Just pick up some contents from two fanbooks and some spoilers about Hamastage2 from Twitter.

All about my favorite Murani :)

Hamatora Perfect File

  • Nice almost has no living self manage ability. For Murasaki, it is toilsome to be his partner.
  • What kind of people is Nice like?Murasaki: Tentative partner. And Nice, I’m not housekeeping women. Realize it!
  • After quarrel, Nice expressed “Come home early”in a circuitous way and made some unskillful Onigiri to Murasaki.
  • Murasaki wants to get ahead Nice. But at meantime, he trusts Nice and stays with Nice whenever.
  • What kind of people is Murasaki like?Nice: Murasaki is very excellent. He can make very delicious fired rice. Hajime: The one who is with Nice.
  • *They used “主夫” to describe Murasaki and I’m willing to translate it to “stay-at-home husband”.
  • What kind of people is Hajime like? Nice: There is no need to explain. Hajime is Hajime. Murasaki: The cost of Hajime’s food accounts for a large part of our family expenditures.
  • The bond of partners 01: Keep each other at arm’s length & Always be there - Nice & Murasaki They do not get along with each other at all. They have different characters and beliefs. They are two gears, have different shapes but fit with each other perfectly.
  • (Re episode 06) It’s the first time that Nice feels Murasaki isn’t here. Unusually, Nice looks up at the night sky. Murasaki is irreplaceable for Nice.

Hamatora Official Fan Book


  • Seiji Kishi: “It feels like that the relationship between Nice and Murasaki is as same as the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. I think that’s a very interesting point. ”
  • “As we know RE06 is a episode of friendship but……they’re really like couples. ”

The Hamatora Stage 2 spoilers

  • They hugged each other.
  • There was a original female role named Reiko - maybe this name, I’m not sure - She was very fond of Murasaki and Nice looked unhappy about it.You can find picture repo here and here. Look at Nice!
  • Ratio and Birthday had a charm contest. They asked Murasaki to play a female patient. Nice came in when Ratio was doing the Yukadon (床ドン, something like 壁ドンbut it is against to floor/bed) to Murasaki……and he misunderstood. “I want fired rice, Murasaki! Murasaki? What are you……okay I know……”(leave) “Wait! Nice!” And after this Nice seemed a little bit unhappy to Ratio.
  • Nice and Murasaki had a promise in the show of the living theatre. When the last show ended, Yuki (as Murasaki) and Kensuke (as Nice) accomplished the promise - they went to eat fired rice together. Photos are here and here.
  • “Murani are married.” an audience said.


Aries are unafraid of stepping onto new terrain. The challenge inherent in taking on the unknown is heaven on Earth for Rams.
The leadership displayed by Aries is most impressive, so don’t be surprised if they can rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds — they have that kind of personal magnetism.
Aries is a bundle of energy, dynamism and quick wit. These folks are bold, aggressive and courageous. They can summon up the inner strength required to take on most anyone, and they’ll probably win.
You’re not likely to convince the Ram to soften up; these folks are blunt and to the point. In arguments, it’s the Ram who will have the last word, so save your breath.
The great strength of the Aries-born is in their initiative, courage and determination.
Aries are very impulsive and usually do not think before they act - or speak. Too often Aries will say whatever pops into their head and usually end up regretting it.
If confronted, Aries can turn to be quite childish, they will fight back with their agressive nature and are known to have temper tantrums should they not get their way.
Underneath the strong, independent surface may lie insecurity. This is due to the intense drive to succeed and Aries put too much pressure on themselves, thus resulting in self-doubt however, the natural optimism and enthusiasm overtakes this and the underlying insecurity may never be known to others.
The Aries zodiac sign is straightforward, aggressive and adventurous and this is reflected in their approach to sex. Expect it to be physical, quick and rough, they like to dominate and have the upper position.

sweaterharu asked:

I agree with you so much, Akashi definitely needs a lot of love now :( I was always thinking that I'd love to see GOM and Rakuzan and everyone just being randomly nice to Akashi or doing something like surprise for his birthday, just the things that friends do. He's strong, but dealing with this all by himself is hard :(

I agree! Omg that would be so cute :’) ahh imagine his surprised face and then a little smile bc as much as he doesn’t show it he totally loves the GOM and Rakuzan~

But yeah, he might be a strong person but he shouldn’t have had to deal with everything he did, it’s so unfair and he needs more love ;n;

one-piece-freedom asked:

Also maybe a scenario for Big Hero 6 of Wasabi and the gang trying to throw Hiro his first birthday party after Tadashi's death?

(*cries*alright i’ll do my best *sobs* i had alot of fun writing thhis sorry for the punctuation errors!  )
Hiro was still upset about what happened a year ago, he was turning fifteen he remembered how Tadashi would always do something pretty crazy and funny every year but this is the first year he would be without Tadashi. He always told everyone it was fine and he was fine but the entire team knew that simply wasn’t true.
“We gotta do something for the little guy!”,Fred exclaimed knowing how down in the dumps a person could be and Hiro DEFINITELY excelled in the down in the dumps game.”Well it’s not like we can get a person to play Tadashi.”,GoGo said knowing the conversation was going to head that way. “Well maybe not but we could always do something crazy like Tadashi!”, Honey exclaimed enthusiastically. Suddenly Wasabi had an idea,”We can ask Baymax.Surely he knows of something.” Wasabi said. Baymax suddenly came from the other room with is cute neutral expression. “What do you all need..?”, Baymax asked since he was a health car professional.”We need to know what Tadashi did in the past for Hiro. We want to make Hiro happy.”, Honey said with a smile.”Searching databases for Tadashi Hamada.”, Baymax said processing the information and digging into his database. “Ah,Here is some information that may help.”, Baymax said pulling up various video’s onto his computer screen. The first video was from when Hiro was three and Tadashi was seven, Hiro looked like a jack-o-lantern due to all his missing teeth and he was just so adorable, while Tadashi kinda looked the same but with scruffier hair. The video continued to play where it showed Hiro about to blow out the candle’s to his cake where the candles suddenly ignited and exploded the cake everywhere. Everyone was horrified at what just happened to the cake but not Hiro. Hiro just simply laughed as the grin on Tadashi’s face expanded to the edges of his face. The next video was when Hiro was seven and Tadashi was eleven, this time Hiro looked a bit like he did now but his hair was a bit more longer, and at the time Tadashi started wearing baseball caps. This time when Hiro blew out the candles there wasn’t any sort of explosion much to everyone’s surprise. But when it came to opening gifts when Tadashi handed Hiro his own gift Hiro opened it quickly only to get a pie in the face. Everyone was shocked again but Hiro smiled and laughed when Tadashi licked it off his cheek in a silly matter. More video’s played until Baymax had ran out of the cute videos,”Awww!” Honey said her eyes lighting up exited since the video’s were so cute. “OH I GOT A GREAT IDEA.” Fred said to the group with enthusiasm while Wasabi face-palmed. “I am scared to find out how this will end up.”, Wasabi muttered as he leaned in with the group to hear Fred’s idea. Soon as if somebody had pressed fast forward, it was Hiro’s fifteenth birthday and Hiro wasn’t expecting much. His birthday had the same routine to it every year but this year was different. His usual routine was,sleep in late, get cleaned up, go downstairs for his special Gummy bear birthday pancakes, and go hang out with Tadashi for a while until he was taken home for the party. But this year was going to be different since Tadashi wasn’t here. Hiro got up and did the usual but after breakfast he went back up to his room. Today just wasn’t the same without Tadashi until the group just dragged Hiro out of his room and persuaded him to do stuff with them. The day was filled with shopping with Honey and GoGo, video game battles at the arcade with Fred and Wasabi, and a ride around San FranSokyo on-top of Baymax with the group. Soon it was time to go home where Hiro was blindfolded at the front door of his Aunt Cass’s bakery. “Guy’s you know i don’t like being blindfolded!”, Hiro whined a little crossing his arms quite annoyed. “Oh hush and boy up.”, Gogo said leading Hiro inside and to the table where she un-blindfolded Hiro. Hiro smiled a little looking around as everyone said “Happy Birthday~!”, while hugging him. The party proceeded as normal but Hiro wasn’t expecting anything as grand as he used to when Tadashi was around. “Here is what they call a gift.”, Baymax said giving Hiro a box. “I was programmed to make sure you are cared for and since it is your birthday here is a gift.”, Baymax said nodding. “Thank’s…”, Hiro said with a small smile before opening the box to retrieve an envelope that had a letter inside. Hiro tore open the letter only to read the words, “Go outside to your backyard.” and Hiro did. He looked around quite confused before hearing Honey yell,”HIRO UP HERE!!” To where Hiro simply looked up and grinned. Above was a trapeze rope and a unicycle where on one side was GoGo in her battle suit holding her disk as a shield blindfolded, while on the other side Honey was blindfolded as well holding a balance pole and her chemical balls. Hiro had no idea what to expect until the act was performed, Gogo made her way down as Honey herself went as well as she threw the balls that exploded into fireworks to Hiro’s amusement as the girls made it to the other sides safe and smiled. “Oi look down here!”, Wasabi said as he started to juggle his lazer blades with complete confidence he wouldn’t cut himself. “How are you not cutting yourself?”, Hiro said getting more amused by the moment.”What can i say?I have a system.” Wasabi said as he continued to juggle the blades until somebody called “HALF TIME!”. Soon Fred and Baymax both dressed as rodeo clowns appeared as they told corny jokes, or at least Fred did and Baymax attempted to but it was pretty funny to see Baymax try. Hiro smiled wondering it was over until he was blindfolded once again. “GUY PLEASE C’MON!”, Hiro said with a pout crossing his arms til the blindfold was removed by Aunt Cass and he realized his friends surrounded him armed with pies. “BIRTHDAY PIE!!!!”, Fred exclaimed as everyone threw the pies at Hiro to where Hiro was covered head to toe in the cream and fillings. Hiro just laughed and felt happy remembering this is probably something Tadashi would have done if he were still around. “C’mon lets all go see the fire works down at the park”, Aunt Cass said as everyone nodded and went. “Thanks guys..”, Hiro said smiling wiping the pie off his face with a cloth after everyone had a small lick. “Oh don’t thank us, thank Tadashi.”, the group said in unison smiling at Hiro to where Hiro simply nodded and looked up at the sky whispering,”Thanks big bro.” as the night came to an end.

vendettared asked:

10-30 :)

Woo! Here we go..

10. Do I like the way I grew up? 

Not necessarily. I had to grow up fast, and I wish I spent more time being a “kid”.

11. Do I like my siblings? 

I love my siblings. I do not always like them, but I always love them. 

12. How did I meet my best friend and how did we become best friends?

I met him when I was 15, at a birthday party for the boy I liked. We didn’t become best friends until years later.

13. One movie that made me cry?

My sisters keeper. For fucks sake. So. Many. Tears. 

14. Do I prefer to read poetry,write it, or neither? Neither.

15. Things about someone I find attractive?

Just anyone? Hmm. His smile, and the way his hair and cologne smell mixed together. When he talks about something he’s truly interested in.

16. What song am I currently listening to?

Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel

17. Have I ever broken a bone and how?

Yes, my knee cap. I tripped, literally. That’s it. Just ate shit hella hard and my knee cap jammed up into my femur. It was awesome.

18. A random memory from my childhood?

I remember being in Disneyland, waiting over by the entrance to Tomorrowland. I was about 6 and in a white spaghetti strap top with a kitten on it. I was freaking out because I was so nervous about meeting Ariel over in her grotto.

19. Where did I grow up?

I split my time between Orangevale, CA, and San Jose.

20. The last thing I watched on TV?

Nurse Jackie

21. Do I think I’d make a good parent?

I really don’t know.

22.  Would I like to meet any of my Tumblr friends in person?

Definitely. Not everyone, but there are a few I would for sure hang out with :) 

23. When is my birthday?

November 3rd.

24. How many pillows do I sleep with? 

Four. Two under my head. Then I hold one, and the other is right next to my face.

25. Do I wear glasses? If so, how long?

Yes, I do. I have since I was about 12.

26. What color is my hair?

It’s blonde now :) 

27. Name 5 facts about my appearance?

I really don’t know what to write..

28. What is my favorite soda?

I don’t drink much soda, but I do like diet hansens.

29. What is a strange talent I have? 

I really don’t think I have one..

30. How’s the weather right now?

Gorgeous 57 degrees :) 

Week Off

Today I drove Granny home. She spends a weekend a month at 44. I always try to make sure I see her, but it can be pretty tough fitting it all in amongst our busy day to day lives. I’ve been lucky enough to have this weekend off in prep for my week off, so we had breakfast at mum and dad’s with everyone. I love that this is something we do. Why do family get togethers need to be at lunch or tea time?!
I then saw Jess and Connor in Truro and followed it up by a big shop at Tescos. Bought lots of fruit and veggies to make us all feel good and healthy again. After a weekend of cake and pastries we are all in dire need of fruit!
Toby was sick a lot tonight - looks like whatever he had on his birthday eve has cropped up again. Craig said Ashlie has been poorly too, so maybe a bug. He was sick after tea then had bath and bed and then half an hour later we could hear his sobs. He was covered in it, so I picked him up and ran him a bath while Mummy changed the bed. He was sick on my onesie. But I didn’t care. Just wanted him to feel safe and ok again.
It’s horrible when they’re not well.
Tomorrow we will chill in our jammies, have naps and watch movies. I can’t wait.
I also can’t wait for our appointment on Wednesday! Roll on the 18th.