my dad is a class A piece of fucking shit

my roommates gave me their portions of the hydro bill before i moved out for the summer - i had to give in my portion of 43$ and then we’d be good, the hydro bill would be covered. 

i had roughly 170$ from my roommates (some of it in coin form, but most of it in bills) in my wallet.

my dad convinced me to use $20 of it as emergency money when i went to see once with allison on tuesday, promising he’d just pay that off himself and then borrowed 20-40 dollars later for groceries and other stuff.

before he took that money, all he needed to give me to help pay off those bills was $300
but afterwards that obviously increased.

he told me to put the remainder of the money in the money car in the kitchen and like the naive idiot that i am, i put it there instead of hiding it.

forward to today, he’s put $300 in my account

now he’s furious at me for not telling him to have put more and my mother nd i just discovered that the remainder of hte money my roommate s had given me was gone

i now can’t pay my rent. i’m $80ish off.

i want to cry. i need a job so badly but more importantly i need to get away from my dad and his unstable financial habits bfore he takes me and my credit score goes down with him.

I really want to give Vakama a big hug because his life just makes me cry.

As a Toa Metru/ Hordika, he has to deal with all this insecurity and self-doubt while his team is only just barely supporting/ making fun of/ criticizing him. And then of course, Teridax turns the whole of Metru Nui against the Toa Metru right after taking a gamble on their safety by finding the Great Disks. And the Toa are even led to believe that they were mistakenly chosen by Lhikan?!

It was like one mistake after another!

And then I read THAT SENTENCE from BionicleSector01 about a time when Vakama was actually established and happy? Successful enough to be commissioned by THE MAKUTA to craft the legendary Mask of Time?! 

Why, Greg, why?! 

Wow, I hate to say this, but some youtubers are acting really off recently… Holy shit! I’m trying as hard as I can not to rant right now, but that tweet was pretty disrespectful! I know he’s notoriously in the phandom and we all love him for it, but could he maybe tone it down a bit? This is not the kind of behavior expected from a fellow youtuber smh

I hate this. I hate myself. I couldn’t even open my mouth. No words. When I could have told him so many things. And now I can’t even pick up a phone to assist. I’m trembling. My insides ache. My heart hurts. I’m so angry. I’m terrified. I want to punch walls until my bones crack. His eyes. Oh my goodness his eyes were the same pit, the same void as monday. So much utter despair. Let me carry it. Let me take it from you I’ll suffer. I’ll live with that hatred that sadness. I want you to live. What do I do. What do I do. What do I do. What do I do. What do I do. What do I do.

Steven Universe episode 21 - Joking Victim
  • Oh Lars. You’re terrible.  (In a show full of honest well-meaning sweethearts, it’s almost kind of refreshing)
  • “Not since… the accident.”
  • “It’s like a DVD shaped like a box.”  OUCH.  Way to make me feel old and I’m only 19.  (… Sadie isn’t too much younger than me - she’s, what, 17?  She should have firsthand memories of videotapes even if Steven doesn’t.)
  • They still have the Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire poster hanging up, that’s cute
  • So uh.  I’m gathering Sadie has a big ol’ crush on Lars.  Sadie no offense but this town is full of cool nice people and you pick Lars?
  • Oh, Sadie, you’re so sweet
  • sADIE
  • WOW, Lars is TERRIBLE.  (Why do the Cool Kids want to hang out with him, anyway?)
  • Fire donut!
  • He deserves it tbh
  • Stop whining Lars you get to be a dragon for a while.  This is an amazing opportunity and you should treasure it you jerk

My roommate got salty with me tonight bc I called her out on her ignorant shit 😂
I’m not even sorry lol how can you say he was faking being gay?? Who would do that when being gay brings you so much hate from some people in the Deep South?? What is the point of him pretending to be gay? That’s right, there is no point excuse me I’m done with your shit. He says he’s gay, he’s gay. That’s the end of it.

It’s not like people are criticizing him solely because he didn’t sign a slave contract, it’s because other people who don’t have money have to to follow their dream of being an idol. Chad Future, by buying his way into this market, is shitting on all the other idols who had to put so much more effort into debuting.
Also, why does the global community even want to be part of kpop so badly, a KOREAN music niche, made by (mostly) KOREANS, for KOREANS, in a country where, get this, AMERICAN music dominates?
If you want to admire Chad Future for all those things, then I guess you should admire Iggy Azalea, too, right? I mean, didn’t she do the exact same thing? A rich white girl buying her talentless self into the rap market, created and perfected by originally BLACK artists for BLACK people to relate to and enjoy? You all hate Iggy Azalea, what makes Chad Future so different?

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/pats/ It's ok, Sarah, we know the struggle >.< D.O's too lovely, but I'd gladly put more Jongdae on your dash :3 (And, it's Jongdae, who wouldn't want him and all his wonderfullness on their blog?) Same life-crisis I went through (and may or may not still be going through...) with Kim freaking Jongin >_> Fighting! :D

I think I might just give up lmao Satan Soo can conquer the world by starting with my heart