I think about masturbating all the time. Your blog provides the inspiration to masturbate and masturbate again. There is no more wonderful feeling then stroking your cock and shooting a load of hot cum, it feels so so so good. Thanks for helping me have a great masturbation session.

As I’m reading your message, I’m unzipping my pants

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I don't know why you're the essential target for art reposters on Instagram, but I'm trying to convince people to take it down and credit other artists who they've reposted. Hopefully I can help this stop at least a little bit :>

 They like my things or maybe it’s because I just draw the most Darkiplier ask blog responses? :V I don’t know, either way it’s a load of poop. Thanks for helping out but you don’t have to go out of your way and do that. Messaging me about who’s doing it so I can personally handle it is good enough. I’m glad a lot of my followers and friends look out for me though. It’s sweet knowing how many of you guys care to watch out for me. ;w; I can’t physically stop you if you’re determined to say something to a re-poster but, all I ask is that you be polite and civil as possible. They tend to get nasty when confronted but there’s no need to stoop to their level.

I’ve had a bad day so I won’t be doing the headcanons tonight, sorry. However do feel free to submit them.

I’m also still having problems when trying to do things on the thunderbirds website, so I’m contacting them about it. Here’s a copy of what I have sent:


I’m having some trouble with the website. A lot of the things aren’t loading. Mainly the more characters/more crafts link. I click on them and the loading sign comes up in the screen and it keeps going and going. Other issues include not being able to see the message John as sent when first joining (clicking on the help button doesn’t offer much help as it still says there is a message there, but there isn’t), as well as issues when exploring the locations.

I have tried it on multiple computers/phones with different internet sources, I even created another account, and it still keeps happening. I have talked to some of my friends who are also fans of the show, and they have had the same or similar problems.

I hope this can be resolved, as I have been a fan of the Thunderbirds since I was a small child (I’m 20 now), and I would very much like to participate in the fun along with my friends that are also fans.


I’ll let you people know what they respond with, because I know I’m not the only one having these issues.

Forgot to tell you all - one of my flatmates at uni had been asking me loads about being vegan and we have had some really good chats about it and she’s been doing loads of research and then she sent me this message when I was home in London!! So sweet!!

hey guys

for the next couple of weeks or so i want be as active as i usually am, as i have some really important exams coming up in about a month and i need to do some serious revision! plus i have a dance show coming up with loads of extra rehearsals that i need to go to as well as work woo. i’ll still have a queue and everything but if i take for ever to reply to messages/replies/tags i’m so sorry but i will eventually! my last exam is on the 2nd of june so then i’ll be back on as usual:)

Something that took me a shit load of time! A.K.A 92 Questions

92 truths

I got tagged by poppunkgrayson

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Last beverage = Tango Orange

2. Last phone call =  My dad, he asked if the EuroStar tunnel had collapsed yet and if I was drowing…

3. Last text message = ‘Well, Ciao. You better be here tomorrow or I will throw a cat at you’’ sent to someone who no one needs to know!

4. Last song you listened to = Hell Above by Pierce The Veil

5. Last time you cried = Last Night

Have You Ever:

6. Dated someone twice = Nope

7. Been cheated on = Nope

8. Kissed someone & regretted it = Nope

9. Lost someone special = Yeah

10. Been depressed = Mhm

11. Been drunk and threw up = Nope

List 3 Favourite Colours:

Scarlet, Black and Really Dark Green (which probably has a name that I don’t know of)

In The Last Year, Have You:

15. Made a new friend = Surpisingly yes!

16. Fallen out of love = Never been in love in the first place

17. Laughed until you cried = Yep

18. Met someone who changed you = Nope

19. Found out who your true friends are = Yeah

20. Found out someone was talking about you = Life story

21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list = Nope


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = Don’t even have FB. Never bothered.

24. Do you have any pets = I have a pink bunny rabbit teddy?

25. Do you want to change your name = Not really… It’s weird but I quite  like it.

26. What did you do for your last birthday = I went to the cinema with some of my firends to watch Divergent!

27. What time did you wake up today = 6:00 am

28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Reading in my bed

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = The Magnus Chase book!

30. Last time you saw your mother = 2 Hours Ago

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = Being Me

32. What are you listening to right now? = Bring Me The Horizon on shuffle!

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Never

34. What’s getting on your nerves right now = Cars. I can hear the outisde world, my window is half broken!

35. Most visited webpage = Tumblr!

36. Blood type: O Positive

37. Nickname = *insert non existent nickname*

38. Relationship status: Pfft who the hell would like me?

39. Zodiac sign = Aries

40. Pronouns = For me in particular? She/Her

41. Elementary = A school which I don’t want my mum to search up and find my tumblr, because she works there.

42. High School = Colstons Girls School

43. College = Dude.

44. Hair colour = Brown

45. Long or short = Short

46. Height = 5ft 3in

47. Do you have a crush on someone? = Nope

48. What do you like about yourself? = Honestly nada

50. Tattoos = Nope

51. Righty or lefty = Right

52. First Surgery = Never had one…

53. First piercing = Ears

54. First best friend = A girl called Iqra who currently hates me because I broke her hand by accident three years ago and also because I hated her favourite teacher!

55. First sport you joined = Swimming

56. First vacation = Either France or Algeria

57. First shoes = I’m supposed to know how?

Right Now:

59. Eating = Nothing

60. Drinking = Nothing

61. I’m about to = Watch more Blue Exorcist or Onision

62. Listening to = Already said this

63.Waiting for = Nothing

64. Want kids? = Yeah, but adopted

65. Get Married? = Probably

66. Career plans = Preferably Medicine or Law

Which Is Better:

67. Lips or eyes = Eyes

68. Hugs or kisses = Hugs

69. Shorter or taller = Taller

70. Older or Younger =  In what context?

71. Romantic or spontaneous = Don’t care

72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Don’t care

73. Sensitive or loud = Don’t care

74. Hook-up or relationship = Relationships are better

75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Don’t care! Dude I REALLY don’t care!

Have You Ever:

76. Kissed a stranger = Nope

77. Drank hard liquor = Nope

78. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes, it was basically hell

79. Sex on first date = Nope

80. Broke someone’s heart = Don’t think so…

81. Had your own heart broken = Nope

82. Been arrested = Nope

83. Turned someone down = Nope

84. Cried when someone died = Nope

85. Fallen for a friend = Nope

Do You Believe In:

86. Yourself = No

87. Miracles = No

88. Love at first sight = Hmmm

89. Heaven = Sure

90. Santa Claus = Never have. He’s a god damn pedo.

91. Kiss on the first date = I repeat I will never go on a date.

92. Angels = Mhm

Well it seems I have to tag people….Oh…. Okay…..

fluffbaal minx156 ladypinkerton alixabethmay moonstone-and-company flew-to-wonderland meowpartywoofsbegone

I was meant to tag 25 and I’ve tagged about two people.

I would add more but I mainly re-blog or chat these dudes so…

I’m alone.

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6, 17, 30, 32, 36, 41. ( : xx

Oooo, you gave me a load haha

6.  Show the boys all of your texts and messages, or have them listen in to you and your friends talking about them?

Oh my god no, definitely let them hear me talk about them because seriously if they read my texts to Grace (wildegoldmine), they may file a restraining order haha. I’ll just make sure to keep it PG rated.

17.  See Liam naked, or watch Louis’s sex tape?

Is this even a question…. LARRY SEX TAPE. And even if it was just Louis, getting off by himself, I would die because I’ve been waiting eons to hear his moan. Im ready to cry…

30.  Watch the stars in the arms of your favorite member, or go to the beach and watch the sunset?

I would just want to watch the sunset with Harry and play around on the beach. Maybe throw sand his hair!! I love Harry to death but all of my feelings towards him are very platonic and any sexual fantasizes I have of him, I do not take part of!!

32. Already answered!!

36. Win a date by completing the banana & sprite challenge, or the cinnamon challenge?

I’ve already tried the cinnamon challenge and I almost died, so I’ll just go with the banana & sprite challenge, even though either way I’m probably fucked haha

41. Have an argument with Louis over twitter, or get a private DM from drunk Niall?

Get a DM from Niall. I’m scared of Louis. He would probably tear me a new one haha


hi lovelies, it has come to my attention that i am spending way too much time on this website and not nearly enough with my friends and family. i will be deleting my blog sometime in the next month or two. my favorite thing about tumblr is easily all of the wonderful friends i have made, and i really would love to stay in touch. please message me and we can figure out a way to keep talking. thanks for following me and supporting me and for all the good times. i love all of you loads and loads.

xx claire

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Hey there - I have a message for the person who wants I join the army. Don't stress about what girls think, especially if it's your dream job. For starters, when you join you'll meet loads of girls in the defence forces. You'll also meet people who think it's a turn on (from the perspective of someone who's dated 3 military girls, haha). You'll definitely meet someone who's happy to be with you. If you want to send me a message I'd be happy to chat - take care


Things I like about YOU!

We have awesome bindings cuz we’re friends!
And you like Jay-hugs and that’s all awesome too.
And we have lots and loads of fun messages :)
When I’m feeling mopey I get hugs too!
Also also also all the stuff I never need to say at all and how neato it is that people like being friends with fictional people LIKE ME!