Have to say I’m pleasantly surprised to see willowfae82 posting up the Jerome Flynn spam. I grew up watching him on TV in a show called “Soldier, Soldier” and he was huge over here in the nineties. I’m ashamed to say though, I didn’t realize he was playing Bronn until someone told me, in like mid season two GOT. I’ve heard that he’s a really nice guy too, so it’s good to see that he’s getting Tumblr love.

emmyspringer asked:

Hey, how's it going? I just figurered I would ask because you seemed kinda down at pax. Whatever is bothering you, I know you can work through it. You're full of inspiration and positivity,don't let whatever you're going through take that away. Even if no one else does, I believe in you. My birthday's Wednesday (jan 28), if you're up for sending me a shoutout. Thank you if you do. Hope I can see your bright shining face again soon! -em

Haha thanks, I was not down though lol just really really tired… PAX was amazing and I had a blast :)


Sooooo, this past weekend I was an exhibitor at Bak-Anime in Bakersfield, Cali and Being that this was my first Anime convention Exhibitor experience, I had a blast! . I want to thank everyone who attended and everyone who specifically pointed out that they follow me on social media and are fans of mine. I couldn’t be more overjoyed ❤

Shout out to all those who commissioned me and took selfies with me during my time there, *wipes tear* you guys are everything! 


SHOUT OUT TO MY VMC CUTIES tiesandblazersrps harmonyroleplays monavanderwaalrps karofskyrps sadlitttlepanda (and Manda but she doesn’t have an RPS to my knowledge) FOR PLAYING THE FIRST EVER ROUND OF VMC CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY TONIGHT!

There were a ton of great plays, but the best HAD TO go to Katy with “What does ‘A’ eat for dinner? Quinn Fabray’s decapitated head.” 

I had a blast personally, and considering the day I had, it was really nice to be able to laugh and spend time with good company. Thanks babes! More cards will be added to the deck soon, and we’ll do it again! ;D 

I’m so happy tbh I had a BLAST on my first day at college, I’m surrounded by absolute gorgeous girls in my class (they’re so pretty I want to faint) and I made friends with a girl with blue hair and wicked blue eyebrows and to top it off I have a beautiful boy in my life now, someone that makes me so happy and it’s also the 10 year anniversary of me and my best friend!!!!


"you’ll always be safe here."

Childhood friends!au for Flint’s superhellaawesomeBIRtHDAAYYY

Basically, in order to talk without shouting across the way to each other, Jean and Marco come up with the ol’ trusty cup and string trick. Even when they get phones in highshool, they still keep at it.

When college comes around, things change a lot. Jean’s parents are divorcing during the big winter holiday, and to let slip that he’d casually dated a few guys in his first semester doesn’t go down well. In aftermath, and the hope Marco’s back home too, he goes outside and waits.

All Marco can do is tell him to find somewhere safe, go to somebody he trusts and stay there. He constantly asks if Jean’s alright, if he’s in danger. Jean won’t say what happened, but he does listen and pack his bags.

Guess where he chooses to stay? (and finally confesses after crushing on Freckles for years goddamn Jeanbo)


Remember the Name
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10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain. And 100% reason to remember the name.

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