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what is wrong comrade?

I THINK I might have figured out some huge spiritual shit relating to someone else but I have NO idea how to deal with this bc I have LITERALLY NO EVIDENCE past the “OH GOD I THINK I’M GOING TO DIE” overload feeling I know comes with being right about this stuff. And literally every spirit I know has gone silent on me and the internet and shit has decided Tara and I don’t need to be in contact with each other.

It’s like literally everyone is forcing a black out so I have to deal with it alone but IDK WHAT DO TO SO THAT’S REALLY UNHELPFUL

I will never love another ship like I love River/Doctor.

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What AUs are you fond of?

oh god, saddle up my friend. 

i have a verses page in the works—it has barely any detail on it because i need to actually sit down and write descriptions. but it has a little information, and pictures, and… at the very least i did the top introductory part…. lmao im worthless

i like a lot of aus to be honest, but the ones i’ve started and have a place for currently are:

v; wolf in the cellar — werewolf!will graham

v; good girl — fem!will graham (havent written here but i’d rlly love to)

v; martial law — zombie au. what could go wrong

but really. im almost always down to talk aus, honestly i’ll make aus for your character (the portal au is largely for my secret ai crush vitrifiedapotheosis). i’m very open to a lot of things and i promise i do not bite, it’s more of a loving nibble/drooling on your shoes. if you message me or talk to me on skype about some au or an idea/plot you have, i’m always ready to jump on things and i can generally get very into any concept as long as you are into it too.