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Tell us a funny story involving Stark?

Well, Stark and I are friends. Mainly because he likes Clint, therefore, he likes me. 

One time, on Clint’s Birthday, we wanted to do something fun (Read as prank him mercilessly). So Stark came up with this whole elaborate plan, something to do with rockets and a slingshot… I still don’t know.

But I told him it wouldn’t work. Of course, I was right. I’m ALWAYS right. 

So Clint found out Stark’s big plan, and foiled it. So while Stark was running around trying to escape Clint, I was replacing his bow with one of the toy ones they sell at the shop. 

Of course, how could I possibly know that at that exact second, a red alert was called and Clint had to go, so without thinking he grabbed the fake one, and ran out, along with everyone else…. 

To a crowd of paparazzi and fans…. who all saw Clint with a fake bow, Start with a “Kick Me” Sign on the back of his suit and me and the rest of the gang laughing our Asses off. 

Long story short… I may or may not have called in a fake red alert with the help of JARVIS.

I did get in trouble with Fury, but he just laughed at me and called me “Kid”… it was strange. 

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“I saw your browser history.” || “We’ve already tried this.” || “It’s your turn to do the dishes.”

“I saw your browser history.”

From her position on the couch, Troian glanced up from the book she was reading and absently stared at the print out in Keegan’s hand. Her mind was still on the book she was reading and she gazed at him blanky for a few moments before registering his sheepish grin and the way he was rocking back and forth on his feet, like he was wanting to exclaim something out to her. It finally clicked that he had come across her birthday present to him and she groaned. Loudly. “Aw man!” She whined, dropping her book and jumping up. She knew she forgot to do something! “It was supposed to be a surprise,” Troian pouted but wrapped her arms around Keegan’s waist, grinning up at him. She had bought the vacation home in Hawaii for them as an early birthday present for Keegan, a chance for them to have a place to escape from. “I guess happy early early birthday,” she chuckled.

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I like Takeo haha, he remind me of me in a way; and we even have the same birthday. I'd say we are similar but what are the things make you seem childish? What did your last trainer do to you?

“O-Oh wow do you really like me?” He asks, a blush appearing on his face. “O-Oh wow… I’m happy to hear that…” He was honestly very flustered even though this person didn’t have a crush on him or anything, but tried his best to keep a straight face. “Ch-Childish? Well… I guess I am a bit shy to new strangers… Almost like a child would be. That’s really all I can think of… And my trainer would always hit me or kick me if he was angry or after we had lost a battle with someone else… It wasn’t too pleasant…”

(oh wow! maybe you guys are siblings/twins or something like that!! and i’m glad that you like him! ^ v ^)

the beginning

Marley hurried down the street, the plastic bag holding the birthday present she had just bought for her mother lifted above her head in an effort to protect herself from the rain that had suddenly come lashing down. Coming to a stop in the protection that an overhanging balcony provided, she searched through her bag for the umbrella that she usually carried with her. Her search coming to a halt however as she suddenly recalled the way she’d left the umbrella sitting on her bed in an effort to create more room in her bag for the shopping she’d been planning to do that day. ‘Shit,” she muttered as she glanced up and down the street, trying to work out the best way to get home without getting completely soaked. There was still several more blocks to travel before she arrived at her apartment and all of the taxis that passed her were filled with passengers who had obviously also had the same idea she had about escaping from the rain. 

Deciding to wait it out until the storm passed, Marley’s eyes came to rest on an art gallery on the other side of the road. She hadn’t entered a gallery since high school but she figured it was probably her best option. Art had never been Marley’s strong suit and she’d dropped the subject as soon as school had allowed her to. She’d never been able to ‘capture the emotion you’re feeling inside on canvas’ the way that her art teacher seemed to insist was necessary and had been told multiple times that the ways she had interpreted other peoples works are were completely wrong. She didn’t seem to have any other choice though, unless she wanted to sit on this gross, dirty stoop for who knows how long and Marley quickly hurried across the street and pushed open the door to the gallery.

The quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the gallery made a considerable contrast to the busy London street she had just left and she let out a small sigh of relief. The gallery was full with patrons and waiters wandering around with champagne on trays. A sign on a wall alerted her to the fact that this was the launch of a collection of art from local artists and that all were welcome to ‘appreciate the talent that this diverse city had to offer’.  The walls were lined with paintings of various sizes and styles of artwork and Marley began strolling through the gallery, occasionally pausing to look at a piece that caught her eye and read the small plague that accompanied them. She couldn’t believe the way that some pieces which looked like a two year old had painted them were going for such extravagant amounts of money and the way artists claimed things like that the piece represented oppression when all it looked like was a giant sock. She looked back out onto the street and let out a groan as she realized it was still raining. Noticing a couch open up right in front of an art piece, she hurried over and nabbed the seat before anyone else could and stared up at the bizarre piece of art in front of her. 

Congratulations Aiyana, you’ve been accepted as Wes Grey (Miles Teller FC) Please send in your account within 24 hours and be sure to follow the tags.


Name: Wes Grey
Age / birthday: 23 / June 6th
Job/Studies: Car Salesman
Quote (they could have said it, or it could describe them): “I do what I want and say what I want with no apologies.”
Four Positive traits: & four Negative traits: Positive - Playful, Amiable, Honest, and Intuitive. Negative - Selfish, Inconsistent, Authoritarian, and Demeaning
Apartment Type: Co-Ed
FC: Miles Teller


Wes Grey was never one to take no for an answer. The moment he had his heart and mind set on something he was going to do it no matter what the cost. After all, in his mind the end always justifies the means. So he spent most of his life making sure he got whatever he wanted. After some hard work, and of course a bit of conniving and cheating, he became one of the most popular people in his high school. He was the life of the party. He knew how to have a good time, not to mention parents who were to rich to spend any time with him; therefore an easy access to alcohol. He tore whoever he could down, and spent only seasons with a few people, going from one friend group to the other.

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