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Just based on the rumors about Luke Roberts possibly playing Roger Woodes next season, I’m going to speculate a little bit about what I think is going to happen: be warned, I might have gotten a little carried away and paranoid

- Things we know: The dude standing next to Eleanor in the Season 3 sneak peek looks very much like Luke Roberts, he’s a naval officer it seems. Historically, Woodes was known to end piracy in the Bahamas and become it’s first Governor, he served 2 terms. He also had a wife and kids, but his wife separated from him eventually. He also spent time in jail on account of debt because he practically went bankrupt. He’s known to be a rival of Charles Vane in particular and he made many attempts to capture Vane, which were all unsuccessful. He even sent Hornigold, the pirate hunter, to trap Vane but that too was a failed attempt. Vane plotted with Blackbeard to have Woodes overthrown as well, and thanks to the Season 3 spoilers, we know Blackbeard is very much in the picture now. Charles also rejected many pardons that came his way and fought for piracy till the very end.  

^Keeping this history in mind, I think it’s very possible for the writers to make this war even more personal for Vane if Eleanor is somehow forced to marry this Woodes guy. We know her father is dead, who was already estranged from his family in Boston, we know she has no friends left, and she’s in a precarious situation as it is. I can see her proving her allegiance to England by something of this sort, a marriage of convenience perhaps? It could also be a clever move on her part to stick close to people who have plans for Nassau in order to regain control of that place somehow down the line. I think for her to overcome her reputation as the *queen of thieves* and to prove to England that she’s on their side, she’s going to have to take some drastic measures, not just for survival but for her vision. She can still just *ally* with Woodes instead of flat out marrying him, but I can see that as a possibility too, if only to make this war between her and Vane even more personal. Imagine the hate Vane would have for this man, someone bent upon not only exterminating piracy, but who’s also married to Eleanor. It would certainly be an interesting twist in the Vaneeleanor dynamic. 

Also, I think, being married to a man of power, at least for the time being, Eleanor would be in a position to extend such pardons for pirates, especially Vane. She can easily use her position to influence how piracy is dealt with, and in a way, this might eventually be her grand gesture of proving her loyalty and love to Vane, basically trying to help save him, like he’s saved her so many times before. As a character, we have grown to expect betrayal from Eleanor, but I think the woman in Season 3 will be one who’d learned from her past choices, and it would be a great turning point for her character if, in the end, she chooses people she loves over everything else. I can see the writers surprising us when it comes to her. 

However, Vane, stubborn as he is, will reject all forms of aid because he’d rather die than be pardoned by Woodes. He’d be too far gone in his vision for Nassau and it’d be too late for him to back down, and tbh he wouldn’t even want to. That’s how the historical pirate was, he wasn’t ashamed of who he was and he didn’t think there was anything to forgive to begin with. Show Vane is very much the same in that sense. 

In any case, I can see the show going down this path to make his end even more tragic and powerful. Also, it would be a great symmetry for Eleanor’s character to finally get what she always wanted for Nassau, but it came at the cost of losing everyone she loved, and also a loss of freedom for her as well, because she’d be tied down to this Englishman, playing the role of a dutiful, proper English wife. I can see her being totally unrecognizable from the Eleanor we adore and love so much for being utterly wild and living her life on her own terms. Sadly, I don’t think her end is going to be a happy one. Both she and Charles are, ultimately, very tragic characters to begin with. 

I really want to give Vakama a big hug because his life just makes me cry.

As a Toa Metru/ Hordika, he has to deal with all this insecurity and self-doubt while his team is only just barely supporting/ making fun of/ criticizing him. And then of course, Teridax turns the whole of Metru Nui against the Toa Metru right after taking a gamble on their safety by finding the Great Disks. And the Toa are even led to believe that they were mistakenly chosen by Lhikan?!

It was like one mistake after another!

And then I read THAT SENTENCE from BionicleSector01 about a time when Vakama was actually established and happy? Successful enough to be commissioned by THE MAKUTA to craft the legendary Mask of Time?! 

Why, Greg, why?! 

Wow, I hate to say this, but some youtubers are acting really off recently… Holy shit! I’m trying as hard as I can not to rant right now, but that tweet was pretty disrespectful! I know he’s notoriously in the phandom and we all love him for it, but could he maybe tone it down a bit? This is not the kind of behavior expected from a fellow youtuber smh

My roommate got salty with me tonight bc I called her out on her ignorant shit 😂
I’m not even sorry lol how can you say he was faking being gay?? Who would do that when being gay brings you so much hate from some people in the Deep South?? What is the point of him pretending to be gay? That’s right, there is no point excuse me I’m done with your shit. He says he’s gay, he’s gay. That’s the end of it.

It’s not like people are criticizing him solely because he didn’t sign a slave contract, it’s because other people who don’t have money have to to follow their dream of being an idol. Chad Future, by buying his way into this market, is shitting on all the other idols who had to put so much more effort into debuting.
Also, why does the global community even want to be part of kpop so badly, a KOREAN music niche, made by (mostly) KOREANS, for KOREANS, in a country where, get this, AMERICAN music dominates?
If you want to admire Chad Future for all those things, then I guess you should admire Iggy Azalea, too, right? I mean, didn’t she do the exact same thing? A rich white girl buying her talentless self into the rap market, created and perfected by originally BLACK artists for BLACK people to relate to and enjoy? You all hate Iggy Azalea, what makes Chad Future so different?

“I hate walking in and out of IMH. like oh look, that girl’s mental!”

“That’s not your problem. It’s just an illness you’re getting treatment for. Like I got stitches in my foot cause obviously I can’t sew myself up so I got a trained physician to do it.”


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/pats/ It's ok, Sarah, we know the struggle >.< D.O's too lovely, but I'd gladly put more Jongdae on your dash :3 (And, it's Jongdae, who wouldn't want him and all his wonderfullness on their blog?) Same life-crisis I went through (and may or may not still be going through...) with Kim freaking Jongin >_> Fighting! :D

I think I might just give up lmao Satan Soo can conquer the world by starting with my heart