"I’m sure of it, I’m sure of it. Especially, you know, Lea’s character we were the first friends the first enemies, it’s gone back and forth so many times and I don’t think that it would be right to continue forward without having that in the show. You know, she’s going to be going through big changes in New York and I’m going to be at Yale and we’ll see what happens, but I’m sure of it. And yeah, we all have such a good time together and I’m looking forward to all of that."

Sometimes I wonder if the ways things are now with Dianna and Glee is because she didn’t agree with the way things went down in season 4, the Quinn/Rachel relationship (or lack thereof) and Quinn in general.

It’s also nice to remember how loud the crowd got during this question when the rest of the time they were rather contained. And Dianna’s laugh. I will always love Italy for giving us this.

Consequences of being slushied on Glee
  • Rachel:nothing happens.
  • Finn:nothing happens.
  • Quinn:nothing happens.
  • Kurt:nothing happens.
  • Mercedes:nothing happens.
  • Mike:nothing happens.
  • Tina:nothing happens.
  • Santana:nothing happens.
  • Puck:nothing happens.
  • Sam:nothing happens.
  • Rory:nothing happens.
  • Blaine:OMG Kurt must sing a song to cheer him up. Rachel and Finn, too.

i wish i could leave the fandom and just get over this fucking show but i can’t stop loving these characters and hoping that one day they’ll get the storylines they deserve even though it just brings me pain and frustration