anastasia (1997)

i guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess

I watched Hank’s latest video, which quickly had me drowning in nostalgia and then I drew for a bit to make it go away. This is from a screencap I took once upon a time.


After the presentation, the Parks and Rec star discussed the drinking going on at the kick-off party. “Drinking is good,” she told VF Daily. “Smoking pot is not great for improv. But drinking can be O.K., a little bit.” What’s wrong with smoking pot? “Well, you’re just in your head and forget things, and you might get freaked out,” she said. “Um, some people might; I don’t know. So I’ve heard.” x x

ok modern au where everyones always hanging out at bertholdts house b/c he has guitar hero (like the first time he invited them over, and then everyone just sort of started showing up after that)

but jean and eren hog it the majority of the time and are super competitive over it and end up really disgruntled (actually they both only play on intermediate mode they kinda suck tbh)

marco sits next to jean and assumes cheerleader mode even though that results in him getting elbowed by jean p much every song

armin advises eren on exactly when he should use star power (eren listens almost every time)

annie and mikasa have a game where they see how many outlandish comments they can make before any of the guys actually pay any attention (armin hears everything but pretends not to b/c its funny) 

sasha and connie play pokémon and systematically go through the house’s entire stock of costco chips

bertholdt isnt allowed to sit on his own bed b/c he takes up too much space (he’s ok with that he’s more concerned jean or eren or both will end up breaking the equipment one of these days)

reiner’s… picking up the pizza or someth

and i know levi has no business being there but i couldnt stop thinking about his whole reverse grip thing and how he’d be one of those people that play like this

through the fire & flames on expert mode ofc