Soooo...they’re really flexible....

So, I saw a post with the following gif and then I stared off into the distance….


They are BOTH really flexible and here is my evidence:


Ummmm…IDk what to say even

But liSTEN…



*cries a little*


(pics/gifs aren’t mine.  I credited where I had it.  If they’re yours and you want credit, message me and I will add it)

It is kinda surreal. In about a week from now I will be officially moved in with my boyfriend.

I had never really thought that I’d be here. When I was younger I always thought that gay people can’t be happy. No one likes us.

Then I realized that yes they can, there are so many people willing to support you. There are only a few people so invested in their hatred that they are opposed to your very being.

Even after that realization I thought “ok, gay people can be happy but it takes them way longer than everyone else because it’s so hard”

But here I am. This is the guy that I can see myself staying with. I have found someone that makes me happy, and I have done it at a normal age even before some of my really good straight friends.

I guess this is just some kind of PSA that life really does get better.

evancl asked:

omg niall looked completely scarred and divided in germany what happened to that poor guy what has he seen what has h&l done to him

listen this man right here is the captain of this ship

he’s seen it all and life is like a box of chocolates

but something..

something deeply traumatic happened this day 

now I’m just guessing here but maybe the bird had an early flight to catch and didn’t get to the worm until brunch and while enjoying said ‘brunch’,niall just happened to walk in on what he thought would be actual food brunch and not that of the variety of the penis in ones mouth amongst other delicacies. I mean am I saying an ass was on the menu as well? let’s ask the expert,

“I’ll put you through the TAHITI protocol.”

This made me so angry. I probably give Coulson a lot more lee-way than most pro-Ward people do, but this? This was not okay.

I am the last person to pretend that Grant Ward is an innocent puppy who never hurt anyone. I am the last person to deny the validity of the team’s animosity towards him. Grant Ward has done some real bad shit, and nobody is obligated to forgive or accept him back into their lives.

But what Coulson was saying here was completely wrong. It was, “Hey, you are such a terrible person that the only way you could ever redeem yourself is by erasing your identity. The only way we’ll ever let you live in peace is if you let us wipe your mind so you don’t cause us trouble anymore.”  It was basically the SHIELD equivalent of Hydra’s brainwashing and Coulson, who knows firsthand what it’s like, presented it as a boon . 

There’s a reason Hydra thrived in the very midst of SHIELD.

I need someone who gets Dean very good to give me Dean’s POV on this scene in ‘Sacrifice’ when Dean asks Sam if he’s been to confession, to make his blood pure, and then tells Sam all the “bad things” he’s done (and done to him, and things he’s done too, as if they were his fault) . I am not paying attention to the (lame) “joke” that was this girl from school who is actually Dean’s story. this isn’t my issue here. 

I can’t get around the list. it was horrible, and Sam was sick and about to do a huge thing for humanity and this is what he came up with? 

Instead of, say, assuming Sam’s blood is pure as it is. no need for confession. or,  Sam has atoned for his wrongs BIG TIME already there’s no need to think they’re making his blood un-pure. or, you know, just not buying that the pure thing is due to saying something in a dark room? maybe it’s me, since I don’t see confessions as something that make you pure, but the change of actions and doing good (which, Sam has done and keeps doing all the time) but i just can’t get my head around it. while I can sort of understand many questionable things Dean has done, and see where they’re coming from, this one i just can’t. 

So, help me understand him better? 

Internet Best Friend Day!?

so i’ve heard … that it’s … INTERNET BEST FRIEND DAY!? Haha I’m a little late considering it’s 10:40 but OH WELL here goes some thanking :)

taylorswift HEY GUESS WHAT. you’re my only internet friend that i have met!!!! hahaha :) but you mean the world to me and it feels so weird typing this but i just hope you know how much i love you and how much everything you have done for me means to me and how grateful i am. thank you for liking my posts and making my days brighter and thank you for your music and for being yOU. i will stand by you forever. xoxo

this-sick-swift i hope yah know how much you mean to me. like we are literally the s a m e person and you get my weird thoughts which i really appreciate. you’re such an incredible friend and so hilarious and you’ve been there for me through SHIT and i’ve been so lucky to have you. your snapchats are also rly beautiful and you take nice angled photos HAHAHA but anywaaaay i love you and thanks for getting emotional with me over taylor and ranting about rude with me and more. you’re an A+ person and i love you.

best-apologies BABE you’re my longest internet friend and i’ve been so lucky to get to text you through everything - the packages, replies/likes that make us emotional, when i met taylor, etc. you’re such a sweetheart and you know how to make me smile (and make me cry with happiness haha) and i really appreciate that. thanks for everything and I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU IN NASHVILLE. LOVE YOU <3 

jacobxswift so we’re texting right now and i just told you i had to go to make this and we were just discussing how we’re the same person and how yOU’RE SO FAB and i hope you know HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. you’re the funniest person ever and also the kindest person ever and i absolutely love talking to you and please never stop being my friend you’re wonderful okay

on-swifts-side OH HEY LOOK IT’S T HE SWEETEST PERSON EVER. okay i love you a lot and i love freaking out about HOW CLOSE GILLETTE IS (even when it’s actually not for 93 days but whatever) and you can pull of red lipstick and the most amazing outfits so well and i’m super jealous of that. basically, you’re just such a wonderful person and the world is so lucky to have you <3

theaustralianswiftie I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OKAY. i loved freaking out with you when you were about to get your package and i love talking to you today. you’re just such a sweetheart and so kind and i know we don’t talk everyday but that really needs to change because you’re the greatest ever okay

whyisntketchupasmoothie I LURV U A LOT thank you for talking to me about cape cod/martha’s vineyard and for just being an all around A+ friend and human being. your text posts are always ON POINT and i can’t wait to meet you this summer omg counting down the days

operationgena you’re so kind to everyone and so beautiful inside and out and i love talking to you <3 you always make me so happy and i know you make everyone else happy too and we’re all so lucky to know you <3

tayswiftnation okay YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF TEXT POSTS and everything tumblr related and i love talking to you and stalking your blog (which i do too often) and i hope you know that i’ll always be here for you because you’re such a wonderful person and friend and oh yeah you’re also the most beautiful person ever okay 

thetaylorswiftarmy HI YOU HAVE SWAG and i love you a lot and talking to you and getting emotional at 2am with you and you’re just such a wonderful and hilarious person and it means so much that we’ve talked for so long xoxo

colldasyou you’re like an all around flawless human being okay. you’re just so precious and beautiful and kind to everyone and i love talking to you and your video is PRICELESS and you’re just so great

intheclearyet i LOVE YOU A LOT. thank you for everything - for freaking out with me and talking to me and being such a kind and genuine human being. it means more than i could ever describe.

dancetothisbeatforever i literally aspire to be you one day. you’re the sweetest person ever and so hardworking and kind to everyone. and your posts are just so great. thank you for being so wonderful and kind and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

lyyssaaaa13 YOU ARE A QUEEN. i LOVELOVELOVE your posts and your sass and your kindness to everyone around you. you’re just such a wonderful person

altoowhale i freaking love you okay. you’re 1) hilarious; 2) so genuinely kind; 3) the greatest person to ever live. i love your posts and you’re so beautiful and your selfies make me so jealous but also super proud bc like THAT GIRL IS MY FRIEND okay it’s getting late and i’m getting weird but i just love you a lot and i love you when you’re drunk HAHAH and i just yeah ok you’re fabulous

onbackroadsatnight i really hope you know how much your kindness means to me and i hope you know how much i appreciate how genuine, hilarious, and wonderful you are. i’m so lucky to have a friend like you!!!!

lskbe I LOVE YOU and your posts and your whole personality and you’re just so so so sweet thank you for that <3

drunkonnjealousy you are so kind to me and so hilarious and i love talking to you and you’re so great and i love you a lot

myherotaylor i love you and you’re so adorable and beautiful and kind and wonderful. the world is so lucky to have someone like you and i’m so lucky to call you a friend <3

innocehnt you are beautiful and so so kind and i love talking to you and reading your posts and i know we don’t talk everyday but i hope you know how much you mean to me. i love you!!!!!!

—-i know i’m forgetting people so i’m going to edit this as i remember—-

and @/everyone who is a mutual: i love seeing your posts and thank you for wanting to follow me because that’s so great i love you

and @/everyone who follows me: i LOVE YOU A LOT thank you i don’t know why you follow me but THANKS <3

I did not want to attend the wedding,
but I went: 

blue dress,
three glasses down,
a nameless hand on my waist. 

There is no dance here that can replace
the strange landscape 
I build involuntary, masking the face of
all others.

I am hungry– always hungry– but only
for forgiveness. I sit, kneading the soft
of my stomach, asking the growl to be
cautious awhile– everyone is watching;
       everyone is trying to guess
       where the noise is coming from
       and I cannot get
       caught, not yet, not when there
       is no blood on my hands–

I have not done anything wrong, but
the apologies do not believe this.

They are upset
because April has exchanged my lover
for an abscess, a lump 
of dark nothing. I am not alone and
cannot be– I am not alone and 
the others keep turning to stone to thorn
                       to lost to ghost–
there are two
bodies whispering to one another:
a joke with an aching neck,

and I did not want to be here, but I am.
So I watch 
from afar and invert my sighs–
knowing that this, too, will find its way to void.

Many of the projects I knit - like John’s hat or Claudia’s sweater - are surprises and some are so secret - like Robin’s shawl - that I don’t even post WIP photos after they become identifiable. But a lot of my gifts involve negotiation over material, color, style, etc.

There’s really no rhyme nor reason to why some are done in secret and some not. I’m just weird, I guess.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

No. Wait. That’s not right.

Anyway, Imma make a pair of leggings for Mel next and Cary’s queued up for a project of some sort (I’m still thinking a boyfriend cardigan) and um…who am I forgetting?

So I wrote a text post hours ago but I guess it never published :c
We got to our hotel just fine! We were in the car from 8 am to 7 pm omg (we took long because we had to drive 2 hours out of the way and back to pick up my mom)
Right now I’m writing up the price tags for all the jewelry.. I’m so excited for tomorrow! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful faces of those of you who will come!
I spent the whole car ride here wrapping pendants hehe so now I have some extra stuff done but my wrists are killing me. Both my parents and my husband will be with me at the show. My dad is selling some stuff at my table and my mom knitted some little jewelry pouches for me to sell at my table as well.. they’re super cute :’)

Story Element: Sleight of Hand

pin-valentine asked: 

Hello, Love the blog. It is a fantastic tool I share with my writing friends frequently. Here is my question; My Mc is a modern day magician, and a sociopathic vigilante who is not afraid to go much farther than Batman. I am a magician myself, and understand and know a lot about magic and how tricks are done. My problem is that I am having trouble figuring out how to describe scuffles involving him in which he uses modern and real illusion and slight of hand techniques. How can I describe these scenes without revealing too much of magic’s secrets, and without the Mc doing unexplained things? I guess the term in gaming would be “GodModding”. Thanks in advance! P.s. He’s not a superhero. It’s probably more like a thriller.

Thank you so much for loving the blog and for your support. :) <3

That’s an interesting question! If you don’t want to reveal how the trick is done, I would focus on describing what the audience sees. You can describe what the hands, body, and face are doing without revealing what they’re really doing, if that makes any sense? You can describe a hand swiping up a fanned out deck of cards without revealing that one critical moment where the thumb flicks one of the cards off the table. If you need to, you can illustrate that these are illusions (rather than wizardry) through the character’s thoughts or the thoughts of the characters watching, which can reveal a lot about what’s going on without revealing the actual trick itself. :)


Sleight of hand. ;)


My two latest finished projects. I finished the scarf a couple weeks ago and didn’t bother to take pictures until now. I absolutely love that yarn, it is so pretty, and Molly clearly agrees with me.

I just finished the shawl tonight, finally. I added two extra panels (making it 7) to it so it would be a little bigger than a half circle. I am just so glad to finally be done with this thing. I like how it kinda looks like a spider web.

Scarf pattern here.

The shawl ravelry page is here. It is, unfortunately, no longer available for download and I have no idea if it ever will be again. The site where it came from (international.elann.com) is re-releasing some of their patterns for free every month, so I think there’s a good chace it’ll be back.

Edit: I guess these can count for my March Craft Challenge of geek knits, since shawls and scarves are both something I absolutely adore.

anonymous asked:

So, I'm in no way okay with statutory rape but in defense of the show- this is how marriage was back in that time. Girls married as soon as they had their first period, most of the time to men who were old enough to be their fathers. Age mattered very little back then. Only the ability to make heirs mattered. Margery was at the time where she could give young Tommen many heirs without much risk to her health, like many too young girls did.

I am well aware of that. But just because it had to be done does not mean that it had to be SHOWN. I did not wish to see a naked Margaery in bed with a naked Tommen, nor did I wish to hear graphic details of their night together. 

I feel like… yes, I get you. I guess I’m too hooked on the books, and I refuse to accept the fact that they have changed the situation here. I just see NO reason why they would have to show the aftermath of the sex scene between an underage person and a 33-year old actress. It is just completely beyond me. 

I guess it was too much to ask to just keep the relationship innocent, as it was in the books, but still….

I do understand that it’s historically accurate, yep. But it doesn’t mean I’m okay with it, and it doesn’t mean I want it in my face.

But I completely agree with you, that’s very much true :) Thank you for your input <3 

incorrecthaikyuu asked:

If you havent' done this yet maybe kinky questions 9,10, 23, 54 and 65 for Kunimi! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (the struggle is hard because all questions are so good tbh)

I’m keen! Also, the struggle is real bruh.
Feat Kindaichi (Who’ll be T here because Turnip head).

9: What is the fastest way to make you horny.
T: I’ll be surprised if the answer isn’t “don’t wake me up.”
K: I resent that.
T: I’m not wrong though am I?
K: Not much no. But I guess if I had to pick a serious answer, you know when people start kissing down your neck and chest…?
T: /nods/
K: Yeah, that, you know where its leading.

10: Top or bottom?

K: I prefer to be on the bottom.
T: That’s because you’re lazy.
23: Biggest turn on:

K: Some people look really attractive eating, especially desserts.
T: I didn’t know that was a thing?
K: I think it is?
54: How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?

K: I’m not bothered either way too be honest, I guess as long as it wasn’t in bad taste?
T: What a political answer.

65: Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

K: I want to say Iwaizumi san.
T: W-what!?
K: For that reason.
T: /buffering/

Guess who’s accepting prompts again?

I am! I am!

Yep, I am now accepting Gallavich prompts. I will let you guys know when I will stop accepting them though. I still have two prompts to write from the last bunch y’all sent me, which I will write first, (well 5 but 3 of them work for Gallavich week so I’m going to save them :) heheh). I am not opposed to much but if it’s something I’ve already done I might not do it again, you can look here at the prompts & AU’s I’ve already written so you don’t ask me again. 

Ask away! :)

P.s. I will only start writing after Friday, April 24th though since that day is my last final & until then I need to study :p 

fair warning I may be slow so please do not pressure me :) thanks dolls!

I have a serious anxiety issue that I am generally able to squash down enough to function but since I found out I was pregnant it’s sorta been all consuming along with my depression and it only just crashed down on me how…like.. how much i’ve totally fucked up… I needed help but no one here really..cared to help… Idk. I just want this shit to be done with. I haven’t really felt happy or excited about anything because of my shit and that totally..sucks.. Lots of asking myself why can’t I just be normal? ? Why can’t I do normal things? ? Who or what am.I so afraid of? ?? There’s no rationality for it but it still screws me over every day

britnewsugar asked:

By the way, KittyBitch, guess what? You've already given me enough information to out you! I combed your blog for clues, but knowing that you are on SA, in Maine, and visit NYC was the key piece! Thanks! We've even written on SA! Haha! And you've posted about me here in tumblr. Now I am going to ruin your life as well by posting your name and photo. Unless of course you'd like to text me at the 312 number and apologize for what you have done to me.

Wrong annnndd wrong. I don’t live in Maine, although I’m going to NYC, eventually. I also don’t have an SA profile, or any profiles currently as I have been only freestyling and working on my body.
You have jack shit against me, but I’m interested in seeing what fake you got on me if you want. It would be the third time someone tried to out me and got it wrong! 😂😂😂
Haters are motivators! Come at me darling!

Something I have learned about doing home improvement stuff with Josh:

1. I am impatient. I want shit done NOW.

2. He takes forever to do anything because he was to watch a bajillion videos on how to do it and then he still has to sit and look at things for a while.

But…..stuff gets done right. He will put something together and take it apart 10 times just to get it perfect. I guess it’s a good thing that he’s a perfectionist because everything he’s gotten done so far looks amazing.

Sooooo I suppose I just need to be patient….and sit here…while we think about putting the kitchen sink in….and watch 20 videos on how to do it….😛