*tries to take new pictures of self but hasn’t worn anything elaborate in so long that the makeup just gives me an intense headache and i give up after a few photos lol* :”3

the-dumbledork asked:

4, 10, 29, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 46, 56, 63, 64, 70, 78, 89

4. Last song you listened to

this one, I guess

10. Been depressed

maybe, more like “sad” than depressed tbh

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for

To pet scott’s hair lmao

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life

some part of my childhood haha

32. What are you listening to right now

nothing really 

34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now

maybe idk some guy in college bc he couldn’t shut the fuck up i guess? but i think he is nice, I don’t really know him so

35. Most visited webpage


37. Nicknames

Emi, Em, Emms, Emy, Ema, Emma, Mily, Milly, Mills, Lilly, etc

46. Height

I’m 160 cm :”)

56. First Bestfriend

Some girl called Mylenna

63. Waiting for


64. Want kids?

I rlly idk, I personally don’t like kids that much so idk hahaha, maybe?

70. Older or Younger


78. Lost glasses/contacts

YEAH HAHA I used to lost my glasses a lot when I used to use it!!

89. Heaven

Nope, I guess :P

anonymous asked:

everything okay?

ok so over a week ago (last saturday, valentines day) i got into an argument with my best friend about 50 shades of grey which led to me saying that I didn’t think that me and him should be friends anymore because he says offensive things and says things that make me uncomfortable and i get really bad anxiety when me and him would fight because literally anytime i did something to piss him off he would go off to our other friends and let them all know exactlyt what i did and they would all take his side and surprise!!! i would suddenly have no friends!!!!! and basically i was sick of feeling like i could lose all my friends at any moment and sick of feeling like i could never speak my mind and i was also sick of some of his gross opinions and anyway things were fine that next Monday but then the next day on Tuesday, I guess word got around about our fight, and even now I don’t know what he told them exactly but of course like usual they all took his side and now I don’t have any friends except for one from that group of friends and im really conflicted because i like miss him to the point where ive teared up twice today and i miss the fun times we had and i miss my best friend and fuck im tearing up again and idk idk because i feel like he hates me now and is bitter towards me and doesnt care that we’re no longer friends and its like?? im not in the wrong at all?? i did what i thought was best because i was sick of feeling so anxious and i wanted to get rid of some toxic energy in my life and it turned out to be a terrible decision but now im just stuck between “i just need to move on, im better on without them/him” and “i miss him so much and i miss having friends and feeling like im part of something” and i dont fucking know what to do anymore and ive been so confused the past week idk and i feel like even if i did become friends with him again i could never go back to that group of friends because im so fucking sick of them??? like they dont deserve me?????

takkuun asked:

I like the art you post. who are your favorite ""fine arts"" artists?

hey audrey! sorry for taking so long, finally found some time to respond. uhm, as far as artists from that era, Francisco Goya and Jacques-Louis David (but before Napoleon hired him as his court painter). I’m taking my first semester of art history, which focuses on 19th and 20th century western&&european art. Rather intriguing but i guess fine art for me, really idk just something i enjoy, maybe i should start paying more attention to the artists and the history rather than just clicking the reblog button simply cuz i like it. i truly do enjoy the paintings,  I just never take my time to take them in. OH, also Angelica Kauffman, for her journey to becoming one of the most prestigious female in the Royal Academy. 

today was my first day at work and!! it’s great i love it i love organizing games and putting stickers on things and sorting out stock and alphabetizing things and its so nice to be able to do something simple and repetitive and actually be contributing and feel useful?
except when there’s no jobs i gotta stand near the front and greet people but„ hopefully that should be good for me bc im super shy but it’s nice to say good morning to people! 

and my coworkers are really nice and friendly and one of them likes pokemon and cosplays and wears sweet lolita too and oh my gosh it’s so nice to be able to chat with someone about things like that!! (i mean she’s like 10 years older than me but„ she’s nice!!)

my feet&back are suffering bc im not used to 7hr work days (college is only 5hrs if im there for a full day) but i guess this’ll not bother me as much as i get used to it?
but ye basically i really like working here and maybe ill get a full time position next year!

(can’t believe i’ll be sixteen next year omg i’m like 12 still)

Making of We Don't Go To Croydon

This blog post is long overdue, I’m sorry.

We Don’t Go To Croydon was conceived in May 2013 on a train journey with a few friends when we were returning from the MCM Expo. We passed through East Croydon and talked briefly about how none of us had ever been to Croydon outside of the station, we also talked about what we thought Croydon might be like.

Months later in September that year, I wrote down the first draft of the script for what was to become We Don’t Go To Croydon. I decided Harry Boone should be the one to not want to go to Croydon because Gus, his voice actor, seemed least keen to go to Croydon when we discussed it on the train.

Originally Harry was to explode upon leaving East Croydon station, having his guts paint the buildings red and the guys saying something like “so I guess that’s why he didn’t want to go to Croydon.” His ‘ticks’ when people mention Croydon were supposed to be allergic reactions to the name. However when the script was revised and ammended, they now look like symptoms of PTSD.

The script wasn’t ammended until I invited Gus over to have a look at it, and he added the scenes in Harry’s childhood bedroom, the skull museum, and the gag involving a grenade. Sam’s “looks like we need to come up with our own jokes around here” is a reference to Hammer & Fail, an animation by Edd Gould.

I absolutely love how the script turned out. But animating it had to wait, because I made Alex’s Adventure 2 first. When it was time to start, I got Jon to do some quick concept art and chased up a few friends for voice acting.

There was a lot of scenery to draw, which was surprisingly time-consuming but fun. Jon’s concept art worked wonders for really setting the scene for Croydon, and even gave our friend Chris a brilliant cameo!

When I conceived the Purple Nazi, it was originally to be seen in Haywards Heath. But it was aways a demon from another dimension, so I suppose it doesn’t exactly matter how it can be reached of summoned. It was originally short and fat, but I think giving it a ghostly disproportionate figure works better. Some of the design was inspired by yaoi.

An animation called Harry’s Story makes for a good follow-up, which I am already working on.